Sunday, September 20, 2009

Millions Of Americans Have Died Needlessly From Cancers Which Could Have Been Cured By Laetrile Therapy

Cancer Hits Home

Everyone has either known someone who's died from a form of cancer or had a relative who's died from it. The suffering that these people are forced to endure is horrific and needless, since a proper diet which maintains the necessary amount of pancreatic enzymes (which are used in which to dissolve the electronic coating off of cancer cells so that the immune system can recognize and destroy them) will keep these cells from ever propagating and metastasizing. As an adjunct to this a diet rich in Vitamin B17 will destroy the cancer from within a blood cell.

A close friend of this author's Family is presently dying from a very rare form of cancer. However, it is the chemotherapy treatment which this person has been receiving which now has them bedridden and completely riddled with a cancer that has only spread aggressively since they began taking this therapy.

The reason for this is that chemotherapy destroys the body's immune system and allows an already existing cancer to successfully propagate much more aggressively.

Exactly what is happening to this person.

Their only hope at this point is to fly to either Mexico or Germany in which to obtain Laetrile Therapy. Had they done so early on, it is likely that they would be in remission by now. However, the chemotherapy which they have taken has only served to make their condition far worse than it was even a few months ago.

A Family member of this person has now been given G. Edward Griffin's book entitled "World Without Cancer," which discusses the criminal conspiracy perpetrated by the Rockefeller controlled "Drug Trust" in the United States, which has banned Laetrile therapy in place of the traditional cut, poison and burn protocols that kill thousands of cancer patients every year.

Why was Laetrile banned? Because it is far more effective in treating cancer than the traditional and failed treatment protocols offered by the American Medical Association, which kill thousands of Americans each year. And because Laetrile is a natural substance, it cannot be patented by the pharmaceutical industry, so that they cannot corner the market on it as they have with so many of their dangerous drugs.

The truth is that any American doctor who has prescribed Laetrile Therapy in the past for their cancer patients was quickly set upon by either the FBI or IRS in which to destroy their medical practice, in order to prevent them from successfully treating these patients. This is how extreme this conspiracy is.

When this person reads this book, they too, will begin to understand just how criminal the Drug Trust is, and how their Family member is for all intents and purposes being murdered by this Drug Trust.

Hopefully, this person's spouse will be able to obtain Laetrile therapy while there is still time, and receive some benefit from it. And while a cure is not likely at this advanced stage and with the destruction of their immune system (which the chemotherapy has caused them), Laetrile therapy may offer this person some relief from their suffering.

The Trophoblast Theory Of Cancer - That It Is Caused By A Deficiency Of Vitamin B17 Was Proven Long Ago, However Hidden From The Public By The Rockefeller Controlled Drug Trust In The United States - Read The Truth About This Conspiracy To Commit Genocide Here
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