Sunday, January 31, 2010

FBI Entrapment Schemes & The Latest In FBI Honey Trapper Apparel - If Only The FBI's "Honey Trappers" Looked This Good In Real Life

The FBI's Entrapment Schemes

Two Of The FBI's Criminal Agents & A Rare Indictment & Conviction For Their Crimes - FBI Agents Jeffrey Royer & Lynn Wingate

Criminal Tactics Used By The FBI's "Blankety Blanks"

The Art of the FBI - Fake Letters and Bad Poetry: Highlights from the FBI's Secret War on Dissent - In The Modern Day, Would The FBI Use The Same Abhorrent Tactics In Which To Completely Fabricate Or Alter E-mails Regarding Those Whom It Targets For COINTELPRO? Of Course The FBI Would - Pathological Deception & Blackmail Are The FBI Agent's Stock In Trade

Update to the following post: - After a call to the bank (the FBI appears to have allowed this conversation to take place without any interference - no doubt because of what this author wrote below) a representative has confirmed that this author's bank account is in good standing, and that it was their mistake which caused the two charges that this author made on the Internet this past week, to be declined.

Moreover, the fact that this author's bank account is in good standing, yet was reported as not being so by the bank in question, serves as further evidence that the FBI interferes with those organizations with whom this author conducts business, including such federally overseen organizations as banks. On the plus side, the bank representative was extremely helpful and very courteous, which made the situation easier to deal with. Thank you, Maritza.


*Editor's Note: The FBI again interferes with this author's online purchases. This past week this author placed two online orders with a debit card that is predicated on the monies contained in this author's bank account. Unlike a credit card, these purchases are secured by these monies. Both orders were rejected by the online sellers, who "claimed" that there is a problem with this card. However, the only "problem" is with the FBI illegally interfering in this author's business transactions. The purpose continues to be an Intel psychological warfare attack on my person, since the FBI is clearly operating illegally, and in the commission of the most precedent setting civil rights violations in American history.

What the FBI will do now is to have one of its provocateurs intercept this author's phone call to the bank in question, and then pose as an employee of the bank, while using the conversation in which to subject this author to further and "more aggressive" psychological warfare.

Once again, there is more than enough money in this author's bank account to pay for the items in question, and this interference by the FBI serves as further evidence of the decades-long COINTELPRO that these Constitution raping reprobates are committing against my person.

Over the past several years, these attacks have taken place under the Zionist de facto Constitution in this country known as the Patriot Act. A piece of treasonous legislation that is being used to destroy the inherent rights of the American middle class and if not repealed will eventually result in another civil revolution.

*In 2003, when the FBI's COINTELPRO attack on this author went from being covert to overt - meaning that I learned of the FBI's COINTELPRO against my person, and thus the FBI became more aggressive in its attacks, these agents began interfering with my credit card purchases. This resulted in the cards being cancelled. Eventually one card was reinstated, however, I refrained from using it, knowing that the FBI would just continue to interfere with that card when I went to use it to make a purchase.

However, these were credit cards, not debit cards predicated on the actual monies in my bank account. The FBI's attack on this author's bank account is not only a federal crime, but also further evidence of the egregious violations of this author's civil rights by this unconstitutional crime syndicate.

The United States Congress must ABOLISH the FBI and stop wasting billions of dollars a year financing this despicable "INSULT" to legitimate law enforcement, since the FBI's existence has always served to violate some aspect of the U.S. Constitution and its Bill of Rights.
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