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CIA Whistleblower Testifies Before The Church Committee Hearings In Regard To A Special CIA Weapon Known As The Heart Attack Gun/CIA Domestic Spying

Intel Crimes Prior To & Post The Year 2000

The above testimony was taken decades ago. And unlike the heart attack gun which the CIA used back in the 1970's to commit their furtive murders, the Intel community's weapon of choice in the modern day is satellite based and computer driven directed energy weapons, which these agents use in which to commit a myriad of crimes including torture and murder; all done by way of the infrared portion of the electromagnetic spectrum.

As for those who are targeted for DEW weapons and various forms of mind control research in this high tech modern day version of MKULTRA, the Intel community cannot demonize these victims quickly enough, while denying every aspect of the Intel community's role in these sophisticated and oftentimes deadly crimes.

This while the families and friends of these victims are forced into remaining silent in regard to these attacks, while being brainwashed into accepting that these crimes are just a normal daily occurrence.

These people have lost their will to defend their rights, and are presently being treated like herds of cattle, instead of the thinking and rational beings that they by nature are.

And those within the TI community who fight back in defending their rights are not only denied their rights, but also demonized by the very organizations that are committing these treasonous crimes.

Moreover, DEW weaponry is also being used by some Intel agents who are waging their own personal vendettas against American citizens, while under the color and cover of law, violating the constitutionally protected rights of these citizens.

A situation which the U.S. Media is complicit in covering up.

As a result of this, more now than ever before, the American people must conduct a new Church Committee Investigation; one done independently of the U.S. Federal Government (since the government continues to cover up these crimes).

Until such an investigation takes place, those being illegally targeted for these monstrous crimes will continue to be tortured and murdered, while the U.S. Federal Government continues to ignore their requests for help. However, propagating such an important investigation will be nearly impossible at present, given that the Intel community will quickly look to sabotage any investigation of their own agencies, given the egregious violations of human rights which these agencies continue to commit.

For example, it has been impossible to get a U.S. Representative to conduct such an investigation, and for good reason. As a politician, would you want to admit to your constituents, that through its Signals Intelligence EMF dial up network, the National Security Agency has the ability to to both remotely target and subjugate the brain of any American citizen to the computer to brain link scanning technology that John St. Clair Akwei describes in his lawsuit against the NSA?

The violations of basic human rights here are so egregious that not only would they set precedent in a court of law, they would also reveal to the American public the true intentions of the Zionist controlled U.S. Federal Government.

The destruction of the U.S. Bill Of Rights and the subversion of a nation of citizens, who without their knowledge, have been electronically brain fingerprinted so that the NSA can keep tabs on them 24 hours a day.

Clearly, with this in mind, any politician who would attempt to enter such a proverbial mine field, would be risking their careers and total ostracizing from their peers; all of whom would eventually be forced to admit that such an outrageous betrayal of the American public has been taking place for decades.

So there is little wonder that the last attempt in which to resume the Church Committee Hearings (which was initiated a few years ago, by then State Representative Cynthia Mckinney) was sabotaged.

McKinney was one of the *few representatives who made an honest effort at having the Intel community investigated. However, and in what now appears to have been a well planned attempt in which to sabotage her efforts, Cynthia Mckinney was then involved in a minor skirmish (likely orchestrated by those in Intel looking to prevent this investigation from occurring), which resulted in bad publicity that kept her from being reelected. When the Congress resumed, their first act of business was to remove Mckinney's Bill from consideration.

*Former New Jersey Senator Robert Torricelli also called for a formal investigation into the attacks on 9-11 as well as an investigation into the CIA. Torricelli's State suffered the greatest loss of life as a result of the attacks on 9-11. A short time later, his reelection campaign was sabotaged by the FBI who propagated a bogus investigation which only served to derail Torricelli's attempts to regain his Senate seat. Beverley Eckert, the wife of a 9-11 victim, was an active spokesperson for those who lost loved ones on 9-11. Eckert had recently met with newly elected President Barack Obama to discuss plans in which to reopen the investigations on 9-11. Less than a week later, Eckert was killed in a mysterious plane crash while travelling to Buffalo, NY.

At least for the time being, the Intel community has avoided what they were dreading - a formal investigation that would be conducted in even greater depth than that of the original Church Committee Hearings.

As this author has witnessed first hand, when the Intel community has committed serious color of law crimes which they are not in a position to defend in a court of law, they adopt a plan in which to discredit those whom they have committed these crimes against. And the more egregious Intel's crimes, the more outrageous their violations of the rights of those whom they have committed such crimes against.

Any federal agent who has committed color of law crimes should be arrested, indicted, tried and convicted of these crimes. That is the only way that the Intel community is going to get the "MESSAGE" that they are not above the rule of law in this country. Since nothing else has worked.

Moreover, since the attacks on 9-11-2001, the United States has been manipulated into a deliberately orchestrated downward spiral which involves myriad acts of treason by certain government officials. A situation which has resulted in the destruction of our Constitutional rule of law, as well as the subterfuge caused on Wall Street by the privately held Federal Reserve System; a situation which has now given the Fed virtually complete autonomy over the U.S economy.

The United States of America and her people are being controlled by a group of Zionist bankers who are driving middle class Americans into a deeper state of debt by the day. And the U.S. Congress, the Department Of Justice, the Department Of Homeland Security and the FBI, are protecting these criminals while they work to destroy what little is left of this country.

It would seem that if the American people want legitimate leadership and policing powers, they either need to initiate a new government within the United States, or move to another country; that is if they can actually find one which has not already been infiltrated by the Illuminati and their intent for a one world government.

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James Angleton was a participant or observer in the following events:
1973: CIA Internal Review Finds ‘Dozens’ of Illegal Domestic Surveillance Operations

CIA Counterintelligence Director James Angleton. [Source: CI]CIA Director James Schlesinger orders an internal review of CIA surveillance operations against US citizens. The review finds dozens of instances of illegal CIA surveillance operations against US citizens dating back to the 1950s, including break-ins, wiretaps, and the surreptitious opening of personal mail. The earlier surveillance operations were not directly targeted at US citizens, but against “suspected foreign intelligence agents operating in the United States.”

Schlesinger is disturbed to find that the CIA is currently mounting illegal surveillance operations against antiwar protesters, civil rights organizations, and political “enemies” of the Nixon administration. In the 1960s and early 1970s, CIA agents photographed participants in antiwar rallies and other demonstrations. The CIA also created a network of informants who were tasked to penetrate antiwar and civil rights groups and report back on their findings.

At least one antiwar Congressman was placed under surveillance, and other members of Congress were included in the agency’s dossier of “dissident Americans.” As yet, neither Schlesinger nor his successor, current CIA Director William Colby, will be able to learn whether or not Schlesinger’s predecessor, Richard Helms, was asked by Nixon officials to perform such illegal surveillance, though both Schlesinger and Colby disapproved of the operations once they learned of them.

Colby will privately inform the heads of the House and Senate Intelligence Committees of the domestic spying engaged in by his agency. The domestic spying program was headed by James Angleton, who is still serving as the CIA’s head of counterintelligence operations, one of the most powerful and secretive bureaus inside the agency.

It is Angleton’s job to maintain the CIA’s “sources and methods of intelligence,” including the prevention of foreign “moles” from penetrating the CIA. But to use counterintelligence as a justification for the domestic spying program is wrong, several sources with first-hand knowledge of the program will say in 1974. “Look, that’s how it started,” says one. “They were looking for evidence of foreign involvement in the antiwar movement. But that’s not how it ended up. This just grew and mushroomed internally.”

The source continues, speaking hypothetically: “Maybe they began with a check on [Jane] Fonda. They began to check on her friends. They’d see her at an antiwar rally and take photographs. I think this was going on even before the Huston plan” (see July 26-27, 1970 and December 21, 1974). “This wasn’t a series of isolated events. It was highly coordinated. People were targeted, information was collected on them, and it was all put on [computer] tape, just like the agency does with information about KGB agents. Every one of these acts was blatantly illegal.” Schlesinger begins a round of reforms in the CIA, a program continued by Colby. [New York Times, 12/22/1974 ]

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August 1973: CIA Director Testifies about Nixon Administration’s Domestic Surveillance Program

Former CIA director Richard Helms. [Source:]Former CIA director Richard Helms indirectly confirms the involvement of the Nixon administration in his agency’s illegal domestic surveillance operations during his testimony before the Senate Watergate investigative committee. Helms tells the committee that he was told by Nixon’s Foreign Intelligence Advisory Board that the CIA could “make a contribution” in domestic intelligence operations.

“I pointed out to them very quickly that it could not, there was no way,” Helms testifies. “But this was a matter that kept coming up in the context of feelers: Isn’t there somebody else who can take on these things if the FBI isn’t doing them as well as they should, as there are no other facilities?” (FBI director J. Edgar Hoover’s opposition to the idea of spying on US citizens for Nixon’s political purposes is well documented.)

CIA officials say that, despite Helms’s testimony, Helms began the domestic spying program as asked, in the beginning to investigate beliefs that the antiwar movement was permeated by foreign intelligence agents in 1969 and 1970. “It started as a foreign intelligence operation and it bureaucratically grew,” one source says in 1974. “That’s really the answer.”

The CIA “simply began using the same techniques for foreigners against new targets here.” The source will say James Angleton, the CIA’s director of counterintelligence (see 1973), began recruiting double agents inside the antiwar and civil rights organizations, and sending in “ringers” to penetrate the groups and report back to the CIA. “It was like a little FBI operation.”

Angleton reportedly believes that both the protest groups and the US media are riddled with Soviet intelligence agents, and acts accordingly to keep those groups and organizations under constant watch. One source will say Angleton has a “spook mentality.” Another source will say that Angleton’s counterintelligence bureau is “an independent power in the CIA. Even people in the agency aren’t allowed to deal directly with the CI [counterintelligence] people. Once you’re in it, you’re in it for life.” [New York Times, 12/22/1974 ]

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December 21, 1974: New York Times Reveals CIA Spied on US Citizens for Decades
1974 New York Times headline. [Source: New York Times]The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) has repeatedly, and illegally, spied on US citizens for years, reveals investigative journalist Seymour Hersh in a landmark report for the New York Times. Such operations are direct violations of the CIA’s charter and the law, both of which prohibit the CIA from operating inside the United States.

Apparently operating under orders from Nixon officials, the CIA has conducted electronic and personal surveillance on over 10,000 US citizens, as part of an operation reporting directly to then-CIA Director Richard Helms. In an internal review in 1973, Helms’s successor, James Schlesinger, also found dozens of instances of illegal CIA surveillance operations against US citizens both past and present (see 1973).

Many Washington insiders wonder if the revelation of the CIA surveillance operations tie in to the June 17, 1972 break-in of Democratic headquarters at Washington’s Watergate Hotel by five burglars with CIA ties. Those speculations were given credence by Helms’s protests during the Congressional Watergate hearings that the CIA had been “duped” into taking part in the Watergate break-in by White House officials.

Program Beginnings In Dispute - One official believes that the program, a successor to the routine domestic spying operations during the 1950s and 1960s, was sparked by what he calls “Nixon’s antiwar hysteria.” Helms himself indirectly confirmed the involvement of the Nixon White House, during his August 1973 testimony before the Senate Watergate investigative committee (see August 1973).

Special Operations Carried Out Surveillance - The domestic spying was carried out, sources say, by one of the most secretive units in CI, the special operations branch, whose employees carry out wiretaps, break-ins, and burglaries as authorized by their superiors. “That’s really the deep-snow section,” says one high-level intelligence expert. The liaison between the special operations unit and Helms was Richard Ober, a longtime CI official. “Ober had unique and very confidential access to Helms,” says a former CIA official.

“I always assumed he was mucking about with Americans who were abroad and then would come back, people like the Black Panthers.” After the program was revealed in 1973 by Schlesinger, Ober was abruptly transferred to the National Security Council. He wasn’t fired because, says one source, he was “too embarrassing, too hot.” Angleton denies any wrongdoing.

Supposition That Civil Rights Movement 'Riddled' With Foreign Spies - Moscow, who relayed information about violent underground protesters during the height of the antiwar movement, says that black militants in the US were trained by North Koreans, and says that both Yasser Arafat, of the Palestinian Liberation Organization, and the KGB were involved to some extent in the antiwar movement, a characterization disputed by former FBI officials as based on worthless intelligence from overseas.

For Angleton to make such rash accusations is, according to one member of Congress, “even a better story than the domestic spying.” A former CIA official involved in the 1969-70 studies by the agency on foreign involvement in the antiwar movement says that Angleton believes foreign agents are indeed involved in antiwar and civil rights organizations, “but he doesn’t know what he’s talking about.”

'Cesspool' of Illegality Distressed Schlesinger - According to one of Schlesinger’s former CIA associates, Schlesinger was distressed at the operations.

“He found himself in a cesspool,” says the associate. “He was having a grenade blowing up in his face every time he turned around.” Schlesinger, who stayed at the helm of the CIA for only six months before becoming secretary of defense, informed the Department of Justice (DOJ) about the Watergate break-in, as well as another operation by the so-called “plumbers,” their burglary of Daniel Ellsberg’s psychiatrist’s office after Ellsberg released the “Pentagon Papers” to the press. Schlesinger began a round of reforms of the CIA, reforms that have been continued to a lesser degree by Colby. (Some reports suggest that CIA officials shredded potentially incriminating documents after Schlesinger began his reform efforts, but this is not known for sure.)

Intelligence officials confirm that the spying did take place, but, as one official says, “Anything that we did was in the context of foreign counterintelligence and it was focused at foreign intelligence and foreign intelligence problems.”

'Huston Plan' - But the official also confirms that part of the illegal surveillance was carried out as part of the so-called “Huston plan,” an operation named for former White House aide Tom Charles Huston (see July 26-27, 1970) that used electronic and physical surveillance, along with break-ins and burglaries, to counter antiwar and civil rights protests, “fomented,” as Nixon believed, by so-called black extremists.

Nixon and other White House officials have long denied that the Huston plan was ever implemented. “[O]bviously,” says one government intelligence official, the CIA’s decision to create and maintain dossiers on US citizens “got a push at that time.…The problem was that it was handled in a very spooky way. If you’re an agent in Paris and you’re asked to find out whether Jane Fonda is being manipulated by foreign intelligence services, you’ve got to ask yourself who is the real target. Is it the foreign intelligence services or Jane Fonda?”

Huston himself denies that the program was ever intended to operate within the United States, and implies that the CIA was operating independently of the White House. Government officials try to justify the surveillance program by citing the “gray areas” in the law that allows US intelligence agencies to encroach on what, by law, is the FBI’s bailiwick—domestic surveillance of criminal activities—when a US citizen may have been approached by foreign intelligence agents. And at least one senior CIA official says that the CIA has the right to engage in such activities because of the need to protect intelligence sources and keep secrets from being revealed.

Surveillance Program Blatant Violation of Law - But many experts on national security law say the CIA program is a violation of the 1947 law prohibiting domestic surveillance by the CIA and other intelligence agencies. Vanderbilt University professor Henry Howe Ransom, a leading expert on the CIA, says the 1947 statute is a “clear prohibition against any internal security functions under any circumstances.”

Ransom says that when Congress enacted the law, it intended to avoid any possibility of police-state tactics by US intelligence agencies; Ransom quotes one Congressman as saying, “We don’t want a Gestapo.” Interestingly, during his 1973 confirmation hearings, CIA Director Colby said he believed the same thing, that the CIA has no business conducting domestic surveillance for any purpose at any time: “I really see less of a gray area [than Helms] in that regard. I believe that there is really no authority under that act that can be used.”

Even high-level government officials were not aware of the CIA’s domestic spying program until very recently. “Counterintelligence!” exclaimed one Justice Department official upon learning some details of the program. “They’re not supposed to have any counterintelligence in this country. Oh my God. Oh my God.” A former FBI counterterrorism official says he was angry upon learning of the program. “[The FBI] had an agreement with them that they weren’t to do anything unless they checked with us. They double-crossed me all along.”

Many feel that the program stems, in some regards, from the long-standing mistrust between the CIA and the FBI. How many unsolved burglaries and other crimes can be laid at the feet of the CIA and its domestic spying operation is unclear. In 1974, Rolling Stone magazine listed a number of unsolved burglaries that its editors felt might be connected with the CIA. And Senator Howard Baker (R-TN), the vice chairman of the Senate Watergate investigative committee, has alluded to mysterious links between the CIA and the Nixon White House. On June 23, 1972, Nixon told his aide, H.R. Haldeman, “Well, we protected Helms from a hell of a lot of things.” [New York Times, 12/22/1974 ]

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