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In The United States Wealthy Areas Are Not Immune To Organized Stalking Crimes -- It's Time To Declare It Open Season On The Organized Stalker

*Editor's Note: For the following post this author was again electronically sexually assaulted by way of the NSA's high tech satellite predators, using their DEW weaponry. This is the second such attack in as many days. These electronic attacks can be used to adversely affect any part of the body or mind, and are being reported by literally thousands of American citizens, as well as a myriad from other countries.

Moreover, such attacks against this author remain varied in nature and are indicative of the desperation of the NSA, FBI and DHS in their attempts to cover up the heinous crimes which they have and continue to perpetrate against both this author's Family and person. A situation in which these agents are attempting to obfuscate a history of their own outrageous crimes; one which in our case encompasses hundreds of thousands of hours of illegal spying, as well as the use of my person for non consensual human experimentation. Color of law crimes which these agents must eventually be indicted for.

Taking Back American Towns From The NWO

Keeping Brookville Beautiful

This author has lived in the town of Brookville since the mid 1960's, and can attest to the fact that it is one of the most beautiful and affluent areas in the United States. In fact, BusinessWeek Magazine recently named Brookville the most affluent community in the United States.

In the early 1980's this town created a campaign entitled "Keep Brookville Beautiful" which included the seasonal planting of beautiful flowers at the traffic intersections in the town.

To say that this historic town on Long Island's affluent North Shore is beautiful is an understatement. It is, along with its sister towns of Old Brookville and Upper Brookville, what now comprises what was once the roughly 40 Estates which dominated the area in the early 1900's. In fact, it is home to some of the wealthiest people in the United States and has only grown more prestigious over the past several decades.

However, since Intel's covert campaign against this author went from being covert to overt in 2003, even Brookville and its underlying communities are no longer immune to the crime of organized stalking. And given the fact that there are new stalking targets surfacing on the Internet on a weekly basis to report similar violations of their inherent rights under the United States Constitution, it seems that absolutely no place in the United States is immune from these vigilante crimes in post 9-11 America.

I list this here simply to document how organized stalking crimes are being orchestrated by Intel agencies like the FBI and DHS, and are being perpetrated completely outside the constitutional rule of law; a national network of thugs who hide their crimes behind their badges.

Moreover, no matter how beautiful these towns are, they will not remain so indefinitely if the Intel community is able to infiltrate them with mobs of Draconian misfits whom I have personally witnessed storm the area from other towns, while in the process, perpetrating a complete criminal menace.

The secrecy here is obvious enough. If they admit that they are harassing us, they also admit to violating our rights and as such are in the commission of serious federal crimes.

Not since Nazi Germany have we seen more egregious abuses of the inherent rights of a country's citizens. And these crimes are being reported by many other TI's within the State of New York. Moreover, it will be up to those who have been subjected to such abuses to take their rights back, regardless of the consequences.

Furthermore, as a longtime resident of the town of Brookville, I can say without hesitation that I truly love this town and have practically spent my entire life here. And as I said earlier, if there is a more beautiful locale than Brookville and its underlying areas, I am unfamiliar with them.

Moreover, when I leave Brookville, it will be of my own accord or feet first, since I have no intention of ever allowing a group of Nazi minded vigilantes to drive me out of my home of nearly five decades, or to allow any group or person who would attempt to deprive my Family, self or any other resident of their rights as citizens of this community.

Furthermore, I have truly had it with the FBI, NSA and the rest of their satellite/mind raping squad of goons; many of whom have set new precedents in violating basic human rights, and who've attempted to turn this beautiful community into just another Nazi idealized spot on the New World Order's map.

It's Open Season On The Organized Stalker

It is time to declare it open season on the organized stalker. Stay within the constitutional rule of law while doing so. Take their license plates, photograph them if you are able to, and make certain that any person who is denying you your rights as an American citizen is exposed for the crimes that they are committing against you.

These so called people are nothing but a pack of criminal thugs who are delighting in their ability to violate the rights of other citizens, knowing that the police will not arrest them.

However, it's time to take back America; whether its affluent towns like the one which I reside in, or those which are less so. And it is time to obtain the specific names of the people who are orchestrating these crimes; especially those who are operating from within the U.S. Intel community and who've up until now been able to cause substantial problems with complete impunity.

If there is a citizen or group of citizens who are taking part in the furtive violation of your inherent rights under the United States Constitution, they are in fact committing treasonous crimes against you and the Constitution itself. This is why you have never been confronted directly. It's because these reprobates know that they are denying you your rights; rights that if denied them, they would certainly fight to protect.

Moreover, The Patriot Act, as I have said in the past is nothing but a piece of treasonous legislation being used to allow for such egregious violations of our inherent rights. And you can fully expect that at some time in the future this piece of toilet paper will be repealed when the American middle class has taken all they are going to from a government which no longer represents the will of the people.

As for the *FBI, DHS, and the rest of their cadre of constitution raping criminal thugs, by violating the constitutional rule of law, they've shown themselves to be nothing but a pack of criminal thugs who wage their own personal vendettas under the color of law. However, no matter what they do; no matter how outrageous these violations become, they will never be victorious in their criminal escapades.

*Including the FBI's so called files which due to the FBI's pathological deception belong in the proverbial round file.

Moreover, this blatant disregard for our rights as Americans will provoke a precedent setting response to such egregious violations which will eventually serve the common good in the future.

Our Constitutional rights as Americans must be restored regardless of the cost. For without such rights, we're just like any other country whose government acts in diametrical opposition to the basic rights which all of this planet's inhabitants are entitled to. For example, the NSA's illegal satellite tracking and remote torture of American citizens by way of DEW weaponry; something commonly reported by many citizens who are being targeted by the NSA through Echelon. Any government officials who would quietly endorse the use of such diabolical weaponry are taking part in crimes which define them as nothing but a modern day version of the Third Reich.

Brookville Tops BusinessWeek's
Top 25 Wealthiest Towns
Nine Long Island Communities on the List
By Denise Nash

BusinessWeek recently listed America's top 25 wealthiest towns, according to an analysis done by Little Rock's Gadberry Group, which ranked communities based on the average 2008 net income and 2008 net worth of their residents.

Brookville had an average net worth of $1.67 million-the highest on the list, and the average annual income of $328,000 was the nation's seventh-highest.

According to the report, the wealthiest towns are found in a number of states across the country, but there was a fair amount of clumping. For example, nine towns on Long Island's North Shore made the list: Brookville (1), Roslyn Estates (6), Oyster Bay Cove (8), Old Westbury (10), Muttontown (13 - tie), Munsey Park (13-tie), Lloyd Harbor (14) Sands Point (15) and North Hills (19).

Brookville's Mayor Caroline Z. Bazzini was proud of the distinction, but also surprised. "You only have to drive through Brookville to literally see why Brookville is such a desirable place to live, but its beauty is more than skin deep," said Mayor Bazzini. "Brookville's residents are culturally diverse and that makes for fascinating neighbors. Plus we're in the Jericho School District and it is a wonderful advantage to send your kids to one of the best schools in the nation."

Mayor Bazzini said she, as well as most residents, were surprised by the announcement that they topped the list. "Brookville isn't the kind of place that focuses on wealth, so it seems that everyone was as surprised as I was to have this unusual distinction of 'richest place in America,'" she said.

Many wealthy communities did not make the list as some of their wealthiest homeowners are not year-round residents, but rather only seasonal visitors and are not incorporated on the tax rolls. The article sited Florida's Jupiter Island and the village of Southampton on Long Island as examples.

Some interesting notes about the statistics are that all of the towns that made the list had fewer than 10,000 households and the income and net worth data were collected before the economy collapsed at the end of 2008.

Nassau County Communities on the List

Brookville, Long Island Tops America's 25 Wealthiest Communities

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