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FBI Terrorist Watch List Is A Red Herring Being Used To Cover Up A Zionist Plan To Exterminate American Dissidents

FBI Tried to Cover Patriot Act Abuses With Flawed, Retroactive Subpoenas, Audit Finds

The FBI's Dirty Tricks Characterize The Despicable Nature Of Most Of Its Agents -- "Operation Lightening Strike" - The FBI's Fraudulent Sting On Certain NASA Employees

Was Former Governor Eliot Spitzer Framed By Republicans Within The Internal Revenue Service?

Vehicle Surveillance - How To Recognize An FBI Vehicle Surveillance Team - Organized Stalkers Use A Similar Type Of Vehicle Surveillance To Violate The Rights Of Many Citizens Being Targeted For A Modern Day Version Of The FBI's COINTELPRO Operations - Neither The FBI Nor Organized Stalking Groups Of Vigilantes Operate Within The Constitutional Rule Of Law So It's The Responsibility Of Every American Citizen To Protect Themselves From These Covert And Oftentimes Deadly Predators

"The FBI Is A Pig"

- Direct Quote From A Former FBI Agent

FBI Terrorist Watchlist Smokescreen

"With over a million Americans listed on the FBI's terrorist watch list, what has become apparent is that this "list" is being used as a modern day version of the "lists" that the Nazi's used to round up the Jews in the 1930's. Expect this list to grow significantly over the next few years as more Americans speak out against the Zionist's New World Order agenda, end up being blacklisted by this furtive military intelligence dictatorship, and eventually imprisoned under this false flag operation. The U.S. Federal Government has been subverted by the Zionist international banking establishment, and is no longer operating under our Constitutional rule of law. Their so called war on terror is a complete and utter fraud being used to destroy the United States of America and her people, and the NSA's use of an EMF Scanning Network to track us by way of our bodies own EMF fields serves as further evidence that Americans are living in a military intelligence dictatorship. We've all been lied to."

- James F. Marino - COINTELPRO Target

FBI Admits To Breaking Its Own Internet Spying Rules - Why The FBI Claims To Follow Any Guidelines Makes Little Sense Since The FBI Is Incapable Of Operating Legally

"The OIG agents were so secret that even NASA wasn't allowed to know what they were investigating. 'The joke at NASA OIG is that whoever was the producer of the X-Files picked the wrong agency, because nobody calls the FBI. They don't trust the FBI. What they do if they think they've been abducted or something like that, they used to call the criminal investigators at NASA, which is the Office of the Inspector General.'"

Excerpted From:
NASA Agent Spills UFO Beans

A former FBI agent who while in the employ of the FBI committed many of the crimes which he documents in his book, admits that he enjoyed being able to break the law with impunity, while still understanding that what he was doing was wrong. It is a double irony that not only did Wes Swearingen commit crimes while working for the FBI, but that in turning whistle blower against the agency, he's profited from the following book.

The following article was excerpted from:

"FBI Secrets: An Agent's Expose" by M. Wesley Swearingen, 1994 Reviewed by Jon Roland

FBI Secrets: An Agent's Expose
by M. Wesley Swearingen, 1994
Reviewed by Jon Roland

Wes Swearingen served as an FBI agent from 1951 until he retired in 1977. During that period he perpetrated or witnessed numerous violations of law by FBI agents and their operatives, heard revealing statements by other agents about their illegal activities, and read files which documented violations of the rights of American citizens.

The activities of FBI agents and their "informers" include warrantless break-ins, theft, fraud, kidnapping, perjury, fabrication of evidence, suborning of witness perjury, and murder. The targets were political dissidents: anyone FBI agents didn't like.

Swearingen details how members of the Black Panthers were murdered by FBI operatives, another was framed for a murder he didn't commit, and still others were prosecuted on trumped up charges.

He does not mention anything about the deaths of John or Robert Kennedy or Martin Luther King, but he describes an agency so deeply involved in criminal activity of every kind as to be capable of causing the deaths of those men and others who have died under mysterious circumstances.

He describes various files on political dissidents, called the "Security Index" and the "Reserve Index", which eventually included about 500,000 names, and which were the persons to be arrested without warrant and taken to detention areas in the event of a national security emergency. For those who are inclined to dismiss such concerns as paranoid, here is supporting evidence, notwithstanding the repeal of authorizing legislation in 1971, which would not stop people like these.

Swearingen provides an insider's view of the COINTELPRO program of suppression of political dissidents, but also tells us that the program continues to this day under another name, apparently without a paper trail.

He paints a picture of an agency riddled with corruption, incompetence, and inefficiency, composed of men who may have once been patriots, but who have been reduced to common criminals, whose crime fighting activities are limited at best and largely for show, with political repression being the primary mission.

Some may suggest that the FBI may have been reformed since Swearingen left the agency in 1977, and no longer does the things he describes. Certainly there have been some reform efforts, particularly during the period Edward Levi was Attorney-General, and we would expect another generation of agents to have taken the place of those Swearingen worked with, but available evidence, including continuing harassment of Wes by his former agency, indicate it has not been reformed at all.

There have been other books by former FBI agents that have told similar tales, such as William Turner, author of _Hoover's FBI: The Men and the Myth_, and books by former agents of the CIA, such as those by Philip Agee, John Stockwell, Victor Marchetti, Frank Snepp, and Ralph McGehee. It seems likely that similar books remain to be written by agents of almost every agency of the U.S. government, revealing them as criminal enterprises and implicating almost every employee as criminal conspirators. Such agents should read this book and begin gathering the evidence they will need to take out with them.

Even Swearingen still speaks with pride of his crimefighting activities, seemingly oblivious to the fact that there is no constitutional authority or federal jurisdiction for statutes against the offenses he was investigating, making enforcement in federal courts itself a criminal violation of the civil rights of the targets, even when they really are bad guys who deserve to be prosecuted under applicable state laws.

The most important thing this book reveals is the mindset of government agents, and the way otherwise good men get corrupted by the system of which they become a part. They are totally ignorant of the principles of constitutional republic government, and willing to do whatever works, regardless of legality. Their arrogance was revealed in a statement by Special Agent Joseph G. Deegan in 1977: "We are the only ones who know what is good for the country, and we are the only ones who can do anything about it." After reading this book and others, it is clear that this statement reflects a dangerous delusion of grandeur.

Anyone who is involved in any kind of politically significant activity, or who is concerned about the future of this country, needs to read this book to learn how government agents operate and how citizens can defend themselves against them, both in court and in the field. These agents are not very effective, and people should not be awed by them. Standing up to them works if one exercises a few simple precautions, such as taping all encounters and having witnesses around at all times. Going armed at all times may not be a bad idea, either.

Available from:
South End Press
116 Saint Botolph St
Boston, MA 01225
$13.00 + S&H

Also See: Website

Editor's Note: The NSA regularly uses directed energy weapons and computer to brain interface in their attempted murder of this author. NSA's computer to brain interface is used to target many different areas of this author's brain in order to remotely influence my thoughts and behavior. As an adjunct to this Orwellian attack, the FBI and NSA continue to subject this author to daily organized stalking as part of the aggressive mind control operations these agencies have been illegally targeting my person for.

What has resulted is the criminalization of an entire community, including neighbors who are being used by Intel as pawns in which to violate this author and his Family's Constitutional rights. My intention in the past has been to expose these agencies for these outrageous crimes. However, given their egregious and vicious psychological warfare attacks against my Family and person, (as well as their DEW attacks on my person - Family members have also likely been targeted for such attacks), my intention now is to see both of these vile organizations abolished.

These agents are nasty criminals who are an absolute obscenity to the United States Constitutional rule of law. And their criminality is spreading like a plague over this entire country. These so called agents and their disgusting cohorts are sadistic murdering garbage. They are absolute refuse. Moreover, they themselves are mind controlled robots who have no conscience, and who will torture and murder anyone whom they choose. Any future attempt by Intel to set this author up on trumped up charges will be seen as exactly what this is - a more aggressive murder attempt. As for the FBI in particular, these agents had no legitimate cause to investigate this author, and what they have done does not qualify as an investigation, but instead, a smear campaign being used to cover up the outrageous crimes that these Zionist controlled government rat bastards have been committing against this author for decades.

And one way or another, these miserable excuses for agents are going to learn that if they violate an American citizen's Constitutional rights, they are going to be held accountable, no matter what it takes to do so. In the simplest of terms, the FBI has been abusing American citizens since this crime syndicate was created. And this time around the FBI will "finally" be forced to pay the price.
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