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Microwave Energy Induced Brain Seizures
Via Signals Intelligence Satellites
Editor's Note: Since this Website reached an rating of 490,000 a few months ago, the FBI has remotely blocked this Website by artificially narrowing its bandwidth, so that it has become nearly impossible to access the contents on this Blog. At the same time they have remotely tampered with the dashboard on this Website to indicate that there is far more activity on this Website than there is, as part of the psychological warfare operation that these Nazi indoctrinated reprobates continue to perpetrate against my person, after more than a decade.

This may well be the best documented case of COINTELPRO in the past six decades, since the FBI created the illegal operation in the 1950s. About the same time that the CIA was creating its MK-ULTRA mind control program.

Programs like these and the abject criminality and pathological deception of these organizations, should have the entire U.S. population seriously questioning why we allow them to continue to exist. Especially when the billions of dollars which goes to finance these Orwellian dynasties of Satanism, could be used to create free medical care for all American citizens, with enough left over to feed and house every homeless person in America.

It really indicates just how twisted the priorities of the leadership in this country really are, and why Americans should be horrified by this.

The FBI has been conducting COINTELPRO operations against myriad American citizens over the past sixty years. However, never before has an American citizen whose been targeted for the complete abrogation of their Constitutional rights, been able to detail these crimes on both a national and international scope; while the FBI simultaneous conducts one the most vicious COINTELPRO smear/slander campaigns in the Bureau's nefarious history.

This time around, the target of this counterintelligence operation has lived long enough to make history in documenting the U.S. Military Intelligence complexes' use of my person as a target of mind control experimentation since childhood, while both the FBI and NSA have used the Patriot Act to block my regular cable TV programming - replacing it with their own psychological warfare programming.

Moreover, their very public demonization and dehumanization of this author, has been done in an effort to discredit my allegations in regard to the crimes that these murderous thugs have perpetrated against my person and myriad other American citizens, who've been targeted for MK-ULTRA and COINTELPRO.

The FBI has no legal right to do this, anymore than it has to remotely tamper with the editing features on this Blog. Yet these criminal psychopaths do just that, while completely abrogating the rule of law.

Recently, the FBI has also attempted to interfere with my ability to obtain health care insurance under the new Obamacare legislation, by intercepting a fax that I sent to my healthcare provider, pertaining to a new healthcare policy which is supposed to begin on January 1St, 2014. If this policy is not in force by then, the FBI will be directly responsible for preventing this author from obtaining healthcare - yet another in the myriad crimes that these demonic murderous psychopaths have perpetrated against my person over the past several decades.

The FBI can also get away with slandering this author, yet, when I use my First Amendment right to freedom of speech to document these crimes, the FBI blocks my Website in an effort to prevent those who choose to read this information from doing so.

Yet another crime committed by these Nazi indoctrinated psychopaths, whose intent is to cover up the fact that I have been used as a target of MKULTRA since childhood, and also subjected to the FBI's COINTELPRO operations for more than two decades.

The FBI has always been anathema to the U.S. Bill of Rights, however, since the Patriot Act was passed, the FBI's agents have become outright criminals. This statement is supported by a number of former FBI employees who have described an organization, that along with its DOJ parent, have become nothing but a pawn for the corrupt Executive Branch of government in this country.

The American people should ask themselves why the FBI has no legislative charter, when by law it should. The answer is that without a legislative charter the FBI can function as a secret police force, completely abrogating the Constitutional rule of law at any time the Bureau decides to.

Moreover, given the FBI's complicity in covering up what really occurred on 9-11-2001, in order to protect the real terrorists who perpetrated this crime against humanity, this author has often wondered if the attacks on 9-11 served as more than just a false flag operation used to usher in a Totalitarian world government.

Specifically, given the House of Rothschilds' role in destroying the United States over the past two centuries, through its use of Communist central banks, and Rothschild Zionism's allegiance to Satanism, I have wondered if the 9-11 terrorist attacks were part of some Satanic Ritual that the Rothschilds had carried out, under the pretense of a terrorist attack.

If so, then what the American people have been subjected to as the direct result of the 9-11 false flag operation, is a form of Satanic Ritual Abuse done a scale never before witnessed, with the thousands of American citizens who died on 9-11 being sacrificed as part of this demonic act.

Whether or not this is the case, what has become painfully apparent, is that most Americans are either completely brainwashed, or so intimidated by the media induced peer pressure the Rothschilds are using in order to implement their world government (under the pretense of the 9-11 false flag operation), that they refuse to speak out in regard to what has become absolute tyranny in the United States.

As part of the continued COINTELPRO abuse this author and members of my Family are subjected to, on 12/4/13, this author's Father is being subjected to a *microwave energy induced headache, which offers further *evidence of the directed energy microwave weapons' attacks we are being subjected to on a daily basis, by the torturers and murderers who operate within the FBI and NSA "Third Reich."

Within minutes of posting about Dad's "headache" it had abated somewhat, and was noticeably better within an hour. Of course, the "headache" can become worse at anytime, given that this microwave induced headache is artificially created.

Another member of this author's Family continues to experience "microwave energy weapon" induced health problems, yet will steadfastly deny that these health problems are being caused by this technology. This is the same Family member who lost two jobs over the past several years, as the direct result of the FBI's coercing an employer into firing this person. The fact is that in its COINTELPRO attack on this author, the FBI has coerced so many people into lying in order to cover up the Bureau's crimes against my person, that the FBI agents who have taken part in these crimes may very well have established an entirely new precedent in their violation of the U.S. Bill of Rights, as they apply to this author.

What we have here is decades of illegal spying, non consensual human experimentation, and the complete subversion of the Constitutional rule of law, in order to conceal thousands of crimes, many of which constitute felonies, by federal agents who conveniently ignore their own criminality, while displaying a sense of arrogance which is as precedent setting, as their abject violations of this author's Constitutional rights.

As such, I offer this addendum to Voltaire's statement regarding government. While it is dangerous to be wrong when the government is right, it is extraordinarily dangerous to be right when the government is wrong.

* This author is regularly subjected to such microwave induced headaches by these demonic psychopaths, as part of their COINTELPRO attack against my person. As a target of MKULTRA mind control research for many decades, what is perhaps of greatest concern to this author, is how the EEG thought streams of one person can be cloned and stored on an NSA digital computer, and later implanted into the mind of another unwitting target of such non consensual human experimentation, via EEG heterodyning technology.

I am certain that this is happening on a frighteningly large scale in the United States, where a substantial portion of the U.S. population are being EEG heterodyned and unwittingly subjected to mind control experimentation within the privacy of their own homes.

What this means is that any person, including a politician, doctor, lawyer, teacher, judge, priest, rabbi etc. can be unwittingly subjected to having their mind remotely influenced without even realizing what is being done to them.

One's personality can be remotely altered, while the person is wrongfully diagnosed as being schizophrenic. When in reality, the neural pathways within their own brain are being remotely accessed through the use of EEG heterodyning technology.

As such, any person's mind can be electromagnetically hacked into, without their knowledge. The person can then be used to commit a crime which they would not have done otherwise, having been EEG programmed into doing so. This, while the perpetrators of these crimes carry them out with total anonymity, and impunity from prosecution.

Is it any wonder why the NSA has so much of its own disinformation circulating over the Internet, in an effort to confuse the situation? Especially since this technology represents the Holy Grail in mind control research, and in knowing that if they lose the secrecy of this technology, the public will begin to recognize the NSA as part of a world government agenda to enslave humanity.

This is why it is absolutely imperative that the global population begin to realize that this mind control technology does exist, that it is deployed via space based weapons (including signals intelligence satellites) as well as over the horizon radar systems, and that if the people within our own governments are not stopped, the human race as we know it, will eventually become the unwitting slave to a signals intelligence computer generated hive mind mentality.

Specifically, a stream of EEG controlled thought patterns delivered via signals intelligence computers and SIGNIT EMF Scanning Networks, will be used to remotely broadcast a common stream of consciousness throughout humanity, while the investment class uses this technology to enslave the human race.

We will lose our individuality, creativity and ability to think freely.

All of this being done to satisfy their own Satanic agenda.

After having posted this information, the local fire department shows up at a neighbor's home across the road within minutes, as part of an FBI/NSA psychological operation. To justify their bogus call, a smoke or carbon dioxide alarm could have been remotely triggered in this neighbor's home, via signals intelligence satellites, offering a plausible reason for the fire department to make a call into our neighborhood. In Patriot Act America, the FBI no longer needs to operate in the covert manner that they did prior to 9-11, since our entire communities have been coopted into taking part in this lawless vigilantism, under the bogus war on terror false flag operation.

The fire department was here just long enough to be seen by this author, and left a few minutes later, serving their role in this particular psyop.

Based on what this author has witnessed as a target of such machinations for many years, what is truly miraculous is that most targets of such non consensual human experimentation and directed energy microwave weapons attacks, still manage to remain sane in the face of such abject evil.

Local fire and police departments across the United States are used as part of the organized stalking campaigns being illegally directed at thousands of American citizens, who blog about these crimes over the Internet. Their blogging describes the use of fusion centers in the Orwellian vigilante hate crime known as organized stalking.

These fusion centers are being overseen by the U.S Department Of Justice (FBI) and the Department Of Homeland Security (part of a modern day Nazi Third Reich), which are the organizations that orchestrate these crimes against humanity, in the 9-11 Totalitarian police state that was once the United States of America.

A few weeks ago, after this author posted an *article I had written some years back, in regard to the Martin Tankleff case, and the corruption within Suffolk County law enforcement, just minutes after I had posted this article, the local fire department and police showed up at another home close to our own.

*Book On The Tankleff Murder Case Exposes Rampant Criminality In Suffolk County System Of Law Enforcement

The reader should keep in mind that as part of this ongoing FBI/NSA psychological warfare operation against this author, over the past decade the fire department and police department have been in our neighborhood more often than in the prior four decades that we have been living here combined!

Yet another in the myriad anomalies that we experience, as targets of these New World Order high-tech government predators.

Those who use weaponized satellites to perpetrate the most evil crimes imaginable.

Later in the week we saw the name of the neighbor who lived in this home and who had died on the day that the fire department showed up, listed in the obituary column of the local newspaper.

Was this person murdered by way of a directed energy microwave weapon? And are these Intel psychopaths looking at the medical histories of people who live in the neighborhoods of targets of this non consensual human experimentation, in order to determine if any of these people can be subjected to directed energy microwave attacks (to cause medical emergencies), which could then be used as a plausible means in which to bring the fire department and police into the neighborhood of a targeted individual. And for the express purpose of conducting a piece of street theater, as part of the psychological warfare operation against them.

The bogus visit by the fire department this morning is just a further indication that the headache which my Father is experiencing is being caused as the result of a satellite deployed directed energy microwave weapon. Further proof that the two seizures which he experienced (and which nearly killed him) last year at this time, were caused by these FBI/NSA psycho's via weaponized signals intelligence satellites and EEG heterodyning technology.

Here we are a year later and this particular part of this demonic operation appears to be occurring again, with a microwave induced attack to my Father's brain.

For more on what these Intel demons put us through on a daily basis see the following chronology for one of the greatest cover ups and violations of the U.S. Bill of Rights in American history:

As A Target Of MKULTRA This Author Chronicles Eleven Consecutive Months Of FBI/NSA/DHS Organized Stalking, Psychological Warfare, & Directed Energy Microwave Weapon Attacks, Which We Are Subjected To On A Daily Basis - These So Called Agents Are Nothing But Pathological Murderous Psychopaths, Who Are Covering Up The Fact That The American People Are The Targets Of A Signals Intelligence Driven Domestic Spy Program Which Includes The Illegal Fingerprinting Of Their Bodies' Own Unique EMF Signatures - Not Only Is This Covert Program Treasonous, It's Being Used To Both Steal The Electromagnetic Signatures Of Each American Citizen's Body (An EMF DNA Fingerprint), While Branding Each One Of Us Like A Head Of Cattle, In Advance Of The Creation Of A World Government Dictatorship & 21St Century Feudal System

These federal psychopaths will use any means necessary in which to murder our persons with plausible deniability, while attempting to discredit our documentation of these Orwellian crimes against humanity.

We are subjected to some form of electromagnetic weapons' attack every day, while these demons incarnate attempt to conceal the outrageous crimes they perpetrate against our persons, from the public.

What they are really in danger of losing here, is the secrecy of a signals intelligence driven domestic spy program that involves the EMF Brain Mapping of the U.S. population, and a Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network, which is used to track each American citizen by way of our bodies' own unique EMF signatures - including an EMF brainwave print.

If the reader uses the Internet and search terms such as: NSA Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network; Directed energy microwave weapons' attacks, organized stalking; signals intelligence satellites and over the horizon radar systems utilized in the furtive mind control of American citizens; AKWEI VS NSA and Dr. Robert Duncan's excellent book on these atrocities, entitled: "The Matrix Deciphered" - you will find myriad Websites on these crimes against humanity, which the U.S. federal government is attempting to conceal from the American public and the rest of the world, in the greatest scandal in American history. The space based electromagnetic enslavement of an entire nation, who are completely unaware of their own enslavement under an Orwellian technocracy, which is concealed behind the masque of a military intelligence complex.

These crimes are being perpetrated by way of signal intelligence satellites, over the horizon radar systems and directed energy microwave weapons!

This technology can also be used to induce any illness imaginable within the human body, which enables those within the federal government who use this technology against us, plausible deniability in their commission of these horrendous crimes.

For more on this technology Google: "The Matrix Deciphered" by Dr. Robert Duncan, which can be downloaded and read for free on the Internet.

- James F. Marino

Did The CIA Murder Conspiracy Theorist Mae Brussell, For Her Investigative Research Into Many Government Crimes, Including The JFK Assassination And The Presidio Scandal?

Political Historian, Eustace Mullins' Commentary Regarding The U.S. Congresses' Inability To Govern Effectively

NSA Whistleblower, Russ Tice, Believes That The NSA May Be Secretly Running The United States As Part Of A Shadow Government, And Using Blackmail To Control The Leadership In This Country, Including The White House And The Congress - This Is Just The Tip Of The Iceberg In Regard To The NSA's Treasonous Crimes, Which Also Include Electronically Fingerprinting The EMF Signatures Of The American People, As Part Of An Orwellian Signals-Intelligence-Driven Domestic Surveillance Program - Google: NSA Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network & Over The Horizon Radar Systems Used For Remotely Reading And Influencing The Brain

Study Reveals That Most Americans Don't Trust Each Other - This Is Exactly What Rothschild Zionism Is Attempting To Accomplish By Fomenting The 9-11 False Flag Operation And Using The Patriot Act To Turn The United States Of America Into A Fascist Police State - The U.S. Federal Government Is Being Used To Turn The American Citizenry Into A "Snitch Culture" Where Everyone Is Spying On Each Other, And Their Allegiance To Their Families Has Been Replaced Through The Use Of Government False Flag Operations, Brainwashing & Intimidation Tactics, Into A False Allegiance To The U.S. Federal Government - The House Of Rothschilds' Furtive Destruction Of The U.S. Middle Class Is Being Accomplished Through Its Control Over The Federal Reserve System, And Its Divisive Tactics - The Federal Reserve Must Be Abolished In 2014 Or The American Middle Class Will Eventually Become The Subjects Of A 21St Century Feudal System - Slaves To The House Of Rothschild, British Monarchy, And Their Tyrannical Anglo-Zionist Investment Class

The Bush 41 Administration's Role In The Bombing Of Pan Am Flight 103 - This Is Yet Another In The Myriad Examples Of The Government Controlled Media In The United States, Being Used As A Venue In Which To Circulate The CIA's Disinformation, And As The Direct Result Of The CIA's Usurpation Of The American Media System, Through Its Implementation Of Operation Mockingbird In 1948 - From The Moment That The CIA Was Created, It Has Been Used As Part Of Rothschild Zionism's Covert Agenda To Destroy The United States Of America

Website Dedicated To The Written Works Of Eustace Mullins - The Greatest Political Historian Of The 20Th Century - If American Youth Were Educated Through The Written Works Of Eustace Mullins, Instead Of The Rothschild/Rockefeller Contaminated Educational System In The United States, The Rothschild Controlled Corporate Government In Washington D.C., The Federal Reserve System, And The IRS Would Have Been Abolished Long Ago, And The United States Would Have Returned To Economic Prosperity - Instead, Most Of America's Youth Remains Completely Unaware Of The House Of Rothschild And Its Collusion With The British Monarchy, To Destroy The United States Of America And Her Citizens, While Returning Us To Our 17Th Century Status As Slaves Of The British Monarchy

Editor's Note: After this author posts the following, I experience a signals intelligence *directed microwave energy attack to my skull, causing a tremor which lasts several seconds. This is how easily any target of this signals intelligence satellite deployed directed energy microwave weaponry can be tortured or murdered, by a rogue alphabet agency such as the NSA, FBI, CIA or DHS, which has access to this Orwellian technology.

*12/2/13 - More than a decade ago, after this author walked out of the office of a **psychiatrist whom the FBI was using as part of COINTELPRO entrapment scheme against my person, the FBI began a smear campaign against this author as a preemptive strike against my person, knowing that I would eventually learn that the FBI and NSA had been both illegally spying upon as well as experimenting upon my person for several decades.

** This psychiatrist committed several crimes against my person, including seeing me under false pretenses, which constitutes fraud, as well as taking several thousand dollars for office visits which were never legitimately about psychiatry, but instead, used as part of an FBI entrapment scheme. The taking of this money also constitutes the crime of grand larceny, given that he took more than $1000 in the commission of this fraud.

During these visits, this psychiatrist also used a number of organized stalking/street theater tactics, including gaslighting, as part of the FBI's psychological warfare operation against this author. This is further proof of how the FBI manipulates the medical profession for its own criminal operations, and how any physician can be coerced by the FBI into taking part in the crimes of its own corrupt agents.

A decade later, my own accounts of these heinous crimes as the target of both COINTELPRO and MKULTRA for more than thirty years, offer some of the best documentation in regard to these Orwellian programs, in American history. The FBI has never conducted any type of legitimate investigation into this author, and as such, is instead slandering my person in an attempt to cover up their own outrageous violations of the law, while completely whitewashing decades of their own crimes, which include myriad felonies against this author and other members of my Family.

In the early hours of the morning, FBI/NSA psychopaths target this author's right arm with a directed energy weapon, causing a numbness in my arm that lasts for several minutes. When the attack ends, the numbness to my right arm stops.

This is typical of the types of directed energy attacks that I am subjected to daily. And these attacks are also taking place against several members of my Family, as well as myriad other American citizens, thousands of whom are now blogging about them.

These furtive methods of attack, using space based and military grade weaponry, offers further proof that the American people are being attacked by their own subverted government and military intelligence complex.

My Dad, who has been doing extremely well since recovering from two directed energy microwave attacks to his brain in the Fall of 2012, is now experiencing a microwave energy attack on his bronchial passages, as is this author, which causes us to cough repeatedly. This has been going on for the past few weeks without interruption.

This is another illustration of the myriad permutations of different EMF frequencies which FBI/NSA psychopaths can use to attack the body and brain of any American citizens, with plausible deniability. We are talking about a monstrosity that has no parallel in human history, since these crimes are perpetrated via the electromagnetic spectrum, and by way of weaponized signals intelligence satellites.

Moreover, any citizen in the United States can be instantaneously targeted for such microwave energy attacks, without even knowing it. This is why it is imperative that any person who is accessing this Website or others which document this technology and its use on American citizens (or those of any other countries whose citizenry have become subjugated to this Orwellian system of covert extermination), circulate this information, so that the entire global population can become witness to the atrocities being committed by the U.S. Military Intelligence complex, with the complicity of the U.S. Congress and White House!

The so called agents who perpetrate these atrocities against us are out and out psychopaths - Evil incarnate.

The National Security Agency Used A Corrupt Federal Judge To Prevent A Lawsuit Which Proves That The American People Have Been Secretly Brain Fingerprinted, From Being Tried In Court - This Brain Fingerprinting Program Has Been Used To Destroy The American People's Freedom Of Privacy As Well As Their Freedom Of Thought, Since It Allows The NSA To Remotely Enter The Mind Of Each American Citizen Without That Citizen's Knowledge Or Consent

The United States Is A Corporation Controlled By A Triumvirate - The British Monarchy, The House Of Rothschild And The Vatican

The Rothschilds Declare War On The United States

"That same year (1862) The Times of London publishes a story containing the following statement, 'If that mischievous financial policy, which had its origin in the North American Republic, should become indurated down to a fixture, then that government will furnish its own money without cost. It will pay off debts and be without a debt. It will have all the money necessary to carry on its commerce. It will become prosperous beyond precedent in the history of civilized governments of the world. The brains and the wealth of all countries will go to North America. That government must be destroyed or it will destroy every monarchy on the globe.'”- Source: Eustace Mullins' "Secrets Of The Federal Reserve"


Edward Mandell House On The Federal Reserve System

The Federal Reserve is the real (hidden) government of the United States Corporation. What is unknown to most Americans, is that Washington D.C. is merely the Federal Reserve System's puppet.

"Passage of the Federal Reserve Act was a major milestone on the 'road to serfdom' that this entire progression outlines. The conspiratorial nature of matters is exemplified in comments by one of the major actors in the triumph of the Federal Reserve, Edward Mandell House, who had this to say in a private meeting with President Woodrow Wilson:

'[Very] soon, every American will be required to register their biological property in a national system designed to keep track of the people and that will operate under the ancient system of pledging.

By such methodology, we can compel people to submit to our agenda, which will affect our security as a chargeback for our fiat paper currency.

Every American will be forced to register or suffer being unable to work and earn a living. They will be our chattel, and we will hold the security interest over them forever, by operation of the law merchant under the scheme of secured transactions.

Americans, by unknowingly or unwittingly delivering the bills of lading to us will be rendered bankrupt and insolvent, forever to remain economic slaves through taxation, secured by their pledges.

They will be stripped of their rights and given a commercial value designed to make us a profit and they will be none the wiser, for not one man in a million could ever figure our plans and, if by accident one or two should figure it out, we have in our arsenal plausible deniability. After all, this is the only logical way to fund government, by floating liens and debt to the registrants in the form of benefits and privileges.

This will inevitably reap to us huge profits beyond our wildest expectations and leave every American a contributor to this fraud which we will call 'Social Insurance.'

'Without realizing it, every American will insure us for any loss we may incur and in this manner; every American will unknowingly be our servant, however begrudgingly.

The people will become helpless and without any hope for their redemption and, we will employ the high office of the *President of our dummy corporation to foment this plot against America.'”

Editor's Note:
President, referring to the President of the United States of America AKA, the United States Corporation.

A Very Informative Video On How The Legislative Act Of 1871 Was Used To Turn America Into A Corporation Controlled By The British Monarchy, House of Rothschild and Vatican - Ignore The First Few Seconds Of The Opening As It's Very Vulgar, However, The Rest Of The Video Contains Lots Of Valuable Information.

Editor's Note: The following passage describes the oppressive mindset of Edward Mandell House, which becomes extremely disturbing, given his role in founding the Council On Foreign Relations, and its use in determining U.S. foreign policy in the present day.

"In 1912, House published anonymously a novel called Philip Dru: Administrator, in which the title character, Dru, leads the democratic western U.S. in a civil war against the plutocratic East, becoming the dictator of America. Dru as dictator imposes a series of reforms which resemble the Bull Moose platform of 1912 and then vanishes.[1]" - Source: Wikipedia

When the reader becomes familiar with the abject duplicity that the leadership in the United States displays in their furtive support and protection of the British Monarchy, the House of Rothschild and its Israeli Zionist state, and their disgusting disregard for the American people and our Constitutional Republic, you can then begin to understand why conspiracies which involve the use of *classified spy technologies used to secretly enslave American citizens have become a reality.

*Google: The NSA's Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network

And why men and women who expose these conspiracies are set upon by this pack of treasonous vipers, and their British-Zionist-Vatican co-conspirators.

At the forefront of this conspiracy, remains the secretive brain fingerprinting of the American people, which under the U.S. Corporation and its Roman Catholic Ecclesiastic law, is just another in the outrageous and myriad crimes being perpetrated against us.

Testimony of just a few American citizens who have either been targeted for such crimes of satellite predation, or are aware that they are occurring on an enormous scale:

"NSA personnel can dial up any individual in the country on the Signals Intelligence EMF scanning network and the NSA's computers will then pinpoint and track that person 24 hours-a-day. The NSA can pick out and track anyone in the U.S. NSA agents in remote offices can instantly identify (using~ RNM) any individual spotted in public who is in contact with surveillance subject."

-- NSA Whistleblower, John St. Clair Akwei
Illegally Targeted By The NSA's SIGNIT EMF Scanning Network

"I think the people I talk to next week are going to be shocked when I tell them what I have to tell them. It's pretty hard to believe."

- NSA Whistleblower Russ Tice

"The Military Intelligence complex in the United States has become a modern day Orwellian nightmare. In particular, I refer to the National Security Agency's satellite based Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network; a domestic spy program which utilizes the electromagnetic spectrum, to secretly implement a national brain fingerprinting program in the United States. This SIGNIT EMF Scanning Network, which is deployed via the NSA's Echelon spy satellite array, has become the real life version of George Orwell's Big Brother."

- James F. Marino
Also See:

"Some patents, now owned by Raytheon, describe how to make 'nuclear sized explosions without radiation' and describe power beam systems, electromagnetic pulses and over-the-horizon detection systems. A more disturbing use is the system developed for manipulating and disturbing the human mental process using pulsed radio frequency radiation (RFR), and their use as a device for causing negative effects on human health and thinking. The victim, the innocent civilian target is locked on to, and unable to evade the menace by moving around. The beam is administered from space. The HAARP (2c) facility as military technology could be used to broadcast global mind-control, as a system for manipulating and disturbing the human mental process using pulsed radio frequency (RFR). What does all this mean? It means, to begin with, that you will need to come to terms - now, or in a few short years - with the fact that the U.S. Government has the technological capabilities to 'read your mind' 7b and interact with it. With or without your permission."

- Electromagnetic Warfare Expert
Carol Smith, PhD.

GOOGLE: John St. Clair Akwei's Lawsuit Against The National Security Agency Here - This Is The Most Important Lawsuit Ever Filed In The United States, Yet It Was Intentionally Dismissed In 1992 As Being Frivolous, By A Corrupt Judge By The Name Of Stanley Sporkin Who Has A History Of Perverting The Criminal Justice System In Order To Cover Up Crimes Being Committed By The U.S. Intelligence Community. Sporkin Should Be Indicted For His Crimes Against The American People
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