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The Fastest Growing, Yet Most Ignored Crime In The United States - ORGANIZED STALKING - Why Is This Nazi Idealized Crime Completely Ignored By The Three Branches Of The U.S. Federal Government? - Because ORGANIZED STALKING Is Being Perpetrated Through A Network Of 72 Fusion Centers Across The United States, Which Are Overseen By The U.S. Department Of Justice, Its FBI Underling, And The U.S. Department Of Homeland Security - A Modern Day Version Of Hitler's Third Reich Has Found A Very Effective Place To Conceal Themselves, Under The Cover Of Our Own Subverted Federal Government - These Un American Fusion Centers Are Being Used To Turn The American People Into A Snitch Culture That Spies On Each Other And Trusts No One - The Consummate Definition Of A Paranoia-Driven Police State

On 1/26/14, NSA Whistleblower, Edward Snowden, Publicly Accused The NSA Of Conducting Industrial Espionage - A Few Years Ago, This Author Accused The NSA Of Conducting Industrial Espionage And Also Questioned Whether The Recent Unintended Acceleration Issues In Certain Automobiles, May Have Been Caused By The NSA Through The Use Of Its Signals Intelligence Technology - I Also Questioned Whether The 1980's Unintended Acceleration Issues With The Audi 5000 May Have Been Caused By The NSA As An Act Of Industrial Espionage Against The German Automaker (I Am Certain That German Chancellor, Angela Merkel, Would Find This To Be Of Interest Given Her Recent Allegations That The NSA Has Been Spying On Her Person) - The Computer In An Automobile Can Be Remotely Sabotaged By An NSA Signals Intelligence Satellite, As This Author Has Seen First Hand, With NSA Psychopaths Remotely Setting Off The Alarm In One Of Our Automobiles, While Opening And Closing The Car's Electric Door Locks While The Vehicle Was Still In Motion - They Remotely Tampered With The Computer In Another Vehicle, Interfering With Its Engine's Timing, Making The Vehicle Undriveable

Are The Unintended Acceleration Issues In Audi, Ford, Hyundai & Toyota Automobiles Acts Of Industrial Espionage? If So, Is The NSA Involved?

The following U.S. Attorneys were involved in investigating government brownstone operations (sex sting/blackmail) by the FBI and CIA under Bush 43, in efforts to entrap politicians, when they were fired from their jobs: David C. Iglesias, Daniel G. Bogden, Paul K. Charlton, Bud Cummins, Carol S. Lam, John McKay, Margaret Chiara and Kevin V. Ryan - Assistant U.S Attorney Jonathon Luna was found murdered - This is what happens when honest men and women attempt to do their jobs in government - Is it any wonder given the corruption within the U.S. federal government, why the only people comfortable working for this government are criminals?

Dr. Nick Begich Jr. Interview Regarding Nixon White House, CIA/ FBI Collusion In The Plane Crash Which Killed Congressmen Hale Boggs & Nick Begich Sr. In 1972 - In 1992, A Telex Was Unearthed Via The U.S. Freedom Of Information Act Which Stated That The FBI Knew The Whereabouts Of Boggs' Plane, Yet When Questioned By The U.S. Coast Guard In Regard To How The FBI Obtained The Location Of Boggs' Plane, The FBI Refused To Give The Coast Guard Further Information - This Resulted In At Least Two Survivors Who Were Seen Walking Near The Downed Cessna, Being Left In The Alaskan Wilderness To Die Of Exposure & Starvation

Did The Pentagon Use Its HAARP Weaponry To Rig The 2013 America's Cup Race? As Outlandish As This May Sound, The Pentagon Does Have The Technological Ability To Do So - And Team Oracle, The American Defender Of The America's Cup Did Set A Precedent Having Nearly Lost The Cup To Team New Zealand By The Largest Loss Margin In History, Before Winning Several Consecutive Races In Order To Defeat The Challenger - While This Author Was Watching This Unrealistic Comeback All I Could Think Of At The Time Was That The America's Cup Race Had Been Turned Into Yet Another HAARP Experiment By The Pentagon

The Pentagon Continues To Claim That There Is Nothing Sinister In Regard To Its HAARP Facility In Gakona, Alaska - However, The Pentagon Itself Is An Extremely Sinister Organization, With A History Of Hiding Some Of Its Most Dangerous Technologies Right Under The Collective Nose Of The American People - And HAARP Is No Exception - One Must Also Wonder How Many Other HAARP Facilities Exist On This Planet At The Present Time, And Who Is In Control Of Them?

The Mysterious Death Of Investigative Journalist Jim Keith - Was Keith Murdered For Writing Books Exposing The Pentagon's Use Of Its HAARP Antenna Array For Weather Manipulation And Covert Mind Control Programs?

Editor's Note:

As a target of one of the FBI's longest COINTELPRO operations in American history, this author documents every facet of this Nazi operation, to describe the abject criminality that these agent-cum-sadists are involved in.

They attack every single part of your life. Everyone whom you are in contact with, becomes part of the FBI's COINTELPRO scheme, whether they want to or not. And these people will oftentimes be positioned to act as victims of the targeted individual, even though they are fully aware that they are being used as FBI provocateurs in an intended entrapment scheme against the TI.

Today, this author documents the FBI's manipulation of medical personnel as part of its COINTELPRO against this author and other members of my Family. As many other Targeted Individuals (TIs for short) have already publicly documented, the U.S. medical profession, under the Rockefeller controlled American Medical Association crime syndicate, will be used by the FBI, DHS or other federal alphabet agency, as part of the psychological warfare operation that these Satanic lunatics foment against our persons.

As such, the FBI will interfere with any part of a TI's medical treatment, including using the health insurance company of the TI as part of this illegal COINTELPRO operation. Today, another member of this author's Family finds that their healthcare insurer is covering quite a bit less of a co-pay on a particular medication that this person is using monthly, than the health insurer did last month.

This is another example of how the FBI interferes with a person's medical treatment, as well as how the FBI can directly interfere with a TI's healthcare provider, in order to inflate the cost of medications that the TI is taking for a health condition. A condition that may in fact be the direct result of directed energy microwave weapons' attacks on their person by FBI murderous sociopaths.

In this case, the monthly cost of this person's medication has been illegally increased by about 30%, without any legitimate explanation. How can there be any legitimate explanation for this price increase, when the only reason that the price of the medication was increased, was because some FBI psychopath called the health insurance company and told them to increase the price of the medication as part of a psychological operation, that these demons are secretly conducting against us?

These agents are hardly about to admit that they are behind these crimes (although it has become quite obvious that they are), anymore than they will admit that they have colluded to conceal the worst crime ever documented involving a government's attempts at covertly enslaving its own citizenry - the U.S. federal government's treasonous decoding of the individual brain maps of each American citizen, as part of an Orwellian domestic spy program which this contaminated and poisonous government is secretly conducting against us.

The FBI can replicate the situation with this particular healthcare insurer, with any company that the TI attempts to conduct business with.

And this perversion of these companies by the FBI, will become chronic over time, with the FBI calling any company which the TI does business with, in order to sabotage the relationship of the TI with the company.

This has become very well documented over the past decade since the Patriot Act was passed as part of the 9/11 false flag operation, and used to completely undermine the U.S. Bill of Rights.

These are Nazi indoctrinated counterintelligence operations being illegally conducted by agencies like the FBI and DHS, against American citizens, whom these agencies are intentionally violating the Constitutional rights of.

That is why the U.S. Courts have been circumvented here.

Moreover, the U.S. Courts have become completely emasculated under the Draconian and treasonous Patriot Act legislation; no longer able to control these rogue agencies, or the treasonous reprobates who are abusing their authority from within their own infrastructures.

They have become an Orwellian horror on humanity itself.


The following has been excerpted from the late author, Jerry E. Smith's, 1998 book entitled: "HAARP - THE ULTIMATE WEAPON OF THE CONSPIRACY," which is written about the U.S. Department Of Defense's High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program in Alaska, and Smith's concerns that this program's real purpose involves everything from geophysical manipulation of the global weather to mass mind control via the EMF spectrum.

Think we should contact the FBI to investigate this? Many people already have, only to find that the FBI is part of this criminal conspiracy to enslave the American middle class, through the clandestine use of this classified electronic warfare technology.

In fact the obvious reason why the FBI has refused to file complaints in regard to the thousands of American citizens who have become the targets of these crimes (including the psychological warfare operation known as Organized Stalking) is that these complaints would leave a paper trail that Organized Stalking had been reported to the FBI by thousands of American citizens.

In other words, these criminal complaints would prove that Organized Stalking is part of a government engineered conspiracy in the United States to disenfranchise perhaps millions of American citizens from their Constitutional protections under the 4Th, 5Th and 6Th Amendments to the U.S. Bill of Rights.

An interesting footnote in regard to Jerry Smith, is that he was a childhood friend of investigative journalist Jim Keith's, and worked with Keith several times throughout their journalistic careers. Not long before Smith was diagnosed with a cancer that would end in his death, Jerry publicly claimed that Jim Keith had been murdered, because of the work he was doing to expose U.S. government mind control programs, and their use as part of Rothschild Zionism's New World Order global dictatorship. Was Jerry Smith also murdered for his work in exposing government mind control programs and their use in illegally experimenting upon American citizens?

Since the 9/11 false flag operation took place, HAARP has been used far more aggressively to manufacture catastrophic weather events such as Hurricanes Katrina, Irene and **Sandy, as well as the *2011 Tsunami in Japan, which caused some of the country's nuclear reactors to meltdown.

* The day after this Tsunami had struck Japan, this author found a video uploaded to YouTube only minutes before the Tsunami had struck, which showed myriad rows of rippled clouds nearly identical in shape and size; typical of HAARP activity. I immediately embedded the video to this Website, only to find that within hours of doing so, YouTube had deleted the video. This served as further confirmation that like Hurricane Sandy in 2012, the 2011 Japanese Tsunami was intentionally caused using HAARP weaponry.

** The reader should find it of interest to note that in 2012, before she struck the Northeastern coast of the United States, Sandy was headed out to sea, when the storm suddenly turned around and headed inland, causing precedent setting property damage to many areas of the Northeastern portion of the United States.

Further proof that if this storm was not actually created through the use of HAARP weapons, it was manipulated by these weapons, which were used to redirect Sandy to highly populated areas in the United States, where this storm could cause the most damage.

Not only can HAARP technology be used to artificially cause storms and other adverse weather conditions, HAARP can also be used to create electromagnetic fields which can be used to either block or move air. The more intense the electromagnetic field created by HAARP, the faster the air can be moved.

This author has also publicly questioned if, as the Northeastern United States was still busy - months later - cleaning up from the devastation of Hurricane Sandy during the Summer of 2013, the Pentagon may have again been using HAARP technology, this time, to interfere with the weather in San Francisco Bay during the Summer of 2013, in order to manipulate the outcome of the 2013 America's Cup sailboat race.

HAARP technology can be used to remotely modulate wind speed. HAARP can also be used to remotely block the wind from one sailboat, while actually creating wind for another.

Identical sailboats competing against each other for the purpose of match racing, as was done during the 2013 America's Cup, would have provided the Pentagon with an ideal venue for experimenting with HAARP right under the public's nose.

It makes you wonder if certain Pentagon officials may have been betting large sums of money on a considerable longshot which they created using HAARP technology, in order to make the challengers appear as though they were going to win the 2013 America's Cup in a clean sweep, only to then cash in, when the challengers lost several consecutive races to the American defender, who was then able to just eek out a final win in order to maintain possession of the Cup.

Given the stealth nature of this technology, who is to know, or for that matter, even question such chicanery? Except those of us who've been targeted by this technology for extended periods of time, who understand some of its frightening capabilities, and who realize how statistically improbable such a come from behind win was for the American team.

This author believes, given this precedent setting comeback by the American team, Team Oracle, the capabilities of HAARP, and the abject corruption of the Nazi indoctrinated Pentagon, that a group of high ranking government employees may have made a lot of money betting on Team Oracle, after they used HAARP to turn them into the underdogs, in a competition whose outcome had become completely dependent on a HAARP manipulated race course.

*SeeDid The Pentagon Use Its HAARP Weaponry To Rig The 2013 America's Cup Race?

However, what is even more disturbing is HAARP's use in broadcasting signals through the air which operate on the same frequencies as the human brain, for the express purpose of mass mind control.

As a target of MK-ULTRA for nearly 40 years, this author cannot overemphasize the importance of the global citizenry investigating this information for themselves, so that they can begin to understand the dangers that this technology and the completely Satanic and corrupted governments who covertly utilize it against us, represent to the human race.

The reader should also note that author Jerry Smith died of cancer after he publicly claimed that his friend, investigative journalist, Jim Keith, had been murdered for researching the U.S. Military Intelligence complexes' involvement in the creation and deployment of these mind control weapons, on an unwitting American population. Was Smith given cancer after having been targeted by a directed energy microwave weapon?

HAARP Weapons Used By The Pentagon

For Mass Mind Control Of Humanity

"What if you had a single weapon that could destroy all of an enemy's orbiting spy satellites at once? What if the same weapon could wrap the earth in an impenetrable 'shield?' One that would destroy intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBMs) attempting to pass through it? A weapon that could create clouds of electrons moving at the speed of light could accomplish both of these objectives.

"The U.S. Senate funded an ongoing project called the High frequency Active Auroral Research Program (HAARP). The HAARP project is building a transmitter of sufficient signal strength to turn the aurora borealis (the 'northern lights') into a virtual antenna, rebroadcasting in the extremely low frequency (ELF) range. ELF waves travel deep into the earth, perfect for earth penetrating tomography (EPT). HAARP was funded by the Senate to use EPT to verify treaties prohibiting the spread of weapons of mass destruction."

*Editor's Note: HAARP has become a weapon of mass destruction, which is being used on the American people for the purpose of both geophysical manipulation of our weather, as well as for mind control experimentation via the EMF spectrum.

"What could a nation, or a conspiracy, do with a weapon that can 'fry' men's minds? What if you could induce emotions, fear or rage, at will?

"What if you could do it over a large area, affecting enemy troops on their way to battle? whole cities? even entire continents?

"If you can tune the aurora to rebroadcast an ELF message, you may have created the ultimate 'bio-feedback' machine. The human brain works in the same extremely low frequency range that HAARP will be broadcasting. This may give HAARP's operators the ability to send radio messages into the heads of millions of people.

"HAARP could possibly be used to produce emotions on demand, perhaps even send words.

"What if your sufficiently large transmitter, the HAARP array or something larger still, could put 'thoughts' directly into people's heads? Thoughts like 'surrender' or 'obey?'"

What Is A Top Russian Scientist Doing
Working On The U.S. HAARP Project?

"Why would a former top Soviet official, *scientist, and SDI expert be a part of the birthing of HAARP?

*Russian Scientist Roald Zinurovich Sagdeev

"Some believe that HAARP is SDI technology coming on-line. President Reagan promised to share 'Star Wars' technology with the Soviets. Some thought he was wacky for saying that, others applauded the gesture. The Soviets were convinced that SDI would give the United States 'first strike' capability and bitterly opposed it. Are we developing SDI technology? Could we be honoring Reagan's commitment? Was Academician Sagdeev's presence on that committee proof that 1) HAARP is 'Star Wars' and 2) that we really are sharing it with the Russians?

"What if your radar could see far over the horizon, picking up enemy planes and missiles hundreds, even thousands of miles off? What if, once you saw those incoming missiles, you could raise the top of the atmosphere? This would create unplanned drag in space by having 'air' where there should not be any. It would probably deflect or destroy the missiles. That is what the original patents for a HAARP-like apparatus said such a device could do.

"What if you could peer miles deep into the earth and discover all of your enemy's buried secrets? That is exactly what HAARP was funded by the U.S. to do.

"What if, as part of manipulating the upper atmosphere, you could turn the jet stream in any direction you liked? What if, with the touch of a button, you could create localized storms, turning routes to potential battlefields into muddy quagmires to stop enemy troops and supply movements in their tracks?

"The DOD has desired this technology since the Vietnam War. During that conflict they attempted to seed clouds over the enemy's main supply rout, the Ho Chi Minh Trail.

"Thinking bigger, what if you could 'dial up' continent-wide storms that would batter down a belligerent nation's food crops with wind and hail or drown it under flood waters? Could you not induce famine at will? These too were part of the original plan for a HAARP-like device.

"What if you could direct beams of energy at advancing enemy troops, microwaving their brains like three-minute meals? Would that not be the weapon of choice? - your enemy dead or to mentally disturbed to fight, yet nothing else damaged, his equipment still usable, his cities, his industry and yours unblemished by war.

"Could you control people if you could project holographic images into the sky, pictures of the God(s) they worship or of the Demons they fear most?

"The Air Force thinks so, as they are actively pursuing holographic projectors as a weapons system. What could you do with people if you could transmit words or thoughts directly into their minds? Could you not bend them to do your bidding unaware, or drive them insane with 'voices?'

"Psychologists in the employ of Russia's KGB have been working on radio remote control of people since the 1930s. The CIA has had similar research programs since the 1950s.

"All of the above are things that researchers say HAARP (or a device like HAARP) could do, if built sufficiently large and directed to that purpose. As crazy and science-fictional as these may sound, for decades respected scientists have said that it was only a matter of time, and money, to accomplish these things. Is HAARP the next 'evolutionary' stage in weapons development?"

Author Jerry E. Smith

*Editor's Note: As much as the U.S. federal government attempts to cover up its use of HAARP for geophysical manipulation of the weather as well as mass mind control experimentation, the fact is that this weapon of mass destruction has become better known than it was when Smith wrote his book sixteen years ago. And HAARP has become the weapon of choice for mass mind control as well as geophysical manipulation of the weather since that time.

In spite of the fact that Smith's book is 16 years old, "HAARP - THE ULTIMATE WEAPON OF THE CONSPIRACY" is still full of useful technical information in regard to this Pentagon project, and as such, well worth reading.

This is especially true if you know for certain that you are the subject of such non consensual human experimentation, as part of a contemporary version of MK-ULTRA, which is conducted through different portions of the EMF spectrum.

While the government controlled propaganda machine in America continues to keep the citizenry focused on the dangers of nuclear weapons, the fact is that electronic warfare weapons such as HAARP have become the new weapons of mass destruction, because of their stealth nature, tremendous flexibility, and ability to cause devastation to the entire human race, without ever even damaging a single manmade structure.

HAARP technology has become the weapon of choice because of its cost effectiveness and practicality.

And this is why the Pentagon will never admit to its use of HAARP as a weapon of mass destruction, which is regularly tested on American citizens. Because this Holy Grail of domestic spying and covert torture and genocide, remains far too valuable for the Pentagon to ever give up willingly.

Instead, the Pentagon is far too interested in helping to propagate the Orwellian subversion of the U.S. federal government, while using its signals intelligence driven domestic spy system to reduce the American people to a snitch culture which spies on everyone, trusts no one, and is now defined by its heavily propagandized and paranoia-driven police state ideology.

- James F. Marino

The reader should also consider the following comment in regard to how HAARP technology can be controlled in order to both manipulate weather patterns as well as steering a HAARP beam which can also burn "temporary holes" in the ionosphere.

This is indicative of HAARP's use as a weapon of mass destruction, given that it can be directed at any location on the face of this planet, in order to cause a massive electromagnetic radiation attack on pre-chosen area, which can be compared to a nuclear explosion. However, without the physical damage to buildings and a city's infrastructure that a typical nuclear attack would cause.

The following is from Jerry Smith's "HAARP - The Ultimate Weapon of the Conspiracy."

"HAARP documents claim that the facility was shut down at the end of the last set of initial low power tests on the DP, on 21 November, 1995. Officially, no testing was conducted from that time until the HAARP facility was at last put to scientific use for the first time, over a year later.

"This claim of being 'dark' from November 1995 to February 1997, however, contradicts other evidence presented by Dr. Begich. He claims that inside sources told him that a series of full power tests had been conducted in December of '95 and March of '96. My research team and I have not been able to independently verify this.

"Richard Hoagland and Dr. Nick Begich both claim that clandestine experiments were conducted during this period of alleged non-activity. These alleged experiments will be discussed at length later in this book.

"The HAARP literature calls for the array to be used in two week blocks of intensive activity called 'campaigns.' Officially, the first such campaign was 27 February through 14 March, 1997. In addition to science experiments, this two week period included several visits from tour groups; participation in a lecture series by HAARP personnel at the nearby community college; a public talk on ionospheric research and the HAARP facility; and the first HAARP-Amateur radio listening test. HAARP documents claim that all testing of the IRI prior to that first campaign was to test the components of the DP array only.

"From 15-25 May, 1997, more tests were run on the DP. Some official documents say the next series of tests was not until 11-27 August, 1997, but this is again contradicted.

"Tests may have been run in June--tests that could have bathed some or all of North America in deadly gamma radiation!

Researcher Michael Unum has posted the following startling data on the Internet:

"'One of the most impressive uses for the HAARP device is as a n indirect fire energy weapon. The HAARP can create a steerable beam which can burn temporary holes in our protective ionosphere layer. This can cause a predictable corridor of the Sun's Gamma radiation pulse to get through this protective layer.

"Evidence of this capability was obtained through the internet sights {sic} that measure gamma radiation around the Nv. {Nevada} test sight {sic}. These monitors all spiked on the same day at the same time! I have run a real time comparison of the EPA {Environmental Protection Agency} meter data and discovered that the time of the spikes on the gamma meters are timed closely together even though these meters are some distance {apart}.

"This is due to a large gamma pulse in the region. This could almost be perceived as a nuclear weapon with out {sic} the bomb or the explosion. Just before this Gamma event took place, there was a massive electromagnetic event registered in the University of Alaska magnometer sight {sic} sensors.

"When all of this information is analyzed together it creates a picture that seems to state that the HAARP can be used as a weapon. What we are seeing is a weapons test in the area of the test range.

"If my conclusion is correct this device could be employed in secret.

"Targeting any point on the earth with a massive Gamma Radiation pulse. Causing destruction with no sound or any obvious attack. Making this the ultimate sneak attack device.

"The date of the test was June 09 and 10 {1997}. Look at the before and after readings on all the sights [sic]. You will notice the background levels return to normal fairly quickly after the test.'"

"Michael Unum believed that HAARP has been used to create a 'hole' in the ionosphere that rained deadly radiation over the Nevada Test Site (NTS - the U.S. nuclear weapons testing facility in the desert north of Las Vegas).

"Gamma ray detectors in Alaska and Nevada spiked off the scale at the same time.

"The event that caused the spike(s), according to Unum, was a test of HAARP. Gamma rays are a high-energy radiation that is extremely dangerous to living cells. They cause severe cell mutations. Protection from gamma rays is very difficult because they penetrate even thick concrete. "If HAARP actually was used to conduct such a clandestine experiment, this evidence makes it clear that HAARP is deadly dangerous; far more so than any government official or project scientist is willing to admit."

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