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IRS Leniency Program Seeks To Forgive Tax Cheats? There Should Be A Program To Return All The Money The IRS Has Stolen From Americans Since 1913

Don't Ever Underestimate The Criminal Federal Reserve

The privately held Federal Reserve System's insults to the American people just keep on coming. It's bad enough that since 1913 the Federal Reserve has swindled the American taxpayer out of trillions of their hard earned dollars, and that most Americans to this day remain unaware that the 16TH Amendment which the Federal Reserve's IRS bag man uses in which to steal a percentage of the average American worker's earnings, was never properly ratified by the United States Congress.

There is no question that in 1913, then Secretary of The Treasury, Philander Knox, promulgated one of the greatest lies ever told to the American public, by stating that the 16TH Amendment (which allowed the U.S. Federal Government to impose a federal tax on their wages) was ratified. When in fact no where near the three quarters of the states needed to ratify the 16TH Amendment had done so.

The 16TH Amendment was improperly ratified when four U.S. Senators were bribed into passing the legislation during the Christmas Holidays, when most of the Congress had adjourned for the year.

This lie in regard to the 16TH Amendment has been propagated by the United States Congress since that time. And anyone who has attempted to right this wrong (including President John F. Kennedy as well as Judge Martin V. Mahoney) has been attacked by the criminal minions of the Federal Reserve. Both Kennedy and Mahoney were murdered for their attempts in which to put the Federal Reserve System out of business. In fact, from the time that they took the Federal Reserve System on until the time of their respective deaths, was less than a year in both cases.

Kennedy passed Executive Order 11110 in June of 1963 which allowed the U.S. Treasury to begin printing currency for the first time since 1913 (a major threat to the Federal Reserve System's legalized counterfeiting operation). Five months later, Kennedy was assassinated.

Judge Mahoney did not fair much better. In his landmark Credit River Decision, a situation in which a banker representing the Federal Reserve System admitted under oath that the Federal Reserve was printing money out of thin air, Mahoney ruled that the central bank was in the commission of a treasonous fraud and that its operations were to be considered null and void.

Six months later Judge Mahoney was poisoned to death.

Clearly the Federal Reserve System does not take threats to its criminal operations lightly, when it is willing to furtively murder those who challenge its legitimacy.

What makes matters even more nebulous is that the Internal Revenue Service is not an actual part of the U.S. Federal Government, but instead, a privately held corporation which acts as the personal collection agency of the Federal Reserve System. And the proof of this is that every cent collected by the IRS in the form of the federal income tax goes directly to the Federal Reserve. Not a dollar of this money goes towards the operation of the United States Federal Government.

So it's not the American worker who refuses to file a 1040 form who's the tax cheat.

The real cheats and criminals are those who work for the privately held Federal Reserve System and its Internal Revenue Service collection agency. Those who've been cheating Americans out of their hard earned wages for nearly a Century. Moreover, there is no better example of the mass brainwashing of a country then that of the Internal Revenue Service's having convinced the average American worker, that he or she must pay a tax on their hard earned wages, when the Supreme Court has already ruled in several cases, that such taxation is unconstitutional.

The problem is that the core of the U.S. Federal Government is run by criminals who make up their own rules as they go, while attempting to enforce this country's laws on the rest of us. Which is how the Bush Administration was able to get away with their egregious crimes. However, all the Bush Administration managed to accomplish was to deliberately steer this country into the financial turmoil that Americans are presently experiencing, while threatening our freedoms like no U.S. President to come before him. A situation so serious, that Barack Obama is now spending as much time in the public eye as he is in private, attempting to remove the ominous cloud over the White House which the Bush Administration created through its treasonous operations.

However, what Americans are soon to find is that for all of the rhetoric, the Obama Administration is simply way in over their heads here. The damage that the Bush Administration has done is far too great, even if Obama were legitimately interested in fixing this country. However, as a disciple and pawn of Trilaterist Zbigniew Brzezinski, it won't be long before Americans realize that the only real fix for this country is a new government.

IRS leniency insulting program:


Learn how the Federal Reserve System and IRS worked with the U.S. Congress in order to destroy the American middle class. And why these elected officials do not represent the will of the American people. Then again, what can you expect from of a group of politicians who would allow Nazi run agencies like the FBI and NSA to spy on us within our own homes for decades, while adopting the treasonous 9-11 mega lie that is now the basis for the false flag war on terror campaign being used to destroy this country.

It has become crystal clear that if the American Proletariat is to survive this outrageous betrayal of their trust, that they must abolish the present government and form a new one based on the Constitutional rule of law. For the present government is far too corrupted to fix since it has proven to be incapable of enforcing its own Constitution.

America From Freedom To Fascism


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