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An Excellent Book Which Describes The Criminal Syndicate That The FBI & Its DOJ Parent Are -- The Great American Frauds Of The Justice Department

Crimes Of The FBI, DOJ And Mafia By Rodney Stich

When the U.S. Federal Government attempts to justify its own violations of the Bill of Rights, it is the government which is in the commission of treasonous crimes. In its attack against this author, the FBI continues to perpetrate the most outrageous crimes imaginable against the Bill of Rights, while fabricating information and using the NSA to remotely torture my person by way of DEW weaponry (as well as brain scan) as well as a myriad of others whom these agencies are targeting for such illegal satellite surveillance. This while using a myriad of psychological operations in which to brainwash the American public into denying that such crimes are occurring.

In the case of the Bureau's attack on many of us, if the agency had simply followed the constitutional rule of law instead of violating it (as the Bureau is known to do) the FBI's agents would not presently be forced into a situation of such criminality; so much so, that they are now in violations of the U.S. Bill of Rights which are so outrageous, that they may likely never be surpassed.

And while the Bureau may believe that this is the way in which to achieve their criminal agenda, the fact is that through such an outrageous assault on the U.S. Constitution, the Bureau has defined itself as the Zionist controlled criminal operation that it is.

And since the Bureau continues to conveniently ignore its own criminality here are some hard facts that the FBI is intent on obscuring from the public:

In the Bureau's attack on this author, the FBI has spent decades of illegal spying, while violating virtually every sense of privacy that both this author and his Family are by law entitled to. A situation which we will never tolerate, regardless of the FBI's pathetic attempts in which to cover up such crimes.

The FBI has also used the websites of a number of so called whistle blowers who are in fact working with the FBI in order to demonize legitimate whistle blowers. One of these Charletons, in particular, has been attempting to goad this author into a verbal confrontation for the past year.

This while committing the same egregious violations of privacy that they claim to be against. However, this person is nothing but an Intel puppet, who is supported by the very agencies whom they claim to abhor. And if challenged in regard to how they are getting such information, would lie in the most abject of ways, while aiding and abetting the FBI's own rampant criminality. Which makes this so called whistle blower a pathetic and hypocritical liar who seizes on whatever opportunities they are able to steal from others for their own personal aggrandizement. A common characterization of the phony whistle blower whose sole purpose is to entice others with partial truths in order to circulate their campaigns of disinformation.

It is also quite apparent that the FBI is responsible for this latest subterfuge, and could not care less about this person (one of a myriad which the Bureau has furtively used in which to slander this author) except for the fact that at present they serve as a venue in which to attack this author.

Should the person become totally incapacitated, the FBI would certainly do nothing to help them, unless they were able to continue to aid and abet the Bureau's criminality in some way.

And from what I have read, this person is soon to have more problems than they can possibly imagine given the slanderous comments that they have made in regard to a great many people, and having on more than one occasion turned on those who were very helpful to them at one time. Which is why they are now reliant on Intel organizations for support, and to do Intel's dirty deeds for them.

The FBI's use (through the NSA) of psychological warfare in this case is also precedent setting, as is its use of psychotronic computer to brain link technology on this author. The worst crime ever documented by an American citizen targeted for an FBI COINTELPRO operation.

The FBI's defamation campaign against this author is also precedent setting, so much so that the FBI must propagate this campaign in such a way in which they can still plausibly deny that they have committed such crimes against this author. In removing the due process of law in this situation, and in its extreme efforts in which to protect its own criminal agents, the FBI has for once and for all destroyed its own credibility as a law enforcement agency, and defined its agents (bathroom peeping and psychopathic filth that they are) as nothing more than a group of sadistic misfits who must make use of blackmail, psychological warfare, and the propagation of blatant falsehoods in which to defend actions which are indefensible.

The FBI is clearly focusing on what in a court of law would constitute hearsay and even outright slander, in order to justify the incredible sum of money which the Bureau has pissed into the wind in regard to its collusive campaign under the color of law, in which to deny this author his constitutionally protected rights.

There is also little doubt that many of the so called *Websites which are alleged to be maintained by whistle blowers and TI's are in fact being maintained by the FBI's own agents.

*Websites which this author has visited in the past.

However, these agents should give serious consideration to these FACTS the next time they consider violating the rights of any American citizen. Or before they use a group of people who are totally ignorant of such FACTS in taking part in the criminal harassment of those whom the FBI is clearly in the commission of serious crimes against.

The plain FACT of the matter in regard to the FBI's covert attacks on this author is that the Bureau will never obtain any legitimate indictments against my person, and would have to set yet another precedent in perjuring themselves in a court of law should they ever try to. The FBI's crimes continue to be outrageous by any standard, and in what has turned into nothing but a street fight, the FBI no longer has the constitutional rule of law on its side - if in fact it ever has. The Bureau is now making up its own rules; further proof of why the FBI must now be abolished.

250 thousand plus hours of illegally spying on someone by way of satellite, and then in the most pathetic move ever documented, bringing religious doctrine into the situation in which to demonize the person whose rights they have violated in such egregious ways, has set an even newer low for the bathroom peeping, child murdering psychopaths at the FBI.

Those who not only use the NSA to illegally satellite track American citizens, but to also remotely experiment on and torture them in ways that have historically defined Adolph Hitler and his Nazi party.

The questions that the FBI does not want to answer here are:

Where are they getting their information from? And is what they have done legal? And the answer is that the FBI is getting its information off a satellite. And no, what the FBI has done here is not legal. It is not legal to spy into American homes for decades; nor is it legal to use satellite based weaponry in which to torture American citizens. And in their attack on this author the FBI (and the NSA) continue to do both. This while using coercion in which to force people to blatantly lying in order to cover the FBI's crimes up.

However, these agents are fighting a losing battle; one in which they must break the law, lie abjectly, and resort to torture, blackmail, and attempted murder, in which to obscure their own criminality. The only thing keeping the FBI afloat these days is that it controls the mainstream media in which to propagate its own disinformation while omitting any FACTS that don't serve its criminal agenda.

The FBI is a criminal stain which has completely subverted the constitutional rule of law for its own agenda. And its attacks on this author are done for the express purpose of keeping agents who should go to prison out of prison.

Moreover, only a complete idiot would believe the FBI when it attempts to justify decades of the most illegal and invasive spying ever documented. A situation in which the FBI's own criminal agents are hell bent on never answering any questions in regard to these crimes.

The most basic question here is as follows: how effective a policing agency can the FBI possibly be if after decades of illegal surveillance, entrapment schemes, and precedent setting violations of the 4TH Amendment, the Bureau has failed to secure indictments?

And the answer is: either this person isn't a criminal, or the FBI is the most pathetic excuse for law enforcement in the history of law enforcement. An organization that is both so inherently corrupt and inept, that it is incapable of following any legal structure, and must create its own set of rules each time it deviates from the standard to which all other law enforcement is held.

Furthermore, the FBI, NSA and their treasonous Intel brethren have in every sense of the word violated their oath to protect and defend the United States Constitution, and must be held accountable. And any persons who attempt to aid and abet these agencies in their color of law crimes, regardless of their reasons for doing so, must also be made accountable for such crimes.

The Intel community's use of Echelon in which to covertly attack American citizens within the privacy of their own homes is not just a criminal offense any longer, but instead an act of war.

And at some point in the future the Intelligence community is going to find this out the hard way, when instead of being able to demonize anyone whom they target, they will be forced to include the exculpatory information they desperately continue to hide.

How many people are needed to ultimately defeat such treasonous organizations?

There can be as many as possible. However, all it takes to defeat these organizations is just one person who is telling some nasty truths about these agents which they refuse to publicly admit.

The FBI and NSA have illegally brain fingerprinted the American population and are subjecting many of us to the most abject violations of basic human rights in the history of humankind.

Moreover, the FBI and NSA are blatantly lying in order to obscure the NSA's use of computer to brain link technology on this author and many other people. And no matter what they say or do, this is a government secret which is "Now Public." A secret which the American people are gradually learning involves the most invasive violations of their privacy by the U.S. Intel community.

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