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Access This Website From The Startpage.com Website And Choose The IXQuick Proxy Feature -- New Report Claims That Actress Brittany Murphy & Her Husband Simon Monjack Were Poisoned To Death - Could Warner Bros. Entertainment Have Been Involved In These Murders?

The Matrix Deciphered - Psychic Warfare By Dr. Robert Duncan (Former Pentagon/CIA Contractor) Now Speaking Out About The U.S. Military Intelligence Complexes' Classified Mind Control Weapons' Programs - Click On The Logo To Read The Book For Free

The Martin Tankleff Case Is One Of The Best Examples Of Law Enforcement Corruption In American History

Editor's Note: A few years ago, this author wrote the following article in regard to the deaths of Brittany Murphy and her screenwriter husband, Simon Monjack, stating my belief that both were murdered as part of a criminal conspiracy involving a Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.' decision, to renege on a contract they had with Brittany Murphy regarding her employment in the movie Happy Feet 2.

Shortly after her death, Murphy's husband, screenwriter Simon Monjack, had publicly stated his intent to file a multimillion dollar wrongful death lawsuit against Warner Bros. only to end up dying five months after Brittany Murphy and of the same official causes - "acute pneumonia and iron deficiency anemia." In November of 2009, "TMZ reported that Monjack became *'incoherent' during a flight from Puerto Rico to Los Angeles. Murphy told the responding firefighters at LAX Airport that she believed he was having an asthma attack and felt that the situation was not serious; however, EMTs disagreed and rushed him to a nearby hospital."

* Is it possible that the 'incoherent state' that Simon Monjack had been experiencing while on this plane flight, was caused by a microwave energy weapon being directed at his brain to adversely affect his respiratory system?

At the time this author stated my concerns that both Murphy and Monjack had been murdered, and that Warner Bros Entertainment Inc. may have somehow been involved, even if the murders had been perpetrated through a third party.

I had also questioned, given the rampant use of directed energy microwave weapons to kill with complete anonymity, if both Murphy and Monjack had been murdered through the use of such classified weapons. And I still believe that these weapons may have been used.

The reader will also note that when one is exposed to high doses of electromagnetic radiation, like those that are given off by cell phone and GWEN towers, a process known as cyclotron resonance can be used to resonate ions within the human body, which has the effect of increasing the amount of a substance in the body, such as a medication that one takes for a specific medical condition, up to 1000 fold. Consider how deadly this can be, if cyclotron resonance is intentionally used to target a specific person for the express purpose of murdering them.

Someone who took the prescribed dosage of a medication could end up dying from what a coroner would determine to have been an overdose. Directed energy weapons can be used to create such a condition, which would call into question many of the reported suicides of government whistleblowers, or high profile people such as actors or politicians, who died suddenly under suspicious circumstances, and were later reported to have either committed suicide or died under mysterious circumstances.

Now, an article published on the dailymail.co Website claims that Brittany Murphy and Simon Monjack were both poisoned to death. Microwave energy weapons can be used to alter the body's chemistry in an adverse way, creating a deadly toxicity. This should not be ruled out, given the allegations which have now surfaced in regard to the deaths of both Murphy and Monjack.

*See:"Brittany Murphy Did Not Die Of Natural Causes - Report Claims

Editor's Note: Intel repeatedly electronically tampers with the following article regarding this author's opinion, that both screenwriter Simon Monjack and his actress wife, Brittany Murphy, were murdered by way of either a HAARP over the horizon radar or satellite deployed directed energy microwave weaponry, because they threatened the financial success of the movie Happy Feet 2; the sequel to the box office hit Happy Feet. Murphy was slated to perform a voice over role for the sequal, when a tabloid scandal (which may have been a complete fabrication) resulted in her being fired after only two weeks on the set.

Sudden Heart Attacks/Fast Spreading Cancers
Electromagnetic Weapons

Author: James F. Marino

A Hollywood Couple Both Under 40 Die Of Heart Attacks Within Five Months Of Each Other & No One Cries Foul Play?

An Actuary Would Have A Field Day With This Case

Is this another instance of directed energy weaponry being used in which to covertly murder someone? Russia's intelligence agency immediately posted after the death of the late pop star, Michael Jackson, that their spy satellites captured evidence of a directed energy weapon's beam directly over the home which MJ was staying at during the time in which he suffered a fatal heart attack. Russia's FSB claims that the DEW attack originated at the CIA's headquarters in Langley, Virginia.

We later find that a powerful group of real estate developers was attempting to obtain Jackson's desirable "Neverland Ranch" estate prior to his untimely death.

*Is the CIA now attempting to frame Jackson's cardiologist, Conrad Murray, for Michael's murder, in an effort to cover up a CIA murder for hire operation, which utilizes satellite deployed directed energy weapons in which to secretly commit such murders for profit?

Anna Nicole Smith & Her Son Daniel, DEW Victims?

Anna Nicole Smith's son, Daniel, dies suddenly while visiting his Mother after she gives birth to his baby sister. Was Daniel's death a warning to Anna Nicole, to give up her rights to her late husband's estate? If so, this threat did not work, because Smith continued her legal battle after Daniel's death and right up until the time that Smith, herself, was reported to have died under suspicious circumstances; thus effectively ending the battle with her late husband's son over the nearly half a billion dollars which Smith had been left by the late mogul.

Were Anna Nicole Smith and her son covertly murdered by way of a satellite deployed directed energy weapon, and by an Intel agency conducting a mercenary murder-for-hire operation?

Now, Simon Monjack dies of a sudden heart attack which has been attributed to "acute pneumonia and iron deficiency anemia," at the age of 39.

And not long after he stated that he was going to file a wrongful death lawsuit against Warner Bros Entertainment Inc., regarding the death of his actress/wife, Brittany Murphy; who five months ago, just happened to also die of a sudden heart attack at the age of 32, which has also been attributed to "acute pneumonia and iron deficiency anemia."

We don't have to search for conspiracies, because if we bother to look, we'll find that we're surrounded by them.

This author has stated in the past that in my opinion, satellite based directed energy weaponry has been used for decades in which to commit a myriad of murders, while giving those who perpetrate such murders complete anonymity in doing so.

As such, I would not be at all surprised to find that Simon Monjack was murdered by way of such DEW technology, and as punishment for stating that he was going to file a lawsuit against Warner Bros in the death of his wife, actress, Brittany Murphy; as well as for also creating the negative publicity which surrounded the sequel to the Warner Bros.' animated film "Happy Feet."

Prior to her untimely and tragic death, Brittany Murphy did have an axe to grind with Warner Bros., in regard to this animated motion picture, since Murphy had originally been cast in a voice over role for Happy Feet 2, when Warner Bros. decided to fire her after only two weeks on the set, citing rumours that the actress was on drugs.

Murphy would have been especially devastated in losing this role, given that Happy Feet 2 was a huge success at the box office, in addition to winning an Academy Award. Both of which would have looked great on her acting resume.

Given this, one must wonder that if prior to her death, Brittany Murphy may have decided to sue Warner Bros. in regard to being aced out of the aforesaid role, and was then furtively murdered before she could file suit against the company and cause any adverse publicity for Warner Bros.; publicity which would have damaged Happy Feet 2's sales at the box office.

Especially since Warner Bros. was expecting lightening to strike twice, in the hope that Happy Feet's successor would be as profitable as the original film.

As such, one must now wonder if Brittany Murphy was also murdered by way of directed energy microwave weaponry, which could have caused the anemia and pneumonia which led to the heart attack she suffered.

If so, her death must be classified as a murder. In fact, a very convenient murder, since it occurred before Murphy could cause a scandal for Warner Bros.

Especially when one considers that Murphy's husband, Simon Monjack, was still amongst the living until he decided to resurrect this issue, by stating that he was going to file a wrongful death lawsuit against Warner Bros. in the death of Murphy, based on the fact that she was fired from the set of Happy Feet 2 due to unsubstantiated rumours that she was using drugs.

Not So Happy For Warner Brothers Happy Feet Sequel As Monjack's Death Accusations Surround New Film

Given the aforesaid information, anyone with a functioning brain would have to conclude that the mysterious deaths of both Murphy and Monjack within five months of each other, may in someway be connected to a conspiracy perpetrated by Warner Bros.' executives, as well as other individuals who may have had a financial interest in both Happy Feet and its sequel.

And if we take into consideration the possibility that electronic warfare technology may have been used in which to commit the murders of Murphy and Monjack, then we must also ask who has access to such technology?

According to NSA whistleblower, John St. Clair Akwei, the National Security Agency has access to directed energy microwave weaponry, which can be deployed via a Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network, against any person living within the United States.

Moreover, another whistleblower by the name of Dr. Robert Duncan, who has in the past worked on classified projects for both the Pentagon and CIA, has stated that both the CIA and Pentagon have access to classified mind control weapons' technology which can be used to remotely access the neural pathways of a person's brain, using either over the horizon radar and signals intelligence satellites.

Dr. Duncan refers to a technology known as *EEG heterodyning, which can be used to synchronize an artificial intelligence computer with the unique EMF brainwave print of any person, whose EMF brain signature has already been decoded by the U.S. Military Intelligence complex.

Google: "The Matrix Deciphered" to learn more about this classified technology, and how it can be used to remotely enter the body of any person in order to cause heart attacks, strokes, aneurysms, cancers and myriad illnesses which can be used to murder a person with plausible deniability.

In this author's opinion, the entire U.S. population has been unwittingly and illegally subjugated to the EMF fingerprinting of their own brain, as part of an Orwellian signals intelligence driven domestic spy program in the United States.

As such, any American citizen can be murdered through the U.S. Military Intelligence complexes' use of these weapons, while their death will be reported to be the result of natural causes.

According Jesus Mendoza, a target of such non consensual human experimentation, who has obtained sworn testimony from an FBI agent, stating that the FBI has access to directed energy weapons' technology - the FBI has been given permission by the U.S. Department Of Justice, to use these weapons to remotely torture American citizens.

Which raises the question: Is there a murder for hire black operation being conducted within the U.S. Military Intelligence complex, in efforts to increase the black budgets which the Intel community utilizes, in order to finance black operations that the United States Congress would never publicly approve of?

The CIA has been supporting its black operations through the manufacture and trafficking of illegal drugs practically since its inception, as well as taking part in human trafficking and participating in the sex slave trade for profit. So it wouldn't be much of a stretch to conclude that an agency like the CIA or some of its Intel brethren, would conduct a covert murder for hire operation in which to subsidize their annual budgets, while using classified weapons in which to commit these crimes with plausible deniability. Such "Active-Denial" weaponry is ideally suited for use in the commission of such furtive crimes.

A Timeline Of CIA Atrocities By Steve Kangas - Kangas Would Be Murdered In A Made To Appear Suicide For The Expositions He'd Written Regarding CIA Drug Trafficking Operations

It is also this author's opinion that the late muckraker, Mae Brussel, EarthFirst! activist Judi Bari, UFO researcher - Dr. Karla Turner, and America Freedom To Fascism producer, Aaron Russo, were all murdered by way of some form of directed energy weapon. And as punishment for their successful challenge to some aspect of the criminal status quo in the United States. One can only hazard a guess as to how many well known people have been covertly killed by such classified technology in the past.

Mae Brussel, Judi Bari, Dr. Karla Turner and Aaron Russo, all died from fast spreading forms of cancer (which in this author's opinion were caused by directed energy weaponry).

Were They Murdered Via
The U.S. Government's Active Denial Weapons' System?

Alternative Journalist/I. Magnin Heiress - Mae Brussel

Mae Brussel was one of the first conspiracy theorists in the United States, who became famous after questioning the Warren Commission's bogus investigation into the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. She would go on to a successful radio career while promulgating her theories regarding myriad conspiracies into crimes committed by the U.S. Intelligence community.

Moreover, before her own death at the age of 66 (from a fast spreading form of cancer), Brussel claimed that one of her daughters had been murdered by Intel as punishment for her investigative research.

Mae Brussell also claimed to have been visited by the ghost of her daughter not long after her suspicious death. This author believes that what Mae witnessed was actually a satellite deployed hologram of her daughter, which was remotely beamed into her own home, using the type of **holographic imaging technology which NASA is presently using to broadcast satellite projected holograms of UFO craft into the skies above this planet. This is being done as a prelude to NASA's Project Bluebeam false Bible rapture scenario, which will be used to usher in the House of Rothschilds' New World Order, world Communist government, under the pretense of a mass UFO invasion of the planet Earth.


The 1972 Crash Of Eastern Air Lines Flight 401 & The Ghostly Presence Of A Pilot & His Flight - Were They Legitimate Apparitions Or Satellite Projected Holograms?

Another Instance Of The CIA's Control Over Hollywood & The Mainstream Media In America, And An Illustration Of Art Imitating Life -- A TV Series In The Mid 1980s Called "V" And UFO Sightings In Hudson Valley New York In 1983 - This Is Yet Another Example Of The U.S. Military Intelligence Complexes' Attempt To Sensitize Americans To UFO Spacecraft Under Operation Blue Beam

* The Intel community is notorious for using psychological triggers in which to brainwash the public, when demonizing someone they target for a COINTELPRO operation. Agencies like the CIA, FBI and NSA regularly uses such triggers regarding the Satanism which they covertly practice. Mae Brussel's death at the age of 66 could well have been a covert murder in which the 66 represented Intel's demonization of her person. For example, 66 being short for 666 - mark of the beast. Brussel, herself, admitted to being a thorn in the side of the U.S. Intelligence community, for exposing many of its criminal and oftentimes treasonous operations. If they had chosen to murder her at the age of 66, this would also illustrate the Intel community's advanced planning in regard to murders which they may carry out at a later date.

EarthFirst! Activist Judi Bari

Judi Bari was an eco-activist with the radical group EarthFirst! Bari became famous in 1990, when the FBI orchestrated the bombing of her station wagon, after a COINTELPRO operation the Bureau had been carrying out against Judi failed. Bari would later sue the FBI and develop breast cancer over the decade in which her attorneys attempted to overcome the FBI's constant efforts to block Judi's lawsuit. And while she died before ever being able to see her lawsuit to fruition, Judi's Family and friends were so disgusted by the FBI's criminal behavior that they vowed to see Judi's lawsuit against the FBI to its natural conclusion; a situation which resulted in Judi's estate being awarded a 4.4 million dollar judgement against the Bureau, in 2002.

UFO Researcher Dr. Karla Turner

Dr. Karla Turner had been researching UFO abductions for several years and had written three books on the subject, when she was anonymously warned to end her research. UFO abductees who'd been interviewed by Turner had also been warned to end their contact with the researcher. Prior to her death, Dr. Turner had described being targeted by the types of psychological warfare operations that many people have reported in regard to the U.S. Military-Intelligence complexes use of their person's for some type of non consensual human experimentation.

Turner reported frequently witnessing the infamous black helicopter fly-overs of her home; strange sounds emanating from within the home (which can be caused by way of satellite deployed electromagnetic weaponry), as well as anonymous phone calls taking place in the middle of the night in which the caller would hang up the phone once Dr. Turner answered the call. Turner also reported being followed by government vehicles when driving to UFO conferences that she was invited to speak at. After being warned to end her UFO research and to refrain from attending UFO conferences, Karla Turner contracted a rare and deadly form of cancer which ended her life only months after being diagnosed. There's little doubt that Turner was murdered for her refusal to end her UFO research. And one must wonder if some type of Directed Energy Weapon was used in which to commit this crime?

America: Freedom To Fascism Producer - Aaron Russo

The late Hollywood producer, Aaron Russo, was part of the 9-11 Truth Movement. Russo created the now famous film about the Federal Reserve System's counterfeiting and money laundering operations (America: Freedom To Fascism), only to die from a fast spreading form of cancer at the age of 64.

Many of Russo's supporters, including this author, believe that Aaron was murdered for creating this film. This as well Russo's exposing House of Rothschild lackey, Nick Rockefeller, as the source of his information regarding the Rothschild's conspiracy in which to turn the United States into a military-intelligence dictatorship - which the United States has become since passage of the Patriot Act.

The brutal irony in the deaths of cancer patients, is that more than a century ago * research was conducted that proved that a diet rich in Vitamin B17 (and which produced a high level of pancreatic enzymes), was the body's natural defense against cancer.

The House of Rothschild's medical monopoly is well aware of this, however, wiping out cancer would destroy their profits, so they continue to demonize Vitamin B17 and the Laetrile treatment for cancer, because B17 would eventually put this criminal drug trust out of business.

Moreover, the premier cancer treatment hospital in the United States, Sloan-Kettering, deliberately covered up its own research, when its own Laetrile study proved that Laetrile (a refined form of Vitamin B17) is far more effective in curing cancer than the traditional and oftentimes deadly, radiation/chemotherapy protocols prescribed by the private corporation known as the American Medical Association.

The Rothschilds have even had their FDA puppet ban Vitamin B17 from the United States, out of fear that it would have eventually destroyed their profitable and deadly radiation/chemotherapy treatment scam. The Rothschilds did the same thing with marijuana in the 1930's, when they feared that hemp would be used to manufacture products that would eventually destroy the oil and paper industries, because hemp products, unlike the oil industry's petrochemical products are ecologically friendly.

*The Trophoblast Theory regarding cancer - Read G. Edward Griffin's Excellent Book - "World Without Cancer" Here

This author also finds it of great interest (given the FBI/NSA decades' long COINTELPRO against my person, and a bizzare and illegal smear campaign that must rank and the greatest fraud and waste of tax payer money in the history of the United States), that Aaron Russo died on the same day as my Birthday.

Is this a further indication that Russo was given cancer as well as murdered by way of directed energy microwave weapons' technology?

Is this also a covert warning that the U.S. Intel community intends to murder my person in the same way that they murdered Aaron Russo, for publicly exposing the fact that the American people are the unwitting targets of a national EMF fingerprinting program capable of tracking their every move and thought, which was secretly implemented by the U.S. National Security Agency in 1981, under Reagan Executive Order 12333?

- James F. Marino

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Studies Have Shown That Infrasonic Sound Can Cause A Range Of Symptoms Including Nausea, Headaches, Fatigue, Insomnia, Vibration Of Internal Organs etc. Another Name For Infrasonic Sound Is U.L.F. (Ultra Low Frequency) Waves -- This Technology Is Also Being Deployed Via Spy Satellite Networks Like The National Security Agency's Echelon In Order To Covertly Experiment Upon (Non Consensual Human Experimentation) Myriad Citizens, While In Some Instances Being Used To Even Torture And Murder Americans (As Well As Those Citizens Of Other Countries.)

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Dr. Karla Turner -- Alien Abductee -- Karla Was One Of The Most Prolific Writers Of Alien Abductions And Her Works Are Seminal In The Field Of UFOlogy -- Three Of Her Groundbreaking Books Into This Phenomenon Can Be Downloaded For Free At Her Website -- As An Amateur UFOlogist, I Highly Recommend Them To Anyone Looking To Learn The Truth About Extra Terrestrial Biological Entities & The Cover Up That The US Shadow Government's Involved With In Keeping This Information From The Public - Dr. Turner Was Likely Murdered By Way Of A Satellite Deployed Directed Energy Weapon, As Punishment For Refusing To End Her Pioneering Research Into The UFO/EBE Phenomenon

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Will The U.S. Federal Government Ever Admit To The Crimes Its Committed Against The American People Regarding Its Knowledge, Association With, & Cover Up Of The UFO/EBE Phenomenon?

Studies Have Shown That Infrasonic Sound Can Cause A Range Of Symptoms Including Nausea, Headaches, Fatigue, Insomnia, Vibration Of Internal Organs etc. Another Name For Infrasonic Sound Is U.L.F. (Ultra Low Frequency) Waves -- This Directed Energy Weapons' Technology Is Also Being Deployed Via Spy Satellite Networks Like The National Security Agency's Echelon In Order To Covertly Experiment Upon (Non Consensual Human Experimentation) Myriad Citizens, While In Some Instances Being Used To Even Torture And Murder Americans (As Well As Those Citizens Of Other Countries.) "The San Francisco FBI Terrorist" - A Californian Documents How The FBI's Crime Syndicate Has Violated His Constitutional Rights - Websites Like This One Regarding The FBI's Terrorist Criminality & Complete Disregard For The Constitutional Rule Of Law, Are Becoming Common Since Passage Of The Anti-American Patriot Act; Treasonous Legislation Which Encourages Such Lawlessness By Government Agencies Under The Pretense Of Protecting Americans From A War On Terror Which Is Based On A Complete & Utter Lie

CGI Video Morph Of A Mercedes Benz Changing From White To Red In Color - This Entire Video Was Done With CGI Video Morphing Technology - The Car Is Fake & So Is The Stage It's On - Makes You Wonder How Much Of What You See On Your Digital TV Is Real And How Much Is CGI Digital Fakery? Imagine The U.S. Military Intelligence Complex Being Able To Clone And Animate Your Image & Then Use It In Anyway They Decide To, Because They Have An Advanced Version Of CGI Video Morphing Which Can Do Just That! Imagine Your Digitally Cloned & Animated Image Being Used By An Agency Like The FBI, As Part Of A COINTELPRO Smear Campaign Being Illegally Conducted Against Your Person, And You Can Begin To Understand The Dangers Of This Technology And How It Can Be Abused

This video has been sourced from the following Website:


"WASHINGTON (AP) - The Supreme Court is refusing to intervene in the controversy surrounding the National Security Agency, rejecting a call from a privacy group to stop NSA from collecting the telephone records of millions of Verizon customers in the United States. While the justices on Monday declined to get involved in this issue, other lawsuits on the topic are making their way through the lower courts around the country. But in the case at hand, the Electronic Privacy Information Center bypassed lower courts and said that only the Supreme Court can overrule a decision by the secretive Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court, whose order allowing NSA to get the records cannot be reviewed by other federal courts." - This Is Yet A Further Example Of The U.S. Military Intelligence Complexes' Perversion Of, And Control Over The Judicial Branch Of The U.S. Federal Government, As Well As Its Control Over The Executive & Legislative Branches Of This Government - By Abrogating The Supreme Court's Ability To Constitutionally Decide The Most Important Cases In This Country, The U.S. Military Intelligence Complex Has Effectively Nullified The Constitutional Rule Of Law In The United States, While Subjecting The American Citizenry To A Police State Infrastructure - The 9-11 False Flag Operation's Primary Function Was To Destroy The American People's Sovereignty, Through The Subversion Of Our Constitutional Rule Of Law

"Mind Control: How EEG Devices Will Read Your Brain Waves And Change Your World" - This article is an illustration of how the U.S. Military Intelligence complex uses the media to circulate its own propaganda - In this case, the article describes how EEG devices will be used to read people's minds in the future, when in reality, the NSA and CIA have been using EEG heterodyning technology to do so through remote means for at least forty years, and through over the horizon radar systems as well as signals intelligence EMF scanning networks - American's have been electromagnetically branded like heads of cattle by the U.S. federal government, yet most know nothing about this Orwellian atrocity - Google: The Matrix Deciphered And CIA Programs TAMI, SATAN, MIND & CHRIST

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