Tuesday, November 03, 2009

The Rise Of The Fourth Reich In The United States Is A Natural Continuation Of Hitler's Nazi Third Reich

With the complete destruction of the United States Constitution Jim Marr's book entitled "The Rise Of The Fourth Reich" is more timely than ever before.

"Jim Marrs sees the big picture clearly, has great command of detail, and is one of the strongest speakers on the lecture circuit today. The title of this video – The Rise of the Fourth Reich in America – tells its own story, and in this 75 minute interview Jim lays out the compelling and disturbing evidence that while most people thought the Second World War ended in 1945, the Nazis were never stopped in their agenda – which can only be understood when one considers how they were assisted in coming to power by those Controllers who plan in terms of generations… not terms of government office."

The Illuminati's Flu Vaccine Bioweapon

While the Illuminati have a myriad of horrible agendas in store for the human race under their global dictatorship, a primary interest of theirs is to depopulate the world's middle class through a myriad of acts which on the surface are supposed to be caused by natural means. It is the opinion of many people (including this author) that the latest swine flu scare is an attempt to frighten citizens into being injected with a biological weapon which will eventually kill them. What is also extremely disturbing is how federal agencies like the CDC are being used in which to misrepresent the severity of the swine flu, reporting in many instances that illnesses which are not related to the swine flu are being included by the CDC as part of this alleged global pandemic.

The Cultivation Of A Mass & Evil Deception

This is being done in efforts to have the middle class population in this country injected with this biological weapon as a form of mass genocide. This author also questions the veracity of many public figures who claim to have received the flu vaccine, including the daughters of President Barack Obama. The President's daughters may have received some type of vaccine, however, it is doubtful that it was the same flu vaccine that the general public is being tricked into receiving.

In this author's opinion the "swine flu pandemic" which is being promulgated by government agencies like the Centers For Disease Control is as fraudulent as the official explanation regarding the attacks on 9-11-2001. If you're smart, you'll avoid the "Swine Flu Vaccine" as if it were the plague, because it may well turn out to be one!

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