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Psychological Warfare Operations And How They Are Used To Furtively Control How You Think

  • "FBI Witness Murdered Who Had Access & Was To Testify In Obama/Soetoro Passport FBI Investigation" - This Investigation Could Have Proven That Barack Obama Was Not Born In The United States And Thus Would Not Have Been Allowed To Run For The Office Of President - These Types Of Murders Committed Against Witnesses Who Have The Potential Of Unravelling The Crime Syndicate That Controls Pawns Like Obama Are Common, Yet Few Americans Know About Them - They Are Also A Further Example Of The Organized White Collar Criminal Syndicate That Secretly Controls The United States Federal Government

  • "Are your thoughts your own? Neuroprivacy and the Legal implications of Brain Imaging"

  • Be Careful What You're Thinking Since You Never Know When The National Security Agency Will Decide To Remotely Access Your Brain Via Its Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network And Pass Judgement On You - HR 1955 & S 1959 Legislation Have Made It A Crime For You To Have Thoughts Which The U.S. Federal Government Has Deemed To Be Inappropriate - Welcome To The United States Of Amerika

  • Psychological Warfare Operations Have Come To Dominate The Lives Of The Global Middle Class - Psyops Are A Clever Form Of Mind Control Used To Infiltrate Your Life Without Your Ever Realizing It

    FBI Psyops & The Myriad Avenues They Take

    Is Your Home Being Devalued Because Of A Psyop?

    As this author has been documenting for much of the past decade, the FBI's psychopaths continue to use a myriad of ways in which to attack my person and other Family members - all of whom are being used for non consensual human experimentation - as part of an aggressive psychological warfare operation.

    The FBI's psychological warfare operations have been aggressive for the past decade, and have included virtually every crime imaginable, short of murder.

    The FBI's provocateurs are also used to make prank phone calls in the middle of the night as part of its psyop campaign against this author. This is done in efforts to interrupt the sleep patterns of the targeted persons, as part of the conspiracy to destroy both their physical and mental health.

    The FBI has been using the U.S. Postal Service to intentionally deliver the mail of other people to this author's home for several years now, and today, the FBI uses United Parcel Service to deliver packages that should have been delivered to a neighbor.

    Knowing the importance of delivering the packages, the UPS driver shows up almost immediately after intentionally delivering it to the wrong address, in order to reclaim it, and deliver it to the intended recipient as he should have done in the first place. How can UPS explain this?

    Plausible deniability. There were two people on the UPS truck, meaning that one was probably a supervisor, and the other a trainee; an excuse which would have been used to explain the driver's delivering the package to the wrong address, even though it was clearly done intentionally.

    Moreover, since this author is expecting a few packages to be delivered by UPS over the next few days, this may be a message that these packages may be intentionally delivered to the wrong home just to cause further problems. The intent is for the FBI to manipulate the target into filing complaints against as many organizations as possible, in an effort to prove that the target is confrontational.

    However, the best way in which to deal with such a situation is to understand that the people being used as part of the FBI's psywarfare operations, are nothing but pawns who are smart enough to know that when the FBI tells you to do something and you fail to do so, you could end up being targeted just like the strangers whom you are being used to deploy these psychological warfare operations against.

    Once again, these people aren't the problem. The FBI's agents and their total disregard for the Constitutional rule of law are. This is especially true when one considers the fact that the FBI has never had a legislative charter in which to operate, which means that the FBI is operating without the proper legal documentation.

    As a result of this complete lack of accountability for their actions, when the FBI is involved in its COINTELPRO operations, you can also be certain that the FBI will take an organization that is running properly, and subvert it for the sake of deploying its psywarfare operations on one of the Bureau's intended targets.

    Of course, in this instance, murder is the FBI's ultimate goal here, as punishment for this author's corroboration of John St. Clair Akwei's allegations against the National Security Agency, regarding its covert use of a Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network, in which to secretly brain fingerprint the American citizenry, while tracking Americans by way of their own unique set of bioelectric resonance/brain entrainment frequencies.

    As punishment to the targets of such expositions of government crimes, the FBI will also be used in order to criminally manipulate the value of the real estate housing market, by coercing real estate appraisers into undervaluing certain homes owned by targeted individuals or the homes owned by Family's of targeted individuals, which are then used to artificially lower the price of other homes within the same community.

    This is yet another way in which the FBI attempts to demonize the target with the community, even though it is the FBI's furtive manipulation of the home prices through its use of fear tactics, which is ultimately responsible for this economic loss.

    The FBI will use every means necessary in which to accomplish this, including brainwashing the public, which is how the vigilante hate crime of organized stalking has been successfully propagated in our communities.

    Is your community really better off with a group of brainwashed people driving around gang stalking people whom they have absolutely no legal right to be harassing?

    Government orchestrated organized stalking crimes are one of the major catalysts in artificially lowering the value of real estate, since these people drive their vehicles around our neighborhoods for the sole purpose of perpetrating acts of psychological warfare, while completely disrupting the normal and peaceful activities which are usually taking place within these communities.

    What is miraculous, is that the targets of organized stalking have for the most part not reacted violently to such an egregious attack on their civil liberties and basic human rights, but have instead conducted themselves with dignity in the face of such a horrific situation.

    As a result of their being brainwashed, organized stalkers have become an unnatural part of society, who are being used to foment discord between people with the intent of creating a violent society; which is exactly what the federal government wants, since violence will enable them to justify the state of martial law which can be enforced at any time, given the Congresses passage of the National Defense Authorization Act.

    It is the complete brainwashing of our communities which has resulted in a callous disregard for human life; once normal men and women, being reduced to the role of sadistic torturer and murderer.

    Furthermore, this artificial devaluation of American real estate through the U.S. Intelligence community's implementation of fusion centers, which in turn have sanctioned the vigilante hate crime of organized stalking, is only compounded by a terrible U.S. economy.

    An economy which has been manipulated by the Federal Reserve System as part of its intent to destroy the American middle class - a criminal conspiracy started by the British Monarchy and House of Rothschild more than two centuries ago, who feared that a healthy American economy would result in the destruction of every monarchy on the face of this planet.

    The fact that the entire home appraisal system that exists within the United States is used by state governments in which to levy ridiculously high property taxes on most homes, while the wealthiest homeowners within this country pay far lower taxes based on the appraised values of their property, serves as yet another form of class warfare, as does the federal income tax.

    It also illustrates how fraudulent this appraisal system is. A system which will soon fail as the direct result of the economic depression which is now taking place in the United States.

    A depression which both the leadership in the U.S. Federal Government, as well as the media system in this country casually refer to as a recession.

    Homeowners are not going to continue to pay these exorbitant property taxes on their homes, when these taxes are being intentionally inflated by state governments, in order to make up for any economic shortfall caused by poor government management.

    An example of such real estate manipulation in the New York housing market, involves many homes which are being taxed based on appraisals that are as much as double what these homes are actually selling for.

    Your homes are worth whatever a buyer is willing to offer for them. And if a buyer is willing to offer $500,000 for your home, while the state has it appraised at $900,000 for the purpose of extracting a higher and unreasonable property tax, then this appraisal system is based on an outright fraud, which is being used to fleece most American homeowners out of their hard earned wages.

    The fact of the matter is that neither federal nor state governments could give a damn about bankrupting the middle class in the United States, when they are in fact being used as part of the criminal conspiracy in which to do just that.

    The entire government ideology of tax and spend has resulted in a grossly incompetent body politic who feel free to piddle away your hard earned wages on a myriad of worthless programs, while these legislators continue to feather their own financial nests, while being used to destroy your inherent rights as citizens; beholden to their financial masters - the Zionist banksters.

    Those who are responsible for the treasonous pieces of legislation being used to destroy your inherent rights as American citizens.

    Moreover, the fact is that the prices of homes in the United States have been obscenely inflated since the 1980's housing boom, as the result of the Federal Reserve System's use of inflation to devalue our currency to the point where it is all but worthless.

    This is why a home that was worth all of $500,000 in the mid 1970's, is now valued at more than ten times that amount. Had it not been for the Federal Reserve System's manipulation of the value of American currency, that $500,000 home would still be worth about $500,000, because there would have been no inflation over the past four decades.

    Today, your currency would have been worth much more that it is, and as such so would its buying power.

    Instead, your currency is all but worthless; all as the result of the Federal Reserve System's criminal manipulation of the United States economy and its intentional creation of inflationary and deflationary cycles to control you.

    And to make matters even worse, the Internal Revenue Service has been illegally taxing your income based on its perversion of the 16Th Amendment, that we now know was never legally ratified in the first place, and which has given the IRS the ability to steal a percentage of your nearly worthless currency each year, based on your being tricked into signing a 1040 income tax return, which whether you realize or not is how the IRS gets you to give up your 5Th Amendment rights and privileges regarding self incrimination.

    Do you truly believe that as an American citizen who occupies this country's rapidly disappearing middle class, that you stand any chance of surviving if this government is allowed to continue to get away with such an economic fleecing?

    Moreover, if as American citizens, you don't believe that there is a very real criminal conspiracy being waged against you by whatever politicians are occupying the federal government at any given session, then you are doing yourselves a tremendous disservice, since this conspiracy has been taking place since long before the Federal Reserve Act was passed in 1913; and the Federal Reserve Communist central bank was created for the express purpose of conducting class warfare against the American middle class, when this counterfeiter and launderer of counterfeited currency was illegally created in 1914.

    According to the late Eustace Mullins, based on his research as a former employee of the United States Library Of Congress, it was also about this time that the Federal Reserve was used to steal billions of dollars in gold bullion from the U.S. Treasury, much of which was shipped overseas to other nations which to this day, remain under the control of the Communist central banks that the House of Rothschild maintains furtive ownership of.

    Now with the Congresses passage of the abomination known as the National Defense Authorization Act, they have not only allowed the Federal Reserve to destroy your wealth, but the Congress themselves, with the help of the President of the United States, the usurper, Barack Obama, has now stolen your rights as an American citizen, by using the NDAA in combination with the Orwellian Patriot Act, to deny you your rights to due process of law, your rights to freedom of speech, your rights to own a firearm, your rights to peaceful assembly, and virtually every other right that once made the United States unique as a nation.

    This government will not only spy on you within the privacy of your domicile, they will electronically enter your mind without your knowledge or consent, and if caught doing so, demonize you in an attempt to justify such a heinous crime against humanity.

    The U.S. Federal Government's propagation and concealment of such outrageous crimes offers further proof that the U.S. Bill of Rights has been unconstitutionally nullified, and to the detriment of the American people.

    All of these crimes being perpetrated against the American middle class under the pretense of a fraudulent war on terror which is being conducted by those who waged war against us with their furtive terrorist attacks on 9-11-2001.

    It is the denial by these interlopers in regard to their own involvement in the 9-11 false flag operation, which is being used to rob the American people of something even more important then their finances - their own common sense.

    Can you truly watch video of the buildings on 9-11-2001 free falling, while explosions are occurring beneath the floors as they collapse, and not acknowledge that the North and South Towers of the World Trade Center, as well as Building 7, were brought down through a controlled demolition, and by explosives placed within these buildings well in advance of these terrorist attacks? Something that every politician in the United States will deny.

    And it is these interlopers who have usurped our government for their own criminal means, and who have pathologically lied to us, who must be put on trial before an international war crimes tribunal, for the crimes they have perpetrated against the American citizenry and the rest of the world.

    The entire hierarchy of the U.S. Federal Government must be held accountable.

    And every American citizen must now acknowledge that the U.S. Intelligence community through its complete disregard for our Bill of Rights, and its secretive implementation of a national brain fingerprinting network, has become a greater threat to Americans than any foreign power in the history of the United States.

    - James F. Marino

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    Scholar Melissa Littlefield Maintains Serious Doubts About The Legitimacy Of FMRI Thought Reading Technology - The NSA's RNM Technology's Also Flawed

  • House Resolution 1955 Passed With 404 Votes - This Orwellian Legislation Is Predicated On Judging American Citizens Based Not On Actual Crimes, But Instead On Their Thoughts - HR 1955 Is Thought Crime Legislation Which Will Eventually Be Used To Sanction Brain Fingerprinting Programs Like The NSA's Clandestine Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network

  • The Occupy Wall Street Movement Continues To Gain Momentum Around The World As The Global Middle Class Refuses To Be Dominated By The Rothschild Zionist Banksters & Their Political Minions Any Longer - We Are Seeing History In The Making As The House Of Rothschilds' Criminal Infrastructure Is Aggressively Being Challenged - The Political Systems, The Monetary Systems, The Media Systems, The Think Tanks, The Military Industrial Intelligence Complexes - All Under The Furtive Control Of The Rothschilds - All Being Placed Under The Global Middle Classes Scrutiny Simultaneously - The Entire System Is On Trial

  • Melissa Littlefield Has Little Faith In FMRI Technology
    Photo by L. Brian Stauffer

    Scholar Unconvinced New Lie-Detection Methods Better Than Old Ones
    June 2, 2009

    “Functional magnetic resonance imaging and Brain Fingerprinting® have been hailed as the next, best technologies for lie detection in America, particularly in the context of post-9/11 anxiety,” said University of Illinois professor Melissa Littlefield.

    ( -- When a crime has been committed, the usual modus operandi for police detectives and their fictional counterparts has been to dust the scene for fingerprints. And once they have a suspect in custody, out comes the polygraph, or lie detector.

    But in today's forensically sophisticated, "CSI"-influenced world, polygraphy - which bases its results on functions of the autonomic nervous system - is increasingly dismissed as dated and unreliable. Rapidly replacing older truth-seeking technologies are new brain-based techniques such as functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI), and the electroencephalography(EEG)-based technology known as Brain Fingerprinting®.

    Because they are "brain-based," both methods have been promoted in the media as being more precise, accurate and trustworthy.

    "Functional magnetic resonance imaging and Brain Fingerprinting® have been hailed as the next, best technologies for lie detection in America, particularly in the context of post-9/11 anxiety," University of Illinois professor Melissa Littlefield says in an article published in the May issue of the journal Science, Technology & Human Values.

    "Far from describing the brain and its functions, fMRI and Brain Fingerprinting® produce models of the brain that reinforce social notions of deception, truth and deviance," she concludes in the paper's abstract.

    In other words, Littlefield is unconvinced that the new technologies are necessarily superior to the old ones. In fact, the professor of English and of kinesiology and community health believes polygraphy may have more in common with the new technologies than many scientists - particularly neuroscientists - would suggest.

    "They would argue that traditional polygraphy tests the autonomic nervous system. That's respiration, heart rate, pulse, electrical skin conductance.

    But, Littlefield said, using the old-fashioned lie detector, "you're not really getting deception so much as your body's reaction to the stress of deception."

    "And they would argue that (with) fMRI, since it's scanning the brain, we're getting closer to the central nervous system, not dealing with the peripheral nervous system. We're dealing with what some say is 'the organ of deceit' - where the lies are happening."

    But according to Littlefield, the old and the new deception-detection tools basically rely on the same three assumptions.

    "The first one is that lies are somehow measurable - that you can see them in the body through increased breathing, heart rate … or by looking at the brain." In the latter case, she said, "colloquially, people say 'your brain lights up' in the fMRI scanner."

    The second common assumption, she said, is that "when you look at the body and get some kind of information - whether it's pulse rate or blood oxygenation level dependent (BOLD) signals, or whatever it is that each is measuring - that somehow you're able to see the body in action without needing any interpretation."

    The presumption, she said, is that those viewing results of both manners of truth-seeking "somehow see the body in action without needing any interpretation … like looking through a window, as opposed to looking at some kind of artistic picture that needs interpretation."

    Finally, she said, "they share this assumption that truth and deception are somehow connected. In deception studies, if you're looking at the polygraph or you're looking at the fMRI, the assumption is that truth is the baseline - the factual, the basic, the natural. And to lie is to add a story on top of the truth."

    *The "good news" in all of this, she said, is that investigators can't actually track people's intentions or behavior by scanning their brains.

    * Editor's Note: Important questions remain in regard to exactly what information can be obtained through the use of fMRI and electroencephalography(EEG) technologies. Based on John St. Clair Akwei's lawsuit against the National Security Agency, specifically as his lawsuit pertains to the NSA's Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network, it would appear that the NSA relies on more advanced forms of both fMRI and electroencephalography(EEG) technology when conducting its remote neural monitoring of a targeted subject's brain states. The NSA's RNM technology is clearly well beyond any that Ms. Littlefield has referred to in her research. Perhaps someone should send her a copy of Akwei VS NSA.

    "You can't put someone in an fMRI scanner and read their mind or incriminate them, at least in part, because the person would have to lie so still," Littlefield said. "Protocols are such that if you didn't want to have your brain scanned, all you'd have to do is clench your teeth or move your head, and it would create artifacts in the images, and then you can't use them - luckily."

    Still, she said, those promoting the newer, brain-based deception-detection technologies have had some degree of success in convincing the media and public that new and improved does equal better/safer. And that notion that science and technology can protect us "makes us feel better," she said.

    "We want science to be able to answer all our questions somehow - which it can't do. That's the long and the short of it," she said.

    The U. of I. professor recently finished a yet-to-be-published book, "Tracing Truth: A Cultural History of Deception Detection." Much of the book is framed by "looking back at the cultural ideologies - those three stories: lies are measurable, the body seems so obvious, and deception and truth are intertwined."

    "And I go back to all this media, debate, science fiction and scientific detective fiction from the turn of the 20th century and trace these stories all the way through to current fMRI literatures in the scientific and popular press."

    Littlefield is working on another book, tentatively titled "Playing the Role of a Criminalist: Disciplining Narratives in the Forensic Sciences." Its focus is on "metadisciplinarity."

    The book is based, in part, on Littlefield's own interdisciplinary life and career, and examines how a number of disciplines have come together over the past 50 years to become known as the forensic sciences - "whatever that is," she said. The book also explores what Littlefield calls forensic sciences' "interesting relationship with fiction, in particular Sherlock Holmes and 'CSI.' "

    "Without these stories, without this literature, I think you'd have a much harder time trying to get the public on board with things like forensics or fMRI or lie detection," she said.

    Littlefield recently returned from Denmark, where she designed an fMRI experiment for a project she plans to begin this fall with a team of international, interdisciplinary researchers.

    Although Littlefield could not reveal the specifics of the fMRI study, she did say that the researchers plan to investigate the role of the brain's frontal lobes, along with the cognitive process known as executive function (which involves complex decision-making), during various stressful stimuli. She and her team hope to challenge several paradigms that have been taken for granted in both fMRI deception studies and social neuroscience.

    In the meantime, Littlefield advises caution when sizing up the promises of those promoting the latest crop of brain-based truth-seeking technologies.

    "This 9/11 kind of hype has allowed and fueled this desire both in scientists and the media, and in popular culture, to try to find something to hold onto for security's sake. But I don't think it's really there" - at least not yet, she said.

    For now, she added, a more accurate characterization of current developments in deception detection would be to say, "there are some scientists who've done particular kinds of studies with a lot of different limitations, and they've found some preliminary things about how the brain works."

    Sources: University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign


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    The FEMA Concentration Camps Found Across The United States Will Soon Be Filled With American Citizens Because Of Congresses Passage Of the NDAA

    The New Nazi Prison Camps Secretly Created In The United States
    FEMA's REX 84 Program - Think Orwell's 1984

    Actual 1974 Congressional Testimony of Dr. Jose Delgado: "We need a program of PSYCHOSURGERY for POLITICAL CONTROL of our society. The purpose is PHYSICAL CONTROL OF THE MIND. Everyone who deviates from the given norm can be SURGICALLY MUTILATED. The individual may think that the most important reality is his own existence, but this is only his personal point of view. This lacks historical perspective. Man does NOT HAVE THE RIGHT to develop his own mind. This kind of liberal orientation has great appeal. We must ELECTRICALLY CONTROL THE BRAIN. Some day armies and generals will be controlled by electric stimulation of the brain.'"

    -- Dr. Jose M.R. Delgado Director of Neuropsychiatry Yale University Medical School Congressional Record, No. 26, Vol. 118 February 24, 1974 (Author of "PHYSICAL CONTROL OF THE MIND" 1969)

  • The National Security Agency's Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network Is Being Used To Carry Out The Covert Program Of Mind Controlling The American People By Way Of Remote Means - Those Government Agencies Who Use The Signals Intelligence Satellites Which Are Used To Deploy The NSA's Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network Against The American People Have Become A Threat To Humanity

  • Also See:

  • The Strange World Of NSA Mind Control - Yet Another Website Which Documents The National Security Agency's Covert Domestic Spying Of American Citizens & Its Use Of Americans For Non Consensual Mind Control Experimentation - Something this Author Has Been Subjected To For Decades
  • FEMA REX 84 Concentration Camps Will Be Aggressively Used To Imprison American Citizens As Part The U.S. Federal Government's Incorporation Into The North American Union, Now That The National Defense Authorization Act Has Been Passed

  • Wernher Von Braun And The Nazi UFO Connection - The Father Of The U.S. Space Program Had Been Involved In The Development Of Reverse Engineered UFO Craft Prior To Entering The United States After World War II - It Is Thus All The More Pertinent That In The Last Days Of His Life, Von Braun Spent His Time Warning The American People Of The Dangers Of The U.S. Military Intelligence Complexes' Weaponization Of Outer Space, And That This Complex Would Exploit The Public's Fear Of UFO's In Order To Gain Its Trust - NASA's Operation Blue Beam

  • The National Defense Authorization Act Now Allows The Pentagon To Wage Its Own War On Internet Users While Violating The First Amendment Right To Freedom Of Speech
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    Yet Another Instance Of The FBI Perpetrating Subjorning Witness Perjury - You Have No Idea How Easy It Is For The FBI To Coerce A Witness Into Lying

    The FBI's Attack On Dr. Tarek Mehanna

    "Dr. Mehanna is being accused of 'material support for terrorism' and other related charges. According to Mehanna, his real 'crime' was his refusal to work as an informant for the FBI in the Muslim community. Agents had approached him repeatedly since 2006. When he consistently refused, they threatened to make his life a “living hell.”

    * The readers will recall that the FBI's murder of Vicki Weaver and her son Sammy, began with Randy Weaver's refusal to act as an FBI informant. Refusing to act as a snitch for the FBI can turn out to be deadly for those who refuse to acquiece to the FBI's intimidation tactics. Many members of organizations such as the American Indian Movement and the Black Panther Party learned this lesson the hard way after several of their members were targeted by the FBI for murder.

    The FBI has made many American citizens lives a living hell while completely circumventing the U.S. Bill of Rights, because the FBI is under no legitimate supervision and never has been - the benefit of operating without a legislative charter, and why the FBI should have been abolished a long time ago.

    If the FBI doesn't like you and decides to violate your civil rights, these agents will not stop until they have made your life so miserable that you either suicide yourself or commit an act for which you can be incarcerated. If these schemes fail, then the FBI will foment the most vicious smear campaign against your person imaginable, in an attempt to justify its crimes, while conspiring to murder you by any means imaginable. The FBI will also fabricate evidence against your person, as well as witnesses, whom the FBI will coerce into testifying against you. The FBI has a long and sordid history of doing so.

    If the FBI's crimes against your person are so outrageous that the courts would actually find the FBI agents involved in these crimes indictable, the FBI will collude with other government agencies to completely circumvent the Constitutional rule of law in efforts to conceal these crimes. The end result is not law enforcement, but instead a cadre of vigilantes who will justify their own crimes at any cost.

  • The FBI's History Of Repression Is Growing Even Worse Under The Patriot Act Where The FBI Can Use Its Coercive Tactics To Control Anyone, Which The FBI Then Uses In Which To Force These People Into Lying Under Oath - The FBI's History Of Committing Suborning Witness Perjury - This Is Yet Another Account Regarding One Of The FBI's Victims; One Dr. Tarek Mehanna, A Political Prisoner, Who Is Being Punished By The FBI Because He Refused To Work For The FBI As An Informant
  • Are You A Thought Criminal? If So, The U.S. Intelligence Community Would Like To Incarcerate You While Denying You Your Right To A Trial By Jury

    The NSA's Thought Police - The U.S. Intelligence Community's Intent To Abolish The U.S. Judicial System Through Its Use Of Satellite Deployed Remote Neural Monitoring Technology

    Author: James F. Marino

    As the direct result of a secret national brain fingerprinting program implemented by the U.S. National Security Agency in the early 1980's, as an American citizen, you can now be subjected to the NSA's remote neural monitoring of your brain via its Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network.

    And you don't even have to leave your home for this Orwellian violation of your Constitutional rights to take place.

    The NSA also has its provocateurs posting furtive warnings to those of us who either blog about or post the contents of John St. Clair Akwei's lawsuit against the U.S. National Security Agency on Internet message boards, claiming that we don't have the right to post this information.

    It was Akwei's 1992 lawsuit against the NSA which first exposed the Agency's Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network, and its use in cataloguing the unique bioelectric resonance/entrainment frequencies of each American citizen's brain - a form of brain fingerprinting.

    As for the Intel community's intimidation tactics against those of us who have publicly discussed John St. Clair Akwei's lawsuit, the fact is that Akwei's information was published in Nexus Magazine in 1996, and was uploaded to the Internet more than a decade ago.

    This means the contents of Akwei's lawsuit are in the public domain.

    Moreover, the NSA's attempt to conceal its domestic spying from the American people - spying which is a violation of the NSA's charter under Directive 18 - by using the cover of National Security in which to do so, is an outrage!

    Furthermore, the claim that Farwell Brain Fingerprinting "mind reading technology" offers a revolutionary new way in which to read your thoughts, is in itself fraudulent, since the National Security Agency has been doing the same thing for more than thirty years, through its covert use of the aforementioned Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network.

    According to NSA whistleblower, John St. Clair Akwei, who as previously stated, attempted to sue the NSA in 1992 in an effort to expose the fact that the National Security Agency has secretly implemented a national brain fingerprinting network, the NSA's Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network can be used to instantly establish two-way communication with the brain of any American citizen, for the express purpose of placing that person under remote surveillance without that person's knowledge or consent.

    In other words, the NSA uses its Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network in order to completely circumvent the Constitutional right to due process of law, by remotely scanning your thoughts, which Akwei has described as the "ultimate surveillance method."

    Clearly, based on John St. Clair Akwei's knowledge of the NSA's infrastructure, the NSA has been using a far more advanced form of functional magnetic resonance imaging of the human brain, on the American people for decades, in addition to electroencephalography (EEG), which would prove that Farwell Brain Fingerprinting technology is for all intents and purposes being used as a red herring by the U.S. Intelligentsia, whose real intent is to force the U.S. Courts to use Farwell Brain Fingerprinting technology in order to ultimately abolish the Constitutional right to trial by jury.

    And this isn't even the half of it. For decades, the NSA has used its remote neural monitoring technology to electronically brand the American people, while illegally brain-tapping a myriad of American citizens, many of whom to this day have no idea that their rights to privacy and due process of law have been violated in such outrageous ways.

    Once the intelligence community has been able to successfully implement Farwell Brain Fingerprinting into the U.S. Courtroom, they will miraculously announce that they have been able to develop an even more sophisticated form of functional magnetic resonance imaging, which can be done by way of a signals intelligence spy satellite network.

    The NSA will claim that this breakthrough technology will rid the world of terrorists, because they can now remotely peer into the mind of a terrorist and stop them before they commit their act of terrorism.

    What the NSA will not tell you is that the problem with remote neural monitoring technology is that it cannot differentiate between a thought and an actual act. The NSA will also not admit that this technology can be used to implant thoughts into a person's brain for the express purpose of altering how a person thinks and acts, in order to create a terrorist.

    Moreover, the technology is supposed to be based on people's emotional reactions to stimuli. And since the intelligence community would attempt to claim that most terrorists are psychopaths with no sense of conscience or guilt, then how can remote neural monitoring technology be effective when used on someone who has no sense of guilt?

    It can't.

    Furthermore, if the persons being remote neurally monitored have a sense of guilt which can be exploited through the furtive use of this technology, then one must infer from this that this would invalidate the federal government's claims that these people are psychopaths.

    As for a federal agent who uses a directed energy weapon in order to torture American citizens without any remorse, something that has been well documented by more than a thousand targets of these high-tech crimes, such a person would represent the definition of the psychopath.

    And our government is loaded with them.

    The NSA will also deny using this technology to steal people's intellectual property by electronically accessing their thoughts via signals intelligence satellite. A number of British businessmen have already made this claim about the NSA's operations in Menwith Hill, England, stating that the NSA was using its covert spy program to steal their intellectual property through the NSA's use of through the air computer to brain interface of their persons.

    There is no question that the NSA has some incredible technology which has given it a tremendous advantage with regard to its ability to spy upon the U.S. population with complete anonymity, and impunity from prosecution.

    At least, that was the case before John St. Clair Akwei had the courage to sue the NSA in an attempt to expose this domestic surveillance system to the American people, which he would have been able to do had his lawsuit against the NSA not been sabotaged by CIA asset, former circuit court judge, Stanley Sporkin.

    As it is, Akwei's lawsuit has been making the rounds on the Internet for about 15 years now, and has gained far more attention over the past decade, as many individuals who have first hand experience with this thought reading/manipulating technology, have grown to understand that the National Security Agency has become a very dangerous threat to the Constitutional protections that are guaranteed to all Americans - specifically, that this military arm of the U.S. Department Of Defense operates with the belief that they have the right to remotely enter your mind in order to experiment on you.

    This author had documented this based on my own experiences as a target of the NSA's Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network, which has resulted in this Agency's attempts to discredit my person, through the intense smear campaign that the U.S. Intelligence community continues to promulgate in regard to my person.

    Many Americans are also beginning to understand the incredible significance of John Akwei's lawsuit and how it is gradually changing the way that the American people perceive the United States Military-Intelligence complex and its frightening array of domestic spy technology, which it oftentimes criminally uses against the American citizenry.

    As Americans we made an enormous error after World War II when we allowed the federal government to create the National Security Council and the National Security Act, for this legislation has allowed this government to operate in complete secrecy from the American people, while perverting the use of the National Security Act, in order to conceal the crimes being perpetrated against the American citizenry by the U.S. Military-Industrial-Intelligence complex.

    When a new government is eventually created by and for the American people, Americans must ensure that they never allow the federal government to ever again operate with the type of abject secrecy that the present government does, or that government will be furtively taken over as this one has been, and used against the American middle class as this one continues to be.

    As for Farwell Brain Fingerprinting, it is done constitutionally with the subject's permission.

    However, the NSA's brain fingerprinting technology is clearly being used unconstitutionally, which is why the NSA continues to deny its outrageous violations of the Constitutional rights of the American people, while demonizing those of us who have been illegally targeted by this technology for years; in spite of an ever increasing number of citizens making claims against the NSA for targeting them by way of such Orwellian means, which includes various forms of non consensual mind control experimentation.

    So Are You A Thought Criminal?

    The fact of the matter is that we can all be judged by the federal government as being thought criminals based on whatever criteria the government intends to establish as a thought crime.

    The Communistic National Defense Authorization Act is extremely nebulous in regard to what it claims can be considered thought crimes - specifically any person or group who commits a belligerent act.

    Such an ill defined term would essentially make the entire U.S. population subject to being considered a terrorist, depending on how good or bad a day they were having, and what they were thinking at the time, in regard to the performance of the politicians in the United States.

    With the way Congress is performing at present, virtually the entire U.S. population could be labeled as terrorists based on their well warranted distrust of the Congress and the White House.

    The gist of this article is: No government has the right to remotely enter your thoughts via the remote neural monitoring of your brain, much less to experiment on you, even though the National Security Agency is doing just that.

    So be careful what you think, because you never know if the NSA's thought police are remotely monitoring your thoughts, let alone sharing this information with your state and local police.

    Those whose thoughts may also be remotely monitored without their knowledge or consent. After all, if anyone can be a suspected terrorist, then the NSA must be able to remotely monitor the brainstates of any citizen in the United States, including politicians, federal agents and police. At least, that is how the NSA's leadership sees it.

    There is also the question of whether or not the NSA is being honest in regard to the information it obtains through its use of this brain scanning technology, or disseminating fabricated information as part of a propaganda campaign against the individuals in question.

    Moreover, would you as an American citizen trust anything that the leaders of a government that would secretly brain fingerprint you say or do? Not if your brain is functioning properly.

    Furthermore, the NSA has been illegally spying on the American people since its inception in 1952, based on its use of the UKUSA Treaty, which enabled the NSA and British Intelligence to circumvent their own charters as well as the Constitutional rights to privacy of their own citizens, by spying on eachothers' countries and then exchanging their information.

    So to believe that the NSA would be anymore forthright in the modern day in regard to its domestic spying, much less the advanced technology which it is using to perpetrate this crime, would be naive to say the least.

    How prophetic George Orwell's prognostications have turned out to be in regard to the Orwellian police state America has become in the 21St Century, since this brain scanning technology has given the U.S. Federal Government the nearly sacrosanct authority to do whatever they want to the American people, without ever answering for it. Technology which can be used to spy on each of us individually, to influence our thoughts and behavior, and to even torture and murder us.

    No wonder the Congress just passed the NDAA. They needed a way in which to round us up when we figured out what their intentions really are. And now they have legislation that does just that, by declaring any U.S. citizen to be a domestic terrorist anytime this Zionist financed Orwellian body politic decides to.

    - James F. Marino

    Also See:

    The Orwellian National Security Agency & Its Implementation Of Thought Crime Surveillance Technology

    In the following video is the Federal Express driver deploying a new economy air delivery service, or is he sick of delivering packages? Those of the American middle class who are still employed are becoming increasingly frustrated with employees being fired from their jobs as part of large budget cuts, while forcing remaining employees to take on unreasonable amounts of work without any additional compensation. Are these companies trying to work their employees to death?

    Monday, December 19, 2011

    Dr. Guylaine Lanctot Researches The Medical-Pharmaceutical Industrial Complexes Corruption In Drug Research And Medicine

    Zionism, Its International Banking Cartel And Their Intent To Implement A Global Dictatorship, Are A Cancer On Humanity Which Must Be Destroyed

    The Zionist Financiers & Their Control Over The Pharmaceutical Industry Have Resulted In The Medical Profession's Acceptance Of Quack Medicine Because It's Profitable - It's Also Deadly

    "The medical establishment works closely with the drug multinationals whose main objective is profits, and whose worst nightmare would be an epidemic of good health. Lots of drugs MUST be sold. In order to achieve this, anything goes: lies, fraud, and kickbacks. Doctors are the principal salespeople of the drug companies. They are rewarded with research grants, gifts, and lavish perks. The principal buyers are the public - from infants to the elderly - who MUST be thoroughly medicated and any cost!

    Why do the authorities forbid alternative medicine? Because they are serving the industry, and the industry cannot make money with herbs, vitamins, and homeopathy. They cannot patent natural remedies. That is why they push synthetics. They control medicine, and that is why they are able to tell medical schools what they can and cannot teach. They have their own sets of laws, and they force people into them. That is a mafia. This sensational expose' also uncovers the truth behind vaccines, AIDS, cancer, the World Health Organization, the Rockefeller Foundation, the World Bank, and more.

    The bottom line is that the medical systems are controlled by financiers in order to serve financiers. Since you cannot serve people unless they get sick, the whole medical system is designed to make people sicker and sicker."

    -*Dr. Guylaine Lanctot, M.D., "The Medical Mafia"

    * Guylaine Lanctot, a former Canadian physician, lost her medical license as punishment for writing this excellent book. Much of what she has written has also been corroborated by Eustace Mullins in his book Murder By Injection, and G. Edward Griffin, in his book World Without Cancer. Both Mullins and Griffin were criticized by the American Medical Association for promoting quack medicine in these very well received exposes on the American Medical Association.

    However, it is the AMA which has a history of promoting such medical quackery for profit. Based on the deaths of millions of cancer patients throughout the years, the AMA's support of fraudulent cancer treatments for profit, has resulted in what can only be described as a furtive form of genocide.

    Moreover, the entire system of medicine in the United States is based on third rate treatments, bad science, and a massive coverup which involves the demonization of homeopathic medicine and its physicians, who are clearly espousing a healthier and safer method of helping the sick, than those within the allopathic community; many of whom have become little more than drug pushers, whom the powerful, corrupt and obscenely wealthy pharmaceutical industry use to peddle its dangerous medications.

    Like the financial system in the United States which is based on counterfeited and laundered currency, the entire medical system which operates under the auspices of the American Medical Association is an out and out criminal fraud.

    - James F. Marino

    You Can Purchase "The Medical Mafia" Here

    Also See:

    The Claim That Farwell Brain Fingerprinting Offers A Revolutionary New Way In Which To Read People's Thoughts Is In Itself Fraudulent, Because The National Security Agency Has Been Using A More Advanced Form Of Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging On American Citizens For More Than Thirty Years, While Conducting These Illegal Interogations Of Americans By Way Of Signals Intelligence Spy Satellites & Remote Neural Monitoring Of The Human Brain - Farwell Brain Scanning Is Done With The Permission Of The Person Who Agrees To Be Brainscanned, Who Is Then Wired Up To A Computer For The Purpose Of Scanning That Person's Brain - The NSA Does Not Have Permission To Scan The Brains Of Those Citizens Whom It Remotely Targets, Which Is Why The NSA Has Denied Using This Technology For The Purpose Of Both Illegal Surveillance & Mind Control Experimentation

    Sunday, December 18, 2011

    Collateral Damage - The Victims Who Are Murdered As A Message To The Mind Control Target, That They're Being Remotely Brain Scanned

  • The Financial Blockade Regarding Wikileaks And Its Founder, Julian Assange, Continues After More Than A Year, In Efforts To Prevent Wikileaks From Publishing Any Further Documents

  • "The 1950s Secret Discovery of the Code of the Brain: U.S. and Soviet Scientists Have Developed the Key to Consciousness for Military Purposes & How The U.S. Government Won the Arms Race to Control Man" - Also Read John St. Clair Akwei VS The National Security Agency Since Akwei Was The First American To Expose The NSA's Domestic Spy Programs As Well As Its Electronic Brain Fingerprinting Of The American People Through The NSA's Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network

  • The White House - Congress Collusion To Pass The National Defense Authorization Act (Why Not Just Call The Damn Thing The Nazi Enabling Act, Because Its Content Is The Same - The Destruction Of Civil Liberties & Basic Human Rights) - This Act Of Treason Will At Long Last Result In A National Campaign To Reform The U.S. Federal Government, As The 99% Crushes The Zionist-Communist 1%

  • Has Anyone Else Noticed The Remarkable Number Of Automobiles Which Have Crashed Into Homes And Buildings Over The Past Few Years? It Seems That Our Local Newspapers Can't Get Enough Of These Situations Since They Are Constantly Reporting Them - What Is Causing This Anomaly? Drunk Driving, Driving Under The Influence, A New Way Of Attempting To Commit Suicide, Or Mind Blanking The Person Driving Via Computer To Brain Interface? Once You Realize That The People On This Planet Are Living In A World In Which They Are Considered To Be Expendable Subjects Of Non Consensual Human Experimentation, By Government Agencies That Have The Technological Ability To Remotely Enter The Brain Of Any Person, You Can Begin To See That Many Of The Bizarre Actions Of People Which Until Now Have Remained Unexplainable, Are In Fact The Result Of A Systematic Attack On The Human Mind By Way Of Remote Means

  • Intel Agents - Torturers & Murderers Hiding

    Behind The Facade Of A Classified Electronic Warfare Program

    Many members of the TI community who have been used for various forms of mind control experimentation, have documented situations in which something they have experienced in a computer to brain interface induced dream state would actually come true. In many instances, this phenomenon involves the furtive murders of other innocent people.

    For instance, several years ago this author experienced such a dream state where a person was crushed to death under the wheels of a car.

    The following day, a Jericho High School student by the name of Matthew Ravner was tragically killed when for no logical reason he attempted to jump on the floor board of an SUV being driven by a friend whom he had just been speaking to. Matthew was crushed to death exactly the way the person in this author's computer generated dream was.

    About a year or so later the HBO series, The Sopranos, broadcast an episode in which one of the characters was killed off after being shot while sitting in an SUV which was parked at a gas pump, then falling out of the SUV he was sitting in, and being running over by the SUV, in the same exact way that Matthew Ravner had been killed, and the same way in which the person in the computer generated dream that this author had, had also been killed.

    Their skulls had been crushed by vehicles which had run them over. This all began with the computer to brain generated dream sequence that this author had had. A day later, Matthew Ravner was killed in the same exact way that the person in my computer generated dream was killed, and less than two years later, the Sopranos' episode aired in which one of the regular characters was killed when his skull was crushed by an SUV.

    Computer generated dream sequences have been frequently reported by men and women who are targets of signals intelligence computer to brain interface. Many targets of this technology, have also reported that their ideas are stolen from them by those who use computer to brain interface to steal people's intellectual property before they have even put it down on paper.

    The National Security Agency has gained a notorious reputation for committing such crimes.

    Earlier this week, this author was watching a 1971 movie entitled "Paper Man" on Youtube, in which a female character was crushed to death by an elevator, when she was trapped between two floors.

    Excerpt Of 1971 Movie- Paper Man

    In the newspaper the same week, there was a report regarding an advertising executive by the name of Suzanne Hart (Hart worked for Young and Rubicam), who was killed the same way as the woman in the movie, being crushed to death when her body was trapped between two floors.

    One of the vehicles which has been used as part of the decade long organized stalking of this author, is a vehicle with the name HART painted on its sides. This vehicle has been parked in front of this author's home several times over the past few years, as part of the organized stalking campaign that FBI and NSA criminals continue to perpetrate against this author.

    The readers will note that the last name of the victim who was crushed to death in the elevator is Hart. A coincidence, or was Ms. Hart yet another victim of the FBI and NSA psychological warfare operation against this author.

    Many targets of non consensual human experimentation have reported that people are murdered as part of the psychological warfare operations being conducted against TI's, because we are aware that we are being used by the federal government for mind control experimentation. And the psychopaths who use this technology to experiment on us, use it to murder other people who can be killed in a plausibly deniable way.

    Except that many TI's can correlate the death of a person who has recently died, to something these TI's had been exposed to. They could have had a computer generated dream or thought, they could have been watching a particular program in which an incident they saw was recreated in real life just to get their attention.

    There are TI's who are punished simply for making certain choices that the agents who deploy this computer to brain interface technology disapprove of. Some TI's are punished for eating a certain type of food, or wearing a particular piece of clothing. They are punished for doing anything that gives them enjoyment.

    The punishment can be about anything, and can entail anything from attacking the target with directed energy weaponry, or one of their family members or friends, to attacking a complete stranger - which can include murdering the person - whose death the TI will learn about through the mainstream media, as this author did in the instances of Matthew Ravner and Suzanne Hart.

    I immediately attributed the deaths of both of these people to the FBI/NSA psychological operation being deployed against my person, even though I had never heard of either of these people before learning of their deaths in the media.

    There is something specific in the murders of people whom a particular TI can identify with, because the murders are quite literally perpetrated in such a way that resembles something that the TI had experienced within a short time of their occurrence.

    The report regarding the cause of Ms. Hart's tragic death will likely be attributed to mechanical or electronic failure of the elevator, however, thus far, officials have been unable to explain how this particular accident happened.

    Moreover, those of us who are targeted by electronic warfare technology are well aware that a signals intelligence satellite can be used to remotely access electronic equipment, including the computerized system which controls an elevator, and tamper with it, in the same way that this technology can be used to remotely access and tamper with the human brain.

    The U.S. National Security Agency maintains this propriety technology as part of its Signals Intelligence program.

    We also know that this remote tampering can be done with military precision, to a person who is remotely brain tapped via computer to brain interface, and followed by a signals intelligence satellite without their knowledge. There are thousands of men and women who have documented this nightmare, having been satellite tracked for decades before realizing it.

    All of whom are being targeted by the U.S. Intelligence community's smear campaigns, in effort to discredit their accurate testimony, in regard to being used as targets of non consensual mind control experimentation.

    There is no way that the leadership within the NSA will ever willingly admit to brain fingerprinting the U.S. population, any more than they will admit to using many of us as targets of non consensual human experimentation, because such treasonous crimes would likely warrant the death penalty.

    As for the deaths of Matthew Ravner and Suzanne Hart, this author must wonder if these deaths were really caused by accident, or murders done by the same government psychopaths who torture my person and myriad other targets of this non consensual human experimentation, as part of some sick and demented mind game that these miscreants are playing with us, simply because they are aware that we have first hand knowledge of the existence of classified government technology which is being used to adversely affect the human brain; something that most of the people on this planet remain completely unaware of.

    Furthermore, several of this author's Family members have finally wised up to the fact they are targets of computer to brain interface, however, know that there is nothing they can do about it, and have found it safer to deny that there are government agencies that maintain technology which can be used to remotely enter people's minds, as well as torture and murder them.

    I have just described two of many similar situations that I have experienced over the past decade alone, as a target of the U.S. Intelligence community's computer to brain interface mind control experimentation.

    A number of people have been injured as part of the NSA/FBI psychological warfare operation being waged against this author, having been targeted by directed energy weapons.

    Several have been hospitalized on at least one occasion, and in this author's opinion, at least three people have been murdered by way of directed energy weaponry over the past decade, as part of the psychological warfare operation which the FBI and NSA continue to perpetrate against this author.

    The current smear campaign which the FBI & NSA continue to promulgate against this author is an aggressive form of brainwashing on the U.S. population, being done in efforts to conceal these crimes; specifically, how they are being perpetrated by the National Security Agency through its Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network: a spy satellite network that makes use of a national brain fingerprinting program, which is used to instantly target and track any American citizen by way of that citizen's own unique set of bioelectric resonance/brain entrainment frequencies.

    When a federal government's crimes are this outrageous, their only recourse is to murder those who know about them, while first demonizing these people through the use of propaganda, in efforts to justify these murders. That is exactly what the U.S. Federal Government is presently attempting to accomplish with its smear campaigns against the TI community in America.

    And these government smear campaigns are being perpetrated by the governments of all NATO member nations, against any of the citizens in these countries who have learned that they are the targets of such non consensual human experimentation.

    Governments whose leadership is completely out of control and which will eventually be targeted for abolition.

  • New York Advertising Executive Crushed To Death By Elevator

  • Jericho High School Student Struck And Killed By SUV

  • The Signals Intelligence Satellites That Are Presently Being Used By The U.S. Military -Intelligence Community To Perpetrate The Orwellian Crime Of Computer To Brain Interface Of An Unwitting Population - Through A National Brain Fingerprinting Program - Are Part Of An Earlier & Secreti NASA Program To Weaponize Outer Space Under The Guise Of Conducting Space Exploration, While Destroying The Privacy Of Each American Citizen - The Weaponized Satellites That The U.S. Intelligence Community Uses Against American Citizens In The Modern Day Are An Outgrowth Of This Nazi Idealized Program - The Late Nazi Scientist And Father Of The U.S. Space Program, Wernher Von Braun, Having A Pange Of Conscience, Warned Americans Prior To His Death, That The Weaponization Of These Intelligence Spy Satellites Would Be Used To Destroy Humanity - Von Braun Said That The International Programs Being Used To Weaponize Outer Space Must Be Abolished And The Satellites Destroyed, If Humankind Is To Survive
  • Thursday, December 15, 2011

    More Commentary On The Treasonous National Defense Authorization Act & Congresses Use Of It To Destroy The U.S. Bill Of Rights

    Mike Adams
    Natural News
    Friday, December 2, 2011

    (NaturalNews) I don’t know if you’re all getting this through your heads yet, but Senate Bill 1867 – the National Defense Authorization Act – would openly “legalize” the U.S. government’s detainment and murder of Occupy Wall Street protesters and the assassination of talk show hosts, bloggers, journalists and anyone who holds a so-called “anti-government” point of view.

    This is the open and blatant declaration of war against any who do not go along with TSA thugs reaching down your pants, the Goldman Sachs economic takeover of nations, the secret arrest and torture of American citizens, and other acts of outright tyranny waged by an out-of-control government.

    Those who have been burying their heads in the sand over the coming police state need to wake up and face the music.

    That U.S. Senators would knowingly and willfully attempt to pass a bill that legalizes the indefinite detainment, torture and killing of American citizens with no due process whatsoever — and on American soil! — is nothing less than a traitorous betrayal of the once-free American people.

    These are, our founding fathers would have said, acts of war against the People. They reveal the insidious plan to put in place a legal framework to end the Bill of Rights, murder protesters, and overrun America with total police state brutality.

    And yet the sheeple are still asleeple.

    I grow weary of trying to warn the American people to wake up and see what is now right in front of their eyes, so for those who want to read these words themselves — right in the Senate bill — you can read it at:

  • Senate Bill 1867 - The Most Treasonous Piece Of Legislation Since The Patriot Act

  • And YES, it has now been confirmed that the indefinite detainment and murder provisions do apply to American citizens on the streets of American cities. As Sen. Lindsey Graham explained in plain language on the Senate floor: “…1031, the statement of authority to detain, does apply to American citizens and it designates the world as the battlefield, including the homeland.”

    That means America, for those of you who are still wondering what “homeland” means.

    It’s a phrase borrowed from Nazi Germany, of course, which is the source of much of this legislation as you might have noticed.

    “The power is so broad that even U.S. citizens could be swept up by the military and the military could be used far from any battlefield, even within the United States itself,” says the ACLU (…).

    Homefront: The U.S. government’s war against the People

    If this bill passes and is signed into law, it would mean that America’s war machine could then be turned against the American people – liberal, conservative, libertarian… it doesn’t matter.

    If you question the government, you are suddenly an “enemy combatant” and they will cite this law as the legal justification for putting a bullet in your head, fire-bombing your little protest group, or literally running over you and your buddies with tanks.

    (And they won’t stop like China did in Tiananmen Square when that one brave citizen stood up against tyranny there in 1989.) (…)

    The premeditated murder of U.S. protesters (Occupy Wall Street, anyone?) is now being codified into law as the government’s “right.”

    Of course, your rights to Free Speech, due process, owning a firearm and other rights are being obliterated in the process.

    Only the government has “rights” now, didn’t you know? The slaves of the nation (i.e. the citizens) are being stripped of all rights, including the right to grow your own food, have a picnic or even buy fresh dairy products from a farmer.

    Governments routinely murder far more people than terrorists.

    Right now, every history teacher in America should be absolutely outraged about all this, as they know what always comes next in the history of nations.

    Once any government “legalizes” the murder of its own citizens, it is inevitably followed by a mass-murder holocaust-style event.

    Tyrants, you see, always like to “legalize” their mass murder before they pull the trigger. Just read the history of Stalin, Hitler, Pol Pot, Mao and others. In every case, they worked diligently to put into place a legal framework for the mass murder that was about to be unleashed on their own citizens.

    That legal framework looks strikingly similar to Senate Bill 1867, which is about to be passed.

    This also brings to mind the mathematical reality that, statistically speaking, governments are orders of magnitude more deadly than terrorists. While terrorists sometimes succeed in taking out a few thousand people at a time, governments routinely murder tens of MILLIONS of people.

    It’s called GENOCIDE, and there’s a long and well-documented history of how governments have committed genocide year after year, one nation after another:

  • Genocidal Policy

  • See more statistics at:

  • More Statistics Regarding Government Genocidal Policy

  • So if the People of America had any courage at all, they would be running the People’s road blocks and searching government vehicles for weapons! It is the government agents, after all, who are statistically at the highest risk of engaging in mass murder, and very soon the U.S. Senate looks likely to effectively legalize that mass murder.

    At the airports, We the People should be searching the TSA employees and checking them for illegal drugs, child pornography and stolen electronics. At government buildings, We the People should be searching all the government employees who come and go to make sure they don’t stage the demolition of their own buildings as a way to blame whatever convenient enemy they want to discredit — patriots, conservatives, “conspiracy theorists” or what have you.

    It’s no longer a conspiracy theory, you see, that the government wants to have the legal right to openly murder U.S. citizens right on the streets of America.

    It’s written right into the Senate bill.

    It’s public record. So all those out there still clinging to their pathetic denialist “conspiracy theorists” rants can now clamp shut their pie holes and throw themselves off a cliff or something. It’s time to face the reality of the total police state tyranny that’s now written in black and white, plain as day.

    All of you who are still obsessed with your narrow world view of fashion, dancing with the stars, microwaveable processed food and fake mainstream news are about to be rocked out of your easy chairs and dumped into the cesspool of tyranny at your doorstep.

    Just know that when they come for you, there will be nobody left to speak for you, because you remained silent as all this was rolled out. And I won’t be there for you, either, because I’ll be holed up in Texas, handing out emergency food supplies to the local churches and performing emergency medicine procedures on those protesters wounded by U.S. government military attacks — the ones that are still alive, anyway.

    You think none of this is coming? Why would the U.S. Senate write this into law if they didn’t intend on using it to murder Americans?

    Maybe you need to clear the cobwebs out of your head and open your eyes to what’s really happening right now in the U.S. Senate.

    Read between the lines, folks. It’s not that difficult to get the full picture here.

    The very idea that the U.S. Senate is even considering such a law to “legalize” the detainment and murder of U.S. citizens on U.S. soil by U.S. troops is, all by itself, a complete and utter crime against the American people.

    The U.S. Senate is about to declare WAR on the American people.

    And I don’t mean that metaphorically. They are trying to make this a military war where anyone who opposes the U.S. government — even if they have nothing at all to do with “terrorism” — is now a fair game target for precision bombings, assassinations and heavy military armor (i.e. tanks rolling down your driveway).

    Some good news: Congressman Dennis Kucinich has publicly spoken out against the bill (even though he’s not in the Senate). So has Sen. Rand Paul. His father, Ron Paul, has also stated his opposition to the illegal detainment provision of the bill.

    There are hints that if the bill passes, President Obama may veto it. If he did, that would be one of the most profound freedom-protecting actions of his administration, but don’t hold your breath on that count.

    You never know what these politicians will do when they think they have the power to murder their own citizens — they’re drunk with power, after all, and they love to rule over the masses with a kind of devilish insanity. Remember: Obama already has a “kill list” of Americans to be murdered overseas, but this new Senate Bill 1867 would legalize that right on U.S. soil.

    So one day you call in to talk radio and express your discontent with the President, let’s say, and the next day a U.S. marine scout sniper sets up his .338 sniper rifle a couple hundred yards from your house, waits for you to sit down to watch Anderson Cooper vomit out the evening’s news propaganda, and then he pulls the trigger and blows your neck off, causing your head to land smack dab in that bowl of Kraft Macaroni and Cheese you were just trying to shovel down your throat because someone told you it was “food.”

    This will all be LEGAL under the new Senate bill 1867 because they will claim you were a “terrorist collaborator” who questioned the wisdom of the executive leadership of America. Once due process is stripped away,anything can be justified by the government, including the open murder of its own citizens.

    This is the whole point of a nation of LAW. The laws describe specific legal rights afforded to citizens, but most importantly they describe the LIMITS of power of government. It is those limits that the government is now trying to completely obliterate, turning America into a complete military dictatorship / fascist nation where laws are only applied to the People, not to the government itself.

    These are practically the exact words recently uttered by Newt Gingrich during a recent debate, in which he said due process and the Bill of Rights should only apply to people who engage in common criminal acts such as stealing or robbing people.

    But no such rights or due process privileges should exist when there is a “war” going on, Gingrich insisted! And the U.S. Senate is about to declare the entire USA “homeland” to be a battlefield of a never-ending war, get it?

    Are you grokking all this yet? These tyrants are about to declare the entire USA a battlefield where NO ONE has any due process, no Bill of Rights, no protections under any law, nothing! And if Gingrich becomes President — oh my God please don’t let this happen — then we are looking at the runaway militarization of everything in America, including a huge ramping up of the so-called “war on drugs” which we’ve already exposed as a total failure and a complete hoax (…).

    If this bill passes and is signed into law by the President, the USA is officially at war with its own People, and you can expect the government will immediately begin staging false flag bombings so they can justify a multi-year campaign of total genocide against all who refuse to cower down to the (now admitted) anti-freedom tyrants in Washington.

    We are on the verge of losing America, my friends. I ask: What the hell are YOU going to do about it?

    Here’s the list of traitors in the U.S. Senate who have supported this bill:

  • Senators? Or Treasonists?

  • Read more:

  • The


  • Dancing


  • Wednesday, December 14, 2011

    Is Barack Obama Using The National Defense Authorization Act As A Political Tool To Win Reelection In 2012?

    Editor's Note: In the following video snippet, Senator Carl Levin states that Barack Obama requested that language which excluded American citizens from being treated as terrorists and denied their 5Th and 6Th Amendment rights to due process of law, be removed from section 1031 of the NDAA.

    Since that time, Obama has threatened to veto NDAA if section 1031 is not altered in order to include language which prevents Americans from being treated as foreign terrorists.

    If Levin is telling the truth, one must wonder if Obama simply changed his mind, or did he deliberately have Congress remove the language which protected Americans from being treated as foreign terrorists, as a political move to gain reelection in 2012, so that Obama could later veto this legislation until the Congress reinstated language which retained the American people's rights to due process under the Bill of Rights?

    This way, the Congress is left holding the bag, while the Obama Administration show up on their white chargers at the last minute to save the Bill of Rights.

    The following video regarding Senator Levin may not offer proof that Obama will fail to veto the NDAA in its present form, but rather, show that Obama is using the NDAA legislation as a political tool in order to regain the American people's confidence at voting time, by vetoing the NDAA in its present form.

    However, based on the myriad allegations that virtually every presidential election in the United States has been rigged since the 1800's, if the people who put Barack Obama into office in the last election decide that someone else will be president in 2012, then the wild card NDAA veto will serve as Obama's grand gesture.

    Mind Controlled Politicians?

    The readers will remember that a few months ago, Senator Carl Levin had accused the U.S. Military of using psychological warfare on his person in order to manipulate Levin into voting to increase U.S. war funds for Afghanistan.

    This brings to mind Levin's recent co-drafting of the National Defense Authorization Act. One must wonder if Levin's exposure to psyops is limited to propaganda, or if the Senator himself is braintapped by the U.S. Military Intelligence complex via computer to brain interface - something this author believes is not only possible, but probable.

    In fact, I would be not be surprised in the least to find that every politician in the United States, is electronically tethered to a signals intelligence spy satellite network which remotely monitors their thoughts, in the same way that the NSA uses its SIGNIT EMF Scanning Network to remotely monitor the thoughts of this author and other targets of non consensual human experimentation.

    Senator Carl Levin has stated that prior to his threat to veto the NDAA, Barack Obama asked that the language contained in section 1031 of the National Defense Authorization Act, which prevented American citizens from being included as enemy combatants, be removed from section 1031 of the NDAA.

    If this is true, then why would the Obama Administration now threaten to veto this part of the NDAA, if Obama's intent was to apply NDAA to American citizens as well as foreigners in the first place?

    Either Levin is lying or Obama is.

    It is quite likely that Obama had the language removed from section 1031 of the NDAA, so that he could later veto it, in order to regain much of the voter support that he has lost over the past few years.

    If what Levin has stated about the Obama Administration's asking Congress to remove the protections that American citizens had under section 1031 is in fact accurate, then Obama is likely using the NDAA as a political tool for his 2012 run at the White House.

    One thing's for certain. The Congress is at its lowest approval rating in American history, and it understands that the American people no longer trust the U.S. Federal Government (and for good reason).

    So even if the NDAA is vetoed by Barack Obama for political reasons, it will only be a matter of time before the Congress drafts new legislation which will be used to undermine the American people's ability to challenge this government's oftentimes treasonous actions, under the specter of being rounded up as a domestic terrorist.

    Given that virtually every U.S. Presidential election since the 1800's has been rigged (even long before the days of the diebold voting machines), Obama's veto of the NDAA may help the American middle class to stay out of FEMA prison camps for awhile longer.

    However, it will not get Obama reelected if those who control Washington politics from behind the scene want someone else in office. Someone who will pass a Congressional bill to put the final nail in the coffin our of Bill of Rights - like the present version of the NDAA does.

    The bottom line is that unless the American middle class acts in concert to reinstate the Constitution that our founding fathers created, while jettisoning every treasonous appendage that has been forced upon us over the past hundred and forty years, such as the Patriot Act, the American middle class will eventually find themselves the targets of a furtive genocidal policy, propagated from within the shadow government that now controls the United States.

    - James F. Marino

  • Yet Another Example Of FBI Agents Who Believe That
    They Are Above The Law - "Five, Including F.B.I. Agents, Are Named in a Conspiracy - Five people, including a current and a former F.B.I. agent, were charged by federal prosecutors yesterday with using confidential government information to manipulate stock prices and extort money from companies"

  • Are Americans Implanted At Birth With RFID Tracking Chips As Part Of A Post WWII Secret Program Used To Electronically Brand All Americans, In Order To Keep Track Of Individual Citizens?

    Tuesday, December 13, 2011

    Congress Is About To Pass H.R. 3261 - Yet Another Piece Of Treasonous Legislation Which Will Be Used To Attack Your 1St Amendment Rights

  • The National Security Agency's Thought Reading Technology - The NSA has been able to electronically access the thoughts of all American citizens via its Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network since the early 1980's - This proves that Farwell brain fingerprinting technology has been intentionally misrepresented to the American people as a revolutionary new mind reading technology, when in fact, the NSA has been secretly using a satellite based form of this functional magnetic resonance imaging technology for several decades, on the American population without their knowledge or consent - Farwell brain fingerprinting technology is a smokescreen being used by the U.S. Military Intelligence complex, to introduce this mind reading technology into U.S. Court rooms with the ultimate goal of using this flawed technology to eventually replace the Constitutional right to trial by jury

  • As Congress Works To Finish Joint Legislation Regarding The National Defense Authorization Act, Americans Must Not Allow This Legislation To Pass, Or They Will Be Stripped Of Their Right To Due Process Of Law, & Rounded Up And Shipped Off To Concentration Camps As Part Of The Fraudulent War On Terror - There Is Serious Doubt That Barack Obama Will Veto The NDAA Once Congresses Passes It

  • "Congress Secretly Working To Jointly Pass National Defense Authorization Act In Closed Doors Conference Committee" - Once Congress Has Passed The NDAA, Will Barack Obama Sign This piece of treasonous legislation (Including Section 1031 Regarding The American People Being Included As Terrorists In This Legislation) In Secret, Knowing That The American Middle Class Will Consider His Signing Of This Legislation To Be An Act Of War By The U.S. Federal Government Against The American People?

  • Occupy Wall Street Movement Striking Back On December 12Th With New Protests Worldwide

  • Congress Is About To Pass Yet Another Treasonous Piece Of Legislation - "H.R. 3261, The Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA), or #SOPA on Twitter, targets websites that distribute infringing materials by having the Department of Justice (DoJ) block those websites"

  • The FBI's Use Of Informants
    Has Always Been An Abysmal Failure

    FBI confidential informants, like their FBI handlers, have a history of fabricating evidence as well as witnesses who serve the FBI's criminal agenda.

    What does this mean?

    That many of the men and women who have been imprisoned by the FBI are innocent of the crimes they were prosecuted for, and that their convictions should be overturned, based on the FBI's fraudulent information.

    The most criminal of all situations occurs when the FBI is caught perpetrating an entrapment scheme against an American citizen that has failed to result in the citizen's arrest, and which results in the FBI's not being able to publicly deny its criminal activity against the citizen - crimes which these agents should be prosecuted for.

    Once this occurs, the FBI and U.S. Justice Department will use every means necessary in which to destroy the target of such a conspiracy, including fomenting the most vicious smear campaigns imaginable - especially if the person has exposed the FBI's criminality and illegal use of classified spy technology on the U.S. population.

    According to a former FBI agent who gave written testimony in regard to a lawsuit filed by a target of non consensual human experimentation, the U.S. Department Of Justice granted the Federal Bureau Of Investigation the use of directed energy weapons during the 1990's. This FBI whistleblower also testified to the fact that he was ordered by the FBI to use classified electronic warfare technology to torture American citizens who were not under any legitimate FBI investigation. The agent said that the FBI had endorsed the use of this remote form of torture on American citizens, which this author can attest to based on the FBI/NSA torture of my person with directed energy weapons, as well as the use of these weapons on other members of my Family.

    Given this agent's damning testimony against the FBI, and the myriad of men, women and children who have documented being tortured by U.S. Federal Government agencies who are illegally and secretly deploying this electronic warfare technology on American citizens, there is no doubt that in addition to the FBI and any other Intel agencies that are illegally deploying this technology on Americans, the three branches of the U.S. Federal Government, as well as the media system in the United States, will also be forced to take part in the criminal conspiracy to destroy the targets of these crimes, in order to conceal the government's use of classified domestic spy/electronic warfare technology on the American people.

    The aforesaid smear campaigns are based on outright slander, and the coercion of other individuals who will be used to discredit the target, as part of this FBI smear campaign, while the Constitutional rule of law is completely and criminally disregarded, in order to block the prosecution of the agents who are involved in these crimes, as well as their accomplices.

    This has become the case for those Americans who have been used for non consensual human experimentation by the U.S. Military-Intelligence complex, and targeted through the NSA's national brain fingerprinting network.

    Americans have been secretly branded through a national brain fingerprinting network. This is a shocking reality, however, it is true.

    In the early 1980's the NSA's Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network was created by the U.S. Federal Government, in order to secretly destroy the United States Bill of Rights, by implementing a national brain fingerprinting program which to this day is being used to remotely track American citizens by way of their brain's own unique bioelectric resonance/entrainment frequencies.

    If this is the U.S. Federal Government's ideal of democracy, then the American people need a new government.

    Moreover, if Barack Obama signs the National Defense Authorization Act with section 1031 as it presently stands - subjecting American citizens to the same penalties as foreigners, including being denied their right to due process of law - Obama will unwittingly acknowledge that the American people were in fact enslaved decades ago, through the aforementioned brain fingerprinting network, which will now be used to identify those Americans who attempt to flee such unconstitutional incarceration, as they realize that the U.S. Federal Government is being used to round them up and incarcerate them for the express purpose of committing genocide on American soil.

    Those of us who remain targets of the National Security Agency's Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network already understand this, having been subjected to the worst violations of the U.S. Bill of Rights in the history of the United States, because we are both targets of the NSA's national brain fingerprinting network, and are also writing about our own experiences being used for such non consensual human experimentation; which includes the NSA's illegal use of this Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network to electronically access our brains, for the purpose of unauthorized surveillance and mind control experimentation; both of which should be considered capital crimes.

    The existence of the NSA's Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network, also proves that Farwell Brain Fingerprinting is being used as a red herring by the U.S. Intelligence community, whose intent is to gain the U.S. Judiciary's acceptance of the NSA's Signals Intelligence brain fingerprinting network in the future, in an attempt to abolish the traditional court system, including trial by jury.

    This is exactly what the U.S. Intelligence community is attempting to do as part of the United States integration into a global dictatorship.

    No American citizen will have any rights left, and be forced to live in fear of being rounded up and incarcerated in a U.S. concentration camp.

    * If Obama signs the NDAA with section 1031 as it presently stands, he will have aided and abetted the U.S. Military-Intelligence complexes' genocidal policy against the American middle class under the pretense of making the United States part of the global battleground in the war on terror - a fraudulent war which has been used to destroy the few freedoms that the American people had left prior to the 9-11 false flag operation.

    * There are many detractors of the NDAA who have already excoriated the U.S. Congress for passing this legislation in private, and who believe that Barack Obama may have already signed the NDAA in secret, fearing the American people's outrage at being declared domestic terrorists, while being denied their right to due process of law under the 5Th and 6Th Amendments to the U.S. Bill of Rights.

    If this is the case, then Americans will now start being rounded up as lone wolves, without ever realizing that the NDAA had been secretly signed by Barack Obama and passed into law. If Obama has not yet signed the NDAA, one must wonder if he will acknowledge having done so once he does, or remain as secretive as the U.S. Congress has been in its passage of the NDAA, with its furtive attempt to commit mass genocide against the American middle class.

    As for the FBI, when the Bureau cannot use the normal legal channels in which to prosecute citizens who have been targeted for such entrapment schemes, because it is the FBI's own agents who have committed crimes which they would be forced to lie about in court, the FBI must rely on furtive slander of the targeted persons, in efforts to demonize them.

    *The FBI propagates these illegal campaigns in order to justify the criminal activities of its own agents; many of whom are sexual predators, as has been testified to by the myriad men, women and children who have been physically assaulted by these agents through their use of the U.S. Intelligence community's satellite deployed directed energy weapons.

    * After posting this article, the FBI and NSA attack this author with directed energy weaponry as punishment for stating that these agents use this technology to assault American citizens; including sexual assaults, which makes the agents involved in these crimes sexual predators. The NSA/FBI electronic attack on this author less than 24 hours after posting this statement offers further proof that these agents are in fact sexual predators who perpetrate their crimes by way of signals intelligence satellites that track the unique bioelectric resonance/entrainment frequencies of each American citizen's brain.

    This results in desperate acts perpetrated by the FBI agents involved in these crimes in efforts to conceal them from the public. As such, these federal agents must circumvent the constitutional rule of law, or risk being prosecuted based on their crimes against the U.S. Constitution and the American people. Similar crimes have been reported by citizens in all of the industrialized nations who are members of NATO.

    What the FBI's most interested here, is concealing the classified spy technologies which are being illegally deployed on the American people, including the NSA's Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network.

    As such, as an American citizen, if you have not yet read John St. Clair Akwei's lawsuit against the NSA, it would be prudent to do so while you still can, since the future of the United States and her citizens depends on the American people being able to identify this treasonous crime by the NSA, and making certain that the NSA's Orwellian Signals Intelligence brain fingerprinting program is dismantled, and never allowed to be used against the American citizenry again.

    A covert program which has been used by a government in which to secretly destroy a citizenry's inherent rights under the law, is a crime against humanity which must be exposed and abolished.

    The NSA's Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network is such an Orwellian program. And it must be abolished.

    Also see:

  • FBI Confidential Informants, Like Their FBI Handlers, Have A History Of Fabricating Evidence And Witnesses Which Serve The FBI's Criminal Agenda
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