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Stephen Colbert's "Art Imitating Life" Video Of The New World Order's Global Surveillance System

"The Intelligence Agencies are the MURDERERS
The Intelligence Agencies are the TERRORISTS
The Intelligence Agencies are the RAPISTS
The Intelligence Agencies are the PAEDOPHILES"

-- George Farquhar - Project Freedom

The Criminal Intelligence Establishment

Committing Treasonous Crimes With Impunity

Those of us who've been illegally satellite tracked by the FBI and NSA for years are well aware of the extent to which such illegal spying is being carried out by these Nazi idealized hi-tech predators - those who think nothing of using us to experiment on, while violating every human rights law in existence. These agents are the absolute worst of criminals; predators, torturers and murderers who should be indicted for their outrageous color of law crimes.

Imagine having your thoughts electronically manipulated by some reprobate operating behind a computer keyboard, who has the ability to remotely influence everything from your state of mind to your libido (as they record every aspect of this Orwellian experimentation), and you can begin to understand just how monstrous this technology is when used in the hands of those who are pure and unadulterated EVIL. In this case those operatives within the National Security Agency who are perpetrating these crimes on a global scale.

Stephen Colbert's sardonic take on this outrageous attack on American civil liberties can be seen at the following link. In reality, Colbert's parody is accurate enough, however, not nearly as bad as the situation really is; that of the NSA's Signals Intelligence operations - covert utilization of computer to brain link technology in which to invade the privacy of our thoughts via the Echelon satellite spy network; a result of the National Security Agency's having illegally brain fingerprinted the American citizenry in the early 1980's.


For more on this technology see the following Website which offers an excellent primer into these satellite based crimes of predation:

Surveillance Issues

European Activists Protest The NSA's Echelon Spy Network
Americans Should Also Be Concerned About Echelon Intrusion

All Americans should be extremely concerned in regard to how their privacy is being violated by the NSA, as well as the specific technology which the NSA is using in which to commit egregious crimes against the 4TH Amendment.

Also see the following Website which documents a 2000 protest against the NSA's Menwith Hill, England operations. The NSA has two known primary locations from which its Signals Intelligence operations via the Echelon satellite spy network are taking place - Fort Meade, Maryland and Menwith Hill, England. Given the U.S. Federal Government's secrecy as well as that of its NATO ally, The United Kingdom, there may also be other locales which now harbor the NSA's covert spying operations which have the capacity to spy on virtually anyone on this planet given the right conditions.

All the more reason for American citizens to be concerned that they may be unwittingly targeted for such invasive spying, in which even their own thoughts are no longer private. Further evidence of the NSA's use by the New World Order as its information hub. Since George W. Bush was exposed for using the NSA as his own personal spy organization, most Americans have now heard of the NSA and are aware that the agency has tremendous spying capabilities. However, few are aware that the NSA long ago developed proprietary and predatory technology, which is propagated by way of the Artificial Intelligence supercomputer driven Echelon spy network. A large network of spy satellites which allows the agency's operatives to electronically track and target the bio electromagnetic field of any American citizen, without that person's knowledge.

The bottom line here is that no American is safe from the prying eyes of the NSA or its Intel brethren; organizations which through their outrageous betrayal of the American people long ago destroyed any credibility that they may have once had as the legitimate protectors of the United States.

This technology, which can also be used to remotely influence the thoughts of those persons being targeted by NSA operatives, was never debated in a public forum for obvious enough reasons. The NSA wanted to be able to test and refine this equipment on American citizens who would never have willingly submitted to becoming human lab rats. So the NSA decided to ignore its ethical responsibilities (a common trait within the U.S. Intelligence community) and to secretly use many of us to test this technology on. Some of us have been used as human lab rats for many decades, while being subjected to the most egregious violations of basic human rights ever documented, and precedent setting violations of our Constitutional protections under the U.S. Bill of Rights.

Clearly, the NSA, nor its operatives are the least bit concerned that they are violating the 4TH Amendment by using this technology to spy upon us within our own domiciles, or flagrantly ignoring human rights laws like the Geneva Convention and Nuremberg Code; legislation which was created to prevent another crime against humanity like the German Holocaust from ever taking place again. Clearly, this legislation has failed to achieve its purpose, while a modern day version of the Nazi's continue in their attempt at world domination; one which they began under Adolph Hitler in the early 1930's.

In post 9-11 America, these laws continue to be ignored by the NSA and its many Intel peers; including the FBI, CIA and scion of the Patriot Act - The Department Of Homeland Security.

2000 European Protest Of The National Security Agency

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