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It's Time That Americans Started To Spy On The FBI -- This Treasonous Illuminati Pawn Is As Welcome In The US As A Case Of Small Pox

"As a key networking hub of the national security state’s electronic driftnet, the 'Quantico circuit' enables the FBI and their CIA and NSA partners in crime to literally target any one or any group with highly-intrusive and silent monitoring of all electronic communications. Under the Bush administration’s repressive "public-private" police state architecture, privacy rights join Geneva Convention prohibitions against torture as yet another "quaint" notion, a 'phantom of lost liberty,' in the memorable phrase uttered by former U.S. Attorney General John Ashcroft in 2001.

While the Bureau claims that the content of a phone call or e-mail must be authorized by a court order showing 'probable cause,' as with other abusive FBI practices such as the issuance of so-called 'national security letters' to obtain financial or other private records, the legal bar undoubtedly is set very low.

These latest revelations of FBI abuse of Fourth Amendment protections, follow on the heels of new initiatives undertaken by the Department of Homeland Security to utilize U.S. spy satellites for domestic 'law enforcement and counterterrorism' investigations."

-- Tom Burghardt Global Research

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The Criminal FBI Continues To Make Up Its Own Rules

The FBI's illegal spying continues to become more problematic as is evidenced by the following April 2008 article. A situation in which Americans are continuing to see their constitutionally protected rights evaporate before their very eyes. In some of the more outrageous cases of spying, as this author has routinely documented in regard to himself and his family, the FBI and its Intel minions are quite literally flying by the seat of their treasonous pants, in that they are attempting to use the Patriot Act in which to justify spying that is so outrageous that they have been forced to resort to the most despicable of tactics. Including their use of psychological warfare in which to force their targets into the commission of suicide, because no court in this country could ever tolerate such egregious abuse of the 4TH Amendment.

The FBI's only hope is that they are successful in driving those of us whom they've subjected to such vicious attacks, into either committing *suicide or perpetrating an act for which we can either be arrested or incarcerated in a psychiatric facility.

*This author has no intention of committing suicide or an act for which he can be incarcerated. And the FBI is well aware of this, given their intense use of psychological operations over the past six years. Moreover, this author is wise to the FBI's treasonous and illegal tactics, as well as the fact that they continue to use this author's family as a pawn in these psyops, while these family members are forced to deny the FBI's complicity in these attacks. However, I will continue to document virtually every aspect of this saga until the day I shuffle off this mortal coil, while doing everything possible in which to ensure that the FBI is abolished. The FBI is the consummate criminal institution (a domestic spy agency and secret police force like the Gestapo or Stasi) that has no place in the United States. And the fact that state and local policing agencies take their lead from the FBI is truly horrifying, since the FBI's Draconian operations are finding their way into our local police departments.

Fortunately, most TI's now understand that if they contact the police claiming that they are being targeted for such crimes, that the police are in on this conspiracy and told to immediately label those who are making such complaints as being mentally unstable; this usually leads to a trip to the local psychiatric ward and which in a number of documented cases has resulted in the incarceration of these targeted individuals.

The message here is clear: if you are a TI and in trouble, calling the police for help will only add to your troubles.

This is strong evidence of a totally corrupted governmental system, ranging from the federal government on down to state and local municipalities. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that virtually all correspondence with government agencies in regard to these covert attacks has been completely ignored, while legitimate victims of these crimes are ridiculed and made to appear as being mentally imbalanced.

At the direction of the FBI and DHS, these state and local governments are also violating the constitutional rule of law, while looking to silence anyone whose rights they have so violated. Many individuals targeted for organized stalking and various forms of electronic harassment (which included being used for non consensual human experimentation) have reported precedent setting violations of their privacy, including having their thoughts remotely read and influenced.

Moreover, for those who have not figured it out by now, the Patriot Act is the enemy of any citizen who values their privacy and freedom. And as such, this piece of treasonous legislation must be abolished, and the war on terror exposed for the complete false flag operation that it is.

Years ago a former acquaintance whom I had been lunching with stated that since the Patriot Act had been created, the FBI could do whatever they wanted. And from my own miserable experiences with the FBI and its egregious violations of the privacy of both my Family and self, I would have agree with this statement. Especially since the FBI, NSA and DHS have set a number of precedents in violating our rights to privacy (as well as those many others) which will likely stand for the rest of the 21ST Century.

When you are illegally tracked by way of a spy satellite for years in which not one second of your life has been private, and used for the express purpose of testing classified government weaponry on, you are documenting the greatest scandal in American history.

So is it any wonder why the Intel community would be doing everything possible in which to demonize those whom they have committed such crimes against? Especially when one considers that there is absolutely not even the slightest hint of due process of law in these attacks. These agents are covering up for their own treasonous crimes and terrified of anyone who can document in detail (as this author has done and will continue to do until my death) the exact nature of these crimes.

The FBI's speciality here has been its egregious demonization of this author in order to obfuscate what are the most precedent setting violations of the Constitutional rule of law in American History. A conspiratorial attack so typically vicious of the FBI, that the Bureau itself has illustrated the treasonous ways in which it really operates; crimes which the FBI has conducted covertly in the past and now as overtly as possible. And one must also wonder how many individuals the FBI has coerced into attacking this author? Certainly the insidious ways in which the Bureau has demonized this author have served to frighten others into complying with the FBI's demands out of fear that failure to do so would end up subjecting them to similar attacks.

COINTELPRO is no longer being perpetrated covertly -- these crimes are being done in broad daylight and justified under the Patriot Act. The nationwide vigilante organized stalker network which many TI's have documented in their own harassment is perhaps the best illustration of this. This as well as the mainstream media's refusal to report these crimes against the American people and United States Constitution.

As such, it is clear that these federal agents are a masquerade as law enforcement and that when their crimes become as outrageous as they have in their attack on this author and his Family, that they must heavily rely on the U.S. Media as a tool of disinformation in order to bail them out.

Because the United States Judicial System would find these agents complicit in color of law crimes that are without precedent, and soon find that there have been perhaps millions of other Americans whose rights have been violated just as egregiously.

*President Barack Obama has said that the United States does not torture people. Whether Mr. Obama realizes it or not, his statement is an outright lie. The United States Intelligence community regularly tortures millions of American citizens through the covert use of satellite based directed energy weapons (DEW). And I can testify to this first hand, given the torture that I have experienced at the hands of the NSA - the electronic attacks which have been used for the purpose of sexual assault, as well as a myriad of other electronic attacks on the body and mind. And there are myriad others in this country who have already documented the same experiences as targets of government sanctioned electronic harassment.

*Obama has been on TV more in his first three months in office than George W. Bush was in his first several years in the White House. Obama and his handlers realize that the American people have lost their faith in the U.S. Federal Government and as such are attempting to reinvigorate the American people's trust by using the broadcast media in which to promulgate a regular Obama presence. This in and of itself is another clever deception because there is nothing being done to remedy the real problems which are at the forefront of the United States economic decline. For Barack Obama to make a meaningful difference, his first agenda should have been to expose the Federal Reserve System and IRS for the criminal and treasonous operations that they are, and to formulate a plan in which to dissolve them. Instead, it's business as usual, while the Federal Reserve System continues its disintegration of our economy and nation.

This government lies and lies and lies and lies and lies. And they are conducting electronic warfare on many of us while completely denying that this classified technology exists, much less that they are using it on many of us.

Moreover, in the United States a federal agent cannot legally enter into an open ended fishing expedition for decades. Furthermore, if they do so, they run the risk of being caught and in the commission of incredible violations of the Constitution itself. A situation which the FBI and NSA themselves learned the hard way several years ago, when despite their best efforts in which to con a grand jury into indicting this author in regard to a myriad of entrapment schemes perpetrated by the FBI, no grand jury would take the bait.

The truth here is that no grand jury in their right minds would have allowed for such outrageous violations of an American citizen's rights.

What the FBI did here was the equivalent of a chess player realizing that there was no way that they could win their match, and then dumping the entire chess board along with the rules which dictate how the game is played. The definition of a cheater and loser.

Clearly, the FBI as well as the rest of the Intel community have quite a bit to lose here given such invasive and illegal spying, and for such an extended duration of time that the Bureau cannot possibly justify what it has done. So as in the case of other outrageous crimes by the U.S. Federal Government (most notably the Federal Reserve System and IRS fraud), this government cannot win a rational argument, so it relies on its ability to create a nebulous situation through its smear campaign tactics, in order to obfuscate its own crimes.

The fact of the matter is that the FBI and NSA in their collusion to violate this author's rights, have needed all the help they could get from their allies in order to manipulate this situation , so that the real FACTS are never revealed to the public - in particular here I refer to Intel's use of classified weaponry on my person for experimental purposes. The FBI and NSA are well aware that I have told the truth and are hell bent are doing everything possible in which to prevent the public from learning about this technology.

And therein lies what has up until now been the hidden evil. The Intel community is now making up special rules for those whom they do not approve of, while completely obfuscating their own outrageous and treasonous crimes. How much longer these attacks on our freedoms will be allowed to occur before they are met with similar aggression remains to be seen. However, I seriously doubt that such outrageous violations of our rights will be tolerated for much longer. Especially as the American public begins to realize that the NSA has committed the most unthinkable of crimes against them; those which include brain fingerprinting them as though they were nothing more than heads of cattle, as well as the use of computer to brain link technology in which to subject them to illegal interrogations while depriving them of their constitutional right to legal counsel.

And while there is no way to tell how many citizens have been subjected to such treasonous violations of their rights, there is little doubt, that the numbers of people who've been unwittingly targeted for these Intel crimes are substantial. Far too substantial for the Intel community to ever admit to what they have done here.


Spying on Americans: The FBI’s “Quantico Circuit” — Still Spying, Still Lying
Tom Burghardt
Global Research
April 10, 2008

Tuesday’s Washington Post reports that FBI investigators "with the click of a mouse, [can] instantly transfer key data along a computer circuit to an FBI technology office in Quantico."

Last month I wrote that evidence of the Bureau’s massive spying operations on Americans had been uncovered and "that a new FISA whistleblower has stepped forward with information about a major wireless provider apparently granting the state unrestricted access to all of their customers’ voice communications and electronic data via a so-called ‘Quantico Circuit’."

According to whistleblower Babak Pasdar, a telecom carrier he worked for as a security consultant, subsequently named as Verizon by the Post, said the company maintained a high-speed DS-3 digital line that allowed the Bureau and other security agencies "unfettered" access to the carrier’s wireless network, including billing records and customer data "transmitted wirelessly."

Verizon denied the report that the FBI has open access to its network; a denial belied by documents obtained by the San Francisco-based Electronic Frontier Foundation describing the Bureau’s Digital Collection System.

When these allegations first surfaced they were stonewalled by major media. Nevertheless, the reports continued and we now have learned that electronic connections between major telecom firms and FBI personnel scattered across the country provide the Bureau with real-time access to who is speaking to whom, the time and duration of each call as well as the locations of those so targeted.

Despite half-hearted protests by Congress, the FBI’s budget for these operations have increased significantly. According to Post reporter Ellen Nakashima,

"The bureau says its budget for the collection system increased from $30 million in 2007 to $40 million in 2008. Information lawfully collected by the FBI from telecom firms can be shared with law enforcement and intelligence-gathering partners, including the National Security Agency and the CIA. Likewise, under guidelines approved by the attorney general or a court, some intercept data gathered by intelligence agencies can be shared with law enforcement agencies."(Ellen Nakashima, "FBI Transfers via Telecoms Questioned," The Washington Post, Tuesday, April 8, 2008; A03)

But who’s "watching the watchers," or in this case, the listeners?

Since 1994, under rules mandated by the Communications Assistance for Law Enforcement Act (CALEA), passed by the "liberal" Clinton administration, federal rules are in place "to make clear a telecommunications carrier’s duty to cooperate in the interception of communications for Law Enforcement purposes, and for other purposes." [emphasis added]

These rules specify that telecom carriers and manufacturers design their equipment, facilities and services so as to guarantee they have the necessary surveillance capabilities. This onerous piece of legislative flotsam specifies that common carriers, broadband internet access providers and providers of Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) service are designated "telecommunications carriers" under federal law and thus, are capable of interception by the state’s "security" bureaucracies. (For an historical analysis of CALEA’s civil liberties implications see: "Big Brother in the Wires: Wiretapping in the Digital Age," ACLU, March 1, 1998)

The FBI has since created a network of links and electronic hubs for collection purposes amongst the nation’s largest telecom carriers and internet providers "and about 40 FBI offices and Quantico, according to interviews and documents describing the agency’s Digital Collection System," according to the Washington Post.

These revelations mirror those of AT&T whistleblower Mark Klein, who revealed that the super secretive National Security Agency had been given access by AT&T management to install "splitters" for the Agency hard-wired to an NSA "secure" room in the company’s central office in San Francisco. According to Klein,

"In short, an exact copy of all internet traffic that flowed through critical AT&T cables–emails, documents, pictures, web browsing, Voice over-internet phone conservations, everything–was being diverted to equipment inside the secret room. In addition the documents reveal the technological gear used in their secret project, including a highly sophisticated search component capable of quickly sifting through huge amounts of digital data (including text, voice and images) in real time according to pre-programmed criteria.

It’s important to understand that the internet links which were connected to the splitter contained not just foreign communications but vast amounts of domestic traffic, all mixed together. Furthermore, the splitter has no selective abilities–it’s just a dumb device which copies everything to the secret room. And the links going through the splitter are AT&T’s physical connections to many other internet providers (e.g., Sprint, Qwest, Global Crossing, Cable & Wireless, and the critical West Coast Internet Exchange Point known as Mae West). Since these networks are interconnected, the government surveillance affects not only AT&T customers but everyone else–millions of Americans.

I also discovered in my conversations with other technicians that other "secret rooms" were established in Seattle, San Jose, Los Angeles and San Diego. One of the documents I obtained also mentions Atlanta, and the clear inference in the logic of this setup, and the language of the documents, is that there are other such rooms across the country to complete the coverage–possibly 15 to 20 or more." (Mark Klein, "Reject Amnesty for Telecoms," Electronic Frontier Foundation)

As a key networking hub of the national security state’s electronic driftnet, the "Quantico circuit" enables the FBI and their CIA and NSA partners in crime to literally target any one or any group with highly-intrusive and silent monitoring of all electronic communications. Under the Bush administration’s repressive "public-private" police state architecture, privacy rights join Geneva Convention prohibitions against torture as yet another "quaint" notion, a "phantom of lost liberty," in the memorable phrase uttered by former U.S. Attorney General John Ashcroft in 2001.

While the Bureau claims that the content of a phone call or e-mail must be authorized by a court order showing "probable cause," as with other abusive FBI practices such as the issuance of so-called "national security letters" to obtain financial or other private records, the legal bar undoubtedly is set very low.

These latest revelations of FBI abuse of Fourth Amendment protections, follow on the heels of new initiatives undertaken by the Department of Homeland Security to utilize U.S. spy satellites for domestic "law enforcement and counterterrorism" investigations.

According to Nick Juliano,

"DHS plans to create a new office that would expand law enforcement and other civilian agencies’ access to data gathered by powerful intelligence and military satellites orbiting the earth. The National Applications Office [NAO] will oversee who can access such satellite data, which is typically used to monitor climate change and track hurricane damage, among other uses.

DHS still has not laid out legal frameworks or standard operating procedures for the office, according to a letter from three members of the House Homeland Security Committee." (Nick Juliano, "DHS Ignores Civil Liberties in Domestic Spy Satellite Plan, Lawmakers Say," The Raw Story, Monday, April 7, 2008)

First floated last August, then delayed over civil liberties concerns, DHS is now moving full speed ahead with the project. In a letter to DHS Secretary Michael Chertoff, Reps. Bennie G. Thompson, Jane Harman and Christopher P. Carney wrote, "merely mentioning Posse Comitatus and other laws in the NAO Charter does not provide needed assurances that the Department will not transform NAO into a domestic spying platform."

Tepid protests by congressional Democrats who have systematically enabled these repressive measures by granting unlimited budgetary increases to Bushist spymasters, will have virtually no effect on an administration hell-bent on turning the entire country into a "free spy zone."

*Editor's Note: In recent days the fatigue the NSA creates in this author by targeting him for a particular type of directed energy assault known as ULF (Ultra Low Frequency Waves) has returned more intensely. Moreover, an interesting anomaly to report is that while attempting to replace a button cell watch battery, several packages of this particular battery that I had purchased as replacements were all completely drained, even though none had ever been opened.

The draining of watch batteries is a commonly reported occurrence by those targeted for such directed energy attacks (and typical of the existence of abnormal electromagnetic fields such as those reported by targets of non consensual human experimentation), and continues to be problematic for this author, who has been forced to discard several brand new batteries. My regular readers are also well aware that the NSA has a propensity for remotely manipulating electrical appliances.

Such sabotage includes the downstairs television, which Intel has routinely turned on and off by way of remote means, as well as several pieces of Hi-Fi equipment; a number of which have also been damaged in the process. The NSA will also regularly turn the oil burner on when I pass the boiler room, and has since the mid 1990's remotely tampered with the motion sensitive spotlights around our home.

(As of 2003 this also began to occur with the spotlights on neighbors' homes as well.)

They have also remotely triggered the door locks and car alarm on another vehicle on several occasions, and remotely interfered with the fuel management system in yet another vehicle, which has not run properly in more than three years.

The NSA has also electronically hacked into my Internet connection, as well as my home computer, while regularly sabotaging the router connection between the main computer and my own. Whether NSA is actually truncating the signal through the air (a capability of its Signals Intelligence operations), or adversely affecting the router circuit board which is installed in my own computer, is not known at this time.

Since the mid 1990's I have also experienced extreme migraine headaches from such attacks, as well as both an increase as well a decrease in my heart's rhythm; I have also experienced heart arrhythmia's as a result of this electronic harassment, which Intel began aggressively in 1994, less than a year after I was diagnosed with chronic Lyme Disease. Having Lyme Disease offered Intel the perfect opportunity in which to test its directed energy weapons on my person, knowing that I would conclude that these symptoms were all Lyme related.

However, these symptoms were greatly exacerbated by the DEW attacks. And I have also had some symptoms which while being reported by several people targeted for DEW attacks, were never reported by other Lyme Disease patients.

All manifestations of directed energy weapon's assaults. These are just some of examples that I have documented as a target of non consensual human experimentation.

Moreover, in 2003, only weeks after the Intel harassment campaign against my person morphed from its covertness to an all out overt attack in which I also became the target of an aggressive organized stalking campaign, on one morning I noticed a severe jolt to the bed that I was laying in at the time. It felt as though the bed had been lifted off the ground and then allowed to drop to the floor.

And while the bed could not have been lifted very far off the ground, the resounding thud that it made at the time made me wonder if we had not had a small earthquake of some kind. Keep in mind that the area that I reside in is not characterized by earthquakes. In fact, they are extremely rare here. I am now certain that this anomaly was caused by way of a satellite based directed energy pulsed microwave beam. One of myriad times that I have been targeted for similar attacks, given that I am illegally satellite tracked by NSA, which uses the Signals Intelligence dial up network in which to track my person 24 hours a day. A system which I am certain can be used on any American citizen at anytime, the result of all Americans having been electronically brain fingerprinted in the early 1980's.

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