Saturday, October 03, 2009

Democrats & Republicans In Congress Fail To Stop Intelligence Community's Illegal Satellite Spying On Americans - Intel's Rape Of The 4TH Amendment

Democrats In Congress Fail To Stop Intelligence Community's Illegal Spying On Americans

The FBI Is Lying - 9-11 Mystery Passenger List

Paranormal Agents At The NSA - This Article Is A Clever Smokescreen Being Circulated To Discredit John St. Clair Akwei's Lawsuit Against The National Security Agency - The STA (Shadow Telepathic Agent) Is Being Used As A Red Herring In Which To Cover Up The Fact That The NSA Has Brain Fingerprinted The American People & Can Subject Any Citizen In This Country To Computer To Brain Interface Via Satellite Without That Person's Knowledge


You cause subversion
Spreading countless lies
You torture people
Until they die

You turn familes against eachother
Without ever showing remorse
While you use covert weapons
To steer your course

Electromagnetic weapons
Torture devices that’s what they really are
And you repeatedly use them leaving your
Victims dead or permanently scarred

Do you care at all about the heinous crimes you commit?
Or is your humanity so far gone that
You simply just don’t give a shit?

Copyright © 2006 — James F. Marino
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