Tuesday, January 26, 2010

CIA: It's Time To Once Again Unearth Bin Ladin For Our "War On Terror" Propaganda Campaign - Osama Bin Ladin - CIA Asset In Both Life & Death

The Late Osama Bin Ladin Again In The News

This week, the House Of Rothschild controlled CIA has once again figuratively "dug up Osama Bin Laden's decomposing corpse" claiming that Bin Laden was responsible for the attempted bombing of Northwest Air Flight 253, during the 2009 Christmas Holidays. Moreover, the Zionist controlled government and media system in the United States are only too eager to aid and abet what most Americans now understand is a complete deception, forcing them to contemplate just how much longer such a duplicitous government can exist.

  • Top Ranking CIA Operatives Admit Al-qaeda Is a Complete Fabrication

  • Whenever the CIA needs to resurrect its roots regarding the Bush Administration's fraudulent war on terror, it conveniently brings Bin Ladin back to life so that he can make headlines, only to let the former CIA asset recede into oblivion the second that his evil persona is no longer required, for whatever propaganda campaign the Zionist controlled CIA is promulgating at any given time. The CIA and the rest of this Zionist controlled government must truly think that the American people are a pack of idiots if they truly believe that we still accept their myriad of outrageous and treasonous lies as being the truth in regard to what really happened on 9-11-2001.

    The NSA has already made it clear by its illegal brain fingerprinting of the American people, that this government considers the American middle class to be little more than heads of cattle which must be electronically branded and spied upon without their knowledge or consent.

  • Evidence From A 1991 Lawsuit Filed Against The U.S. National Security Agency Which Cites The NSA's Electronic Brain Fingerprinting Of American Citizens - The Greatest Government Scandal In United States History

  • Moreover, the arrogance of such so called leadership is as precedent setting as their attempts in which to destroy the United States of America under this red herring which they refer to as the war on terror. A piece of black propaganda which is clearly being used to destroy our inherent rights under the United States Constitution. And something which no American citizen should tolerate for another second!

  • Osama Bin Ladin - A Dead Nemesis Perpetuated By The U.S. Federal Government For Its Own Zionist Leadership & Their New World Order Global Dictatorship

  • Richard W. Behan's Excellent Expose On The Bush 43 Administration's Fraudulent War On Terror - In Reality, A Zionist War For Oil, Natural Gas & Domination Of The Middle East As Part Of The Zionist International Bankers' Agenda To Create A Global Dictatorship - This Bogus War On Terror Propagated By The House Of Rothschild Through The Federal Reserve Central Bank Is Also Being Used To Destroy The United States Constitution & Its Bill Of Rights

  • In regard to their latest "war on terror" propaganda campaign (which this time concerns Flight 253), the FBI is also being challenged for its lack of candor. This time by passengers on Flight 253, who claim that the agency has changed its accounts of what actually happened on this airliner at least four times. The FBI is no stranger to fabricating evidence in terrorist attacks, or when attempting to cover up government involvement in the accidental deaths of Americans, such as the FBI did in regard to its complete fabrication of the "faulty fuel tank" pertaining to the U.S. Navy's accidental shooting down of TWA Flight 800 in 1996. Moreover, when you pathologically lie to the American people as the FBI and CIA do, you will continue to "revise" your story in efforts to cover up for the fact that you've lied in the first place.

  • The FBI's Cover Up Of The Facts Regarding The Missile Take Down Of TWA Flight 800 In 1996

  • Flight 253 Passengers Kurt & Lori Haskell Accuse The FBI Of Lying Regarding Its Public Statements About The Attempted Terrorist Attack On The Airliner

  • Osama bin Laden's Bush family Business Connections Alliance With Pakistan Will Stimulate Drug Trade, Bring Revenues Under U.S. Control - Colombian Opium Production Will Soar/ The Taliban's Biggest Economic Attack on the U.S. Came in February With The Destruction of Its Opium Crop - by Michael C. Ruppert - From The Wilderness.com Website

  • Complete 9-11 Timeline + Soviet Afghan War & CIA Asset Osama Bin Ladin

  • And of course, who's financing the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, and profiting immensely while the American middle class become financially destitute? The same group of counterfeiters and money launderers who've fomented and financed virtually every war which has taken place for the past two hundred years: The House Of Rothschild's Zionist banking cartel; this time through the Federal Reserve System central bank in the United States.

    Is there any person left in this country with a functioning brain who actually believes anything that the FBI, CIA, NSA, DHS, Federal Reserve System, IRS, present Congress, current President, or any other Zionist component of this treasonous fraud says?

    This author certainly doesn't. I have seen first hand how the FBI and NSA colluded to violate my Constitutional rights, as well as the outright crimes (and lies) which they have since perpetrated in efforts to silence my person, including their vicious psychological attack and manipulation of my own Family. All of whom have been forced to survive this living nightmare for the past decade courtesy of the FBI/NSA COINTELPRO being waged against this author.

    More on the despicable tactics of the FBI Gestapo:

  • The FBI Must Be Abolished! These Lying Neo Nazi's Have A History Of Spying On Anyone And Everyone While Decimating The Constitutional Rule Of Law - Their Vicious Torture & Murder Of Americans Defines This Anathema To Humanity, Including FBI Agents Who've Burned Men, Women And Young Children To Death

  • Another Of The FBI's Freakshows - FBI Atrocity - COINTELPRO Attack On The American Indian Movement - Most FBI Agents Are Treasonous Lying Murderers Who'd Pimp Their Own Children Before Ever Admitting To Their Crimes Against Humanity

  • Amanda Ripley - Author Of The Unthinkable - If The FBI Ever Raids Your Home...

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