Tuesday, April 14, 2009

NSA - National Security Agency Or National Security Anarchists -- The Owner Of A Website Called Just That Name Was Arrested By The FEDS

There's no question that computer hacking is a serious problem within the United States. However, how much of this hacking is being done by amateurs looking to get their kicks, and how much is done by government agencies looking to obtain information on American citizens that they are not by law entitled to have?

Moreover, if the penalties for computer hacking are severe, what should the penalty be for using a spy satellite and super computer in which to electronically hack into someone's mind? A treasonous and inhumane crime that the NSA has been wantonly perpetrating for decades against myriad American citizens, while routinely setting precedents in violating the 4TH Amendment to the Bill of Rights.

Mind Rape or Media Rape?
Special Thanks: Night Ranger

Thursday September 26, 1991 was no ordinary day for Mind Rape, a young Arizona State college student. When he finally made it home that day, he found his home had been raided by the feds. 'They took EVERYTHING! Including my Metallica tape!' he told me. After talking to him for quite a while I learned a lot, not just about his bust but about hacking in general. He instructed me not to say anything specifically on the advice of his lawyer and the EFF, but he did want me to let the real reason he was busted be known - His electronic newsletter entitled NSA (for National Security Anarchists).

Mind Rape has some very important views on hacking that the government doesn't want others to hear. Some of these views were contained in his newest and soon to be released newsletter NSA issue number five, which was confiscated of course. He was also working on a book about hacker's philosophy, which was taken too. He has not yet been charged but in the eyes of the media he is already been tried and found guilty.

It is unfortunate the general public gets its information from news reports like the following because, as you can see, they can be quite misleading. Hopefully once Mind Rape gets everything straight he will continue to write his book, after all it is his constitutional right to do so, and I think it will be quite informative to both the hackers of the nineties and the outside world.

The following is a transcript of a news report covering his story...

National Security Anarchists


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