Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Organized Stalking Target Leaves The Following Post On U.S.Law.com Website Seeking Legal Advice For Ending This Nightmare

Posts like the following one requesting legal advice in how to respond to the crime of organized stalking are becoming increasingly common on the Internet. The following person describes a classic case of organized stalking, and a further illustration of the New World Order's take over of our global communities through the Intelligentsia. Based on the reports of literally thousands of victims from many other countries, organized stalking has become a global phenomenon which continues to destroy the very fabric of our society.

"How should I respond to some unusual organized harassment in the community?

My situation is somewhat difficult to describe, but about two months ago planes began arriving at an airport near my house and an organized stalking effort began. As I'm driving to and from home, cars will begin encircling me or cutting me off in public, and these cars seem to fall into premeditated color-coded patterns.

I've driven by the airport, and whenever I do these cars begin pouring out of the parking lot and pursuing me. It seems like this effort has spread out into the community at large to a certain extent, with nearby neighborhoods participating as well.

There is also undue attention being paid to me in casual environments, such as at restaurants or while I'm in any kind of line; it seems like there is some kind of premeditated plan to harass me whenever I'm in public, especially in locations that I regularly visit.

Is there any sort of legal precedent for community harassment on a large scale such as this, seemingly organized from a central base that is probably also centralized financially, and maybe even some kind of corporate effort? What kind of legal recourse would an individual have available in this situation?

I should also say that this unrelenting harassment has become socially debilitating and could probably be linked with symptoms of depression."

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Also see the blog of another organized stalking victim which does a credible job of documenting this total insanity. If these crimes against citizens are not ended they will result in civil war:

Organized Stalkers Targets Attempt To Navigate Truth From Deception On The Internet
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