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Creating Computer Generated Actors, Newscasters And Politicians, By Using CGI Technology To Digitally Clone And Animate The Image Of Any American Citizen - Does The Pentagon Have A CGI Cloned Image Of You?

"Communism, Zionism & Feminism Share NWO Pedigree/Mankind Is Entering A New Dark Age" By Henry Makow - Representing Rothschild Zionism, The Rockefeller Foundation And The CIA Began The Feminist Movement Back In The 1970s, Under The Pretense Of Giving Women Greater Rights As citizens - When In Reality, The Feminist Movement Was Indirectly Created By The Rothschilds, To Parasite Off Of Women In The Same Way That The System Had Been Parasiting Off Of The Male Working Population For Most Of The 20Th Century

Is It Real Or Is It Memorex?

This Popular 1970's TV Ad Comes To Mind In Regard To The U.S. Military Intelligence Complex Using An Advanced Form Of CGI Technology To Digitally Clone The Images Of American Citizens

-Written by James F. Marino

Has the U.S. Military Intelligence complex developed an advanced version of CGI digital morphing technology which can be used to clone and animate the image of any person living on the face of this planet?

And if so, what purpose would this complex have for doing so?

At around 35 minutes into the 1981 movie "Looker," one of the main characters is subjected to having their physical image digitally cloned and enhanced in order to use as a computer animated version of the person's image for doing TV commercials.

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Once this "digital persona" has been created, the person is no longer needed, since their physical identity - including their voiceprint and personality traits - has been thoroughly reproduced by a computer, which is then used to substitute for the real person when making TV commercials.

"Looker" is based on the concept of creating computer generated personalities which include actors, newscasters and politicians; all of whom will be used to serve a New World Order type of political agenda.

Does the reader think that the U.S. Military Intelligence complex is already using a version of this technology on a limited scale, and will begin doing so on a much greater scale as Rothschild Zionism's New World Order - world government - is finally implemented?

Think of how practical a national or international network of digitally animated broadcast personalities would be for influencing the minds of the general population on this planet, since the need to first brainwash these media personalities would no longer be necessary. In fact, today's media personalities are already so brainwashed that they spend most of their time on screen reading someone else's written content off of a teleprompter, attempting to look as convincing as possible.

This technology completely eradicates the human (and most importantly their ability to reason) from the equation, by simply parasiting off of their physical attributes, personality traits and mannerisms, in order to create a digitized and completely malleable clone of the person.

This is especially significant, since they are not real people, but instead, just artificial intelligence - computer driven - digital recreations of these people, who can now be used as a vehicle in which to fulfill a specific political agenda; while the words they speak are nothing but computer generated propaganda, used to further this political agenda.

Moreover, how many Americans have actually met a politician, Hollywood star, or TV reporter in person? Very few. So how would we even know if the images of people that we see on our TV sets are real, or computer generated clones, since we have no recollection of what the person really looks or behaves like, because we've never met them.

We have already seen examples of *computer animated "people" in films such as Forest Gump, where both President John F. Kennedy and John Lennon were digitally recreated using CGI technology.

*See: "Do We Need Actors? CGI And The Future Of Hollywood"

These computer generated, cloned personalities could be programmed to follow whatever political agenda their programmers would create for them, as an integral part of the most elaborate propaganda scheme ever devised by the U.S. Military Intelligence complex.

In light of this information, one must ask if the movie "Looker" is yet another example of art imitating life, relative to the U.S. Military Intelligence complexes' advanced CGI video morphing technology in the present day, and how it can be used to propagate such an Orwellian agenda by replacing people with their cloned, animated images?

I say that "Looker" is exactly that!

Given their desire for complete secrecy and their history of deception, one can imagine how useful such technology would be to government agencies seeking to foment false flag operations like 9/11 and the recent Boston Marathon bombing, by taking the digital animation of a person (or persons such as an entire news team) and then using it as an integral part of such a false flag deception.

Many targets of non consensual human experimentation, have in the past documented how their cable TV programming has been replaced with psychological warfare programming, which is then used as part of the psychological operation which federal agencies like the CIA, FBI, DHS, and NSA use against them.

In myriad instances, these people have reported what they have termed as strange behavior being displayed by well known TV personalities, such as TV reporters during live broadcasts. Behavior so bizarre, that the targets of this psywarfare programming have questioned whether the programs that they have seen are actually of these TV personalities, or some type of computer generated cloned recreation of these people.

Having seen much of this for myself, this author must also question if what we are seeing is an anomaly that involves the digital morphing and animation of a person's image, voice and personality traits, in order to recreate that person so that their image can be used over and over again to serve a specific agenda.

Given that there are many legitimate targets of non consensual human experimentation, who are being subjected to a resurrected version of MK-ULTRA taking place in the modern day, and being deployed by way of the EMF spectrum, there's little doubt that the altered TV programming which we are seeing in our own homes, is also part of the extended psychological operations that we have been subjugated to.

Moreover, in virtually every single report made by a target of these crimes, their own families, including spouses, children, parents, aunts, uncles and cousins, are being intimidated into taking part in these Orwellian attacks, in understanding that if they fail to do so, they will become the direct targets of these attacks.

This means that these people are not taking part in these Orwellian crimes willfully, but instead, being bullied into doing so, by the psychopaths who are controlling the fusion centers in the United States - The Department Of Justice, its FBI underling, and the Department Of Homeland Security.

The is the best illustration of how these federal psychopaths are being used to destroy the American Family, and to replace it with a group of obedient brainwashed robots who will ignore their innate ability to survive, while unwittingly serving the will of these psychopaths.

Upon close observation of several members of this author's own Family over the past few years, I am absolutely certain that these people are being remotely brain tapped via EEG heterodyning technology, and are not operating of their own free will.

In fact, they have been forced to completely surrender their own free will. They never challenge anything this government does, and avoid any conversations that have to do with the attacks on 9/11 being a false flag operation. They also ignore any evidence of the mind control that this government is using against the American citizenry, including patents for weapons, and testimony from government whistleblowers and other targets of MK-ULTRA mind control experimentation.

They have been robbed of their own objectivity and ability to challenge authority. In this case, the most abjectly corrupted and evil authority in history.

These were wonderful people, who have been robbed of whom they were, and it is this author's intent to expose this atrocity in an effort to restore them to the individual thinkers and lovers of freedom and free will, whom they once were.

As part of this demonic brainwashing of their persons, they have also been conditioned to experience some form of pain if they attempt to challenge the status quo in any way.

And this punishment can take a number of different forms, from psychological warfare harassment, to directed energy microwave weapons attacks, which can easily kill them, or put them back in the hospital where they can be further abused - a very powerful incentive for them to acquiesce to the demands of these Nazi minded miscreants.

As part of this brainwashing they are also rewarded for attacking the TI in any possible way that can be done with plausible deniability, including demeaning the person, seeking any means in which to discredit the person, and oftentimes acting in what can only be described as an overtly sadistic manner towards the person.

This sadism has come to characterize the organized stalking which each TI is subjected to on a daily basis, and is indicative of the completely warped minds of the federal psychopaths who both design and implement these Draconian and evil operations.

I believe that it is safe to say that the TI community in general experiences the same disturbing situations, and that their own Family members are quite likely also being EEG heterodyned, in the interest of keeping both themselves as well as the Targeted Individuals within their Families, isolated from society.

` It would also be interesting to know how many of these Family members have been subjected to what were perhaps unnecessary medical procedures over the past decade, in which they were unconscious for a time.

Such procedures could have been used to implant them with some form of brain chip, or other device to make them easier to control.

Whether these Family members actually know that they are EEG heterodyned or not remains unknown.

What this author does know for certain, is that several members of my Family were forced to undergo hospital procedures during the past decade, which required that they be placed under anesthesia. As such, anything could have been done to them while they were unconscious, including implanting them with microchip devices.

One of the many observations that this author has made in regard to the FBI COINTELPRO of my person, is how its soulless, shameless and demonic agents routinely use psychological warfare - including neural linguistic programming - to brainwash the American public, while playing with their emotions in the way that a violinist tugs at the strings of his violin.

This author is also certain that this psychological warfare programming involves the U.S. federal government's use of video and voice morphing technologies, that are being used to digitally clone and animate the physical images and attributes of many of the people whom we are seeing on our Television screens.

If some of the sci-fi motion pictures recently put out by Hollywood are any indication, then the federal government must have access to video animating technologies that greatly exceed the CGI video morphing technology that Hollywood has already been used to display for us.

If this is indeed the case, then the movie "Looker" being used as an exposition of this clandestine technology would be an excellent example of art imitating life.

And its content, should thus be taken very seriously, since this movie is exposing classified technologies which the U.S. Military Intelligence complex can utilize in order to clone and animate the physical image of any American citizen, without that person's knowledge or consent.

With this in mind, and as a cable TV subscriber, how do you know if the people you're seeing on your TV screens are real or animated recreations of these actors and media personalities? The fact is that this technology has become so advanced that you couldn't discern the difference if your life depended on it.

And this government knows that.

This is the real reason that we've been deceived into converting from analogue to digital Television. A high-tech visual sleight of hand that most TV viewers have not yet caught on to.

And this should cause the reader great concerns, given that those duplicitous reprobates who were responsible for the 9/11 false flag operation, are the very ones who have access to this advanced video morphing technology in the present day, and are using it as part of their despicable covert takeover of our government and nation.

As such, these neo Nazi indoctrinated, Zionist-financed psychopaths, are the most dangerous minds on earth at the present time.

- James F. Marino

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The 2002 Movie S1MONE Is Another Instance Of Hollywood Being Used To Display The U.S. Military Intelligence Complexes' Use Of CGI Video Morphing Technology To The Public - In This Case A CGI Animated Image Is Used To Create A Virtual Reality Actress, Who Is Then Used To Deceive The Movie Industry & The Global Population Into Believing That The Digitally Morphed Actress Is Actually Real - The 1981 Movie "Looker" Had A Similar Theme, In Which The Images Of Real Actors Were Cloned And Then Digitally Animated In Order To Replace The Actors Themselves - After This Author Embedded "Looker" On This Website Citing The Movie As Yet Another Example Of The U.S. Military Intelligence Complexes' Use Of Hollywood To Showcase Some Of Their Classified Technology, Under The Pretense That The Technology Is Only Science Fiction, "Looker" Was Removed From The YouTube - The Reader Is Advised To Watch S1MONE Before The FBI Has This Movie Removed From YouTube For The Same Reason - The U.S. Military Intelligence Complex Does Not Want The American People To Know That The U.S. Federal Government Can Use An Advanced Version Of CGI Video Morphing Technology To Clone & Animate The Image Of Any American Citizen, Which Can Then Be Used For Any Purpose They Choose; Including Counterintelligence Operations

*Editor's Note: After this author embeds the 1981 movie "Looker" on this Website, citing how it may well be yet another example of Hollywood being used to showcase some of the U.S. Military Intelligence complexes' CGI video morphing technology - under the pretense that the movie is fictional - Looker is removed from YouTube, under the guise that posting the movie violates a copyright. (Looker is over 30 years old, and its copyright probably expired along ago.)

I have also embedded another movie from 2002, entitled: S1MONE, above, which deals with a CGI created movie star whose entire digital persona has been animated using CGI video morphing technology. The viewer is advised to watch "Looker" as well as "S1MONE" at your earliest convenience, since both movies are indicative of Hollywood's use to display covert government technology to the general public, under the guise that this technology is not real. As such, S1MONE will likely be removed from YouTube now as well.

The reader will also note that the FBI and NSA agents who continue to cover up their outrageous crimes against this author and other members of my Family, also continue to electronically sabotage this Website, by interfering with this blog's bandwidth. This results in this blog taking what is often a ridiculously slow time to download (some times as much as 40 minutes), instead of the few seconds that this site should take to download.

This is a plausibly deniable way for the FBI to violate my First Amendment rights to freedom of speech - in this case a covert form of censorship, since the FBI does not want the public to read what I have written in regard to the crimes these psycho agents have perpetrated against my person, Family, and myriad other targets of COINTELPRO, and non consensual human experimentation. The FBI has no legal authority to do so, which is why they're using their illegal counterintelligence measures, in an effort to prevent this author from exposing the crimes which these Gestapo minded psychopaths continue to perpetrate against us under the cover of law.

What we have here is an organized crime syndicate operating under the cover of different federal agencies, whose crimes against humanity have become so abhorrent, that their primary goal is to conceal these crimes from the American people, while murdering those of us whom they have perpetrated these crimes against.

Crimes which involve directed energy microwave weapons' torture, attempted murder, and the most egregious violations of the U.S. Bill of Rights in American history.

However, one crime which they will eventually be forced to admit to, is their covert implementation of an Orwellian signals intelligence driven domestic spy program, so inherently evil in its existence, that these agents are presently doing everything possible to conceal it from the American people. The U.S. National Security Agency's *Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network, and the Pentagon's role in illegally decoding the individual brain maps of the American people, as a part of the New World Order's intent to create a 21St Century feudal system.

Those within the U.S. federal government who have perpetrated these crimes against us will burn in hell for doing so.

*Google: John St. Clair Akwei VS The U.S. National Security Agency

As for CGI video morphing technology, the reader must also consider the possibility of the U.S. federal government's use of this specialized technology in regard to the types of counterintelligence operations conducted by federal agencies which include the FBI, CIA, NSA and DHS, since this technology can be used to clone and animate the image of any American citizen, who could then be portrayed by this government as a terrorist.

Editor's Note: A Family member calls to say that the wife of a missing attorney whom they know, has stated that the unidentified body of a man found on a Hampton's Long Island beach this past week is that of her attorney husband. The woman states that he appears to have committed suicide, after getting caught attempting to replace money that he had priorly embezzled, due to an economic downturn in his business.

*See:"Suffolk County Cops Investigate Body Found In Montauk Dunes"

This is yet another instance of someone who in someway is connected to this author or a member of my Family, dying suddenly and under mysterious circumstances. Was this person a target of directed energy weapons? Possibly even suicide programming? Could the person have been involved with others who were embezzling with him, who murdered him in a made to appear as suicide to cover up what they had done?

Could this person have shared this information with a certain news personality before they both died under mysterious circumstances?

The reader will also note the sudden death of Long Island News 12 anchor, *Judy Martin, over the past 24 hours. Martin's body was found in her Halsite, Huntington home. Police claim that no foul play had taken place. However, if directed energy weapons were used, how would the police know whether or not Martin's death was the result of foul play?

If these stealth weapons were used, Martin could have been perfectly healthy one minute and dead the next.

It is the clandestine ability of these weapons to torture or murder anyone whose unique EMF signatures they are remotely locked on to, that remains the primary reason for the U.S. Military Intelligence complexes' intent to keep these weapons secret from the American people. As such, the U.S. federal government will not admit to the existence of these weapons, their capabilities, nor the fact that they remain the Holy Grail for experimenting upon (specifically mind control experimentation), or even torturing or murdering American citizens with plausible deniability.

* If on the outside chance this attorney and Judy Martin may have known each other, the reader will note the cruel irony if the death of Judy Martin is in someway related to that of the attorney's; whose body was found in the Hampton town of Montauk over the past two days. This author believes that like Martin, the attorney may have also lived in Huntington.

Given the myriad ways in which people can be murdered via microwave energy weapons, no death, especially one that occurs suddenly from a stroke, aneurism, or heart attack, should automatically be dismissed as having occurred by way of natural causes.

In this author's opinion the sudden death of CNBC financial analyst, Mark Haines, a few years ago, remains very suspicious. And in this author's opinion, so does the sudden death of Judy Martin at the age of 49, no matter what the police or a coroner claim the cause of death was.

And whether or not Martin may have been an acquaintance of this attorney or not.

I will cite the same concerns in regard to Judy Martin's sudden demise that I did with Mark Haines.

Especially if Martin died of a heart attack, aneurism or stroke. Or for that matter if her death is reported to have been the result of a suicide (or murder made to appear as a suicide).

Both were middle aged, and may have had a number of years left on their contracts, which their employers may have not wanted to fulfill. And Haines and Martin may have wanted to stay on through the end of these contracts, even if management may not have wanted them to.

It is also this author's opinion that all media personalities (as well as politicians) in the United States are electromagnetically brain mapped by the U.S. Military Intelligence complex (as are all of this country's citizens), and therefore remotely monitored in real time via the EMF spectrum, and by way of the EEG heterodyning of their own unique brainwave print.

This would explain the rash of incidences in 2011 in which several U.S. media personalities - including Judge Judy Sheinlein - experienced speaking complete gibberish while doing a broadcast of their program. In a number of instances, such as that of news personality Sarah Carlson, they experienced this sudden EEG heterodyned temporary "brain melt down" while doing a live broadcast.

Yet the government controlled media in this country completely ignored this bizarre anomaly regarding many of their own peers, while these strange incidences were passed off as being related to either strokes or seizures.

It sounds more like the U.S. Military Intelligence complex was testing some of its mind control weapons on a subset of the media personalities in this country, and used the cover of having a seizure or stroke to conceal the fact that what occurred here was this complexes' non consensual human experimentation of certain American media personalities.

This would also mean that these people could be instantly murdered via signals intelligence satellites or over the horizon radar systems, as well as HAARP phased antenna arrays, which can be weaponized when they are illegally converted for use as over the horizon radar.

Has anyone also found it of interest that former Minnesota governor, Jesse Ventura, now makes his home in Mexico? Especially after Ventura found himself the target of an aggressive government smear campaign for doing an episode of his Conspiracy Theory program on Targeted Individuals living within the United States, and their use as unwitting subjects of government mind control programs which are conducted via the EMF spectrum.

Before his highly rated program was abruptly cancelled by Time Warner, Ventura had questioned if Time Warner was actually attempting to sabotage Conspiracy Theory.

Unfortunately, if Ventura's brainwave map has already been decoded by the NSA (I believe that it has), the agency will be able to remotely track him regardless of where he travels to, while interfacing an artificial intelligence computer with the neural pathways of his brain, just as the NSA has been doing with this author for most of the past forty years.

They will also be able to remotely attack Ventura's body with directed energy microwave weapons, exposing him to dangerous levels of radiation in the process, as they are doing with this author, other members of my Family, and myriad other targets of this non consensual human experimentation.

Jesse Ventura's "Conspiracy Theory" program was cancelled by Time Warner after an episode on government mind control programs entitled: "The Brain Invaders" aired. And Dr. Fred Bell died under mysterious circumstances when staying at a hotel a short time after he had been interviewed by Ventura, for a segment of this particular episode of Conspiracy Theory.

In this author's opinion, Dr. Fred Bell - the brother of talk radio host, Art Bell, and a descendant of Alexander Graham Bell - was murdered by way of a directed energy microwave weapon, as punishment for allowing Jesse Ventura to interview him.

During the interview, Ventura had claimed that Fred Bell told him that he had a CIA handler, and that his handler was going to be furious when he found out that Dr. Bell had spoken with Ventura about these directed energy weapons and the concept of "free energy."

Fred Bell was dead 48 hours later.

The reader should note that like the NSA, FBI, DHS and many other alphabet agencies of the U.S. federal government, the CIA also has access to directed energy microwave weapons, which can be deployed through the EMF spectrum by way of outer space, and used to murder anyone.

This comment is no longer based on just speculation, but instead, absolute fact.

And the more those of us who have been targeted by these Orwellian weapons speak out against them, the more aggressively we are slandered by the very federal agencies which are illegally using these weapons against us.

Given NSA/FBI involvement in the mind control experimentation of this author for decades, using my decoded brainwave print and the EEG heterodyning of the neural pathways of my brain, I have a definite interest in exposing these Nazi indoctrinated demons for what they really are.

The consummate hidden evil!

Especially in light of the vicious, slanderous and illegal smear campaign that these criminal psychopaths have gotten away with perpetrating against my person, in an effort to cover up their own outrageous crimes, which involve decades of the most abject violations of the U.S. Bill of Rights ever documented; including the non consensual human experimentation and directed energy torture of both this author, as well as other members of my Family.

These agents are the most evil criminals imaginable, and the politicians who are protecting them by covering up these crimes, are threatening the safety and well being of every citizen in this country .

Moreover, their continued attempts to cover up the brain mapping of each American citizen, as part of a signals intelligence driven domestic spy program in the United States, is eventually going to topple the shadow government in this country, and the murderous demonic scum who continue to conceal themselves within its bowels.


This author's Father is again being subjected to a directed energy microwave weapon attack on his bronchial passages, causing him to *cough repeatedly.

*Not five minutes after posting this, Dad's coughing stops. This is further proof that he is also being targeted by directed energy microwave weapons.

These types of attacks occur instantaneously, and can end just as quickly. However, it is the duration of such DEW attacks that is flexible. They can be momentary or last for months or even years at a time.

Many targets of this technology who've died from cancers, have been subjected to years of such microwave energy attacks, before their immune systems were destroyed by these weapons.

This author has also been the target of a similar DEW attack over the past month, by these federal, murderous, psychopathic predators, who continue in their attempts to murder my person, in order to cover up their use of this author as a target of MK-ULTRA for close to forty years.

Their illegal interfacing of artificial intelligence computers with the neural pathways of this author's brain, is the result of a treasonous national brain mapping program, which continues to be used to decode the individual brain maps of each American citizen, for the purpose of domestic spying.

This signals intelligence driven domestic spy program, which can be used to instantly access the mind of any American citizen, is so inherently evil, that no U.S. politician will ever admit to its existence.

Moreover, any American who attempts to expose this program will be subjected to every means possible in which to discredit our allegations, while covert means will be taken in an effort to both slander and ultimately murder us in a plausibly deniable manner.

In addition, slander campaigns will be used in a further attempt to discredit such whistleblowers, while the criminals within this government who attack us, attempt to cover up this Orwellian program, and its use in the furtive enslavement of the American middle class.

In the middle of the night on 2/1/14, FBI/NSA Gestapo psychopaths use a signals intelligence satellite to remotely trigger the burglar alarm on a home across the road from our own. This occurs at least twice over the span of a few hours, and the alarm operates for close to 40 minutes before it resets. In *neither case did the police show up, so if the house was actually being robbed, the burglars could have gotten away without any police interference.

*Interestingly enough, two police cruisers show up as this author is writing about this situation (10:06AM EST), and merely cruise through our neighborhood as part of the earlier psyop. This is a further example of the brainwashing of the police themselves, who would prefer to deny that the American people have been individually brain mapped by the Pentagon through its oversight of the NSA, than admit that this terrible atrocity is taking place, and attempt to expose it on a national scale, as they should be doing.

However, this remote triggering of the burglar alarms in our neighborhood has been going on since right after the 9/11 false flag terrorist attacks took place. By now, after more than twelve years of this total insanity, they have become such a standard part of the psyop against this author and myriad other targets of MK-ULTRA and organized stalking, that the alarms are usually ignored by both neighbors and police, who are well aware that the alarms are being intentionally triggered as part of a criminal FBI/NSA psyop against our persons.

This remote triggering of burglar and automobile alarms (as well as motion sensitive spotlights), has become a common aspect of the vigilante hate crime organized stalking, and as such, has been reported by Targeted Individuals in virtually every one of the lower 48 States in America.

While many targets of these Orwellian crimes continue to speculate as to who is responsible for them, the fact is that they are instigated by a network of 72 fusion centers which are located across the continental United States, and overseen by the U.S. Justice Department, its FBI underling, and the U.S. Department Of Homeland Security - part of a modern day version of the Nazi's Third Reich.

While fusion centers and the so called community watch groups are portrayed as being Orwellian "pre-crime" solutions in our post 9/11 society, the fact is that they are anything but legitimate crime fighting organizations.

They instead operate based on a complete disregard for the Constitutional rule of law in America, they utilize brainwashing such as neural linguistic programming, as well as intimidation tactics in order to bully the citizenry into submission, and they operate based on a system of propagandized disinformation, which is used for the express purpose of outright deception.

Let us not forget that the terrorist attacks on 9/11, themselves, were the genesis of this continued false flag operation, to destroy the United States and to reduce the American middle class to the status of serfs in a 21St century feudal system.

Since 9/11, the United States of America has been turned into a police state, as Rothschild Zionism attempts to finish America and her middle class off for good, as part of its agenda to implement a one world government technocracy.

Our only alternative is to destroy these demonic interlopers in any way we can, before they can destroy us.

"The Matrix Deciphered - Psychic Warfare" By Dr. Robert Duncan - Free PDF download here - This is one of the most important books on government mind control ever written, and will eventually help to change the course of human history, as more people become familiar with this book's extremely disturbing content, and the hidden evil which lies within the murderous U.S. Military Intelligence complex

A NY Advertising Executive By The Name Of Suzanne Hart Is Covertly Murdered Through The Use Of Electronic Warfare Technology, And As Part Of A Psychological Warfare Operation That Criminal Federal Agents Continue To Subject This Author And Target Of MK-ULTRA To - Suzanne Hart Was Crushed To Death When An Elevator She Was Entering Was Remotely Tampered With, Through The Use Of A Signals Intelligence Satellite, Which Caused The Elevator To Close Prematurely - The Elevator Has A History Of Malfunctioning And According To Technicians Who've Worked On The Elevator, "Suffered From Electronic Gremlins" - The Elevator Has Likely Been A Target Of Electronic Sabotage For Years, Which Has Caused These Unexplainable "Gremlins" - Suzanne Hart Did Not Die By Accident - She Was Murdered! Read More About This Atrocity Here

Website Regarding A Person Who Documents FBI Entrapment Schemes And Wrongful Incarceration, As Well As Fabrication Of Evidence And Suborning Witness Perjury, In The FBI's Orchestrated Kidnapping Of This Person & Their Child

The Case Of Diana Napolis - One Of The More Detailed Lawsuits By A Target Of Government Mind Control Experimentation, Who Was Able To File Suit Against The U.S. Federal Government - Unfortunately, The U.S. Military Intelligence Complex Controls the U.S. Judiciary Through Blackmail & Other Forms Of Intimidation, Which Prevents Plaintiffs In Such Lawsuits Involving This Complexes' Use Of American Citizens For Non Consensual Human Experimentation, From Being Able To Actually Prosecute The Federal Government In A U.S. Courtroom - You Can File The Lawsuit, However, The Courts Will Make Certain That You Cannot Follow Through With It - NSA Whistleblower, John St. Clair Akwei, Also Discovered This In 1992, When He Attempted To File Suit Against The NSA In Federal Court In Order To Expose Their Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Domestic Spy Network, Only To Have A Corrupt Federal Judge Named Stanley Sporkin Dismiss His Case (Was Sporkin Blackmailed Into Doing So?) - For More On The FBI's Attempts To Blackmail U.S. Court Judges, Google: FBI Attempt To Blackmail Supreme Court Justice, Abe Fortas

An Ever Expanding List Of The Men, Women And Children Of All Ethnicities, Who Are Being Targeted For Non Consensual Human Experimentation, By The NATO Controlled Federal Governments In Each Of Their Countries - This Orwellian Attack On Humanity, Which Also Involves The Vigilante Hate Crime, Organized Stalking, Has Been Documented On Every Continent On This Planet

In A Case Of Art Imitating Life, Does The 1981 Movie "Looker," Reveal The U.S. Military Intelligence Complexes' Ability To Digitally Animate The Image Of Any Person, By Using CGI Video Morphing Technology To Clone The Person's Physical Image?

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Access This Website From The Website And Choose The IXQuick Proxy Feature -- The Pentagon's Use Of HAARP As A Weapon Of Mass Mind Control & Weather Manipulation Is Not A Myth - It Is A Fact

The Fastest Growing, Yet Most Ignored Crime In The United States - ORGANIZED STALKING - Why Is This Nazi Idealized Crime Completely Ignored By The Three Branches Of The U.S. Federal Government? - Because ORGANIZED STALKING Is Being Perpetrated Through A Network Of 72 Fusion Centers Across The United States, Which Are Overseen By The U.S. Department Of Justice, Its FBI Underling, And The U.S. Department Of Homeland Security - A Modern Day Version Of Hitler's Third Reich Has Found A Very Effective Place To Conceal Themselves, Under The Cover Of Our Own Subverted Federal Government - These Un American Fusion Centers Are Being Used To Turn The American People Into A Snitch Culture That Spies On Each Other And Trusts No One - The Consummate Definition Of A Paranoia-Driven Police State

On 1/26/14, NSA Whistleblower, Edward Snowden, Publicly Accused The NSA Of Conducting Industrial Espionage - A Few Years Ago, This Author Accused The NSA Of Conducting Industrial Espionage And Also Questioned Whether The Recent Unintended Acceleration Issues In Certain Automobiles, May Have Been Caused By The NSA Through The Use Of Its Signals Intelligence Technology - I Also Questioned Whether The 1980's Unintended Acceleration Issues With The Audi 5000 May Have Been Caused By The NSA As An Act Of Industrial Espionage Against The German Automaker (I Am Certain That German Chancellor, Angela Merkel, Would Find This To Be Of Interest Given Her Recent Allegations That The NSA Has Been Spying On Her Person) - The Computer In An Automobile Can Be Remotely Sabotaged By An NSA Signals Intelligence Satellite, As This Author Has Seen First Hand, With NSA Psychopaths Remotely Setting Off The Alarm In One Of Our Automobiles, While Opening And Closing The Car's Electric Door Locks While The Vehicle Was Still In Motion - They Remotely Tampered With The Computer In Another Vehicle, Interfering With Its Engine's Timing, Making The Vehicle Undriveable

Are The Unintended Acceleration Issues In Audi, Ford, Hyundai & Toyota Automobiles Acts Of Industrial Espionage? If So, Is The NSA Involved?

The following U.S. Attorneys were involved in investigating government brownstone operations (sex sting/blackmail) by the FBI and CIA under Bush 43, in efforts to entrap politicians, when they were fired from their jobs: David C. Iglesias, Daniel G. Bogden, Paul K. Charlton, Bud Cummins, Carol S. Lam, John McKay, Margaret Chiara and Kevin V. Ryan - Assistant U.S Attorney Jonathon Luna was found murdered - This is what happens when honest men and women attempt to do their jobs in government - Is it any wonder given the corruption within the U.S. federal government, why the only people comfortable working for this government are criminals?

Dr. Nick Begich Jr. Interview Regarding Nixon White House, CIA/ FBI Collusion In The Plane Crash Which Killed Congressmen Hale Boggs & Nick Begich Sr. In 1972 - In 1992, A Telex Was Unearthed Via The U.S. Freedom Of Information Act Which Stated That The FBI Knew The Whereabouts Of Boggs' Plane, Yet When Questioned By The U.S. Coast Guard In Regard To How The FBI Obtained The Location Of Boggs' Plane, The FBI Refused To Give The Coast Guard Further Information - This Resulted In At Least Two Survivors Who Were Seen Walking Near The Downed Cessna, Being Left In The Alaskan Wilderness To Die Of Exposure & Starvation

Did The Pentagon Use Its HAARP Weaponry To Rig The 2013 America's Cup Race? As Outlandish As This May Sound, The Pentagon Does Have The Technological Ability To Do So - And Team Oracle, The American Defender Of The America's Cup Did Set A Precedent Having Nearly Lost The Cup To Team New Zealand By The Largest Loss Margin In History, Before Winning Several Consecutive Races In Order To Defeat The Challenger - While This Author Was Watching This Unrealistic Comeback All I Could Think Of At The Time Was That The America's Cup Race Had Been Turned Into Yet Another HAARP Experiment By The Pentagon

The Pentagon Continues To Claim That There Is Nothing Sinister In Regard To Its HAARP Facility In Gakona, Alaska - However, The Pentagon Itself Is An Extremely Sinister Organization, With A History Of Hiding Some Of Its Most Dangerous Technologies Right Under The Collective Nose Of The American People - And HAARP Is No Exception - One Must Also Wonder How Many Other HAARP Facilities Exist On This Planet At The Present Time, And Who Is In Control Of Them?

The Mysterious Death Of Investigative Journalist Jim Keith - Was Keith Murdered For Writing Books Exposing The Pentagon's Use Of Its HAARP Antenna Array For Weather Manipulation And Covert Mind Control Programs?

Editor's Note:

As a target of one of the FBI's longest COINTELPRO operations in American history, this author documents every facet of this Nazi operation, to describe the abject criminality that these agent-cum-sadists are involved in.

They attack every single part of your life. Everyone whom you are in contact with, becomes part of the FBI's COINTELPRO scheme, whether they want to or not. And these people will oftentimes be positioned to act as victims of the targeted individual, even though they are fully aware that they are being used as FBI provocateurs in an intended entrapment scheme against the TI.

Today, this author documents the FBI's manipulation of medical personnel as part of its COINTELPRO against this author and other members of my Family. As many other Targeted Individuals (TIs for short) have already publicly documented, the U.S. medical profession, under the Rockefeller controlled American Medical Association crime syndicate, will be used by the FBI, DHS or other federal alphabet agency, as part of the psychological warfare operation that these Satanic lunatics foment against our persons.

As such, the FBI will interfere with any part of a TI's medical treatment, including using the health insurance company of the TI as part of this illegal COINTELPRO operation. Today, another member of this author's Family finds that their healthcare insurer is covering quite a bit less of a co-pay on a particular medication that this person is using monthly, than the health insurer did last month.

This is another example of how the FBI interferes with a person's medical treatment, as well as how the FBI can directly interfere with a TI's healthcare provider, in order to inflate the cost of medications that the TI is taking for a health condition. A condition that may in fact be the direct result of directed energy microwave weapons' attacks on their person by FBI murderous sociopaths.

In this case, the monthly cost of this person's medication has been illegally increased by about 30%, without any legitimate explanation. How can there be any legitimate explanation for this price increase, when the only reason that the price of the medication was increased, was because some FBI psychopath called the health insurance company and told them to increase the price of the medication as part of a psychological operation, that these demons are secretly conducting against us?

These agents are hardly about to admit that they are behind these crimes (although it has become quite obvious that they are), anymore than they will admit that they have colluded to conceal the worst crime ever documented involving a government's attempts at covertly enslaving its own citizenry - the U.S. federal government's treasonous decoding of the individual brain maps of each American citizen, as part of an Orwellian domestic spy program which this contaminated and poisonous government is secretly conducting against us.

The FBI can replicate the situation with this particular healthcare insurer, with any company that the TI attempts to conduct business with.

And this perversion of these companies by the FBI, will become chronic over time, with the FBI calling any company which the TI does business with, in order to sabotage the relationship of the TI with the company.

This has become very well documented over the past decade since the Patriot Act was passed as part of the 9/11 false flag operation, and used to completely undermine the U.S. Bill of Rights.

These are Nazi indoctrinated counterintelligence operations being illegally conducted by agencies like the FBI and DHS, against American citizens, whom these agencies are intentionally violating the Constitutional rights of.

That is why the U.S. Courts have been circumvented here.

Moreover, the U.S. Courts have become completely emasculated under the Draconian and treasonous Patriot Act legislation; no longer able to control these rogue agencies, or the treasonous reprobates who are abusing their authority from within their own infrastructures.

They have become an Orwellian horror on humanity itself.


The following has been excerpted from the late author, Jerry E. Smith's, 1998 book entitled: "HAARP - THE ULTIMATE WEAPON OF THE CONSPIRACY," which is written about the U.S. Department Of Defense's High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program in Alaska, and Smith's concerns that this program's real purpose involves everything from geophysical manipulation of the global weather to mass mind control via the EMF spectrum.

Think we should contact the FBI to investigate this? Many people already have, only to find that the FBI is part of this criminal conspiracy to enslave the American middle class, through the clandestine use of this classified electronic warfare technology.

In fact the obvious reason why the FBI has refused to file complaints in regard to the thousands of American citizens who have become the targets of these crimes (including the psychological warfare operation known as Organized Stalking) is that these complaints would leave a paper trail that Organized Stalking had been reported to the FBI by thousands of American citizens.

In other words, these criminal complaints would prove that Organized Stalking is part of a government engineered conspiracy in the United States to disenfranchise perhaps millions of American citizens from their Constitutional protections under the 4Th, 5Th and 6Th Amendments to the U.S. Bill of Rights.

An interesting footnote in regard to Jerry Smith, is that he was a childhood friend of investigative journalist Jim Keith's, and worked with Keith several times throughout their journalistic careers. Not long before Smith was diagnosed with a cancer that would end in his death, Jerry publicly claimed that Jim Keith had been murdered, because of the work he was doing to expose U.S. government mind control programs, and their use as part of Rothschild Zionism's New World Order global dictatorship. Was Jerry Smith also murdered for his work in exposing government mind control programs and their use in illegally experimenting upon American citizens?

Since the 9/11 false flag operation took place, HAARP has been used far more aggressively to manufacture catastrophic weather events such as Hurricanes Katrina, Irene and **Sandy, as well as the *2011 Tsunami in Japan, which caused some of the country's nuclear reactors to meltdown.

* The day after this Tsunami had struck Japan, this author found a video uploaded to YouTube only minutes before the Tsunami had struck, which showed myriad rows of rippled clouds nearly identical in shape and size; typical of HAARP activity. I immediately embedded the video to this Website, only to find that within hours of doing so, YouTube had deleted the video. This served as further confirmation that like Hurricane Sandy in 2012, the 2011 Japanese Tsunami was intentionally caused using HAARP weaponry.

** The reader should find it of interest to note that in 2012, before she struck the Northeastern coast of the United States, Sandy was headed out to sea, when the storm suddenly turned around and headed inland, causing precedent setting property damage to many areas of the Northeastern portion of the United States.

Further proof that if this storm was not actually created through the use of HAARP weapons, it was manipulated by these weapons, which were used to redirect Sandy to highly populated areas in the United States, where this storm could cause the most damage.

Not only can HAARP technology be used to artificially cause storms and other adverse weather conditions, HAARP can also be used to create electromagnetic fields which can be used to either block or move air. The more intense the electromagnetic field created by HAARP, the faster the air can be moved.

This author has also publicly questioned if, as the Northeastern United States was still busy - months later - cleaning up from the devastation of Hurricane Sandy during the Summer of 2013, the Pentagon may have again been using HAARP technology, this time, to interfere with the weather in San Francisco Bay during the Summer of 2013, in order to manipulate the outcome of the 2013 America's Cup sailboat race.

HAARP technology can be used to remotely modulate wind speed. HAARP can also be used to remotely block the wind from one sailboat, while actually creating wind for another.

Identical sailboats competing against each other for the purpose of match racing, as was done during the 2013 America's Cup, would have provided the Pentagon with an ideal venue for experimenting with HAARP right under the public's nose.

It makes you wonder if certain Pentagon officials may have been betting large sums of money on a considerable longshot which they created using HAARP technology, in order to make the challengers appear as though they were going to win the 2013 America's Cup in a clean sweep, only to then cash in, when the challengers lost several consecutive races to the American defender, who was then able to just eek out a final win in order to maintain possession of the Cup.

Given the stealth nature of this technology, who is to know, or for that matter, even question such chicanery? Except those of us who've been targeted by this technology for extended periods of time, who understand some of its frightening capabilities, and who realize how statistically improbable such a come from behind win was for the American team.

This author believes, given this precedent setting comeback by the American team, Team Oracle, the capabilities of HAARP, and the abject corruption of the Nazi indoctrinated Pentagon, that a group of high ranking government employees may have made a lot of money betting on Team Oracle, after they used HAARP to turn them into the underdogs, in a competition whose outcome had become completely dependent on a HAARP manipulated race course.

*SeeDid The Pentagon Use Its HAARP Weaponry To Rig The 2013 America's Cup Race?

However, what is even more disturbing is HAARP's use in broadcasting signals through the air which operate on the same frequencies as the human brain, for the express purpose of mass mind control.

As a target of MK-ULTRA for nearly 40 years, this author cannot overemphasize the importance of the global citizenry investigating this information for themselves, so that they can begin to understand the dangers that this technology and the completely Satanic and corrupted governments who covertly utilize it against us, represent to the human race.

The reader should also note that author Jerry Smith died of cancer after he publicly claimed that his friend, investigative journalist, Jim Keith, had been murdered for researching the U.S. Military Intelligence complexes' involvement in the creation and deployment of these mind control weapons, on an unwitting American population. Was Smith given cancer after having been targeted by a directed energy microwave weapon?

HAARP Weapons Used By The Pentagon

For Mass Mind Control Of Humanity

"What if you had a single weapon that could destroy all of an enemy's orbiting spy satellites at once? What if the same weapon could wrap the earth in an impenetrable 'shield?' One that would destroy intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBMs) attempting to pass through it? A weapon that could create clouds of electrons moving at the speed of light could accomplish both of these objectives.

"The U.S. Senate funded an ongoing project called the High frequency Active Auroral Research Program (HAARP). The HAARP project is building a transmitter of sufficient signal strength to turn the aurora borealis (the 'northern lights') into a virtual antenna, rebroadcasting in the extremely low frequency (ELF) range. ELF waves travel deep into the earth, perfect for earth penetrating tomography (EPT). HAARP was funded by the Senate to use EPT to verify treaties prohibiting the spread of weapons of mass destruction."

*Editor's Note: HAARP has become a weapon of mass destruction, which is being used on the American people for the purpose of both geophysical manipulation of our weather, as well as for mind control experimentation via the EMF spectrum.

"What could a nation, or a conspiracy, do with a weapon that can 'fry' men's minds? What if you could induce emotions, fear or rage, at will?

"What if you could do it over a large area, affecting enemy troops on their way to battle? whole cities? even entire continents?

"If you can tune the aurora to rebroadcast an ELF message, you may have created the ultimate 'bio-feedback' machine. The human brain works in the same extremely low frequency range that HAARP will be broadcasting. This may give HAARP's operators the ability to send radio messages into the heads of millions of people.

"HAARP could possibly be used to produce emotions on demand, perhaps even send words.

"What if your sufficiently large transmitter, the HAARP array or something larger still, could put 'thoughts' directly into people's heads? Thoughts like 'surrender' or 'obey?'"

What Is A Top Russian Scientist Doing
Working On The U.S. HAARP Project?

"Why would a former top Soviet official, *scientist, and SDI expert be a part of the birthing of HAARP?

*Russian Scientist Roald Zinurovich Sagdeev

"Some believe that HAARP is SDI technology coming on-line. President Reagan promised to share 'Star Wars' technology with the Soviets. Some thought he was wacky for saying that, others applauded the gesture. The Soviets were convinced that SDI would give the United States 'first strike' capability and bitterly opposed it. Are we developing SDI technology? Could we be honoring Reagan's commitment? Was Academician Sagdeev's presence on that committee proof that 1) HAARP is 'Star Wars' and 2) that we really are sharing it with the Russians?

"What if your radar could see far over the horizon, picking up enemy planes and missiles hundreds, even thousands of miles off? What if, once you saw those incoming missiles, you could raise the top of the atmosphere? This would create unplanned drag in space by having 'air' where there should not be any. It would probably deflect or destroy the missiles. That is what the original patents for a HAARP-like apparatus said such a device could do.

"What if you could peer miles deep into the earth and discover all of your enemy's buried secrets? That is exactly what HAARP was funded by the U.S. to do.

"What if, as part of manipulating the upper atmosphere, you could turn the jet stream in any direction you liked? What if, with the touch of a button, you could create localized storms, turning routes to potential battlefields into muddy quagmires to stop enemy troops and supply movements in their tracks?

"The DOD has desired this technology since the Vietnam War. During that conflict they attempted to seed clouds over the enemy's main supply rout, the Ho Chi Minh Trail.

"Thinking bigger, what if you could 'dial up' continent-wide storms that would batter down a belligerent nation's food crops with wind and hail or drown it under flood waters? Could you not induce famine at will? These too were part of the original plan for a HAARP-like device.

"What if you could direct beams of energy at advancing enemy troops, microwaving their brains like three-minute meals? Would that not be the weapon of choice? - your enemy dead or to mentally disturbed to fight, yet nothing else damaged, his equipment still usable, his cities, his industry and yours unblemished by war.

"Could you control people if you could project holographic images into the sky, pictures of the God(s) they worship or of the Demons they fear most?

"The Air Force thinks so, as they are actively pursuing holographic projectors as a weapons system. What could you do with people if you could transmit words or thoughts directly into their minds? Could you not bend them to do your bidding unaware, or drive them insane with 'voices?'

"Psychologists in the employ of Russia's KGB have been working on radio remote control of people since the 1930s. The CIA has had similar research programs since the 1950s.

"All of the above are things that researchers say HAARP (or a device like HAARP) could do, if built sufficiently large and directed to that purpose. As crazy and science-fictional as these may sound, for decades respected scientists have said that it was only a matter of time, and money, to accomplish these things. Is HAARP the next 'evolutionary' stage in weapons development?"

Author Jerry E. Smith

*Editor's Note: As much as the U.S. federal government attempts to cover up its use of HAARP for geophysical manipulation of the weather as well as mass mind control experimentation, the fact is that this weapon of mass destruction has become better known than it was when Smith wrote his book sixteen years ago. And HAARP has become the weapon of choice for mass mind control as well as geophysical manipulation of the weather since that time.

In spite of the fact that Smith's book is 16 years old, "HAARP - THE ULTIMATE WEAPON OF THE CONSPIRACY" is still full of useful technical information in regard to this Pentagon project, and as such, well worth reading.

This is especially true if you know for certain that you are the subject of such non consensual human experimentation, as part of a contemporary version of MK-ULTRA, which is conducted through different portions of the EMF spectrum.

While the government controlled propaganda machine in America continues to keep the citizenry focused on the dangers of nuclear weapons, the fact is that electronic warfare weapons such as HAARP have become the new weapons of mass destruction, because of their stealth nature, tremendous flexibility, and ability to cause devastation to the entire human race, without ever even damaging a single manmade structure.

HAARP technology has become the weapon of choice because of its cost effectiveness and practicality.

And this is why the Pentagon will never admit to its use of HAARP as a weapon of mass destruction, which is regularly tested on American citizens. Because this Holy Grail of domestic spying and covert torture and genocide, remains far too valuable for the Pentagon to ever give up willingly.

Instead, the Pentagon is far too interested in helping to propagate the Orwellian subversion of the U.S. federal government, while using its signals intelligence driven domestic spy system to reduce the American people to a snitch culture which spies on everyone, trusts no one, and is now defined by its heavily propagandized and paranoia-driven police state ideology.

- James F. Marino

The reader should also consider the following comment in regard to how HAARP technology can be controlled in order to both manipulate weather patterns as well as steering a HAARP beam which can also burn "temporary holes" in the ionosphere.

This is indicative of HAARP's use as a weapon of mass destruction, given that it can be directed at any location on the face of this planet, in order to cause a massive electromagnetic radiation attack on pre-chosen area, which can be compared to a nuclear explosion. However, without the physical damage to buildings and a city's infrastructure that a typical nuclear attack would cause.

The following is from Jerry Smith's "HAARP - The Ultimate Weapon of the Conspiracy."

"HAARP documents claim that the facility was shut down at the end of the last set of initial low power tests on the DP, on 21 November, 1995. Officially, no testing was conducted from that time until the HAARP facility was at last put to scientific use for the first time, over a year later.

"This claim of being 'dark' from November 1995 to February 1997, however, contradicts other evidence presented by Dr. Begich. He claims that inside sources told him that a series of full power tests had been conducted in December of '95 and March of '96. My research team and I have not been able to independently verify this.

"Richard Hoagland and Dr. Nick Begich both claim that clandestine experiments were conducted during this period of alleged non-activity. These alleged experiments will be discussed at length later in this book.

"The HAARP literature calls for the array to be used in two week blocks of intensive activity called 'campaigns.' Officially, the first such campaign was 27 February through 14 March, 1997. In addition to science experiments, this two week period included several visits from tour groups; participation in a lecture series by HAARP personnel at the nearby community college; a public talk on ionospheric research and the HAARP facility; and the first HAARP-Amateur radio listening test. HAARP documents claim that all testing of the IRI prior to that first campaign was to test the components of the DP array only.

"From 15-25 May, 1997, more tests were run on the DP. Some official documents say the next series of tests was not until 11-27 August, 1997, but this is again contradicted.

"Tests may have been run in June--tests that could have bathed some or all of North America in deadly gamma radiation!

Researcher Michael Unum has posted the following startling data on the Internet:

"'One of the most impressive uses for the HAARP device is as a n indirect fire energy weapon. The HAARP can create a steerable beam which can burn temporary holes in our protective ionosphere layer. This can cause a predictable corridor of the Sun's Gamma radiation pulse to get through this protective layer.

"Evidence of this capability was obtained through the internet sights {sic} that measure gamma radiation around the Nv. {Nevada} test sight {sic}. These monitors all spiked on the same day at the same time! I have run a real time comparison of the EPA {Environmental Protection Agency} meter data and discovered that the time of the spikes on the gamma meters are timed closely together even though these meters are some distance {apart}.

"This is due to a large gamma pulse in the region. This could almost be perceived as a nuclear weapon with out {sic} the bomb or the explosion. Just before this Gamma event took place, there was a massive electromagnetic event registered in the University of Alaska magnometer sight {sic} sensors.

"When all of this information is analyzed together it creates a picture that seems to state that the HAARP can be used as a weapon. What we are seeing is a weapons test in the area of the test range.

"If my conclusion is correct this device could be employed in secret.

"Targeting any point on the earth with a massive Gamma Radiation pulse. Causing destruction with no sound or any obvious attack. Making this the ultimate sneak attack device.

"The date of the test was June 09 and 10 {1997}. Look at the before and after readings on all the sights [sic]. You will notice the background levels return to normal fairly quickly after the test.'"

"Michael Unum believed that HAARP has been used to create a 'hole' in the ionosphere that rained deadly radiation over the Nevada Test Site (NTS - the U.S. nuclear weapons testing facility in the desert north of Las Vegas).

"Gamma ray detectors in Alaska and Nevada spiked off the scale at the same time.

"The event that caused the spike(s), according to Unum, was a test of HAARP. Gamma rays are a high-energy radiation that is extremely dangerous to living cells. They cause severe cell mutations. Protection from gamma rays is very difficult because they penetrate even thick concrete. "If HAARP actually was used to conduct such a clandestine experiment, this evidence makes it clear that HAARP is deadly dangerous; far more so than any government official or project scientist is willing to admit."

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Microwave Energy Weapons Being Used To Mind Control And Even Murder U.S. Politicans And Media Personalities Has Become A Reality In The United States

Has Robert Monroe's "Monroe Institute" Become Another Front Organization For The CIA & The CIA's Hideous MK-ULTRA Mind Control Research Program?

Editor's Note: The painful directed energy attack on this author's skull, by these murderous FBI & NSA psychopaths, continues for the third straight day, while these demons in the flesh continue in their attempts to murder this author, for exposing their brain mapping of the American people, as well as my experiences as a target of MK-ULTRA mind control experimentation since childhood.

*The **pain is bad enough that I am dizzy when I walk. I know that once this frequency is modulated downward the pain will either ease or end completely.

**After I post this the microwave frequency causing this pain is modulated downward, and the pain eases considerably.

My Mom, who has been under microwave energy attacks for much of the past decade, is also being targeted for such microwave induced pain by these filthy lowlife, evil psychopaths, who pathologically lie to the public by denying these crimes, as well as the fact that they are able to remotely track any American citizen through a signals intelligence EMF scanning network, which tracks the decoded brain wave prints from each American citizen, that are illegally stored in a central government computer database - after they are illegally obtained through a covert brain mapping program in the United States.

This is the greatest scandal in American history, and one which this completely corrupted and Zionist controlled government cannot survive. So they continue to pathologically deny this atrocity, while attempting to murder those of us who have exposed it.

*Not long after I post the above information in regard to the aggressive directed energy attack on my skull by FBI/NSA psycho's, the frequency being used to attack my person is modulated downward to decrease the pain. However, it can be increased at any time, which offers further proof that these attacks are taking place, and being used to torture, both this author, as well as other members of my Family, including, but not limited to both of my parents.

In fact my Mother continues to be tortured by way of these microwave energy weapon's attacks 24 hours a day, in the way of microwave induced nerve pain, which can be immediately relieved if the directed energy weapon being used against her was either modulated downward or turned off completely.

What kind of a person would torture men, women and children with such Orwellian technology, regardless of how covertly this torture was carried out? A monster.

In America, we have a government that is full of such evil reprobates.

The FBI and NSA are also heavily reliant on their use of psychological warfare operations in their COINTELPRO attack of this author, which since 2003, has also involved the complete takeover of our cable TV programming, which contains nothing but their psychological warfare programming 24 hours a day.

As such, no program that is broadcast into our home is without some form of electronic tampering, which involves digital manipulation of both audio and visual aspects of this programming. Many programs also contain CGI video animation of media personalities, whose images are cloned and then completely reanimated for the purpose of serving as part of these psychological operations.

This is done to drive sane people insane, while these murderous Intel psychopaths attempt to portray us as being mentally unstable. These agents are far too cowardly to admit the truth - that they are trying to drive us crazy because we can testify against them in court, and expose the crimes they have and continue to commit against us using EEG heterodyning to interface computers with the neural pathways of our brains.

These monsters really are evil in the flesh.

They're not American citizens. They are Nazis who have harbored themselves behind the masque of a military intelligence complex.

And in the case of the FBI and NSA reprobates who continue to perpetrate these atrocities against us, they have completely perverted the Constitutional rule of law in order to cover this up.

And if they ever admit to the brain mapping and remote torture of our persons for decades on end as part of a modern day version of MK-ULTRA, these psychopaths will implicate themselves in the worst crimes against humanity in our history, while attempting to completely abrogate the U.S. Bill of Rights.

They are scum. Malevolent scum.


1/24/14 - Since I *posted my concerns about the safety of Maria Bartiromo two days ago, I am experiencing a significant increase in directed energy microwave weapons' attacks on my person. I can literally feel the electricity moving through my body and the chills have increased significantly as well, as my capillaries are artificially contracted via microwave energy weapons. Moreover, the right frontal lobe portion of my brain has been aggressively attacked via microwave energy weaponry, causing acute pain in this area, some dizziness and nausea.

The pain has been consistent for about 48 hours. These microwave energy attacks have been taking place against this author for the past two decades, and used as a furtive method of torture, as part of my decades' long use as a target of MK-ULTRA.

Interestingly enough, the FBI was given access to these weapons in 1994, and the microwave energy attacks against this author began against my person 1994.

I have been tortured by way of these weapons everyday since the midst of the 1990s.

Another interesting coincidence?

What I am documenting on this blog is FBI/NSA collusion in the furtive murder attempts on the lives of this author and several members of my Family, including my parents, while these federal psychopaths continue to not only slander my person, but to also conceal their precedent setting crimes against this author.

I am now also concerned that they may be poisoning some of our food, as part of this attack.

The best evidence of the attack, of course, is their completely illegal, pathetic and desperate smear campaign against this author.

Something which a significant part of the U.S. population is aware of, yet prevented from publicly discussing, because this would prove that the FBI and NSA agents are in violation of my civil rights, and attempting to circumvent the Constitutional rule of law in their smear campaign against my person - as well as their debilitating microwave energy attacks against this author and other members of my Family.

This furtive attempt at murdering us is being done by the FBI and NSA in order to cover up the fact that I have been a target of MK-ULTRA mind control experimentation since childhood, and that I am telling the American people the truth about this government's clandestine brain mapping of each of us.

How else does the reader think that the FBI could claim to have gathered so much information on my person, when I have no criminal record, nor have I committed a federal crime which would have enabled the FBI to open a legitimate investigation into my person?

Both the FBI and NSA are covering up decades of their own outrageous crimes against this author, and counting on treasonous legislation like the Patriot Act, in order to get away with it.

In their defamation campaign against my person, these demonic predators and pathological liars are also attempting to cover up a national EMF fingerprinting program which also includes the decoding of our individual brain maps (for the purpose of remotely accessing the neural pathways of our brains).

In 2005, this author set an unheard of precedent, when I publicly accused the U.S. federal government of secretly implementing a signals intelligence driven domestic spy program which operates by way of the EMF spectrum, and which is used to remotely access the unique EMF signatures of every American citizens' body, by electronically decoding these unique EMF signatures from our bodies, and cataloging them into a central government computer database, which is then used as part of this signals intelligence driven domestic spy program.

NSA whistle blower, John St. Clair Akwei, attempted to expose the NSA's decoding of the individual brain maps of many Americans in his 1992 civil action against the NSA, while also exposing the NSA's Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network; a domestic surveillance system that tracks the individual brain maps of each American citizen by way of the EMF spectrum.

Except that Akwei's lawsuit was wrongfully dismissed by a corrupted circuit court judge and CIA asset by the name of Stanley Sporkin, who had to have known that Akwei's *lawsuit raised some very disturbing questions about the NSA's illegal domestic spying, and the extent of the NSA's illegal spying in the United States.

Google: John St. Clair Akwei VS The U.S. National Security Agency

Once you read the above lawsuit (and every American citizen of reading age should) ask yourself this question: If you were an honest judge, who had the best interests of the American people at heart, how could have possibly dismissed this lawsuit? How could you have allowed the NSA to get away with such an abject betrayal of the American people and the U.S. Constitution?

In 2006, Dr. Robert Duncan confirmed some of what John St. Clair Akwei had written about in 1992, in regard to the NSA's ability to remotely read the minds of American citizens.

In his book: "The Matrix Deciphered - Psychic Warfare," Dr. Duncan described how the Pentagon and CIA had reconfigured orbiting spy satellites by the mid 1970s, to take advantage of remote thought reading technology which had been perfected by that time. And that this was done in conjunction with decoding the individual brain maps of millions of American citizens for the purpose of non consensual human experimentation, of which this author is certain, that I am one.

In my estimate, based on the computing power available to the U.S. Military Intelligence complex in the present day, I believe that it is entirely possible that every man, woman and child in America has been illegally brain mapped by this complex, as part of a future world government technocracy.

And that this program has effectively allowed this corrupt government to reduce the American people to unwitting heads of electromagnetically branded cattle. A citizenry who is incapable of escaping this signals intelligence driven Orwellian dragnet, because it tracks our own bodies, and remotely enters our own minds, without our knowledge or consent.

If I am correct, and I truly believe that I am, this author made history in 2005 when I publicly accused the NSA of brain mapping the entire U.S. population as part of a signals intelligence driven domestic spy program.

I may not live long enough to see this scandal unravel, however, I already have the satisfaction of knowing that I had something to do with exposing it, in an attempt to save my country and its citizenry from the most evil shadow government in history.

As for my concerns regarding Maria Bartiromo's safety, perhaps they are warranted after all, given the recent directed energy weapon's attack on this author for posting them.

Bartiromo was a such a powerful force within the company, that many female executives at CNBC had quietly referred to her as the "glass ceiling." This term is used to refer to an invisible barrier preventing women from moving into the upper echelon of a company.

So is there a covert conspiracy to harm Maria Bartiromo, which is to be carried out in the future, as punishment for her leaving CNBC?

I hope not. But if so, I also hope that what I have written here prevents such a conspiracy from taking place.

Moreover, whether or not she is in any danger in regard to leaving *CNBC for taking a better offer elsewhere is beyond my knowledge.

However, Maria Bartiromo, like the rest of the citizens in this country, is unwittingly subjected to the same Orwellian domestic spy system which this author writes about on this Blog.

Something that I am certain I will likely be murdered for at some point in the future, which I long ago resigned myself to.

However, unlike many of the other Americans who have attempted to expose Rothschild Zionism and its New World Order dictatorship without actually posting their concerns about being murdered for it, prior to being killed, this author has been able to post these concerns, while writing about what may well be the best documented case of the U.S. Military Intelligence complexes' use of COINTELPRO and MK-ULTRA on an American citizen, in this country's history.

I'll update the situation to document the duration of this particular and painful directed energy weapons' attack, by these sadistic, lowlife, Nazi indoctrinated demons, whom hell awaits.


1/22/14 - This author spends very little time reading tabloid journalism, because of its lurid gossip and use as a tool of disinformation. However, if I am suspicious that some media personality might have become the target of a covert assassination attempt via directed energy microwave weapons, I will post my concerns on this blog in an effort to draw international attention to the person, in an attempt to save their life.

Former CNBC financial journalist, Maria Bartiromo, left CNBC several months ago for a new position with Fox News Network, having been promised a publicly undisclosed TV program that she is supposed to host. However, to this author's knowledge, the program has not aired.

It may just be that her attorneys are firming up her contractual obligations with the news network.

However, taking into consideration that CNBC was probably less than thrilled with Bartiromo's departure, after building a substantial and loyal viewership for the cable network over the past two decades based not only on her business acumen, but also the fact that Maria has the magnetism of a movie star - which has prompted European investors to call her the Sophia Loren of financial journalism; the fact that she is presently involved in a bitter divorce with her husband (investment mogul Jonathon Steinfeld); and the fact that *Bartiromo has also been accused of having an affair with "someone whom she regularly interviewed" while still working for CNBC; I don't want to read the front page of a newspaper one morning only to find that she committed suicide, or that someother unfortunate situation has befallen her.

Especially since EEG heterodyning can be used to implant suicidal thoughts into a targeted subject's mind, without the person ever realizing it.

* Today, 1/23/14, the day after this author posts the above concerns in regard to Maria Bartiromo's well being, the Long Island Newsday daily paper has a piece in regard to Bartiromo, describing how she be will hosting a new program for the Fox News Network beginning in April 2014.

I find it of considerable interest that there has been little public information available in regard to Bartiromo since she left CNBC a few months ago, yet the day after I post my concerns in regard to her safety, there is a small article in the business section of Long Island's Newsday daily paper, pertaining to her hosting a new program for Fox News.

While I am relieved to hear that Bartiromo is OK, I must say that I find these anomalies have become so common that I hardly ever bother to document them any longer when they do occur. However, the fact that this article on Maria would appear the day after I post my concerns is not a coincidence in the least. There are many people who read this blog, including the very federal agents who not only remotely sabotage it, but are also well aware that they are perpetrating these horrific crimes against this author and myriad other targets of such non consensual human experimentation.

And if something was to have happened to Maria Bartiromo in the future, the controlled media would have gone along with the official and fabricated story like they always do. Why do you think that after more than a decade, no one in the U.S. media will admit to the obvious fact that 9/11 remains a government cover up, even though their common sense tells them that this is true, based on a myriad of facts which the media as well our elected representatives intentionally ignore?

It is this author's intent by posting the aforementioned information, that if there is anyone or any group planning to do her harm, I have raised concerns about this, which will hopefully prevent Maria Bartiromo from becoming the target of a covert criminal act in the future.

My intent, as a target of MK-Ultra since childhood, is to expose how directed energy weaponry and its use to torture, murder and remotely access and manipulate the minds of the American citizenry, is part of a much larger agenda by Rothschild Zionism's investment class, to conduct class warfare against the global middle class, by using the electromagnetic spectrum as a tool in which to enslave us.

In the United States, this has already been done through the decoding of the individual brain maps of each American citizen, which are then catalogued into a central computer database, and used as part of an Orwellian signals intelligence driven domestic spy program.

Even though the program has to some degree already been exposed, its sounding so outlandish continues to be its most effective cover. It is difficult to get the public to believe that this technology exists, just as it is equally as difficult to silence those of us who know for a fact that this Orwellian program is real.

However, your average citizen who hears about this program and does not believe in its existence is nowhere as likely to be murdered, as are those of us who do recognize that this program not only exists, but will ultimately be used to enslave the global population; those who will eventually find themselves the subjects of a 21St century technocratic feudal system.

The ***following has been excerpted from author Jim Keith's: "MASS CONTROL: ENGINEERING HUMAN CONSCIOUSNESS." Keith wrote several excellent books on Rothschild Zionism's New World Order - world government agenda, before he suffered a fall in his home in 2003, and later died while undergoing surgery to repair a broken leg.

If more of his readers knew that he was in the hospital at the time, he might still be alive today.

Given how important Jim Keith's expositions in regard to the New World Order's use of mind control on the general population of this planet are, the reader should also note that Keith specifically stated prior to having surgery, that he not be placed under an anesthetic during the surgery to repair his leg; citing concerns that he would not regain consciousness.

Given the fact that Jim Keith died during surgery, I think that his concerns were well warranted. One must also wonder exactly how it was that Keith came to break his leg in the first place?

If the Intel community wanted him dead, they could have chosen a myriad of ways to murder him.

However, given Keith's enormous following as an excellent conspiracy writer, and expositor of the New World Order, a car accident, shooting, or any other violent death would have attracted too much attention.

So he had to be murdered in a less obvious manner. A serious head injury from a fall could have killed him. However, what if that failed, and Keith just ended up injured instead of dead?

What then?

The logical solution would have been anything his assassins could have done to get him into a hospital, where these government detractors could have created a "medical prison for Jim," which would have offered the perfect means in which to murder Jim Keith with plausible deniability.

And the fall at his home did just that.

One must also wonder exactly how Keith came to fall? Was he struck with a directed energy microwave weapon to cause him to lose consciousness, with the intent of having him strike his head in order to kill him?

Or was his leg broken after being targeted by a directed energy weapon?

This technology can be used to uproot a tree weighing thousands of pounds, so imagine the damage that it could cause to the human body.

If so, one must wonder how many other failed attempts there may have been on Jim Keith's life before his assassins finally succeeded in killing him?

For those of us who've read some of his books, there's no question that he was yet another proverbial thorn in the side of the U.S. Military Industrial Intelligence complex, who would have been overjoyed to see Keith dead.

And that makes it that much more probable, that his murder was perpetrated in a furtive manner.


*** "In 1982, Dorothy Burdick wrote a book about her ordeal as an experimental subject of the U.S. intelligence agencies. Although this information has not been completely verified, additional information that will be presented in this book leads one to believe that Burdick was not deluded.

"She wrote, 'Since 1973, the Advanced Research Project Agency of the Defense Department has utilized the combined efforts of the Massachusetts Institute Of Technology, New York University, the University of California at Los Angeles and the National Aeronautics and Space Administration, Ahmes Research Center at Moffett Field in California, to read minds at a distance by deciphering the brain's magnetic waves.

"The Pentagon denied the project was secret although a reporter was ousted from a meeting on the subject by someone identified as a member of the CIA.

"The MEG (magnetoencephalogram) is many times more sensitive than EEG (electroencephalogram). MEG was originally reported in 1968. A computer search of the current literature reveals little published on MEG because it is undoubtedly classified in ARPA's (Advanced Research Projects Agency) computer network.'

"Another aspect of the technology, Burdick wrote, was 'FOCUS (flexible optical control unit simulator) projects hallucinatory images directly on the retina of the eye. When the images are projected the subjects show the same body responses that they would by taking a drug. FOCUS was developed at UCLA's Neuropsychiatric Institute by Ron Siegel, an experimental psychologist, who eventually hopes to control retrieval of imagery information at will including that of daydreams, sleep and hallucinations.'

"Although Burdick does not mention it, Siegel was a writing partner with CIA mind control expert Louis Jolyon West. Evaluating the above information, it is obvious that with the state of the art in computers, electronics, implants and other forms of manipulation that a threshold has been crossed. We have reached a point where the mind masterscan now or very soon will be able to completely control our perception of reality. They will be able to own our reality completely, so much so that we will not know that our thinking, our perceptions, are not our own, but are dictated to us from an exterior source.

"As reported in the New York Times, in 1998, British Telecommunications is currently at work on a device that they dub the Soul Catcher, a computer chip implanted in the optic nerve behind the eye that, in conjunction with genetic programming, will monitor and record the entirety of a person's thinking, what they see, what they feel. This information, according to Dr. Chris Winter of British Telecommunications, will be stored in a central computer. Information will also be fed to the person from an exterior computerized source, for 'extrasensory' experience. Among the other capabilities foreseen for *Soul Catcher is the implanting of one person's chip into a newborn baby, thus transplanting the entire experience of the person into another."

*Google: "Project Soul Catcher" by Dr. Robert Duncan

This author has been a target of a very similar type of non consensual human experimentation by the NSA and FBI for nearly forty years, given their use of my person as a target of MK-ULTRA. However, no computer chip implants are necessary to interface a computer with the neural pathways of one's brain. That remains disinformation which the U.S. Military Intelligence complex uses to conceal the fact that they can decode the brain map of any American citizen, catalogue it into a central government computer database, and then use that brain map to instantly enter that person's mind at anytime, without that person's knowledge or consent.

In this author's opinion, the entire media system in America is brain mapped, and remotely EEG heterodyned via artificial intelligence computers, as part of their covert mind control programming.

And this mind control programming can also include suicide programming.

The day after I wrote a post in regard to my concerns pertaining to the death of CNBC news anchor Mark Haines, a doctor who claimed to be a friend of Haines was posting that some "lunatic" (yours truly) had posted information that was based on sheer paranoia - in claiming that Haines may have been murdered - and that there was nothing mysterious about Haines' death.

To this day I think that this "doctor" was lying, and that the facts behind Mark Haines' sudden death remain secreted from the public, because he may have been murdered through the use of directed energy weapons.

Directed energy induced heart attacks and suicides are far more common than most Americans might think, as well as the myriad other types of microwave energy induced tortures and murders which take place constantly.

Perhaps if this doctor knew how anyone can be murdered by way of a directed energy microwave weapon, as well as the myriad of different ways in which these weapons can be used to perpetrate such crimes with plausible deniability, he would not have been so quick to dismiss this author's claims. That is unless he already knows about these weapons, is acting in the capacity of a disinformation agent, and was concerned that at least one person who is also familiar with these weapons has attributed them to the death of Mark Haines.

In which case, one could hardly consider this doctor to be a legitimate friend of Mark Haines.

The regular and substantial readership of this blog (for those who can access it) are well aware of many of these - out of the ordinary occurrences - which take place in this author's life on a consistent basis.

As any target of MK-ULTRA will tell you, there is nothing normal about having your brain remotely interfaced with a supercomputer, by some Intel Nazi demon, using you for the purpose of mind control experimentation and remote forms of electronic warfare torture.

Nor is there anything normal in regard to the types of psychotic and oftentimes deadly mind-games that in their demented minds, they "play" with us; using unwitting members of our society to murder, in what may well be a form of high tech Satanic Ritual Abuse sacrifice. SRA conducted with directed energy microwave weapons which are deployed by way of the electromagnetic spectrum.

For more on this read my article (the link is below) in regard to the death and likely murder of a Madison Avenue executive by the name of Suzanne Hart, whom these Nazi psychopaths are going to burn in hell for killing.

*Was A Woman By The Name Of Suzanne Hart Murdered Through High Tech Means, Simply Because She Served As Part Of The Demented Psychological Warfare Operation Which The FBI And NSA Have Been Illegally Conducting Against This Author For More Than Thirty Years?

And based on what I have researched over the past few years in regard to media personalities being EEG heterodyned, I would not discount a large media company such as CNBC (or *Warner Brothers for instance), relying on the use of microwave energy weapons to perpetrate plausibly deniable murder, against someone whom they were seeking revenge against.

* The deaths of actress Brittany Murphy and her husband Simon Monjack from pneumonia induced heart attacks several years ago, and just five months apart, occurred after Murphy had been very vocal about being fired from the animation movie, Happy Feet II, based on accusations that she was using drugs.

She denied the allegations.

Murphy was found dead in her home of a heart attack a short time later. And her husband, Simon Monjack, was planning to file a wrongful death suit against Warner Brothers in the death of Brittany Murphy, when he also died from a pneumonia induced heart attack. The media has claimed that both Murphy and Monjack had been suffering from health problems, including a seizure which Monjack had suffered while on an airline flight.

Seizures can be induced by way of microwave energy weapons and so can heart attacks and pneumonias. Moreover, the EMF frequency for any illness can be digitally reproduced and remotely broadcast into a person's body via the EMF spectrum, without the targeted subject even realizing it.

Those who are regularly targeted by directed energy weapons should take note of this, in an effort to keep their immune systems as healthy as possible - in spite of how difficult this is under the terrible circumstances in which we are forced to live.

Moreover, the fact that a married couple under the age of 40 would die within months of each other, after having a very public battle with one of the largest Zionist controlled motion picture companies in Hollywood, should not be ignored by the general public. Even if the government controlled media in America has chosen to do so.

More recently, the estranged father of Brittany Murphy, conducting his own independent investigation into the death of both Murphy and Monjack, has claimed that toxicology reports he'd ordered taken from both of their bodies, proves that they were poisoned to death. Whether this is a smokescreen to detract attention away from a more high-tech means of murdering both of these Hollywood personalities, or they were really poisoned remains to be seen.

However, the fact that both Murphy and Monjack died within five months of each other, with bad blood between themselves and Warner Brothers, has covert murder written all over it.

As for the "mind controlled" media in America, have you the reader, seen some of the videos on YouTube of these broadcast personalities speaking fine one minute during a live broadcast, only to then start speaking completely incoherently?

Even Judge Judy was targeted by this computer to brain attack during the same time period that several other media personalities experienced nearly identical neurological impairment.

In the case of Judge Judy, it makes one wonder if that fiery temper of hers may have angered the wrong people, and resulted in her being subjected to this attack in order to humble her a bit.

Anyway, I decided to post the information about several of these media personalities in an attempt to expose the fact that they are the unwitting subjects of MK-ULTRA mind control via the EMF spectrum, in an effort to alert them to it, and to end this illegal and inhumane experimentation of their persons.

As for microwave energy perpetrated murders, they are the Holy Grail in committing murder with complete anonymity, which is why the U.S. Military Intelligence complex is trying to destroy those of us who are publicly exposing these crimes, in an effort to alert humanity to what they are in store for.

In regard to murders being perpetrated through such high tech means, this author continues to believe that CNBC financial analyst, Mark Haines, died under very suspicious circumstances that may have involved an EEG induced suicide, made all the more nebulous by CNBC's attempt to conceal the cause of his death from CNBC's viewership.

To this day his death certificate reads that he died of natural causes.

Within a year of Haines' death, I counted more than ten instances with different media personalities, who experienced sudden neurological impairment while doing a live TV broadcast.

I even embedded these videos on this Website in one article that I had written about, in regard to the politicians and media in this country being unwittingly mind controlled by the U.S. Military Intelligence complex. However, the FBI began interfering with the download time to this page, and later the entire blog, in an effort to prevent the public from learning about an atrocity that the FBI is more than well aware of, and quite possibly even directly involved in.

The clandestine EEG brain mapping of the American people.

As for Mark Haines, to this day no one knows what really caused his death. Moreover, those who use these weapons to perpetrate these crimes with plausible deniability, will coerce a coroner into falsifying a death certificate, if the real cause of death would raise suspicion that foul play may have been involved in the person's demise.

As for Haines, in this author's opinion, he was middle aged in a young persons' business, likely being phased out at CNBC, and lamented the loss of his longtime co-host, Erin Burnett, just weeks before his sudden death. As his teary eyed goodbye to Erin on her last day at CNBC indicated.

With Burnett gone, Haines' program segment was going to lose rating share and CNBC knew it.

The logical solution was to replace Haines with two younger people whom the viewers could better identify with.

So, if CNBC was looking to coerce Mark Haines into resigning, possibly because he may have had a few years left on his contract that they didn't want to satisfy, and Haines refused to leave, an EEG heterodyned suicide would have provided the motive for killing him off in a plausibly deniable way.

I think that many media personalities, including a number of Hollywood stars, have been murdered through such plausible deniability, whether they were EEG heterodyned into killing themselves, or murdered in a made to appear as suicide.

I am hoping that if there is any intent in regard to harming Maria Bartiromo using the aforementioned technology, that what I have posted here will prevent any harm from coming to her.

If ever there were a term that the American people should familiarize themselves with, it is plausible deniability. Because it is through this concept of denial that government crimes, including the 9/11 false flag operation and the systematic destruction of our Republic, have been perpetrated against us.

Who committed the terrorist acts on 9-11-2001? As in the murder of JFK, there were may conspirators. As for those who supplied the weaponry to carry out these crimes, look no further than Washington D.C., and pay special attention to the Pentagon.

Yes the attack on the Pentagon is one of the real giveaways here that 9/11 was an inside job. The only side of the building which had been structurally reinforced a short time before 9/11, is the wall that is hit by what was likely a cruise missile. And, the accountants whom according to former Secretary Of Defense, Donald Rumsfeld, in a meeting on 9/10/2001, were being employed to start investigating the missing 2.5 trillion dollars of Pentagon funds, all conveniently died on 9/11, while all of the files they were to research burned in the ensuing fire.

A similar situation occurred when WTC 7 was imploded and thousands of pending SEC investigations regarding Wall Street went up in smoke.

How was the NYC Fire Department able to wire all of WTC 7 with dynamite in order to implode the entire building only hours after the attacks on the WTC Towers took place?

They weren't. WTC 7 was already planted with explosives perhaps weeks or months in advance of 9/11, just as the WTC Towers were, as part of the 9/11 false flag operation.

This is not conspiracy theory. This is conspiracy fact!

Moreover, there was a specific reason why only one of the walls at the Pentagon had been structurally reinforced prior to 9/11 (in spite of whatever plausibly deniable cover the perpetrators who carried out 9/11 decide to use here), and that is because the cruise missile which the perpetrators of this terrorist attack were planning to use to damage the Pentagon on 9/11, was only going to slam into one of the Pentagon's walls.

The reinforced one.

Don't you also find it convenient how the wall which this cruise missile badly damaged had been structurally reinforced not long before 9/11?

The reason is that those who perpetrated 9/11 wanted to use the attack on the Pentagon to combat the myriad allegations which have since surfaced, that 9/11 was a false flag operation.

Specifically, "if we committed these attacks, why would we strike one of own buildings?"

And the answer, is to detract attention away from the U.S. government's involvement in 9/11.

A version of the Intel community's "shoot one of your own agents in front of an enemy agent in order to gain their trust."

Obviously, the reader will and should infer from this, that this government considers its citizenry to be its enemy.

Moreover, those within our own subverted government who helped to plan these attacks, knew exactly how much energy a cruise missile would use when it struck a series of concrete walls at the Pentagon - as well as the damage it would cause to the side of the building.

They knew that this missile would kill those whom they intended to murder and destroy any physical evidence which would prove that the Pentagon was moving trillions of dollars out of the United States (and into other more profitable economies), while leaving the rest of the Pentagon untouched; including Rumsfeld himself, who at the time of the missile attack on the Pentagon, was sitting safely at his desk which was located in an area of the Pentagon that was furthest from where the missile had struck.

Another convenient coincidence.

The perpetrators of this attack also made certain that the media disinformation campaign which followed immediately after the Pentagon attack, was quick to lay blame on a hijacked 757. However, when it became apparent to most Americans that a 757 never hit the Pentagon, even the media disinformation system put into place specifically for the 9/11 false flag operation, had failed. To this day most Americans believe that the U.S. federal government has lied to them in regard to what really occurred on 9/11/2001.

And that makes every future false flag operation that much riskier for Rothschild Zionism's murderous Illuminati banksters and their conspiratorial minions - those who maintain furtive control over every politician and soldier in the United States.

As for calling the FBI in to investigate acts of terrorism in the United Stated, why even bother?

Since the Bureau has been used time and time again to whitewash the facts behind these crimes, to seize and destroy pertinent evidence to them, and to fabricate evidence which is then used to deceive the American public, while protecting the criminals who actually perpetrated these acts of terrorism.

That is when the FBI, itself, isn't the actual perpetrator of a terrorist attack, as the Bureau was in the *1993 bombing of the World Trade Center.

*Google: FBI Informant, Emad Salem exposes FBI complicity in the 1993 World Trade Center bombing

- James F. Marino
MK-Ultra Target

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