Wednesday, April 01, 2009

London G20 Summit Continues To Spur Violence -- The New World Order's Control Over The United States Will Illicit A Similar Response In The Future

The Anger & Hatred For The NWO Is Palpable

Protestor violence at the G20 economic summit in London, England, continues to escalate as further evidence of those who recognize the Illuminati's control over the global banking system and the extreme damage that they have caused to the global economy, express their outrage.

The U.S. Media has been careful to state that many of these protesters hate America and its capitalism. However, as usual the U.S. Media is acting as the CIA controlled tool of disinformation that they are. These protesters are disgusted with the U.S. Federal Government's Imperialist dictates; a situation only further aggravated by the illegal wars this government has waged against Afghanistan and Iraq, while covering up for the real criminals within the federal government who orchestrated these wars, and who are presently using the former Bush Administration's propagandized war on terror in which to strip the American middle class of both their freedoms and dignity, as well as what little wealth they have left.

If the economic and political situations within the United States continue to decline in the future (a certainty as long as the privately held and Illuminati controlled Federal Reserve System continues operating), these types of violent protests will become common place within the United States, as the American Proletariat are forced to take their country back by less than peaceable means.

What is perhaps most ironic here is that while the American people have for the most part been willing to surrender the constitutional protections that our founding fathers fought to preserve for them, it is the increasing unemployment, the loss of their homes, and the depressing likelihood of the situation not improving within the near future, that has finally gotten them standing up for rights that they should have been defending decades ago.

As the saying goes, better late then never.

Hopefully, the June, 2009 protest before the human rights court in Strasbourg, France will be more peaceful.

Reporting from the G-20 economic summit:

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