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The Vatican Continues To Attract Negative Attention -- Will Such Adversity One Day Lead To The Dissolution Of The Roman Catholic Church?

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Is the Vatican Really the Center of Global Evil?
Researcher Frank O’ Collins gives four reasons why the answer is yes
By Greg Szymanski, JD
May 2, 2009

The question of whether the Vatican is good or evil is again dealt with by researcher Frank O’Collins.

This time O’Collins deals with the Vatican’s evil religious ritual known as “Holocaust, the evil religious ritual word known as “Molest” and “Molestation” and how the word “Nazi” means knight as well as “SS” standing for Sedes Sacrorum or the “Holy See”.

Further, he looks at the largest satanic symbol ever created in WWII involving the “worst human sacrifice camps” in Poland and Russia.

Here is what O’Collins has to say:

“Is the Vatican really the centre of a Global Evil Network?—why the strongest proof is hidden in plain sight”

If there is one thing the internet bloggers and independent news networks have in common it is conspiracy theories—from alien abductions and secret underground government laboratories to ultra secret global control networks and political assassinations.

So it is perfectly understandable that when a reader of the or listener of the Investigative Journal reads or hears about one of the alleged crimes of the Vatican and its organs—such as the Jesuits, the Franciscans and others—it can easily seem as just another in a long line of “unfounded claims”, “hoaxes” and “grudges” against religion and the Catholic Church.

Sometimes it is the complexity of the story itself that makes it hard to understand, or believe—like when the people involved in the alleged evil event lived fifty, one hundred or even one thousand years ago. It also makes it hard when the story involves talking about former countries and empires with strange sounding names and customs.

It is why rare mainstream news phenomena such as the global media coverage of the Vatican’s deliberate cover-up of organized international rings of child molesting priests, particularly in western countries—such as the United States, Europe, Canada and Australia –is so important. It proves without a doubt that the Vatican does not always behave in the best interests of the community, and in particular for its own faithful—the Catholic families who entrusted their children into the care of Priests and Nuns—only to find years later that their children had been molested.

Yet for all that is said and written about the Vatican being home to a dangerous “parasitic” cult –and the epicenter of a global network of evil for nearly 1,000 years—the proof for many people often seems farfetched, convoluted and unproven.

For one thing such claims appear to contradict the fact that the Catholic Church is involved in important charitable work, in health care, in education and vital overseas aid across the world. Many millions of ordinary Catholics are employed and continue to volunteer to help make their communities and the world a better place. In addition, there are many examples over the years under Pope John Paul II and now Pope Benedict XVI where the Vatican has made public statements against evil, against war, violence and terror. So how possibly could such an organization that invests so much time, money and resources into seemingly “helping” the world be simultaneously the “epicenter of evil”?

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