Wednesday, April 01, 2009

The FBI Is Notorious For Fabricating & Altering Evidence -- The FBI Altered Photograph Of The Plane Flying Over Pentagon On Morning Of 9-11

The FBI's Historical Lack Of Candor

In virtually every terrorist attack which occurred on American soil from the 1993 bombing of the World Trade Center, to the attacks on the World Trade Center Towers and Pentagon on 9-11, at least one constant remains: The FBI has been used in each instance to either initiate such terrorism (strong evidence of the FBI's having encouraged the manufacture of the bomb which was used to blow up the WTC in 1993) or to suppress evidence as in the FBI's confiscating three of the black boxes which it was reported to have taken from the World Trade Center on 9-11, as well as the FBI's seizure of more than 80 videos of the Pentagon on 9-11. To this day, the FBI has refused to release these videos, and claims that it never found the black boxes at the World Trade Center; a claim that firefighter Nick Dimassi and WTC worker Mike Bellone state is a flagrant lie by the FBI.

Then there's the absolute whopper that the FBI told the American people in regard to the 1996 missile take down of TWA Flight 800; a situation in which the FBI was used to completely obscure the facts behind the real cause of the destruction of TWA Flight 800, while fabricating a totally concocted and unbelievable story that to this day the mainstream media continues to report as fact!

The FBI's abject lack of candor regarding the missile destruction of TWA Flight 800:

FBI agents are supposed to be better than the rest of the U.S. population. Men and women who are honest, moral and law abiding.

So why is it that throughout the FBI's notorious history, most of its agents have demonstrated a propensity for cruelty and deceit? Agents who in the past have wrongfully been given the benefit of the doubt, at the expense of those whom the Bureau has conspired under the color of law to harm. People whose inherent rights as American citizens, these FBI agents have willfully and egregiously violated.

Agents who in reality are nowhere as upstanding as your average American citizen. Many of whom are torturous and murderous, yet who are protected by the Department Of Justice.

The FBI's complicity in the 9-11 coverup:

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