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Watching A Movie On A DVD Player Becomes An Interesting Experience When You Are A Target Of The NSA's Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network

The Objective Of Psychological Warfare

To Drive The Targeted Person Insane

COINTELPRO = Psychological Warfare

Editor's Note: Since the FBI/NSA COINTELPRO against this author became very aggressive in 2003, watching a movie on a DVD player or listening to a CD is an interesting experience, since these devices offer yet another venue when being subjected to an NSA electronic warfare attack.

Over the past several years, when watching a program on DVD, the disc often freezes up. In a normal situation a disc would freeze up because it needed to be cleaned. However, when an electronic device such as a DVD player freezes up as the result of being targeted by an electromagnetic weapon, cleaning the disc makes no difference since there is no problem with the DVD disc or the DVD player. It is the NSA's electronic interference with both the laser and electric motor in the DVD player which continue to be problematic.

Once this electronic interference ends, both the DVD & its player function perfectly.

Moreover, this author recently received a new DVD player as a gift that has already been subjected to daily electronic sabotage in which the motor is deliberately interfered with. In a few instances, a powerful and abnormal surge of electricity is driven through the motor, so powerful in fact, that the entire DVD player shakes. The off button does not function when this occurs, and the DVD player's mains must be removed from the electrical outlet in order to turn the unit off.

I document this to show how precise the NSA's satellite deployed electronic weaponry is, since virtually anything with an electromagnetic field can find itself the subject of such satellite predation, whether the target is a person or electronic device such as the DVD player in question. I also do so in order to illustrate the myriad of psychological tactics the FBI and NSA will utilize in their efforts to drive this author to a state of insanity, in which I will either commit a crime for which I can be incarcerated or institutionalized, or commit suicide. None of which I have any intention of doing.

This author has witnessed thousands of such electronic attacks perpetrated by the NSA in regard to a myriad of electronic objects, including but not limited to the following: motion sensitive spotlights, street lamps, traffic lights, automotive ignitions, car alarms, home alarms, radios, TV's, DVD players, Hi-Fi equipment, VCR's, electronic filters and heaters for aquariums.

Of course, it's such electronic warfare attacks on the body (and in particular the brain) which continue to have the most devastating consequences. However, the monsters operating within the NSA have no concerns in regard to the crimes which they commit, because they sre totally unscrupulous sociopathic personalities who regularly torture and murder men, women and even young children via the NSA's Signals Intelligence EMF scanning network. This as well as the deployment of satellite based DEW technology, which is used to commit such crimes with complete anonymity.

It is this anonymity which has allowed for this global crime syndicate to operate via satellite networks like Echelon and under the cover of National Security, and why this author has risked his life to ensure that the public learns about this classified remote neural monitoring technology, as well as John St. Clair Akwei's precedent setting lawsuit against the NSA.

A lawsuit which documents the NSA's treasonous Signals Intelligence operations, and the use of these clandestine programs in which to deny Americans their rights under the United States Constitution. The fact of the matter is that the NSA is using this covert technology in which to completely circumvent the Constitutional rule of law in the United States, reducing this government to nothing more than a military intelligence dictatorship.

The hierarchy within the global military intelligence complex is loyal to Zionism, which is the worship of Satan. And their crime syndicate, better known as the Illuminati, is further evidence of this - Illuminati meaning keepers of the light - those who worship Lucifer (better known as Satan).

Moreover, Intel's vicious and slanderous smear campaign against this author is being waged because I am documenting my first hand experiences as a target of such non consensual human experimentation perpetrated by way of the NSA's spy satellite network.

As such, this author is absolutely certain that for the past several decades the NSA has been illegally targeting my person via its Signals Intelligence EMF scanning network, and tracking the unique frequency that my body's EMF field emanates.

Each American citizen's own body emanates such a unique frequency which the NSA has catalogued into its computer database, meaning that no person residing within the United States has any sense of physical privacy or any privacy of thought left.

Such privacy remains nothing more than an illusion, given that the NSA's Signals Intelligence operations have destroyed our Constitutional rule of law under the Zionist shadow government which controls our elected officials.

The only means which the American people have left in which to rectify this situation is through civil disobedience and an information revolution via the Internet.

Only such efforts will be able to save the American middle class from certain enslavement in the years ahead. And any acknowledgment of the current Zionist leadership as anything other than traitors must also be considered an act of aiding and abetting of these Zionist interlopers. They are operating unconstitutionally and denying us our inherent rights as American citizens, which means that we can no longer acknowledge them as anything but criminals.

The freedom of the American middle class is being decimated by the Zionist criminals who control the military-industrial-intelligence-media complex within the United States. John St. Clair Akwei's lawsuit against the NSA is the best indictment ever written in regard to the NSA's use, not as an organization which protects Americans, but instead, an organization which is being used to destroy the United States of America and her people, by eliminating our Constitutional right to both physical privacy as well as privacy of thought.

Please read AKWEI VS NSA and share this information with your communities, since it's their inherent freedoms which are being destroyed under this Zionist cabal.

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