Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Case Against Former Alaskan Senator Ted Stevens Dropped As Allegations Of FBI/DOJ Misconduct Surface In Regard To His Trial

The arrest of former Senator Ted Steven's occurred in the midst of his run for reelection as Senator of Alaska. My regular readers will remember a *post that I wrote a while back in regard to my opinion that former New Jersey Senator "Robert Torricelli" was setup by the FBI in order to derail his reelection campaign, as punishment for Torricelli's demand that there be a formal investigation into the attacks on 9-11. Both the arrests of Ted Stevens and Robert Torricelli occurred during the Bush Administration's tenure in the White House, and were politically timed to disrupt their reelection campaigns.

*Was The FBI Used To Destroy New Jersey Senator Robert Torricelli's Political Career?

Now Ted Steven's legal team is citing an FBI whistle blower's statement that there was fraud committed during Steven's trial, and that exculpatory evidence which would have benefitted Stevens was deliberately withheld by the FBI. Moreover, there is the mysterious "Torricelli Note" which also appears to have served in some capacity to get Steven's off the hook. Was this note from former New Jersey Senator, Robert Toricelli, looking for payback against the FBI for destroying his political career?

A situation which the Department of Justice appears to have attempted to cover up. And further evidence of the collusion which regularly takes place between the FBI and DOJ in their attempts in which to cover up crimes committed by FBI agents. Thankfully, there are still some FBI agents who (however few they may be) still report such criminal activity within the Bureau. Hopefully this FBI agent will not be villified and targeted for the systematic destruction of their life (as so many others have been by the FBI) for merely doing what was right.

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Ted Stevens Trial Dropped
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