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FBI Continues To Use The Internet To Wage Its Myriad Of Entrapment Schemes - Be Careful Where You Click Or The FBI Might Show Up At Your Door

The Price Of Dissent - The History Of Political Repression In America

Target Of Organized Stalking Describes This Crime As Well As The Orwellian Electronic Harassment That He's Subjected To Daily - Organized Stalking Crimes Are A Manifestation Of The New World Order Global Dictatorship & Are Indicative Of The Fall Of The Constitutional Rule Of Law In The United States & Other Countries Which Feign Maintaining Democratic Governments

The FBI's Invasion Of Your Privacy

As a long-term target of a highly illegal FBI COINTELPRO Sting, I am familiar with myriad ways in which the FBI attempts to entrap the unsuspecting citizen, including the Bureau's use of its agents posing as children on the Internet sending instant messages to unwitting targets of such illegal stings, in efforts to entrap the targeted person. Such entrapment schemes are a common practice of FBI agents who are unable to obtain legitimate indictments of those whom they have illegally targeted for one reason or another.

Nearly a decade ago, the FBI was sending this author so many of these IM's (instant messages) that I was forced to block my AOL screen name from these agents. Little did I know at the time that I had been under illegal satellite surveillance for decades (I have also been used since that time as a target of non consensual human experimentation by the NSA via its Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network), including within the privacy of my own home; the result of an FBI agent who decided to use his position to violate my civil rights under the color of law - extremely serious crimes covered under Title 18 of the United States Criminal Code, sections 241 & 242.

The FBI began its covert attack on this author by attempting to entrap me in a myriad of the Bureau's schemes. When these evil machinations failed, the Bureau then sought to wage an aggressive psychological warfare operation against my person which has taken place for the better part of a decade now and which has also failed to force me to commit suicide, or an act for which I could have been removed from society and covertly murdered by the Bureau.

Now the FBI is waging an aggressive demonization campaign against my person (which is not only highly illegal, but also being used with the express intent of covering up the FBI's outrageous violations of both my Family's and my civil rights).

As the direct result of such outrageous violations of our inherent rights as American citizens, I have spent a great deal of time over the past several years researching the FBI and its history of absolutely horrible crimes.

An agency that has never been chartered to operate within the United States and one which does not acknowledge the United States Constitution or its Bill of Rights.

Moreover, what I've found to be absolutely shocking is how the FBI is presented to the public as a federal police agency, when in fact a minuscule amount of the Bureau's operations have anything to do with legitimate policing operations.

The FBI is instead used to spy domestically on American citizens, while utilizing covert forms of terrorism (including psychological warfare operations) in which to maintain the myriad of questionable and oftentimes criminal agendas of the agency and those who furtively control it. The FBI is clearly being used to deny those persons whom legitimate law enforcement cannot arrest, their inherent rights as American citizens, which defines the FBI as an anti-American organization operating based on a neo-Nazi ideology.

Furthermore, the fact is that FBI agents are seldom if ever held accountable for the crimes which they commit under the color of law, which has only served to reinforce their criminality, along with a sense of arrogance that is simply unparalleled.

The FBI will spy into your home for hundreds of thousands of hours while illegally monitoring every second of your life. In doing so, the FBI will also violate the privacy of your Family members, friends and any other persons with whom you associate during that time. The Bureau's agents will fabricate negative information in regard to those whom they target in such ways in order to demonize them, while omitting exculpatory information which would serve to expose the FBI's criminal attacks on those whom they target for such COINTELPRO operations.

An outrageous violation of your privacy and your rights as an American citizen. Even worse, is that when the FBI gets caught in the commission of such outrageous crimes, it will then demonize those whose rights it's violated so egregiously, while using the media in which to obfuscate the FBI's own outrageous and treasonous crimes.

The due process of law no where to be found.

Since 1908, the FBI (then named the BOI - Bureau Of Investigation) has always been a domestic spy and covert terrorist which operates under the guise of a federal police agency; agents who commit their crimes of predation under the color of law. And in the modern day through weaponized spy satellite systems which can be used to remotely track, torture and even murder unwitting citizens.

This author has been attacked and tortured by such weaponized satellites for more than a decade; the result of collusion between the FBI and NSA in which to illegally track my person by way of my body's own unique electromagnetic frequency. Every person has an electromagnetic field which surrounds their own body; an EMF field which has its own unique frequency which the National Security Agency can use as a tracking device, in which to illegally target and spy upon that person via satellite 24 hours a day.

(Google: AKWEI VS NSA to learn more about this technology.)

Such attacks are taking place against a myriad of citizens within the United States.

And one TI victim even has sworn testimony from an FBI agent, that by the mid 1990's the FBI was given access to such electromagnetic (Directed Energy) weapons to use in which to covertly torture American citizens.

See Jesus Mendoza's interview with Greg Syzmanski

The FBI's entrapment schemes via the Internet such as its password stealing program known as Magic Lantern, are only the tip of the proverbial iceberg regarding the Bureau's attempts to deny you your privacy.

It is up to the citizens themselves to understand the depth of this outrageous intrusion into their lives, and to do something about it. As I have said in the past, the FBI and its Constitution raping employees must go. And it must be the American citizenry who send them packing. This is one citizen who has been forced to endure the FBI's illegal spying, torture, slander and attempted entrapment and covert murder of my person for decades.

And I will do whatever I have to do to make certain that the American people understand just how egregiously this neo Nazi agency is violating the United States Bill of Rights, in its attempts to destroy any protections that we have as citizens of this once great, but now foundering nation. By its own outrageous conduct, the FBI has demonstrated time and time again, that it is the enemy of the American people and the enemy of freedom.

Abolish the FBI!

Another FBI Entrapment Scheme On The Internet

'Rick Rolled' to child porn = you're a pedophile, says FBI
By Jacqui Cheng Published: March 23, 2008 - 02:10PM CT

Everyone has had it happen to them: a "friend" sends you a link in IM or over IRC that purports to be something like a cat in an awkward position with a hilarious caption. Soon, however, you discover that the link wasn't to a lolcat at all; instead, you've been Rick Rolled.

These pranks are commonplace now, but be careful of what you click on and from whom.

Such is the case with Temple University doctoral student Roderick Vosburgh, who apparently clicked on an FBI-planted hyperlink somewhere on the Internet. The link pointed to a file on an FBI server that contained no porn, but logged the IP addresses of everyone attempting to access it. Vosburgh's IP was one of those, and the FBI came knockin' on his door early one morning, arrested him, and searched his home.

In fact, this didn't just happen to Vosburgh—the FBI has been using this click-and-be-owned tactic for a few years now, using logged IP addresses as a way to get warrants and charge people with intent to download child porn (a federal crime). The FBI has been planting links to these bogus files on message boards that are known to attract child predators, but even the log files don't take into account the referrer—any IP address that shows up is automatically assumed to be guilty, and assumed to be coming in from one of the FBI's planted links. This means that if your drunk friends think it's funny to IM you a link to something that turns out to be to the FBI's planted link, you could be in trouble.

FBI Attempts To Entrap Internet Users In Child Pornography Stings By Targeting Their IP (Internet Protocol) Addresses - Yet Another In Myriad FBI Entrapment Schemes
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