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Another FBI Whistle Blower Describes Life Within This Malfunctioning Neo Nazi Organization

FBI - Federal Bureau Of Entrapment - Using Schemes To Create Terrorists

"My Life As A Female FBI Special Agent - No Backup"
By Rosemary Dew

"A Scathing Insider Portrait"

- Kirkus Reviews

FBI- Murderous Culture & Catastrophic Ripple Effects

Editor's Note: In 2005 I gave up watching the TV programming in our home on a regular basis, because the programming was being heavily edited by Intel as part of the NSA/FBI COINTELPRO attack against this author.

Nowadays I rarely watch TV, however on occasion, sporting events, old movies, documentaries etc. Moreover, I have all but given up on this programming as it is being utilized by Intel for the express purpose of brainwashing this author and his Family.

The NSA is also no stranger to embedding its own broadcast signals on to the radio signals of legitimate broadcasting stations. For example, on many occasions I have been listening to music on a particular radio station only to find that when the announcer returns at the station break, that the message is replete with a myriad of psychological triggers which Intel has attempted to condition this author to.

Oftentimes the "announcer" will then introduce a piece of music which relates to such psychological triggers. There have been several occasions when I have actually gone to the Website of a radio station to see which piece of music was actually being broadcast by the station, only to find that the piece of music which was being played through my FM broadcast tuner was not even listed on the station's menu that day.

Proof that the NSA is actually embedding its "mind control" programming on a legitimate radio station's own broadcast band.

However, this is not to say that some of these broadcasters may not be taking part in such conspiratorial campaigns against those being targeted for non consensual experimentation. In all likelihood they are. However, these people are most certainly not spending their days focusing on taking part in such activities, since they have full-time jobs which require their attention.

Intel likely utilizes these people to make recordings which can then be repeatedly used for the express purpose of brain wave entrainment. One must also remember that many Intel agencies have access to technology which can morph (digitally recreate) the voice of any person without that person actually being the one who is speaking. All Intel needs is a recording of a person's voice to replicate it.

Once again, for emphatic purposes, on several occasions after hearing a radio announcer whose comments made very obvious use of psychological triggers which Intel has attempted to condition this author to, I have gone to the Internet to check that radio station's programming for a given day, only to find that a particular piece of music which the announcer stated they would be playing at a specific time, was not even listed on that station's programming menu for the day in question.

This has occurred on a myriad of occasions over the past several years, since the harassment of this author went from covert to overt in 2003. Psychological warfare which has included the use of the vigilante crime of organized stalking.

Such electronic tampering by an Intel agency like the FBI, NSA or CIA is indicative of attempts to adversely manipulate the mind of a person being targeted for mind control research. In the instance of this author, the NSA's computer to brain interface experimentation of my person for the past several decades.

This is also irrefutable proof that the radio programs which I am listening to are being tampered with by Intel, as they embed their own psychological warfare programming onto the carrier signals of radio stations that I am listening to. Once again, this is part of the extensive psychological warfare programming which these Intel agencies have been subjecting my person to for years.

There is nothing legal in what these miscreants are doing, and there never will be.

Very clever, and equally diabolical.

These types of electronic attacks are a daily part of this author's experiences as a target of the Intel community's non consensual human experimentation.
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