Wednesday, October 07, 2009

The War On Terror Fraud -- The Illegal Wars In Afghanistan & Iraq Will Continue In Order To Keep The Draconian Patriot Act In Effect

Interview Between Aaron Russo & Alex Jones

A War To Destroy American Independence

For those who have researched the Bush Administration's war on terror propaganda ( perpetuated through the former *White House Iraq Group), what has become clear is that as long as the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq continue, the Draconian Patriot Act will be used to nullify the Constitutional rights of American citizens.

*An organization created by George W. Bush in which to perpetrate the war on terror hoax which has since been used to undermine the inherent rights of the American people.

Those who remember an interview which took place between the late Aaron Russo and Alex Jones (in regard to Russo's conversations with Illuminist Nick Rockefeller) are also aware that the war on terror is a complete hoax. One in which the Illuminati are using our own legislators to undermine the United States Constitution.

It is this author's opinion that Aaron Russo was covertly murdered by the Illuminati (by way of directed energy weaponry) as punishment for disclosing what Nick Rockefeller had told Aaron regarding the Illuminati's plans for a one world government and an open dictatorship in the United States.

As Russo stated in this interview, Rockefeller told him that there would be an "event" which would take place that would allow for an open ended war in which no winner would ever be declared. And that this war would be used to destroy the United States Constitution and subjugate the American middle class to a state of serfdom.

The Patriot Act is at present being used to do just that. However, many of the provisions in the Patriot Act are only in effect during a time of war, which means that if the United States is no longer at war, these provisions will expire. The same is true of other pieces of treasonous legislation which have been created for the express purpose of undermining the United States Constitution and its Bill Of Rights, under the pretense of protecting this country from terrorism.

*The Military Commissions Act of 2006 (signed by George W. Bush) is a particularly frightening piece of legislation.

So the United States must remain at war so that the Illuminati can have a plausible reason in which to impose the most egregious spying of Americans in the history of this country. A situation in which the USA has become nothing but a police state, while satellite spy networks including but not limited to the NSA's Echelon array of spy satellites, are used to invade the privacy of Americans like never before.

Weaponized satellites which are also being used in which to covertly torture and murder Americans within the privacy of their own homes. This author has been subjected to such remote forms of electromagnetic torture for years by the NSA and FBI.

The war on terror is a fraud being used to destroy the freedom of the American middle class. And this egregious act of treason will continue until the American middle class enforces their inherent rights under the United States Constitution.

Click on the following hyperlink to hear part of an interview between Aaron Russo and Alex Jones, which proves that the war on terror is in fact a hoax being used to disenfranchise the American middle class of their rights as citizens of this country.

Interview Between Aaron Russo & Alex Jones

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