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More On The FBI's Outrageous Abuses Of Civil Liberties Under The Patriot Act - Spying Into Our Homes While Remotely Accessing Our Minds - The EVIL FBI

Is There Another Intel Abuse Americans Are Unaware Of?

Selling Your Private Information For Profit

More Americans are finally becoming aware of just how abusive the authoritarian Intelligence community within the United States is. Agencies which have become so criminal and arrogant in their domestic spying of our persons, that they would secretly use satellite spy ware in which to remotely track us while intercepting and decoding our own brainwaves in order to remotely read our thoughts.

Given the Intel community's ties with the business world and the abject arrogance that these agencies have displayed in the past, one must also wonder if they would sell our personal information to interested parties (the way myriad private companies do) for a price in order to bolster their black budgets?

After all, who has the ability to collect more personal information on every individual in the United States than federal agencies like the FBI, NSA, CIA and DHS?

We already know that these agencies are spying into our homes and don't respect our privacy. We also known that these agents lie pathologically when caught violating the law.

The FBI alone has been caught red handed *lying to a judge on more than one occasion. So what is to keep these agencies from selling information that they collect on Americans?

*FBI Caught Lying To A Judge Regarding Trentadue Lawsuit

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Being Able To Read A Person's Thoughts By Way Of Satellite -- Public Discussions Regarding The NSA's Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network Must Take Place So That the Public Is Made Aware Of This Electronic Predation Of Their Persons Via The NSA Satellite Array

2007 article regarding the Bush FBI & Illegal Spying/Non Accountability

Watchdog Exposes FBI's Illegal Activities & Gonzales Exposes His Hypocrisy

By Stewart N. Thorpe of Citizen Press Revolution

As if the FBI didn't have a gluttony of power enough granted to them by the Patriot Act, a watchdog (we need more watchdogs) exposed them to be illegally abusing their bloated Patriot Act granted powers. In response, Attorney General Alberto Gonzales says that "there needs to be accountability, and so there will be accountability".

I couldn't roll my eyes back enough for this if I tried.

This same Attorney General Alberto Gonzales raised the possibility of prosecuting journalists in May 21, 2006 for leaking information about illegal activities of NSA surveillance. He doesn't believe in accountability. President Bush still has not been held accountable for breaching that law.

Not only does Gonzales not believe in accountability, he believes that those that expose illegal acts committed by the government should be threatened and intimidated.

It comes down to this. Both the FBI and President Bush were committing the same act: illegally obtaining information secretly.

As the media and people as a result have terribly short term memories, we need to put this event in its context.

After May 21, 2006, the political tables turned (slightly, don't kid yourself about any saintliness of Democrat politicians). The mid-term elections ended deridingly against the Bush Administration. Meanwhile, the political climate is edging (slowly) away from neoconservatism and its attitude that civil liberties and a free press are obstacles against America instead of what they are: guardians of democracy.

Gonzales, some people forget, was once being seriously considered for the Supreme Court when Sandra O'Connor stepped down. While many people have forgotten this, Gonzales certainly has not forgotten. And this is why he is upset, if he is upset at all. This might interfere and disrupt his record for consideration in the future for the Supreme Court.

Like the exposing of Bush's illegal spying activities, he is upset that a watchdog group exposed FBI's illegal spying activities. But this time around the political balance and climate has shifted. No longer can he effectively use the political terror tool of neoconservatism to justify the FBI's illegal spying activities.

Gonzales is a politician. Don't kid yourself that the Supreme Court is apolitical. Far from it, it is a political process and effort like any other branch of the government.

Gonzales is attempting to portray himself as a man about "accountability" and "the law" instead of the executive branch stooge that he is. Once being a Bush stooge gave one a lot of political power, the Bush ship, however, is demonstrating that it hasn't sunk to its lowest depths yet. It is still sinking. And Gonzales is trying to act like he isn't on the same ship too.

Source of article:

Watchdog Exposes FBI's Illegal Activities - Gonzales Exposes His Hypocrisy

More Information on the new FBI scandal:

Schumer Calls on Gonzales to Step Down

FBI Broke Law In Prying, Gonzales, Mueller Admit It
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