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Zionism and Nazism have many similarities including the use of terrorism and other forms of brutality in which to achieve their agendas. Moreover, both are creations of the Illuminati. The State of Israel has been run by Zionists since its inception, and continues to be both a financial drain on the United States as well as threat to our own country, since it's the Zionist bankers who are behind the privately held *Federal Reserve Central Bank and its control over the American people and the U.S. Federal Government; as well as its counterfeiting and money laundering operations, which the Federal Reserve has involved an unwitting American citizenry in.

*Central banks are not part of a legitimate capitalist society as the United States claims to be, but instead at the root of communist countries like China and Russia. In fact, the graduated system of taxation which is used by the Internal Revenue Service was taken directly from the Communist Manifesto, and is anathema to any legitimate capitalist society.

Moreover, since 1933 when the Federal Reserve System took the American people off the gold standard, the Federal Reserve Notes have been nothing but worthless pieces of paper, backed by nothing of intrinsic value. As a result, circulating Federal Reserve Notes into the American economy has since that time been (and continues to be) a case of money laundering; one in which every American citizen has been made an unwitting accomplice to this crime. The only value that Federal Reserve Notes have in the modern day continues to be one of perception. And that perception has now worn thin, resulting in the Federal Reserve Note's imminent replacement as the global reserve currency with another form of currency - likely the European Euro.

*Note that from 1913 until 1933 the Federal Reserve System was printing currency based on the gold bullion housed in the U.S. Treasury, so that the Notes did have intrinsic value at the time -- even though the Federal Reserve System itself was not constitutionally authorized to print U.S. currency.

To this day the Federal Reserve System is operating illegally as is its Internal Revenue Service private collection agency; both of which continue to cheat the American workforce out of an annual percentage of their hard earned wages, and under the guise of a federal income tax which is used for the express purpose of preventing the American middle class from every establishing any meaningful wealth of their own.

And as a result of the Federal Reserve's printing of currency based on nothing of intrinsic value, the value of the Federal Reserve Note itself has suffered substantial devaluation as a result of the hidden *tax known as inflation. And will soon cease to have any worth whatsoever. Making matters worse is that the United States Congress continues to allow this treasonous deception to occur, when it could remove the Federal Reserve System from power and restore the power to coin and regulate currency to the United States Treasury; the only organization which can legally and thus constitutionally coin U.S. currency.

* A tax which would not exist at all if the paper currency being printed were once again based on the gold standard.

Given this Zionist control over the Federal Reserve System, it is no wonder that any self respecting Jew is horrified at the thought of being wrongfully accused of taking part in Zionism, or belonging to an organization which operates under such a belief system. In reality, most Jews understand how dangerous Zionists are and that Zionism has been used to destroy the United States as well as several Middle Eastern countries, while exploiting Judaism and the German Holocaust for its own criminal agenda. In reality, Zionist Jews are disgrace to the memory of every Jew who died during the Holocaust.

Moreover, Zionism is in fact a belief system created by the Illuminati.

The following Website documents this in greater detail:


Also see the late Jack Bernstein's book on Zionism. Bernstein was prophetic when making a 1985 prognostication that the Federal Reserve System, under Zionist control, would deliberately sabotage the U.S. economy as the Fed did in the 1920's, in order to cause another depression in the United States.

In 2009, Bernstein's claims regarding the Fed are now coming to fruition; a situation in which Bernstein asserted that this would be used to bring into being a "New Constitution" (obviously this refers to the fascist Patriot Act) which would be used to usher in the New World Order's one world government. In light of the present economic meltdown in the United States and the loss of American freedoms under the Patriot Act, Jack Bernstein's prognostications are frightening when you consider how accurate he was when making them 24 years ago.

Read his book here:

The Life Of An American Jew In Racist Marxist Israel
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