Monday, April 27, 2009

Psychotronic Weaponry & Its Adverse Impact On The Human Mind - What The American People Must Learn In Regard To The NSA's Signals Intelligence Ops

"Regarding NSA Signals Intelligence use of psychotronic weaponry in which to decode images stored in the visual cortex region of the human brain (by way of computer to brain interfacing) -- this definitely gives new meaning to the term: seeing the world through someone else's eyes."

James F. Marino - Target Of NSA Psychotronic Weaponry

See the following timeline on Psychotronic and other forms of DEW (Directed Energy Weapons) here:

Timeline: Electromagnetic Weapons by Judy Wall, Editor, Resonance Newsletter

Also see:

AKWEI VS NSA - A Federal Lawsuit Filed By John St. Clair Akwei Against The NSA For Torturing Akwei With DEW Weapons
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