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NSA Electronic Attacks On This Author Continue After More Than A Decade & A Half

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NSA Electronic Attack On Your Mind

*Editor's Note: The NSA continues to use their electronic warfare technology in which to attack this author in myriad ways. Some electronic attacks are directed at the body, others at the brain, and still others are perpetrated by utilizing some electronic appliance.

For example, for the past week or so, the NSA has been remotely triggering a motion sensitive spotlight which is directly next to this author's den window. This usually happens in the early morning hours while it is still dark outside. This electronic tampering of lights has been occurring since the mid 1990's.

Given that these lights are motion sensitive, one might state that a gust of wind could trigger them, which is possible if the gust is strong enough. However, over the past few months we have had nights where the wind was gusting to more than 30 miles per hour, yet these lights never triggered. Moreover, on a night like last night, where the wind was very slight, the same light was triggered to turn back on every time it shut off.

The burglar alarms on homes adjacent to this author's are also triggered regularly. Years ago a Family member of this author was told that some of these alarms are set off when the doors which they are attached to are shaken by a strong gust of wind. However, these alarms never go off in strong winds, yet do so frequently in light winds or no wind at all. The same can be said for the motion sensitive lights on neighboring homes, which are constantly triggered when this author approaches a window facing these homes. These lights are clearly being remotely triggered via NSA satellite, just as the lighting (as well as other electrical appliances) around this author's home has been for the past decade and a half.

* This is a form of the "brighting" tactics that organized stalkers use when aiming their automobiles at the home of a target of organized stalking, and using their automobiles' headlights in which to harass the persons being targeted for such Intel psychological warfare operations. These are sick minded people who believe that it is within their right to harass, torture and even murder citizens, while these citizens are denied their Constitutionally protected rights. Such vigilantes are criminals who are being orchestrated by the Zionist controlled U.S. Intelligence community. Once innocent people are being turned into criminals under the Patriot Act, where they are illegally spying on, harassing, and in some instances even murdering their own neighbors. The United States Federal Government has become nothing but a Zionist overseen dictatorship which since the attacks on 9-11-2001, is now completely out of control.

The aforesaid attacks reflect just one of a myriad of aspects of the psychological warfare operations that the NSA & FBI have been subjecting this author to for many years. For the better part of the last decade, these Intel agencies have committed a myriad of the most serious of crimes against this author and my Family, while attempting to covertly murder my person. Intel's crimes continue to grow worse as my information is promulgated over the Internet.

Moreover, a recent evaluation of the traffic on this Website has shown it to now be in the top 1 percent of all of the Internet sites on the World Wide Web, with nearly 21 million page hits since 2006.

It is quite apparent that the Intel community is not pleased that they are getting such negative exposure on this Website, or that their torturous and murderous methodology is being aggressively documented by one of their COINTELPRO targets.

Moreover, the public must realize that these agencies are a Zionist controlled farce, being used to destroy the United States Constitution and its Bill of Rights, as is the Bush Administration's bogus war on terror (which continues under the Obama Administration and is being used to destroy the American middle class and our freedom).

As of this day, the FBI continues in its attempts to demonize this author via covert means; the FBI's ultimate intent quite obvious - to murder my person in any way possible, as long as they are able to do so with plausible deniability.

This attack has been extremely vicious since the Summer of 2003, when the FBI's attempt in which to utilize a Great Neck, NY psychiatrist to entrap this author failed. This psychiatrist committed a number of crimes against my person in allowing the FBI to use this doctor in this entrapment scheme, including committing fraud and grand larceny.

The FBI has used many other persons to commit such crimes against my person, including several doctors and myriad others whom the FBI has either coerced or used other *incentives on in order to carry out these crimes. The FBI's web of criminality continues as this duplicitous Americanized and hideous Gestapo leaves a wake of destruction in its path.

*The FBI is also no stranger to bribing people into taking part in the violation of another person's Constitutional rights, or in some other aspect of the Bureau's evil machinations.

In the 1990's, the FBI paid such a bribe to one of its informants; a man by the name of Emad Salem, who has since implicated the FBI in the 1993 bombing of the World Trade Center Towers.

Salem has publicly stated that the FBI had initially told him to build the bomb and that they were going to replace it with a fake bomb to give to the terrorists, when the FBI then changed its instructions at the last minute and had Salem give the terrorists the real bomb that he built.

It is now clear that the FBI's intent was to allow these terrorists to blow up the World Trade Center Towers, and not to prevent this crime from occurring.

However, the mystery still remains in regard to whom at the FBI gave the order to allow the real bomb to be transported to the World Trade Center?

Salem was paid One Million Dollars for building the bomb which was used in the terrorist attack of the World Trade Center Towers in 1993, as well as acting as the liaison between the FBI and the suspects of this terrorist attack.

Once again, and for the purpose of emphasis here:

For building the bomb which was used to cause millions of dollars in damages and murdering six people, Emad Salem was paid One Million Dollars by the FBI, and then disappeared. Complicit in these attacks, instead of being arrested and tried as an accomplice, Salem was bribed by the FBI to disappear into the woodwork and never be heard from again.

The FBI was quick to cover this situation up, as they would also later do with the 1995 Murrah Building bombing, the 1996 accidental shooting down of TWA Flight 800 (by a Navy missile during a training exercize off the coast of Long Island, NY), and the second terrorist attack on the World Trade Center Towers & Pentagon in 2001. In both of these 9-11 attacks, the FBI was quick to confiscate evidence which would have proved that 9-11 was in fact an inside job. Specifically, more than 80 videos which the FBI seized from the Pentagon as well as the areas immediately surrounding the building on 9-11-2001, and has refused to show the public.

The FBI also claims that it never recovered any of the flight recorders from the aircraft which struck the North and South Towers of the World Trade Center, even though two workers at ground zero claim to have found three of the four black boxes from these aircraft; and to this day have stated that the FBI is lying about not having recovered them. Does the FBI ever tell the truth?

*The men's names are Mike Bellone and Nick Dimassi. And they are quite a bit more credible than the FBI.

So who's the real terrorist and threat to the American people?

It's not the Al Qaeda or any other *CIA fabricated enemy. It's the House Of Rothschild Zionist international banking cartel, and its global military-intelligence complex that the people of this planet must fear, for it is these evil organizations that are intent on destroying the human race as we know it.

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