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Revolutionary American Patriot/Author, Eustace Mullins Dies At The Age Of Eighty Six

FBI Lured “Jihadis” with Piles of Cash, Gifts, Weed By LORENA MONGELLI and LUKAS I. ALPERT - "A slick FBI informant roped four Muslim converts into a horrific terror plot to blow up synagogues and military jets by handing them piles of cash and gifts and even bags of weed, relatives of the suspects said today."

If Americans Fail To Preserve The Bill Of Rights They Will Lose Their Freedoms As A Result Of The 9-11 False Flag Operation & The Patriot Act - Americans Must Fight To Protect These Rights!

Eustace Mullins' "Murder By Injection" - The True Story Of The Rockefeller Drug Trust & Its Criminal Attack On The American People Through The American Medical Association - The Rockefellers Have Used The AMA To Commit Genocide Against Millions Of Unwitting American Citizens

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Alternative Author Eustace Mullins

American Patriot, Brilliant Researcher & Bane To The Zionist Criminal Cartel Passes On - Author Eustace Mullins Has Died

The Greatest Political Historian in U.S. History Dies
The Zionist U.S. Media Ignores Eustace Mullins' Passing

Were it not for Eustace Mullins, I would not have learned about the House of Rothschild's criminal hold on the United States, its money trust, drug trust, or the myriad other crimes that the Rothschilds have committed against the American people and the rest of this planet's inhabitants.

Eustace Mullins spent his life writing about unpopular truths which will now reshape the history of the past few centuries. As an American political *historian who was once employed by the United States Library Of Congress, Mullins was granted access to the best research that money could buy, and made excellent use of this research. He is quite literally, almost single handedly responsible for blowing the whistle on the privately held Federal Reserve Bank and its connections to the House of Rothschild.

*In this author's opinion the best political historian who's ever lived, and one whom the FBI was constantly attacking, because of Mullins' candor regarding the U.S. Federal Government and its criminal status quo, as well as the Zionist's Illuminati crime syndicate which operates in the United States through the Rothschild controlled Federal Reserve Central Bank.

Through this Communist bank, the Rothschild's established another arm of their global counterfeiting/money laundering crime syndicate, by financing families (including but *not limited to the Rockefellers and Morgans), who would later intermarry with the Rothschilds and become part of the House of Rothschild's global crime syndicate. Through such families, the Rothschilds have quite literally, now taken complete control of the United States Federal Government.

*The Rothschild Dynasty now includes the intermingling of their bloodline with a myriad of other Zionist families, which makes accounting for the Rothschilds' ownership of banks and other holdings nearly impossible. However, it is safe to say that through such holdings, they control virtually every aspect of this entire planet. They are a force to be reckoned with; an extremely evil one.

A Writ For Martyrs - The FBI's COINTELPRO Against The Brilliant Alternative Journalist Eustace Mullins

The History Of The House Of Rothschild Parts 1 & 2 - A Timeline Of The Rothschild's World Domination Through Its Global Criminal Counterfeiting & Money Laundering Cartel

Thus, it is ironic that Mr. Mullins' writings did not become *popular with the masses until the advent of the Internet, which has now assured this courageous American patriot/author, his rightful place in history as the most influential truth seeker of them all, and whose prolific writings have re-written American History.

*How could Mullins' writings have ever become popular prior to the Internet, given the Zionist's control over the mainstream media in the United States and the subsequent flow of disinformation?

While the saying has been so over used that it long ago became a cliche, the fact of the matter is that when it came to his journalistic prowess and integrity, Eustace Mullins was one of a kind.

Bless you, Eustace.

With the deepest respect,

*Editor's Note: Sunday February 7TH, 2010 - When taking a walk early this morning, a police cruiser showed up in my neighborhood. The intent was for the officer to harass this author by finding me walking in the roadway and asking what I was doing at 5AM. The local cops were called in to harass this author a few months ago, under the "pretense" of checking out a complaint.

* I now walk in the early morning hours as the direct result of being harassed by vehicular stalking, when I used to walk in the early evening hours. Walking in the early morning hours has been of significant benefit, since most people who take part in the crime of organized stalking are sleeping at that hour, and only a skeleton crew of such criminals takes part in this harassment at this early hour of the morning. Based on reports by activist groups created to expose organized stalking crimes, Long Island, NY, has become one the most notorious places for this New World Order crime, with myriad residents ranging from upstate NY to Long Island, stating that they are being subjected to this egregious violation of their civil liberties.

The local police have been taking part in the criminal harassment of this author for the past decade. However, they are rarely called in to conduct street theatre. They usually just show up from time to time at off hours of the day, when the normal criminals who take part in these attacks are off stalking another TI, or resting up for a new day's attack.

As for the police visit a few months back, the complainant - who filed a false police report - a crime in and of itself, chose to remain anonymous, and the officer soon exited the neighborhood, knowing that his pretext for being there was for the sole purpose of using psychological warfare on this author. The officer was also likely concerned that I would post the license plate of his patrol car on this blog simply to document how the police are used by the FBI and their nationwide community of "civic minded criminals," in which to violate the civil rights of anyone whom the FBI Gestapo takes a dislike to. However, with more than 21 million page views on this blog each day, the ability to damage someone's reputation is quite easy. With this, comes the responsibility of understanding that people who take part in the crime of organized stalking are not of sound mind, and need psychological help.

Moreover, in this author's opinion, the local cops are just pawns being used by the FBI and NSA in their COINTELPRO of my person (just as my community is), and unless they have committed a felony, there is no reason to damage the reputation of one of these "pawns" simply because they are being used by Intel to take part in this criminal harassment.

Most of these people, whether they realize it or not, are brainwashed, which is why they will not even acknowledge that the attacks on 9-11-2001 were an inside job.

However, they've made their choice to protect the Zionist cadre of global criminals who perpetrated these crimes, in order to remain gainfully employed, and to avoid being harassed - which they certainly would be if they openly admitted that the House of Rothschild was behind the attacks on 9-11, and worked through the Federal Reserve System and the U.S. /Great Britain/Israeli Military Intelligence complex, in which to perpetrate these treasonous crimes.

They must now live with the consequences for having sold the American proletariat out.

Moreover, Intel can utilize anyone in which to take part in such a COINTELPRO derived psychological operation, and against any American citizen. This means that a TI can report on thousands of incidents with different people taking part in such psyops, many of whom will never again take part in another piece of psychologial warfare against a specific TI.

Thus this conveyor belt of criminals is neverending; some being coerced into taking part in these crimes, others just taking enjoyment in harming someone whom they don't know, while understanding that they will never be held accountable for committing such crimes.

This is how monstrous this state sponsored covert terrorism has become since 9-11-2001, and why it must end.

Moreover, in the latest incident of a local cop showing up in this author's neighborhood, since I was in my driveway, the officer did not have the legitimate excuse of finding me walking in the road. This is important because he could have very easily stated that a neighbor saw someone walking in the road in the early morning hours and called the police to see who the person was.

On the surface, this would be a plausible excuse for the officer to be in the area, even though in this author's opinion, no neighbor called the police - who would be up at 5AM on a Sunday morning?

An organized stalker hiding out in a car somewhere in this neighborhood, who placed the call which resulted in the police cruiser showing up at such an ungodly hour - that's who!

These crimes continue to take place in the face of utter lawlessness, while totally circumventing the judiciary, as well as the Constitutional rule of law; all the more reason to report on these Gestapo-like crimes, and to excoriate those who take part in them. The only street cred these miscreants have left in post 9-11 America, is as criminal thugs who are arrogant as hell; those who will eventually be wondering why civil disobedience on a mass scale becomes commonplace in a country whose Constitutional government ceased to exist nearly a Century ago.


*Editor's Note: Friday February 5TH, 2010 - The FBI had one of its *provocateurs take part in the vehicular stalking of this author right after I took an early morning walk. At approximately 4AM, the stalking vehicle parked in front of this author's home, flashing its hazard lights. As soon as this author approached a window facing the road, the driver of this vehicle turned off its hazard lights and raced down the road to avoid having their vehicle's license plate tag being recorded. The person who delivers the paper usually shows up between 5:30 and 6:30AM. To make certain that this person was not the "paperboy," I went to check the mailbox, only to find that the paper had not been delivered.

A "textbook" instance of vehicular stalking taking place under the Zionist de facto Constitution in the United States - the Patriot Act. This author has found that ignoring these "community" criminals has become advantageous, since their role in the FBI's COINTELPRO is one of psychological warfare. The truth of the matter is that these "citizens" have become as much the FBI's victims as the TI's whom they target; obviously brainwashed into taking part in the violations of another person's civil rights, when they would protest having their rights violated in the same way.

As for the Patriot Act, this piece of "false flag operation toilet paper" must be repealed as soon as possible, before this Zionist controlled government can use it to enslave us. No American citizen should honor the Patriot Act, since this so called legislation was passed into law based on the outright false flag deception which was perpetrated against the American middle class on 9-11-2001, and is anathema to our Constitutional Republic.

The United States Constitution (and its Bill of Rights) is the only rule of law which the American people, as citizens of this country must obey.

Moreover, as for the FBI, there is no legislation to repeal, since the Bureau has never received the legislative charter which it must by law have in which to operate. All Americans need to do is to force the United States Congress to abolish the FBI, and then save at least 6 to 8 billion dollars a year on this Gestapo travesty.

The American middle class is suffering terribly financially, so why do they need a crime syndicate like the FBI, which in reality was created to violate their Constitutional rights? This, when the billions of dollars spent to keep the FBI's criminal operations running each year, could be far better utilized by creating new jobs for those Americans who have been disenfranchised under disastrous legislation like the Clinton Administration's treasonous NAFTA from the 1990's, and the TARP bailout of the Zionist's financial cartel in this country over the past few years?

These so called leaders must truly believe that the average American citizen is a complete idiot. However, as time goes by, and the American middle class continues to understand what this Zionist crime syndicate has done to their country, a sleeping giant will again be awakened. One which will eradicate the Federal Reserve System and its criminal operations from the United States for once and for all, and punish every person who has intentionally aided and abetted this syndicate.

*In post 9-11 America under the Zionist's new de facto constitution, the Patriot Act, any citizen can be used as an FBI provocateur, since our communities have been reduced to little more than groups of vigilantes, who snitch on each other, while taking part in the egregious violations of the Constitutional rights of other citizens. As such, a modern day version of Nazi Germany is emerging in the United States, and the Zionist's ultra class has turned America into a wasteland. A plan fomented more than two centuries ago by Zionist banker Mayer Amschel Rothschild, who stated that the United States of America must be destroyed, because its free enterprise and debt free status would result in the eradication of the global monarchies and the Rothschild's counterfeiting/money laundering operations. Rothschild was right in his statement, which serves as further evidence of his nefarious plot in which to destroy the United States by establishing a central bank in which to covertly take over the U.S. Federal Government.

However, The Rothschilds' plan was foiled on two occasions, when they failed to establish such control in the 19TH Century. Their first central bank (The First Bank of The United States failed to have its charter renewed, which resulted in the War of 1812), was shut down in 1811, when the Congress refused (by one vote) to renew the bank's charter. However, the Rothschilds managed to restablish their connection with the United States when they were able to obtain a charter for their second central bank (The Second Bank of The United States) which lasted only 5 years. It would not be until 1913, when the Rothschild's managed to gain a charter for their third central bank (The Federal Reserve Bank - and then only after creating the artificial money panic of 1907), that the House of Rothschild would again rule the United States via its counterfeiting and money laundering operations.

"That same year (1862) The Times of London publishes a story containing the following statement, 'If that mischievous financial policy, which had its origin in the North American Republic, should become indurated down to a fixture, then that government will furnish its own money without cost. It will pay off debts and be without a debt. It will have all the money necessary to carry on its commerce. It will become prosperous beyond precedent in the history of civilized governments of the world. The brains and the wealth of all countries will go to North America. That government must be destroyed or it will destroy every monarchy on the globe.'”

The aforementioned statement is proof that Mayer Amschel (Bauer) Rothschild was intent on destroying the United States Of America out of fear that its free society would wipe out the global monarchy. Also of interest here is that in 1776, the year that the 13 American colonies declared their independence from England's King George III, Mayer Amschel Rothschild created the foundation for what would become the Illuminati. In the modern day world, this organization has become the most powerful crime syndicate in the world, and oversees the countries which it takes over by establishing central banks in these countries, and then fomenting wars between the countries, in which to in debt the respective governments of said countries to these Rothschild controlled central banks.

The American people's problems lead directly back to London, England and the House Of Rothschild & Its Criminal International Banking Cartel. Eustace Mullins understood this and frequently wrote about the Rothschild's financial hold on the American people, which is why he became blacklisted by the U.S. Federal Government.

Once It Was Published, Eustace Mullins' "Secrets Of The Federal Reserve" Became A Bane To The Rothschilds & Their Zionist Counterfeiting Money Laundering Cartel, As Well As Their Control Over The United States Federal Government Through The Privately Held Federal Reserve Central Bank

Now, nearly a half century after it was first written, and thanks in large part to the Internet, Eustace Mullins' research into the Rothschild's sabotaging of the U.S. Federal Government in the early 1900's (after the Federal Reserve Bank was created) is now reshaping American History, as the truth is finally told about these miserable robber barons.

Alternative Author Eustace Mullins

American Patriot, Brilliant Researcher & Bane To The Zionist Criminal Cartel Passes On - Author Eustace Mullins Has Died
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