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TEA Party Protests Regarding U.S. Congresses Stimulus Plan Take Place Around The United States - Long Islanders' Protest The Stimulus Package

The Smart Money Is Leaving The United States

Jim Rogers is a brilliant financier who made his fortune on Wall Street. A few years back he moved his young family to China with the understanding that the U.S. economy was in a free fall and that the Federal Reserve Note was eventually going to fail. In the following 2007 interview, Rogers discusses this in some detail while referring to the present chairman of the Federal Reserve System as a disaster, given Ben Bernanke's extensive printing (actually counterfeiting) of Federal Reserve Notes over the past several years.

The more capital that the Federal Reserve prints, the less the already declining dollar is worth. And the situation in regard to the dollar is already so dire, that the Federal Reserve System will no longer even publish the M-3 figures which relate to the money supply.

In this 2007 interview, Jim Rogers once again demonstrates that his understanding of the U.S. economy is well beyond that of most of his peers. Moreover, his support of Ron Paul at the time for U.S. President is also indicative of Roger's recognition, that Congressman Paul continues to be the only politician who has a clue of what must be done to turn the U.S. economy around, beginning with the abolition of the privately held Federal Reserve System and IRS.

Americans Hold TEA (Tax Enough Already) Parties

Americans are finally starting to react to the outrageous violations of their constitutional rights; those which have been on the increase in the past decade. And their rage is beginning to show as Americans band together to defend their rights against a government that is no longer capable of representing the will of its people.

Between the surveillance state that the United States has become since the attacks on 9-11, and a better informed population (thanks in large part to the Internet), a revolutionary ground swell is beginning to take shape in America.

And whether it's in the form of protests like the one in regard to Congresses joke of an economic stimulus package, or something more intense like the Arizona man whose anger at the ridiculous and oppressive post 9-11 police state surveillance which continues to overrun this country, resulted in his ripping into a highway surveillance camera with a pick axe, it's become clear that the American people have had it with being abused by this government and the miscreants who control our politicians.

One is reminded of the now infamous statement made by Hollywood producer Paddy Chayefsky in his 1976 satire on the broadcasting industry, entitled Network.

"I'm as mad as hell, and I'm not going to take this anymore!"

It would appear that the American people have finally arrived at the conclusion that they have been thoroughly taken to the proverbial cleaners by their own elected representatives, and they are now looking to settle the score.

What can you expect when your own government continues to use you as a cash cow for their own means, and with politicians like Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick attempting to move ahead "with a plan for mandatory GPS devices in cars that would be read at gas pumps and automatically charge drivers for miles driven."

A plan to tax drivers not just on the gas that they use in their automobiles, but to now tax them per each mile that they drive!

With such ludicrous ideas being put forth in order to find ways of meeting state budgets, how long will it be before the American people arrive at the realization that it is the privately held Federal Reserve System and IRS that are the real financial drain which continue to break the back of the American middle class? And while a financial analyst by the name of Rick Santelli slammed the stimulus package back in February of 2009, there is little doubt that the real kudos in the income tax fraud awareness movement goes to the late film producer Aaron Russo for his brilliant documentary on this fraud (entitled America From Freedom To Fascism). It was Russo's documentary which has allowed the Tax Amnesty Movement to reach a far greater number of Americans than ever before; Americans who now realize that they have been fleeced by the Federal Reserve System and IRS courtesy of the United States Congress. And thanks to Aaron, there'll no doubt be a much greater number of citizens who'll learn of this treasonous fraud in the future.

A fraud which the FBI (in those days called the Bureau Of Investigation) has been aiding and abetting since 1913, when the 16TH Amendment and Federal Reserve Act were illegally passed (neither was ever properly ratified by the required number of U.S. States to become law).

Moreover, tell someone who's been forced to give up making purchases that they have wanted to make for years because of the parasitic and illegal federal income tax that they get hammered with on each paycheck, and it's not difficult to see why they will eventually refuse to pay such taxes, while justly holding the Congress and FBI responsible for allowing such a fraud to take place within the United States for so many decades.

As for the economic stimulus package, the Congress must truly believe that the average American worker is an idiot, since they have certainly been treated that way.

Long Islanders to protest stimulus plan at TEA Parties
10:44 PM EDT, April 14, 2009

More than half a dozen tax protest rallies, dubbed TEA Parties, are scheduled for Long Island Wednesday, the deadline for filing federal income tax returns.

"It's about Americans coming together to protest government excesses," said Greg Barry of West Islip. "It's part of a national movement to protest spending trillions of dollars that will leave our great-grandchildren a debt they must pay."

TEA stands for Taxed Enough Already.

The movement seems to have started when CNBC financial analyst Rick Santelli slammed the stimulus plan on the floor of the Chicago Board of Trade in February.

See the full article here:

Also see America From Freedom To Fascism. The documentary on the Federal Reserve System and IRS fraud which has acted as the catalyst in the American people's awakening to the Zionist control of the U.S. Federal Government and the American economy:

America From Freedom To Fascism

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