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FBI Again Interferes With This Author's Brokerage Account - A Federal Crime

Chronicle - Horrors of Computer-Brain Interface and the Millenium Take-Out of the Planet By Mind Control Experimentee, Diana Napolis - Napolis Describes One Of The More Horrific Accounts Of Being Remotely Targeted Via Computer To Brain Interface - A Crime Which Any Citizen On The Planet Can Now Be Subjected To Via Intelligence Agency's Like The U.S. National Security Agency

*Editor's Note: For more than three decades, the FBI has routinely interfered with this author's business transactions (as well as every other aspect of my existence). However, since this illegal Intel operation has increased its aggressive COINTELPRO tactics against my person, the FBI's crimes have continued to grow worse - especially under the Draconian and treasonous piece of landfill which Americans have come to know as the Patriot Act.

In 2003, the FBI began interfering with my credit card purchases, until the cards were eventually cancelled. When I called the credit card company to inquire as to why my cards were no longer functioning, I received a terse statement from an employee (or perhaps even a federal agent who intercepted the phone call and posed as a bank employee - The FBI has been notorious for doing so with this author on myriad occasions), stating the cards had been cancelled. No written notice had been sent in advance as a warning not to use the cards, and only days after this phone call did a notice from this bank show up in the mail - not informing me of the cards' cancellation, but instead to pay statements on time - even though my account was still in good standing at the time.

How does a bank cancel an account that is in good standing?

The FBI had clearly interfered in this situation. Moreover, one of the cards was immediately reinstated, yet only so that the FBI could continue to interfere with its use. Keep in mind that prior to this I had never had a problem with credit cards, always paid any outstanding balances either immediately, or within a reasonable amount of time, and maintained an excellent credit rating.

However, once the FBI began interfering with these cards, there was no end to the problems which these child murderers (those children whom the FBI murdered at WACO, Ruby Ridge & AIM for openers), caused this author.

Moreover, the FBI did not stop there.

Instead, they are now interfering with my secured debit card purchases. I also placed a brokerage transaction this morning to see if the FBI would actually interfere with the sale of some shares of stock. In the past, I have always sold shares at market, which means that they should be sold as soon as the market opens. However, if the FBI interferes, the shares may not be sold immediately.

This would prove that the FBI is committing federal crimes under the Patriot Act, which should be investigated by the Securities and Exchange Commission. However, to this author's knowledge, there has never been a time in U.S. History, where the SEC has ever investigated the FBI. Why not? Because these SEC officials don't want the FBI targeting them for illegal spying and COINTELPRO operations, as revenge for exposing FBI agents who are operating in a criminal capacity. The FBI spies on everyone; not to protect us, but to dig up any compromising information that the Bureau can later use as blackmail.

Our elected officials are especially vulnerable to such machinations by the entire Intel community, whose criminal intent is to control how these politicians vote in regard to legislation which can either grant them further authority, or impede such authority. Clearly, the Intel community has a very definite interest in gaining as much information on our elected representatives as they can, in order to control (blackmail) them.

  • For More On This See The Following Testimony Which Proves That The FBI, CIA & Other Intel Agencies Are Looking To Blackmail Our Politicians In Order To Control Them

  • CIA & Intelligence Community Mythologies

  • The closest the American people came to investigating the FBI and the rest of the Intel community, was a bill which former Georgia Representative, Cynthia Mckinney drafted, in which to conduct a modern day version of the Church Committee Hearings on the U.S. Intelligence Community.

    As punishment for doing so, Mckinney was ( as she herself has stated) "setup" by Intel in the now notorious "shoving incident," which cost Mckinney her reelection to the House of Representatives. After this incident, McKinney's bill (HR-1026) was immediately removed from consideration when our legislators reconvened for their new term. Further evidence that these elected officials have no interest in protecting Americans from the invasive and illegal spying that the Intel community is perpetrating against us under the Draconian and de facto Constitution - The Patriot Act.

    This author will update this situation concerning the FBI's possible interference with my brokerage account to determine if the FBI has in fact interfered with the present stock transaction which took place this morning.

    Update: The FBI was definitely involved in interfering with the stock sale and Internet purchase I made this morning; placing a call to both the Internet vendor and brokerage I deal with, in which to time this situation perfectly, so that the shares of stock which I sold, were not sold until the Internet vendor called for a credit check on my brokerage account. The FBI is constantly perpetrating such crimes against this author as part of its long-term and deranged psychological warfare operation against my person.

    I intentionally waited to sell the shares just long enough to see if the FBI would interfere, which they did. This Internet vendor can take an entire day to check the credit on a customer's account, yet managed to do so with this author at almost the exact second that I placed my order to their company via the Internet! They were quick to call my home to state my purchase did not go through. I checked my brokerage account a short time later, and then called them back to assure them that the funds needed to make the purchase were indeed in the account, and the vendor stated that they would make a notation of this.

    This serves as further evidence that the FBI is perpetrating federal crimes by interfering with this author's brokerage account. The FBI has always taken part in the most serious violations of our civil rights. However, under the Patriot Act, the FBI has become a full fledged crime syndicate, completely circumventing our judicial system. The FBI must be ABOLISHED and its criminal cadre of employees made accountable for their egregious criminality. They are a cancer on our country and a threat to its citizenry; these agents have never respected our inherent rights under the United States Constitution and exist to undermine every aspect of this legislation.

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