Friday, April 17, 2009

Historic Interview With Aaron Russo As He Describes His Relationship With Illuminati Member Nick Rockefeller & The Illuminati's Takeover Of The USA

It's ironical that the Illuminati and their plan for a one world fascist government was exposed by their own Nick Rockfeller, who in attempting to recruit the late American Patriot Aaron Russo, inadvertently spilled the beans on what would become the attacks on 9-11 and the subsequent wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. Rockefeller openly admitted to Aaron, that in the near future there would be a catalysing event like that of Pearl Harbor which would allow the Illuminati to take over Afghanistan, in which to build an oil pipeline from the Caspian basin to Asia, and to take control of Iraq's oil fields through the same false flag operation.

The Rockefeller family, also a member of the Zionist controlled Federal Reserve System, has done quite well financially with the takeover of Afghanistan and Iraq, and will continue to reap the benefits in the future; at the expense of the American middle class, as well as the Iraqi and Afghani people.

Aaron Russo Died On 8/24/2007

It is this author's opinion that Aaron was murdered for his expose on Nick Rockefeller and his ties to the New World Order. Aaron could have been given the cancer he eventually died from in several different ways, including being targeted by way of satellite based DEW weapons, which could have been used to remotely track and irradiate him.

See Aaron Russo's America From Freedom To Fascism Here:

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