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Another Target Of NSA Satellite Predation Who Bluntly Describes These Nazi Idealized Miscreants For The Murderers That They Are

US Intelligence -- Perpetrating Crimes In A Vacuum

The FBI and NSA use satellite based weapons and psychological operations (an attack on the human psyche) as a means in which to drive those whom they target to commit suicide, while egregiously violating the rights of those persons being targeted.

And for those of us who promulgate the NSA's remote neural monitoring technology and its use against our persons, the attacks on ourselves our truly as precedent setting as they are vicious. They have to be, since the US Intelligence community operates on the pathological deception of the American people, and relies on such satellite based technologies as the ones which I discuss in detail on this Website, to perpetrate treasonous protracted fishing expeditions of American citizens, while violating in the most abject of ways the rights of these citizens. US Intel's intentions of fomenting a plot in which to covertly overthrow the Constitutional Republic on which this country was founded is the true reason for its furtive torture and murder of so many whistle blowers.

As for my exposition of the NSA's crimes: I did not ask the NSA to violate my 4TH Amendment rights by illegally spying upon my person within my own home (for nearly 30 years), in the most precedent setting case of such violations in US History. The NSA (at the direction of the FBI) decided to do this on their own, knowing full well that what they were (and continue to do) doing was illegal. However, they thought they'd get away with it. Quite obviously, they were wrong.

I especially enjoy their standard excuse when they get caught perpetrating such blatant violations of the Bill Of Rights: "what we did was the lesser of two evils" -- Another crock of federal horse manure, from the power crazed maniacs at BS Central.

This Website is causing the FEDS a great deal of trouble, because the ability to remotely track someone by way of the EMF field around their body does exist, as does the ability to remotely read their thoughts. And in a day and age where the media focuses on the most salacious of news story's, finding a situation in which the US Federal Government is clearly using technology which is not only harming American citizens (and being covered up) but also denying them their Constitutional rights, is truly revolutionary news -- as it should be.

Which is why the US Media will never bother to cover this information -- that is until enough of the American people find out about this technology through the Internet, so that the media will no longer have any choice, but to broach the unpleasant subject of the NSA's extensively treasonous crimes.

The United States of America is a nation in denial. Which is why those who attempt to bring unpleasant truths about this country's government to light are first treated as being paranoid. However, as the information which they propagate proves that these truths are irrefutable, the situation only grows worse, with those whose belief systems are shattering, now aggressively attacking those who attempt to promulgate the truth.

Many people have intimated that I should be worried about propagating such information, given the damage which it will (and is already beginning to have on the NSA) have on the NSA and other agencies of US Intelligence in the future.

However, in 1993 this government destroyed my health with its bio weapon Lyme Disease. And since long before that time the FBI has set about to destroy virtually every other aspect of my life including my reputation and the relationship with my own Family -- something which the FEDS set upon with the intensity of a flock of buzzards to accomplish; may the same destruction occur within the lives of these FEDS - And may they be treated as ruthlessly.

So I truly have nothing left to lose -- do not fear death -- despise these agencies with an intensity like I have never known before -- and in spite of the FEDS' proclamations to the contrary, I still maintain my faculties; which has enabled me to document these outrageous crimes in detail.

Simply put, if I die right now, I have done more damage to their treasonous ways of operating than most people. And I take great satisfaction in having done so, and in knowing that for the past two years, this Website has brought to the attention of many, the covert ways in which the NSA gets its information -- remote neural monitoring of the human brain by way of computer to brain link.

This is a door which the NSA can no longer close.

So I find that I am in a position of strength, given that it is the FEDs who now have the most to lose, and will in fact lose the secrecy of this Nazi technology which they have deployed against my person and myriad others.

And in doing so, they will lose their credibility; something which will eventually result in their abolition -- exactly what should happen to despicable torturers and murderers.

When I am murdered by way of either directed energy weapons, shot to death, poisoned, or whatever other means by which these filthy government reprobates attempt to cause my demise, I will leave this life knowing the lies which they have told, the treasonous manipulations which they have perpetrated, and the dastardly ways in which they destroy those who have uncovered their hidden and EVIL agendas.

And this is why there is truly no rule of law being observed by these government predators in the ways in which they decimate my rights as well as the rest of those whom they illegally and viciously target -- while intimidating the families of these targets into complete silence (and *co opting them through fear of the loss of their homes, pensions, jobs and even lives, into oftentimes taking part in the sick and depraved torture of TI's).

Many TI's have reported family involvement in their harassment, being subjected to gaslighting and other forms of psychological warfare, while the family members perpetrating these crimes claim that the TI is paranoid and imagining these attacks.

There is also little doubt that these family members have been severely brainwashed by the FEDS (or federal provocateurs) into hating their TI blood relatives; a hatred which the FEDS themselves continue to perpetuate over time through the use of regular (possibly weekly) covert meetings in which these family members are encouraged to hate those members of their families who are targeted individuals. And these family members are threatened with the loss of their homes,jobs,pensions, reputations and even lives, if they fail to comply with the FEDS' criminal demands.

There is no question that the FBI and DHS are doing this with my family. And may possibly being using members of the organized stalking community to conduct such clandestine meetings. This is nothing short of Hitler's Brown Shirt thugs resurfacing here in America sixty years after the Hitler war machine was destroyed.

As is the case with all TI's, the FEDS and their provocateurs want to make us homeless so that we make for easier *targets. And the more difficult the situation, the more frequently these meetings in which to demonize us to our family members occur.

*That may be true for many TI's. However if those attacking me succeed in making me homeless, I can assure these predators that they will become the hunted.

These furtive attacks are supposed to occur in a vacuum type environment so to speak, in which abject denial takes place by all members involved in this conspiracy, from the federal government on down to the very families and communities of those being targeted for these Orweillian crimes.

It's the exact same authoritarian and destructive mentality that Hitler used with the Germans when he sought to eradicate the Jews from this planet.

Yet somehow when women and children are used to take part in these crimes it's supposed to lessen the impact, since we have been taught that innocent women and especially children would never take part in something so terrible.

However, women and children are being used to take part in such vicious crimes against other men, women and children who are being targeted by them for psychological warfare. And using them as a clever guise in which to perpetrate these crimes is yet another government deception of the public.

As for how are families are co opted into this vicious cycle, the truth is that if you psychologically torture someone long enough while making the focal point of their torture a person whom they love, they will eventually be conditioned to hate this person; even if the person is a member of their own family. And US Intelligence agencies have a long history of perpetrating such outrageous crimes and endorsing other nations which do as well.

It is also my observation that many of my family members are "brain tapped" in that their behavior many times appears to be triggered by some remote influence without their even realizing what is being done to them. In this case NSA satellite based remote neural monitoring appears to be the likely source of this anomalous influence.

There is also no question that the Electronic Brain Link technology which the NSA utilizes on those citizens who have been illegally chosen for the purpose of satellite based mind control research, can manipulate both the person's thoughts and actions (In this case I also refer to my own direct experiences with this technology).

It can also be used to murder them.

It is also quite the irony, that after subjecting so many of us to the cruelest forms of both physical and psychological torture, when they fail to kill their intended targets, Intel agencies like the FBI, NSA, CIA and DHS will attempt to profile those whom they target as being schizophrenic. Any excuse to have the person removed from society so that they will be a much easier target for these agencies,once confined behind the walls of some government institution.

And of course, when the FEDS co opt a psychiatrist into taking part in the crimes these agencies are perpetrating against a TI (which the TI then reports), the psychiatrist then out of concern for saving their own criminal hide, commits further assaults on the TI's rights, by knowingly capitulating to the agency's demands to offer up a bogus diagnosis in which to support that of the criminal agency. Many TI's, including myself, have reported such a disturbing phenomenon; further proof of the hidden EVIL which lurks within both US Intelligence, and the medical community which they so easily co opt for their own nefarious means.

What I have seen in my own situation as well as those of thousands of other TI's is that society will go along with anything they are told to do by this government, out of fear. And clearly, it is this fear which enables such government agencies as the FBI and NSA to intimidate people into keeping their mouths shut, even when they know that these agencies are committing crimes, not just against individual American citizens, but against the US Bill Of Rights. Any federal agent who commits a criminal act against an American citizen under the color and cover of law belongs in prison.

As a result of such color of law abuses (an extremely common problem in the United States)the complete absence of any rule of law other than the law of the jungle is now taking place in America.

And as such, TI's must realize that they are no longer protected by the Bill Of Rights, and are clearly on their own.

They must also realize the unpleasant reality that in all likelihood, they will eventually be murdered by these filthy Nazi reprobates, who utilize them for non consensual human experimentation. As those of us who are attacked in such ways are killed off, the NSA will then seek new targets for this abuse (undoubtedly citizens who have been under illegal NSA surveillance for years).

The following person describes (in words which I would like to use here, however, for the purpose of decorum will not) their own experiences at being attacked by NSA operatives who masquerade as a legitimate part of the US Federal Government -- NSA agents who are some of the most abjectly EVIL inhabitants of this planet.

Rattlesnakes with badges, federal agents who drive targeted American citizens to the commission of suicide and then laugh about their Satanic victory are not just bad people -- they are incarnated evil.

Read the following TI's accounts below:

*Reader's Note: While this person (obviously extremely emotionally scarred from long-term NSA attacks) makes many useful observations regarding the NSA, I do not endorse their anti-Muslim comments.

However, I do think that the tone of this person's comments are clearly indicative of the complete rage that one experiences as a TI, who is subjected to one form or another of torment by the NSA (or other agencies of US Intel)24 hours a day. This torment is designed to drive those being targeted to become violent so that these agencies can then claim that we were violent all along -- another complete LIE and manipulation of the public's trust. If TI's are not being violent, it stands to reason that there is no reason to torture them into becoming violent unless those doing so have nefarious intentions of their own.

Which they of course do.

Remember back to a day you had in your own life which was so terrible that you just prayed to get through it? And that you would never have another day like it again. For many of the people within the TI community every day is like that -- a living hell created for us by sadistic individuals to whom torturing others is the most addictive drug there is. Psychopaths whose idea of fun is to invade the privacy of the home and mind of another and to mess with that person's thoughts in as many different ways as possible; with the ultimate intention of getting that person to kill themselves.

These sick bastards have moved on from hunting big game to hunting humans. And their choices of weaponry are satellite based electromagnetic weapons and the use of mobilized communities to attack what is in reality as invisible an enemy as the enemy which the Bush Administration's war on terror has been propagated on; perhaps the grandest of deceptions against a confused and frightened American people.

And it's this mindset which drives many NSA agents; those who take extreme pleasure in dissecting the lives and minds of others. And this type of control is addictive, as is evidenced by the communities who now take part in the crime of organized stalking -- it is about every little mouse-like creature out there feeling protected enough to attack someone else without the fear of reprisal. However, as history has shown us, there will always be reprisals for such craven and cruel acts. And anyone who would violate the US Constitution in the ways that it is presently being violated has no right to call themselves an American citizen.

The following comment has been heavily edited by myself (in fact most of the post has been omitted given the language alone), given its strong content.

However, I have listed it here to illustrate the extreme psychological duress that any NSA target finds themselves under, as well as the humiliating situations which these disgusting federal PIGS subject many of us to. I have read of many targets of US Intel reporting having been spied upon and videotaped within the privacy of their own homes -- including bedrooms and bathrooms -- as well as being sexually assaulted by way of satellite based directed energy weapons.

Something which describes the abject filth of mind that these degenerate federal reprobates derive pleasure from. And should this come as any surprise given what presently occupies 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue? The head degenerate of them all -- George W. Bush -- accused of repeatedly drugging and raping a woman by the name of Margie Schoedinger, who after filing a 5o million dollar lawsuit against Bush, and later pleading with him for her life after the FBI ignored her requests for help, was found shot to death.

Some FBI; some president. No wonder why this government's on its last legs.

When it comes to the United States of America, it's time for Americans to blow the lid off of this corrupted and treasonous government.

What follows is the post from another target of NSA covert surveillance and attack:

Green Xenon [Radium]
More options Feb 5, 12:29 am
Newsgroups:, alt.privacy, alt.privacy.spyware, alt.privacy.anon-server
From: "Green Xenon [Radium]" Date: Mon, 04 Feb 2008 21:29:06 -0800
NSA/CSS = National Security Agency/Central Security Service

"The NSA/CSS are a bunch of sick fuc*s who gain cold-hearted pleasure, perverse sexual-excitement, sadistic happiness, and dark humor from torturing, mutilating, and killing USA citizens. They also like to invade our privacy by electronic means. They use their illegal malware to spy on us good-hearted American citizens.

The NSA/CSS log our keystrokes and use them against us.

They force our Therapists/psychologists/psychiatrists to reveal our confidential information.

Therapists/psychologists/psychiatrists who refuse to their clients' personal life are tortured, mutilated and killed by the NSA/CSS and are used as an example for other therapists/psychologists/psychiatrists who plan to protect their clients' private info.

Mcaffe and Norton are good people and want their customers' privacy to be protected. They sell us good anti-malware software to help in protecting our privacy from Internet-terrorism. However, the NSA/CSS forces them -- via threats of imprisonment, torture, and death -- not to make their software fully functional. Hence, Norton/Mccafe and other anti-malware products are not capable of protecting against malware perpetrated by the NSA/CSS. Any company who tries to make software that protects against NSA/CSS's malware will be heinously-victimized by the NSA/CSS.

The NSA/CSS trained Saddam Hussien and O-sh*t-ma bin Laden. The NSA/CSS told those terrorists secrets they would never tell us. The NSA/CSS are very cruel to our USA soldiers. They treat them like slaves. They beat and kill our soldiers just for fun.

In one of the wars America was fighting, a US tank caught fire and exploded. Soldiers were being burned alive by the tank's explosion and were in excruciating pain. Instead of giving the wounded soldiers medical aid, the sick fu*king NSA/CSS shot those soldiers dead so that they would stop screaming. The cold-hearted NSA/CSS found the soldiers cries annoying so they shot the soldiers instead of assisting them. This makes the thought of being drafted very frightening.

NSA/CSS are the most anti-American, non-patriotic pieces of sh*t there are. NSA/CSS are the greatest threat to national security."

*Note to FBI/DHS Brown Nose -- Walbert -- your E-mail was intended to cause harm, and thus deleted. Perhaps "playing" at your "experiments" will cause less harm to others. However, sucking up to the FEDS will only cause further harm to all.
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