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Concern That Mexico's Swine Flu May Sweep The Globe -- Is This Another Biologically Created Weapon Used To Commit Genocide?

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Since the mid 20TH Century the global military intelligence complex has been hard at work designing *chemical and biological weapons which have been furtively disseminated in which to both disable and kill humans on a massive scale. The AIDS epidemic which became problematic in the United States in the 1970's is perhaps the most successful bio weapon ever created; responsible for the deaths of millions of people. Of course since the 1970's, AIDS has moved well beyond the category of an epidemic and become pandemic in nature. Meaning that it's crossed continents. As it presently stands, AIDS is in the process of virtually wiping the population of South Africa off the map.

*Since the 1980's federal Intelligence agencies like the NSA began using electromagnetic weapons in which to exploit the infrared portion of the electromagnetic spectrum. This exploitation has allowed the NSA (as well as other members of the military industrial intelligence complex) to commit a myriad of crimes including torture and murder, by utilizing electromagnetic weapons (also known as directed energy weapons) in which to electronically track and attack both the minds and bodies of American citizens (and likely citizens of other countries as well).

These crimes range from causing strokes, heart attacks, aneurysms and even cancer in these targeted subjects, to the manipulation of both their thoughts and behavior (the term used for the DEW weaponry which affects the mind is psychotronics).

And the fact that the U.S. Military supplied funding in which to create a *manual which includes all of the frequencies of the different areas of the body and brain, is only further evidence that their intent is to eventually take remote control of our minds and bodies by way of computer based satellite networks like the NSA's Echelon.

*This manual is known as the Dosimetry handbook.

Biological and chemical weapons continue to offer an adjunct to the U.S. Government's electronic warfare programs. A means by which those governments with such programs can commit genocide with plausible deniability. And there is no reason to doubt that many of the chronic illnesses which currently plague Americans were in fact created as biological weapons of some kind during the 20TH Century; many of which were designed with the intention of killing their hosts slowly. Chronic Lyme Disease is such a weapon. AIDS is in the more aggressive class, along with Ebola, both of which have had a history of killing their victims far more quickly.

So given the unknowns in regard to the Swine flu outbreak, it is all the more disturbing that this current flu epidemic which has recently gripped Mexico, is now becoming problematic in the United States. And there is little doubt that many people will begin to wonder if this flu is natural in its origins, or instead (and far more likely) the scion of a group of government scientists charged with creating yet another harmful (and in many cases apparently deadly) biological agent.

Mexico Swine Flu Epidemic Hits The United States

Also see a recent post in regard to the viral outbreak in two New York schools during the month of April, 2009, which may well have been the result on the U.S. Military Intelligence complexes use of these schools in which to test another bio weapon:

Illness Said To Be Norovirus Affects One Westchester And Long Island School - Are These Students Being Covertly Subjected To Crystallized Bio Weapons?

Also see:

Neurosystemic Diseases Created For The U.S. Military As Biological Weapons Have A Common Link - Pathogenic Mycoplasmas

*Editor's Note: This author continues to be targeted daily for some form of directed energy harassment. These electronic attacks have been taking place against my person since the mid 1990's, and far more aggressively since 2003, when the organized stalking of my person began. The present attack concerns the NSA's use of ULF (ultra low frequency waves) which causes instantaneous and extreme fatigue that can last indefinitely, or for days or hours at a time; depending on how the NSA deploys this weaponry against those whom it targets for such heinous crimes. Moreover, this is proof that the United States does torture American citizens using such covert means as satellite based DEW weapons, while attempting to use such means in which to murder those being targeted. There is no question that the FBI/NSA collusion which has taken place against this author for several decades, has been perpetrated in which to covertly murder my person. Moreover, the fact that I have been documenting this publicly for the past several years is the only reason that I am still alive.

Thus, Intel has chosen to take a different route, using DEW weaponry in which to covertly torture my person, while adding the organized stalking component in which to drive me to the point of insanity. However, this author's mental toughness has presented a serious problem for Intel, since I have for the past three decades managed to survive their attacks and live long enough to document what is turning out to be the most egregious violation of the U.S. Bill of Rights in American history.

Color of law crimes so severe that if convicted, the agents involved would get life in prison.

Moreover, should Intel eventually succeed in murdering me (I expect that at some point they likely will), my testimony included within this Website offers full documentation in regard to the precedent setting violations of basic human rights that both my Family and I have been subjected to at the hands of these despicable monsters. And this documentation includes the vicious slander campaign which the NSA, FBI and DHS continue to propagate against me, in efforts to justify their abject violations of my constitutionally protected rights.

There is no rule of law in what these agents are doing, and there never has been.

In perpetrating these crimes these agencies have created a situation in which they fabricate evidence and blatantly lie, while never being challenged by such allegations as they would be in a court of law. As such, it's these Intel agencies that continue to commit crimes, while this author uses his First Amendment Rights in which to document them. Moreover, given the outrageousness of the crimes that Intel has committed against this author, their slander campaign against me must be described as nothing less than a demonization campaign, in which Intel seeks to obscure its vicious and precedent setting crimes.

Crimes which include the NSA's illegal interfacing of this author's mind with a super computer; a situation in I have been repeatedly subjected to this Intel agency's use of psychotronic weaponry.

The fact of the matter is that I have never been arrested, charged or convicted of a crime. Moreover, my allegations in regard to the crimes the Intel community have and continue to perpetrate against my person are the worst crimes ever documented by an American citizen against the United States Federal Government.

So it is no wonder why their demonization campaign remains as precedent setting as the crimes which they continue to commit against me. These agents don't want to be indicted for these crimes and will do everything (including the propagation of outright fabrications) possible to stay out of prison. Their coercion of Family members into complete silence in regard to these attacks is just further evidence of the FBI/NSA criminal conspiracy in which to deny us our rights as American citizens.

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