Thursday, January 23, 2014

Microwave Energy Weapons Being Used To Mind Control And Even Murder U.S. Politicans And Media Personalities Has Become A Reality In The United States

Has Robert Monroe's "Monroe Institute" Become Another Front Organization For The CIA & The CIA's Hideous MK-ULTRA Mind Control Research Program?

Editor's Note: The painful directed energy attack on this author's skull, by these murderous FBI & NSA psychopaths, continues for the third straight day, while these demons in the flesh continue in their attempts to murder this author, for exposing their brain mapping of the American people, as well as my experiences as a target of MK-ULTRA mind control experimentation since childhood.

*The **pain is bad enough that I am dizzy when I walk. I know that once this frequency is modulated downward the pain will either ease or end completely.

**After I post this the microwave frequency causing this pain is modulated downward, and the pain eases considerably.

My Mom, who has been under microwave energy attacks for much of the past decade, is also being targeted for such microwave induced pain by these filthy lowlife, evil psychopaths, who pathologically lie to the public by denying these crimes, as well as the fact that they are able to remotely track any American citizen through a signals intelligence EMF scanning network, which tracks the decoded brain wave prints from each American citizen, that are illegally stored in a central government computer database - after they are illegally obtained through a covert brain mapping program in the United States.

This is the greatest scandal in American history, and one which this completely corrupted and Zionist controlled government cannot survive. So they continue to pathologically deny this atrocity, while attempting to murder those of us who have exposed it.

*Not long after I post the above information in regard to the aggressive directed energy attack on my skull by FBI/NSA psycho's, the frequency being used to attack my person is modulated downward to decrease the pain. However, it can be increased at any time, which offers further proof that these attacks are taking place, and being used to torture, both this author, as well as other members of my Family, including, but not limited to both of my parents.

In fact my Mother continues to be tortured by way of these microwave energy weapon's attacks 24 hours a day, in the way of microwave induced nerve pain, which can be immediately relieved if the directed energy weapon being used against her was either modulated downward or turned off completely.

What kind of a person would torture men, women and children with such Orwellian technology, regardless of how covertly this torture was carried out? A monster.

In America, we have a government that is full of such evil reprobates.

The FBI and NSA are also heavily reliant on their use of psychological warfare operations in their COINTELPRO attack of this author, which since 2003, has also involved the complete takeover of our cable TV programming, which contains nothing but their psychological warfare programming 24 hours a day.

As such, no program that is broadcast into our home is without some form of electronic tampering, which involves digital manipulation of both audio and visual aspects of this programming. Many programs also contain CGI video animation of media personalities, whose images are cloned and then completely reanimated for the purpose of serving as part of these psychological operations.

This is done to drive sane people insane, while these murderous Intel psychopaths attempt to portray us as being mentally unstable. These agents are far too cowardly to admit the truth - that they are trying to drive us crazy because we can testify against them in court, and expose the crimes they have and continue to commit against us using EEG heterodyning to interface computers with the neural pathways of our brains.

These monsters really are evil in the flesh.

They're not American citizens. They are Nazis who have harbored themselves behind the masque of a military intelligence complex.

And in the case of the FBI and NSA reprobates who continue to perpetrate these atrocities against us, they have completely perverted the Constitutional rule of law in order to cover this up.

And if they ever admit to the brain mapping and remote torture of our persons for decades on end as part of a modern day version of MK-ULTRA, these psychopaths will implicate themselves in the worst crimes against humanity in our history, while attempting to completely abrogate the U.S. Bill of Rights.

They are scum. Malevolent scum.


1/24/14 - Since I *posted my concerns about the safety of Maria Bartiromo two days ago, I am experiencing a significant increase in directed energy microwave weapons' attacks on my person. I can literally feel the electricity moving through my body and the chills have increased significantly as well, as my capillaries are artificially contracted via microwave energy weapons. Moreover, the right frontal lobe portion of my brain has been aggressively attacked via microwave energy weaponry, causing acute pain in this area, some dizziness and nausea.

The pain has been consistent for about 48 hours. These microwave energy attacks have been taking place against this author for the past two decades, and used as a furtive method of torture, as part of my decades' long use as a target of MK-ULTRA.

Interestingly enough, the FBI was given access to these weapons in 1994, and the microwave energy attacks against this author began against my person 1994.

I have been tortured by way of these weapons everyday since the midst of the 1990s.

Another interesting coincidence?

What I am documenting on this blog is FBI/NSA collusion in the furtive murder attempts on the lives of this author and several members of my Family, including my parents, while these federal psychopaths continue to not only slander my person, but to also conceal their precedent setting crimes against this author.

I am now also concerned that they may be poisoning some of our food, as part of this attack.

The best evidence of the attack, of course, is their completely illegal, pathetic and desperate smear campaign against this author.

Something which a significant part of the U.S. population is aware of, yet prevented from publicly discussing, because this would prove that the FBI and NSA agents are in violation of my civil rights, and attempting to circumvent the Constitutional rule of law in their smear campaign against my person - as well as their debilitating microwave energy attacks against this author and other members of my Family.

This furtive attempt at murdering us is being done by the FBI and NSA in order to cover up the fact that I have been a target of MK-ULTRA mind control experimentation since childhood, and that I am telling the American people the truth about this government's clandestine brain mapping of each of us.

How else does the reader think that the FBI could claim to have gathered so much information on my person, when I have no criminal record, nor have I committed a federal crime which would have enabled the FBI to open a legitimate investigation into my person?

Both the FBI and NSA are covering up decades of their own outrageous crimes against this author, and counting on treasonous legislation like the Patriot Act, in order to get away with it.

In their defamation campaign against my person, these demonic predators and pathological liars are also attempting to cover up a national EMF fingerprinting program which also includes the decoding of our individual brain maps (for the purpose of remotely accessing the neural pathways of our brains).

In 2005, this author set an unheard of precedent, when I publicly accused the U.S. federal government of secretly implementing a signals intelligence driven domestic spy program which operates by way of the EMF spectrum, and which is used to remotely access the unique EMF signatures of every American citizens' body, by electronically decoding these unique EMF signatures from our bodies, and cataloging them into a central government computer database, which is then used as part of this signals intelligence driven domestic spy program.

NSA whistle blower, John St. Clair Akwei, attempted to expose the NSA's decoding of the individual brain maps of many Americans in his 1992 civil action against the NSA, while also exposing the NSA's Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network; a domestic surveillance system that tracks the individual brain maps of each American citizen by way of the EMF spectrum.

Except that Akwei's lawsuit was wrongfully dismissed by a corrupted circuit court judge and CIA asset by the name of Stanley Sporkin, who had to have known that Akwei's *lawsuit raised some very disturbing questions about the NSA's illegal domestic spying, and the extent of the NSA's illegal spying in the United States.

Google: John St. Clair Akwei VS The U.S. National Security Agency

Once you read the above lawsuit (and every American citizen of reading age should) ask yourself this question: If you were an honest judge, who had the best interests of the American people at heart, how could have possibly dismissed this lawsuit? How could you have allowed the NSA to get away with such an abject betrayal of the American people and the U.S. Constitution?

In 2006, Dr. Robert Duncan confirmed some of what John St. Clair Akwei had written about in 1992, in regard to the NSA's ability to remotely read the minds of American citizens.

In his book: "The Matrix Deciphered - Psychic Warfare," Dr. Duncan described how the Pentagon and CIA had reconfigured orbiting spy satellites by the mid 1970s, to take advantage of remote thought reading technology which had been perfected by that time. And that this was done in conjunction with decoding the individual brain maps of millions of American citizens for the purpose of non consensual human experimentation, of which this author is certain, that I am one.

In my estimate, based on the computing power available to the U.S. Military Intelligence complex in the present day, I believe that it is entirely possible that every man, woman and child in America has been illegally brain mapped by this complex, as part of a future world government technocracy.

And that this program has effectively allowed this corrupt government to reduce the American people to unwitting heads of electromagnetically branded cattle. A citizenry who is incapable of escaping this signals intelligence driven Orwellian dragnet, because it tracks our own bodies, and remotely enters our own minds, without our knowledge or consent.

If I am correct, and I truly believe that I am, this author made history in 2005 when I publicly accused the NSA of brain mapping the entire U.S. population as part of a signals intelligence driven domestic spy program.

I may not live long enough to see this scandal unravel, however, I already have the satisfaction of knowing that I had something to do with exposing it, in an attempt to save my country and its citizenry from the most evil shadow government in history.

As for my concerns regarding Maria Bartiromo's safety, perhaps they are warranted after all, given the recent directed energy weapon's attack on this author for posting them.

Bartiromo was a such a powerful force within the company, that many female executives at CNBC had quietly referred to her as the "glass ceiling." This term is used to refer to an invisible barrier preventing women from moving into the upper echelon of a company.

So is there a covert conspiracy to harm Maria Bartiromo, which is to be carried out in the future, as punishment for her leaving CNBC?

I hope not. But if so, I also hope that what I have written here prevents such a conspiracy from taking place.

Moreover, whether or not she is in any danger in regard to leaving *CNBC for taking a better offer elsewhere is beyond my knowledge.

However, Maria Bartiromo, like the rest of the citizens in this country, is unwittingly subjected to the same Orwellian domestic spy system which this author writes about on this Blog.

Something that I am certain I will likely be murdered for at some point in the future, which I long ago resigned myself to.

However, unlike many of the other Americans who have attempted to expose Rothschild Zionism and its New World Order dictatorship without actually posting their concerns about being murdered for it, prior to being killed, this author has been able to post these concerns, while writing about what may well be the best documented case of the U.S. Military Intelligence complexes' use of COINTELPRO and MK-ULTRA on an American citizen, in this country's history.

I'll update the situation to document the duration of this particular and painful directed energy weapons' attack, by these sadistic, lowlife, Nazi indoctrinated demons, whom hell awaits.


1/22/14 - This author spends very little time reading tabloid journalism, because of its lurid gossip and use as a tool of disinformation. However, if I am suspicious that some media personality might have become the target of a covert assassination attempt via directed energy microwave weapons, I will post my concerns on this blog in an effort to draw international attention to the person, in an attempt to save their life.

Former CNBC financial journalist, Maria Bartiromo, left CNBC several months ago for a new position with Fox News Network, having been promised a publicly undisclosed TV program that she is supposed to host. However, to this author's knowledge, the program has not aired.

It may just be that her attorneys are firming up her contractual obligations with the news network.

However, taking into consideration that CNBC was probably less than thrilled with Bartiromo's departure, after building a substantial and loyal viewership for the cable network over the past two decades based not only on her business acumen, but also the fact that Maria has the magnetism of a movie star - which has prompted European investors to call her the Sophia Loren of financial journalism; the fact that she is presently involved in a bitter divorce with her husband (investment mogul Jonathon Steinfeld); and the fact that *Bartiromo has also been accused of having an affair with "someone whom she regularly interviewed" while still working for CNBC; I don't want to read the front page of a newspaper one morning only to find that she committed suicide, or that someother unfortunate situation has befallen her.

Especially since EEG heterodyning can be used to implant suicidal thoughts into a targeted subject's mind, without the person ever realizing it.

* Today, 1/23/14, the day after this author posts the above concerns in regard to Maria Bartiromo's well being, the Long Island Newsday daily paper has a piece in regard to Bartiromo, describing how she be will hosting a new program for the Fox News Network beginning in April 2014.

I find it of considerable interest that there has been little public information available in regard to Bartiromo since she left CNBC a few months ago, yet the day after I post my concerns in regard to her safety, there is a small article in the business section of Long Island's Newsday daily paper, pertaining to her hosting a new program for Fox News.

While I am relieved to hear that Bartiromo is OK, I must say that I find these anomalies have become so common that I hardly ever bother to document them any longer when they do occur. However, the fact that this article on Maria would appear the day after I post my concerns is not a coincidence in the least. There are many people who read this blog, including the very federal agents who not only remotely sabotage it, but are also well aware that they are perpetrating these horrific crimes against this author and myriad other targets of such non consensual human experimentation.

And if something was to have happened to Maria Bartiromo in the future, the controlled media would have gone along with the official and fabricated story like they always do. Why do you think that after more than a decade, no one in the U.S. media will admit to the obvious fact that 9/11 remains a government cover up, even though their common sense tells them that this is true, based on a myriad of facts which the media as well our elected representatives intentionally ignore?

It is this author's intent by posting the aforementioned information, that if there is anyone or any group planning to do her harm, I have raised concerns about this, which will hopefully prevent Maria Bartiromo from becoming the target of a covert criminal act in the future.

My intent, as a target of MK-Ultra since childhood, is to expose how directed energy weaponry and its use to torture, murder and remotely access and manipulate the minds of the American citizenry, is part of a much larger agenda by Rothschild Zionism's investment class, to conduct class warfare against the global middle class, by using the electromagnetic spectrum as a tool in which to enslave us.

In the United States, this has already been done through the decoding of the individual brain maps of each American citizen, which are then catalogued into a central computer database, and used as part of an Orwellian signals intelligence driven domestic spy program.

Even though the program has to some degree already been exposed, its sounding so outlandish continues to be its most effective cover. It is difficult to get the public to believe that this technology exists, just as it is equally as difficult to silence those of us who know for a fact that this Orwellian program is real.

However, your average citizen who hears about this program and does not believe in its existence is nowhere as likely to be murdered, as are those of us who do recognize that this program not only exists, but will ultimately be used to enslave the global population; those who will eventually find themselves the subjects of a 21St century technocratic feudal system.

The ***following has been excerpted from author Jim Keith's: "MASS CONTROL: ENGINEERING HUMAN CONSCIOUSNESS." Keith wrote several excellent books on Rothschild Zionism's New World Order - world government agenda, before he suffered a fall in his home in 2003, and later died while undergoing surgery to repair a broken leg.

If more of his readers knew that he was in the hospital at the time, he might still be alive today.

Given how important Jim Keith's expositions in regard to the New World Order's use of mind control on the general population of this planet are, the reader should also note that Keith specifically stated prior to having surgery, that he not be placed under an anesthetic during the surgery to repair his leg; citing concerns that he would not regain consciousness.

Given the fact that Jim Keith died during surgery, I think that his concerns were well warranted. One must also wonder exactly how it was that Keith came to break his leg in the first place?

If the Intel community wanted him dead, they could have chosen a myriad of ways to murder him.

However, given Keith's enormous following as an excellent conspiracy writer, and expositor of the New World Order, a car accident, shooting, or any other violent death would have attracted too much attention.

So he had to be murdered in a less obvious manner. A serious head injury from a fall could have killed him. However, what if that failed, and Keith just ended up injured instead of dead?

What then?

The logical solution would have been anything his assassins could have done to get him into a hospital, where these government detractors could have created a "medical prison for Jim," which would have offered the perfect means in which to murder Jim Keith with plausible deniability.

And the fall at his home did just that.

One must also wonder exactly how Keith came to fall? Was he struck with a directed energy microwave weapon to cause him to lose consciousness, with the intent of having him strike his head in order to kill him?

Or was his leg broken after being targeted by a directed energy weapon?

This technology can be used to uproot a tree weighing thousands of pounds, so imagine the damage that it could cause to the human body.

If so, one must wonder how many other failed attempts there may have been on Jim Keith's life before his assassins finally succeeded in killing him?

For those of us who've read some of his books, there's no question that he was yet another proverbial thorn in the side of the U.S. Military Industrial Intelligence complex, who would have been overjoyed to see Keith dead.

And that makes it that much more probable, that his murder was perpetrated in a furtive manner.


*** "In 1982, Dorothy Burdick wrote a book about her ordeal as an experimental subject of the U.S. intelligence agencies. Although this information has not been completely verified, additional information that will be presented in this book leads one to believe that Burdick was not deluded.

"She wrote, 'Since 1973, the Advanced Research Project Agency of the Defense Department has utilized the combined efforts of the Massachusetts Institute Of Technology, New York University, the University of California at Los Angeles and the National Aeronautics and Space Administration, Ahmes Research Center at Moffett Field in California, to read minds at a distance by deciphering the brain's magnetic waves.

"The Pentagon denied the project was secret although a reporter was ousted from a meeting on the subject by someone identified as a member of the CIA.

"The MEG (magnetoencephalogram) is many times more sensitive than EEG (electroencephalogram). MEG was originally reported in 1968. A computer search of the current literature reveals little published on MEG because it is undoubtedly classified in ARPA's (Advanced Research Projects Agency) computer network.'

"Another aspect of the technology, Burdick wrote, was 'FOCUS (flexible optical control unit simulator) projects hallucinatory images directly on the retina of the eye. When the images are projected the subjects show the same body responses that they would by taking a drug. FOCUS was developed at UCLA's Neuropsychiatric Institute by Ron Siegel, an experimental psychologist, who eventually hopes to control retrieval of imagery information at will including that of daydreams, sleep and hallucinations.'

"Although Burdick does not mention it, Siegel was a writing partner with CIA mind control expert Louis Jolyon West. Evaluating the above information, it is obvious that with the state of the art in computers, electronics, implants and other forms of manipulation that a threshold has been crossed. We have reached a point where the mind masterscan now or very soon will be able to completely control our perception of reality. They will be able to own our reality completely, so much so that we will not know that our thinking, our perceptions, are not our own, but are dictated to us from an exterior source.

"As reported in the New York Times, in 1998, British Telecommunications is currently at work on a device that they dub the Soul Catcher, a computer chip implanted in the optic nerve behind the eye that, in conjunction with genetic programming, will monitor and record the entirety of a person's thinking, what they see, what they feel. This information, according to Dr. Chris Winter of British Telecommunications, will be stored in a central computer. Information will also be fed to the person from an exterior computerized source, for 'extrasensory' experience. Among the other capabilities foreseen for *Soul Catcher is the implanting of one person's chip into a newborn baby, thus transplanting the entire experience of the person into another."

*Google: "Project Soul Catcher" by Dr. Robert Duncan

This author has been a target of a very similar type of non consensual human experimentation by the NSA and FBI for nearly forty years, given their use of my person as a target of MK-ULTRA. However, no computer chip implants are necessary to interface a computer with the neural pathways of one's brain. That remains disinformation which the U.S. Military Intelligence complex uses to conceal the fact that they can decode the brain map of any American citizen, catalogue it into a central government computer database, and then use that brain map to instantly enter that person's mind at anytime, without that person's knowledge or consent.

In this author's opinion, the entire media system in America is brain mapped, and remotely EEG heterodyned via artificial intelligence computers, as part of their covert mind control programming.

And this mind control programming can also include suicide programming.

The day after I wrote a post in regard to my concerns pertaining to the death of CNBC news anchor Mark Haines, a doctor who claimed to be a friend of Haines was posting that some "lunatic" (yours truly) had posted information that was based on sheer paranoia - in claiming that Haines may have been murdered - and that there was nothing mysterious about Haines' death.

To this day I think that this "doctor" was lying, and that the facts behind Mark Haines' sudden death remain secreted from the public, because he may have been murdered through the use of directed energy weapons.

Directed energy induced heart attacks and suicides are far more common than most Americans might think, as well as the myriad other types of microwave energy induced tortures and murders which take place constantly.

Perhaps if this doctor knew how anyone can be murdered by way of a directed energy microwave weapon, as well as the myriad of different ways in which these weapons can be used to perpetrate such crimes with plausible deniability, he would not have been so quick to dismiss this author's claims. That is unless he already knows about these weapons, is acting in the capacity of a disinformation agent, and was concerned that at least one person who is also familiar with these weapons has attributed them to the death of Mark Haines.

In which case, one could hardly consider this doctor to be a legitimate friend of Mark Haines.

The regular and substantial readership of this blog (for those who can access it) are well aware of many of these - out of the ordinary occurrences - which take place in this author's life on a consistent basis.

As any target of MK-ULTRA will tell you, there is nothing normal about having your brain remotely interfaced with a supercomputer, by some Intel Nazi demon, using you for the purpose of mind control experimentation and remote forms of electronic warfare torture.

Nor is there anything normal in regard to the types of psychotic and oftentimes deadly mind-games that in their demented minds, they "play" with us; using unwitting members of our society to murder, in what may well be a form of high tech Satanic Ritual Abuse sacrifice. SRA conducted with directed energy microwave weapons which are deployed by way of the electromagnetic spectrum.

For more on this read my article (the link is below) in regard to the death and likely murder of a Madison Avenue executive by the name of Suzanne Hart, whom these Nazi psychopaths are going to burn in hell for killing.

*Was A Woman By The Name Of Suzanne Hart Murdered Through High Tech Means, Simply Because She Served As Part Of The Demented Psychological Warfare Operation Which The FBI And NSA Have Been Illegally Conducting Against This Author For More Than Thirty Years?

And based on what I have researched over the past few years in regard to media personalities being EEG heterodyned, I would not discount a large media company such as CNBC (or *Warner Brothers for instance), relying on the use of microwave energy weapons to perpetrate plausibly deniable murder, against someone whom they were seeking revenge against.

* The deaths of actress Brittany Murphy and her husband Simon Monjack from pneumonia induced heart attacks several years ago, and just five months apart, occurred after Murphy had been very vocal about being fired from the animation movie, Happy Feet II, based on accusations that she was using drugs.

She denied the allegations.

Murphy was found dead in her home of a heart attack a short time later. And her husband, Simon Monjack, was planning to file a wrongful death suit against Warner Brothers in the death of Brittany Murphy, when he also died from a pneumonia induced heart attack. The media has claimed that both Murphy and Monjack had been suffering from health problems, including a seizure which Monjack had suffered while on an airline flight.

Seizures can be induced by way of microwave energy weapons and so can heart attacks and pneumonias. Moreover, the EMF frequency for any illness can be digitally reproduced and remotely broadcast into a person's body via the EMF spectrum, without the targeted subject even realizing it.

Those who are regularly targeted by directed energy weapons should take note of this, in an effort to keep their immune systems as healthy as possible - in spite of how difficult this is under the terrible circumstances in which we are forced to live.

Moreover, the fact that a married couple under the age of 40 would die within months of each other, after having a very public battle with one of the largest Zionist controlled motion picture companies in Hollywood, should not be ignored by the general public. Even if the government controlled media in America has chosen to do so.

More recently, the estranged father of Brittany Murphy, conducting his own independent investigation into the death of both Murphy and Monjack, has claimed that toxicology reports he'd ordered taken from both of their bodies, proves that they were poisoned to death. Whether this is a smokescreen to detract attention away from a more high-tech means of murdering both of these Hollywood personalities, or they were really poisoned remains to be seen.

However, the fact that both Murphy and Monjack died within five months of each other, with bad blood between themselves and Warner Brothers, has covert murder written all over it.

As for the "mind controlled" media in America, have you the reader, seen some of the videos on YouTube of these broadcast personalities speaking fine one minute during a live broadcast, only to then start speaking completely incoherently?

Even Judge Judy was targeted by this computer to brain attack during the same time period that several other media personalities experienced nearly identical neurological impairment.

In the case of Judge Judy, it makes one wonder if that fiery temper of hers may have angered the wrong people, and resulted in her being subjected to this attack in order to humble her a bit.

Anyway, I decided to post the information about several of these media personalities in an attempt to expose the fact that they are the unwitting subjects of MK-ULTRA mind control via the EMF spectrum, in an effort to alert them to it, and to end this illegal and inhumane experimentation of their persons.

As for microwave energy perpetrated murders, they are the Holy Grail in committing murder with complete anonymity, which is why the U.S. Military Intelligence complex is trying to destroy those of us who are publicly exposing these crimes, in an effort to alert humanity to what they are in store for.

In regard to murders being perpetrated through such high tech means, this author continues to believe that CNBC financial analyst, Mark Haines, died under very suspicious circumstances that may have involved an EEG induced suicide, made all the more nebulous by CNBC's attempt to conceal the cause of his death from CNBC's viewership.

To this day his death certificate reads that he died of natural causes.

Within a year of Haines' death, I counted more than ten instances with different media personalities, who experienced sudden neurological impairment while doing a live TV broadcast.

I even embedded these videos on this Website in one article that I had written about, in regard to the politicians and media in this country being unwittingly mind controlled by the U.S. Military Intelligence complex. However, the FBI began interfering with the download time to this page, and later the entire blog, in an effort to prevent the public from learning about an atrocity that the FBI is more than well aware of, and quite possibly even directly involved in.

The clandestine EEG brain mapping of the American people.

As for Mark Haines, to this day no one knows what really caused his death. Moreover, those who use these weapons to perpetrate these crimes with plausible deniability, will coerce a coroner into falsifying a death certificate, if the real cause of death would raise suspicion that foul play may have been involved in the person's demise.

As for Haines, in this author's opinion, he was middle aged in a young persons' business, likely being phased out at CNBC, and lamented the loss of his longtime co-host, Erin Burnett, just weeks before his sudden death. As his teary eyed goodbye to Erin on her last day at CNBC indicated.

With Burnett gone, Haines' program segment was going to lose rating share and CNBC knew it.

The logical solution was to replace Haines with two younger people whom the viewers could better identify with.

So, if CNBC was looking to coerce Mark Haines into resigning, possibly because he may have had a few years left on his contract that they didn't want to satisfy, and Haines refused to leave, an EEG heterodyned suicide would have provided the motive for killing him off in a plausibly deniable way.

I think that many media personalities, including a number of Hollywood stars, have been murdered through such plausible deniability, whether they were EEG heterodyned into killing themselves, or murdered in a made to appear as suicide.

I am hoping that if there is any intent in regard to harming Maria Bartiromo using the aforementioned technology, that what I have posted here will prevent any harm from coming to her.

If ever there were a term that the American people should familiarize themselves with, it is plausible deniability. Because it is through this concept of denial that government crimes, including the 9/11 false flag operation and the systematic destruction of our Republic, have been perpetrated against us.

Who committed the terrorist acts on 9-11-2001? As in the murder of JFK, there were may conspirators. As for those who supplied the weaponry to carry out these crimes, look no further than Washington D.C., and pay special attention to the Pentagon.

Yes the attack on the Pentagon is one of the real giveaways here that 9/11 was an inside job. The only side of the building which had been structurally reinforced a short time before 9/11, is the wall that is hit by what was likely a cruise missile. And, the accountants whom according to former Secretary Of Defense, Donald Rumsfeld, in a meeting on 9/10/2001, were being employed to start investigating the missing 2.5 trillion dollars of Pentagon funds, all conveniently died on 9/11, while all of the files they were to research burned in the ensuing fire.

A similar situation occurred when WTC 7 was imploded and thousands of pending SEC investigations regarding Wall Street went up in smoke.

How was the NYC Fire Department able to wire all of WTC 7 with dynamite in order to implode the entire building only hours after the attacks on the WTC Towers took place?

They weren't. WTC 7 was already planted with explosives perhaps weeks or months in advance of 9/11, just as the WTC Towers were, as part of the 9/11 false flag operation.

This is not conspiracy theory. This is conspiracy fact!

Moreover, there was a specific reason why only one of the walls at the Pentagon had been structurally reinforced prior to 9/11 (in spite of whatever plausibly deniable cover the perpetrators who carried out 9/11 decide to use here), and that is because the cruise missile which the perpetrators of this terrorist attack were planning to use to damage the Pentagon on 9/11, was only going to slam into one of the Pentagon's walls.

The reinforced one.

Don't you also find it convenient how the wall which this cruise missile badly damaged had been structurally reinforced not long before 9/11?

The reason is that those who perpetrated 9/11 wanted to use the attack on the Pentagon to combat the myriad allegations which have since surfaced, that 9/11 was a false flag operation.

Specifically, "if we committed these attacks, why would we strike one of own buildings?"

And the answer, is to detract attention away from the U.S. government's involvement in 9/11.

A version of the Intel community's "shoot one of your own agents in front of an enemy agent in order to gain their trust."

Obviously, the reader will and should infer from this, that this government considers its citizenry to be its enemy.

Moreover, those within our own subverted government who helped to plan these attacks, knew exactly how much energy a cruise missile would use when it struck a series of concrete walls at the Pentagon - as well as the damage it would cause to the side of the building.

They knew that this missile would kill those whom they intended to murder and destroy any physical evidence which would prove that the Pentagon was moving trillions of dollars out of the United States (and into other more profitable economies), while leaving the rest of the Pentagon untouched; including Rumsfeld himself, who at the time of the missile attack on the Pentagon, was sitting safely at his desk which was located in an area of the Pentagon that was furthest from where the missile had struck.

Another convenient coincidence.

The perpetrators of this attack also made certain that the media disinformation campaign which followed immediately after the Pentagon attack, was quick to lay blame on a hijacked 757. However, when it became apparent to most Americans that a 757 never hit the Pentagon, even the media disinformation system put into place specifically for the 9/11 false flag operation, had failed. To this day most Americans believe that the U.S. federal government has lied to them in regard to what really occurred on 9/11/2001.

And that makes every future false flag operation that much riskier for Rothschild Zionism's murderous Illuminati banksters and their conspiratorial minions - those who maintain furtive control over every politician and soldier in the United States.

As for calling the FBI in to investigate acts of terrorism in the United Stated, why even bother?

Since the Bureau has been used time and time again to whitewash the facts behind these crimes, to seize and destroy pertinent evidence to them, and to fabricate evidence which is then used to deceive the American public, while protecting the criminals who actually perpetrated these acts of terrorism.

That is when the FBI, itself, isn't the actual perpetrator of a terrorist attack, as the Bureau was in the *1993 bombing of the World Trade Center.

*Google: FBI Informant, Emad Salem exposes FBI complicity in the 1993 World Trade Center bombing

- James F. Marino
MK-Ultra Target

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