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COINTELPRO - The Early Years -- To Understand How Criminal The FBI Is In Post 9-11 America It's Important To Understand Its Roots


The FBI's primary function has never been law enforcement, but instead that of a well financed domestic spy & secret police force. One which has always existed in which to violate in the most disturbing of ways, the United States Bill of Rights.

Moreover, the word police here should not be taken in the same context as that of legitimate law enforcement, since the FBI has far more in common with agencies like the CIA, Britain's MI5, the Italian Stasi, and former Russian KGB, than it does with your *local police department.

*Unfortunately, since 9-11, even local police departments have strayed dramatically from their role in protecting and defending the U.S. Constitution, instead following the FBI/DHS dictates regarding the war on terror fraud.

There's no race of people who are better aware of the FBI's COINTELPRO operations than African Americans; particularly those who were members of the ill fated Black Panther Party. However in post 9-11 America, African Americans are far from the only people in the United States who should fear the FBI. In fact, anyone who stands up for their rights while challenging the corrupted status quo in America is certain to be targeted for COINTELPRO at some time in their lives.

Moreover, since the terrorist attacks on 9-11, the FBI has extended its illegal surveillance operations to the point where no American citizen has any privacy left; especially when one considers that when colluding with the NSA and its Signals Intelligence operations, the FBI has the ability to remotely satellite track any citizen of interest, by targeting the unique bio electromagnetic field which emanates from the person's own brain.

This technology is called brain fingerprinting (or brain mapping).

And it gives the FBI the ability to remotely read the sub vocalized thoughts of any person being targeted, via the NSA's computer driven Signals Intelligence EMF scanning network.

So much for your rights under the United States Constitution, which the FBI flagrantly violates at every opportunity.

And given that this brain scanning network allows the NSA to both intercept a targeted person's thoughts as well as implant their own thoughts into the person's mind (something if challenged on the NSA will either not comment on or vehemently deny), both the NSA and FBI have a lot to lose if the public ever wises up to such a precedent setting violation of their privacy under the 4TH Amendment to the U.S. Bill of Rights.

Such sophisticated technology enables the FBI through its COINTELPRO operations, to illegally access the targeted person's mind, which allows these agents to remotely torture such targets with complete anonymity. Those of us who are targeted for this technology (discussed in detail in John Akwei's lawsuit against the NSA) understand what the Intel community has to lose here, and thus why they are putting up such a battle in attempting to paint us as being mentally unstable.

However, it is possible to utilize the infrared portion of the electromagnetic spectrum in which to remotely access the thoughts of any person by way of computer to brain link technology. Something that both the NSA and FBI are well aware of, and depend on in order to covertly spy on American citizens.

The FBI's COINTELPRO operations have thus benefited from this technology in ways that even the Bureau probably never envisioned when it created its COINTELPRO operations in 1956.

All the more reason for the public to understand that COINTELPRO has never ceased, but instead been successfully propagated in the new millennium under such furtive satellite spying as that which the NSA has been able to accomplish through its EMF scanning network.

The NSA's EMF scanning network allows the NSA to attach a supercomputer to the mind of any American citizen (the result of the NSA's having electronically brain fingerprinted the U.S. population in the 1980's).

The result is that any American citizen can be subjected to such an outrageous intrusion of their life without their knowledge or consent. And still worse, because the NSA's EMF scanning network can be used to electronically decode the images present in the brains of those it illegally targets for such intrusive surveillance, NSA operatives can actually see what the targeted person sees through their own eyes.

As such, and as incredible as it seems, this turns the targeted person into a type of bio electronic spying device, in which they are unwittingly used by the NSA to spy on others. This is just one aspect of how insidious the NSA and its Signals Intelligence operations are to both the safety and privacy of the American citizenry.

Both the NSA and the FBI are extremely dangerous to all Americans. As are the rest of the Intelligence community. The U.S. Congress is always talking about the importance of having good intelligence, however, these organizations are not being used for intelligence purposes, but instead to spy domestically on the American people, and in violation of our protections under the Bill of Rights.

It is safe to conclude here that the U.S. Intelligence community is intent on destroying the 4TH Amendment.

This technology in the hands of decent people would still be dangerous. However, in the hands of ruthless criminals, many of whom inhabit spy agencies like the NSA and FBI, the technology is positively diabolical.

See the following documentary on COINTELPRO since it defines the FBI as nothing more than a domestic spy and covert terrorist that operates behind the facade of a law enforcement agency:

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