Tuesday, February 02, 2010

The U.S. Intelligence Community Has A Longstanding History Of Cleverly Disguising Its Spy Technology - Intel Agents Earn Their Living, Lying

Mind Control By Cell Phone

A Reality In The 21ST Century

"The DIA research dates from 1976 and shows the dangers were known about over twenty years ago. The Soviets used the frequencies and intensities used by mobile phones, 1800 MHz and 900 MHz, as weapons. It is a rule of the intelligence community that you hide things in plain view, getting the public to accept microwave mind control weapons which affect their behavior under the guise of mobile phones was a stroke of genius. Getting the public to pay for these microwave mind control devices, so their brains and behavior can be damaged, to make them more docile and easy to control, was pure diabolical genius." -- Dr. Tim Rifat

John St. Clair Akwei's Lawsuit Against The NSA

We The People Will Not Be Chipped-A Neo-Luddite/Terran Movement - We will not be assimilated

  • H A A R P - High-frequency Active Aural Research Program - Hurricanes, Tornadoes, Floods, Earthquakes & Other Natural Disasters Made To Order Through Artificial Manipulation Of The Weather - Just One Aspect Of The Genocidal Policy Of The Zionist/Illuminati New World Order Global Dictatorship

  • Fluoridation - Mind Control of the Masses By Ian E. Stephens - Instead Of Properly Disposing Of This Toxic Waste, The Rockefeller Drug Trust Managed To Have It Used In Public Drinking Water, Then Promulgating The Lie That Fluoride Was Useful In Preventing Tooth Decay - However Fluoride Is Very Useful In Damaging The Body's Central Nervous System & In Making The Human Brain Toxic

  • An American Jew Breaks The Rank & File To Expose Zionist Terrorism In The State Of Israel & Is Then Murdered By Mossad For It - The Life Of Jacob Bernstein

  • Click On This Logo To See America Freedom To Fascism

    “It also gives us a very special, secret pleasure to see how unaware the people around us are of what is really happening to them.” — Adolf Hitler

  • The Patriot Act & Nazi Enabling Act Of 1933 - Both Used To Destroy The Constitutional Rule Of Law In Their Respective Countries

  • Waco Holocaust Electronic Museum: One Of The Worst Atrocities Ever Committed By The FBI & BATF - These SO CALLED AGENTS Are Nothing But Cold Blooded Murderers

  • Implantable Chips Can Be Used To Both Torture & Kill Those Implanted With Them By Remote Means Such As Satellite - Such Predation Has Become Common

  • The Trophoblast Theory Behind The Cause Of Cancer Was Long Ago Proven Scientifically, Yet Ignored By The Rich Drug Trust In The United States. This Occured Because Laetrile Therapy Would Have All But Eliminated Cancer From Our Society Which Is Why It Has Been Demonized By This Drug Trust - A Situation In Which Even Memorial Sloan Kettering's Board Of Directors Buried Research Which Proved That Laetrile Therapy (Vitamin 17) Has Been Proven To Be Far More Effective Than The Traditional And Highly Profitable Chemotherapy/Radiation Treatments Propagated By The Drug Trust Through The American Cancer Society, National Cancer Institute, American Medical Association And Food & Drug Administration - Read The Truth About How These Organizations Conspired To Deny Cancer Patients Laetrile Therapy Which Could Have Cured Millions Of People Who Have Since Died From Terminal Cancer. Cure Cancer & Put The Drug Trust Out Of Business!

  • How The House Of Rothschild Global Counterfeiting/Money Laundering Cartel Subverted The United States Federal Government & Gradually Destroyed America - "Secrets Of The Federal Reserve" By Eustace Mullins

  • *Editor's Note: As an intimidation tactic, Intel joins the follower's section of this blog under the screenname: ussunclesam, which should really be the ussunclerothschild, since it is the House of Rothschild international counterfeiting/money laundering operation which controls the United States Federal Government and our elected officials. How else can you account for the existence of a privately held central bank which prints fiat currency out of thin air and then launders it through the U.S. Treasury and our economy, while our three branches of government not only authorize this criminality, but attempt to destroy anyone who exposes it? Where is our Constitutional rule of law? Whatever happened to the Constitutional Republic that our founding fathers established for the American people in 1787?
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