Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Psychological Warfare Programs & Their Use By The New World Order Totalitarian Government To Brainwash The Public

Psyops Alter Our Perception Of Our Environment

As a target of the Intel community's psychological warfare operations for many years, I am not only aware of the intricate details of such operations, but how these psyops are being used far more frequently on our global society than ever before. Virtually every aspect of this society is now being dominated by the Illuminati through such psychological warfare operations via business, politics, the media and even formalized religions.

Thus in order to recognize and combat such vicious attacks on our minds, we must first need to understand the very nature of the psychological operation, as well as the minds which devise such nefarious mind control tactics on our persons.

The following sites are useful as a primer in order to better understand psychological warfare and its applications in brainwashing the public.

Psychological Warfare Methods.com

CIA On Campus.org

Psychological Warfare Operations


Defense Journal.com/Psychological Warfare Operations
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