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More Electronic Harassment Courtesy Of The Hi-Tech Hoodlums At The National Security Agency - NSA's Domestic Spying & Non Consensual Experimentation

Rockefeller & The New World Religion

(February 12, 2004): Two FBI Agents Lie to Justice Department Inspector General about Withholding of 9/11 Information from Bureau

Brian Glick War At Home - The FBI & The U.S. Department Of Justice Attack On Civil Liberties

Editor's Note: At around 2:50AM this author decided to take a walk around my driveway. When I reentered my home at about 3:40AM the television in the kitchen had been turned on. Everyone else was asleep at the time given the early hour, which indicates that the TV was turned on by way of remote means via NSA satellite. Beginning in the summer of 2003, this author witnessed one of our TV's being turned on and off by way of remote means, as well as the channels being changed without the use of the TV remote. I have witnessed a myriad of such "electronic tampering" & "gaslighting tactics" used by Intel against my person, including a photo displayed on the TV screen which was taken directly from the visual cortex region of my brain via the NSA's illegal computer to brain interface of my person.

*When I inquired as to whether or not one of my Family had left the TV on before retiring for the evening, I was told that they had not. However, when I reiterated my account of finding the TV on after I had returned from my walk, one member said that they must have left the TV on. This is a clear example of how my Family members continue to be intimidated by the Intel community, and will attempt to cover up for crimes that Intel commits against this author, as well as these Family members themselves. For years I have been documenting how the FBI will intimidate Family members into taking part in the psychological warfare operations that are directed against this author, and then quickly deny that they are doing so.

This is an excellent example of how the FBI uses its coercive tactics and at times outright blackmail in which to prevent those whose Constitutional rights the Bureau has egregiously violated, from defending these inherent rights which they are by law entitled to.

The cells of agents involved in these outrageous crimes against us should be publicly exposed and indicted for what is turning out to be the most abject violations of the Bill of Rights in United States History. Only in the face of such egregious violations of the rule of law, would the FBI be forced to wage a demonization campaign as intense as the one which they are furtively using in which to attack this author. The Bureau simply cannot afford to have the crimes which it has committed against us, as well as the classified technology which it has colluded with the NSA to use against my person exposed in a court of law.

So the FBI/NSA demonization campaign against my person continues, while these reprobates attempt to find a plausible means in which to murder my person. Of course, FBI demonization campaigns are designed with the intent of inflaming public sentiment in order to justify the FBI's despicable and treasonous behavior. All while the Bureau is able to circulate whatever information it cares to (regardless of how illegal or slanderous) in its attempt to not be challenged. One must wonder how an organization this criminal and anti-American could ever have been allowed to propagate in the United States? Much less, for more than a Century.


What Is Gaslighting?
The Gaslight Effect: How to Spot and Survive the Hidden Manipulation Others Use to Control Your Life

The vehicular organized stalking which has become a constant problem when I walk during the early evening hours has resulted in this author's taking such walks in the early morning hours instead, since these criminal stalkers are in bed by then resting up for their next day's stalking activities.

These electronic tamperings have been varied and myriad in nature since 2003, when the Intel community decided to make their illegal surveillance of my person known to me. Thousands of other citizens have taken to the Internet to describe similar experiences regarding such electronic surveillance of their persons, the result of electronic warfare programs being carried out by New World Order pawns like the National Security Agency.

And while many have stated that such overt harassment of their persons began much earlier than 2003, most persons targeted for this electronic harassment along with the adjunct psychological warfare operation known as organized stalking have indicated that 2003 was the year in which they became aware of such targeting. Many of these people have also stated that they believe that the unconstitutional provisions within the Patriot Act are responsible for this illegal harassment, and as such have called for the abolition of this Nazi-minded legislation.

Legislation which in many respects is quite similar to that of the Nazi Enabling Act of 1933, which resulted in Germany's Democratic government being *dissolved, and replaced by the Nazi's dictatorship under former chancellor Adolph Hitler.

*On the surface, the infrastructure of the German Weinmar Democratic Republic was kept in place in order to prevent the German people from creating an uprising against Hitler and his Third Reich. However, the Weinmar Constitution was quietly suspended. Virtually the same situation has now taken place in the United States under the false flag operation known as 9-11, in which the Patriot Act has become the defacto Constitution, while the United States Constitution and its Bill of Rights remain suspended under the Bush Administration's bogus war on terror.

All Americans can now be labeled as domestic terrorists for simply speaking out against this treasonous fraud, while standing up for their inherent rights under the United States Constitution.

For more on the U.S. Intel community's electronic warfare programs & how they are deployed on American citizens see the following:

The Intelligence Community's Electronic Warfare Programs & Electronic Harassment Of Citizens Both In The United States As Well As Other Nations Has Become A Serious Problem & A Sign Of The Complete Breakdown Of The Constitutional Rule Of Law Within The United States

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