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With The "Intel Orchestrated" Conspiratorial Organized Stalking Community -- Never Give 'Em An Opening In Which To Violate Your Civil Rights

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Intel, Organized Stalkers & State & Local Police

Over the course of the past several years this author has described in detail my experiences as a long-term target of an FBI COINTELPRO operation, as well as the most intricate aspects of such black operations.

I have also described how an agency like the FBI will utilize the communities and families of targets of government sanctioned non consensual human experimentation, as well as the police, in carrying out these psychological warfare operations; criminal psyops which these Nazi idealized organizations deploy against individuals targeted for such malignant and treasonous attacks of their inherent rights as American citizens.

In the particular COINTELPRO the FBI continues to wage against this author, the local police have played their own role in taking part in these illegal and despicable psyops in the past. Our communities of once talented and law abiding police officers are being turned into nothing but pawns for the criminal and unconstitutional operations of the alphabet agencies which comprise U.S. Intel.

They are often brought in to perpetrate "street theater" operations like their organized stalking counterparts, without ever actually approaching the individuals being targeted for such criminal operations. Moreover, it is only when a member of these organized stalking groups "feigns" being threatened by a TI that the cops are actually called into "action" in an attempt to intimidate the TI.

Last evening this was the case.

Since the Summer of 2003 my once quiet and beautiful neighborhood has become absolutely pregnant with organized stalkers who believe that they have the right to violate the privacy of both this author and my Family. However, they clearly do not.

This organized stalking activity is the work of the Federal Bureau Of Investigation.

Moreover, when the local police are used in which to carry out this farce, they only serve to lessen their positions as peace officers by aiding and abetting this criminal assault on the United States Constitution and its Bill of Rights.

How The Situation Unfolded

Last evening, while taking a ride which was for the most part uneventful, this author became subjected to street theater conducted by the local police. The situation began a few miles from my home, when a police cruiser aggressively pulled up to the back of my vehicle (psychological harassment) as I was approaching an intersection, and then flashed its "gumballs" and blasted its siren as it raced past me and the vehicle in front of mine. Then the cop immediately turned his gumballs off; a piece of "police street theater" similar to others that I have seen perpetrated by the police at least a hundred times over the past decade, and read about in regard to other TI's when reporting that their local police have also been used in which to harass these victims while denying them their Constitutionally protected rights.

Since 2003, I have witnessed this criminal harassment by the police, however, such harassment by local law enforcement has become rare over the past few years, given that I rarely travel from my home any longer - the result of the criminal harassment perpetrated by the FBI and its minions. A clear and outrageous violation of my inherent rights as an American citizen.

The police are also used as provocateurs in attempts to provoke an individual targeted for this extrajudicial form of criminal harassment into breaking the law so that they can be incarcerated and murdered in a made to appear as suicide - something the FBI has attempted to do with this author for years.

For example, when the police officer who showed up at my home last evening to propagate a piece of street theater entered my property under the pretext of checking out a *complaint, the officer then ordered me to step back from his vehicle.

Had I not complied, he would have been within his legal right to arrest me for failing to heed his instructions. However, the fact that this police officer was taking part in what was clearly a piece of street theater being propagated in which to enrage this author (and could have then used his position in which make an arrest), is extremely disturbing, since the officer was aiding and abetting a person taking part in the crime of organized stalking, and had no legitimate reason for being in this author's neighborhood last evening.

Last night, an organized stalker who was driving through my neighborhood for the express purpose of harassing my person (while I was taking an evening stroll around my own driveway) , called the police making the *allegation that I was peering into car windows.

Since there were no parked cars other than the ones in my own driveway, the fact that this "anonymous" organized stalker could have made such a bogus allegation is typical of the "trouble" that these unindicted felons attempt to create for TI's.

The officer should have asked this creep exactly what he was doing in my neighborhood driving up and down the road by my home while I was walking - a clear attempt in which to intimidate this author.

*This was the allegation that the police officer made when ten minutes into my walk, his cruiser (spotlight on) pulled into my driveway. As I approached the police cruiser to inquire as to what the officer was doing in my driveway, I was rudely told to move back - which I did.

Keep in mind that this cop was in my private driveway without my permission - technically he was trespassing, since he was clearly carrying out a piece of street theatrics used for the purpose of intimidation and not on a "legitimate" call.

*I did not peer into the windows of any parked cars - the organized stalker made it sound as though I was casing cars in which to break into them - an outright lie. I gave an organized stalking creep a well deserved facial expression of disapproval for their heinous activities as they passed me in one of their vehicular stalking maneuvers; nothing more.

At that time the officer asked me who I was and to produce identification, which I did.

(The officer clearly knew who I was since the local police have been taking part in the organized stalking of this author for several years. This officer's visit was nothing but a piece of street theater being carried out as a form of intimidation.)

Moreover, he clearly understood that not only was I not intimidated by him or his antics, but furious that someone who was taking part in violating my civil rights via organized stalking, would be able to use the police to further this atrocity.

The situation was resolved quickly after that, since I was taking a walk in my own driveway at a bit after 7:30 PM, not violating any laws, and being forced to tolerate a group of organized stalking misfits who can call on the police to protect their own crimes, while harassing someone who was not in the commission of any criminal activity.

This is what occurs when a federal agency like the FBI gets caught breaking the law, and then attempts to cover up what they have done by waging an aggressive and ILLEGAL smear campaign against the person whom they have committed these crimes against. The FBI's crimes here are outrageous, yet the Bureau has not been forced to answer for them.

As for the officer in question, he should read the U. S. Bill of Rights one of these days (especially as it applies to the 4TH Amendment), as well as Title 18 Sections 241 and 242 of the United States Criminal Code, which are quite explicit in regard to crimes being committed by those within federal, state or local governments, who use their positions in order to violate the civil rights of any citizen in this country.

Agents within the NSA and FBI have committed a myriad of such color of law crimes against this author since the early 1980's; crimes which they must be held accountable for.

Moreover, when referring to the mind control research that this author has been illegally subjected to, these are the most heinous of crimes that we are talking about here, which continue to go unpunished when they are committed by employees of the federal government, or those who conspire with them to commit such egregious violations of the law.

Those government criminals who consider themselves to be above the Constitutional rule of law.

As for the extensive crimes committed by the NSA and FBI in regard to this author, which include the attempted murder of my person as well as decades of illegal spying via the NSA's Signals Intelligence EMF Satellite tracking of my person (as well the use of this author for non consensual human experimentation), these are crimes on par with those of Hitler and his Nazi party.

No surprise, given the Nazi influence which has pervaded the Intel community in this country since the end of World War II, when the CIA smuggled more than 1000 Nazi war criminals into the United States for its own treasonous agenda, and helped to establish Nazi doctrine within this newly created community. This while concomitantly subverting the U.S. Federal Government.

The Intel community is both criminal and abusive in its clandestine operations against this author, his Family and myriad others, and must be held accountable for such abject violations of the Constitutional rule of law. Such violations are indicative of a shadow government which does not enforce the Constitutional rule of law and which should be abolished.

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