Thursday, April 23, 2009

Psychotronic Weaponry Has Become The Covert Weapon Of Choice For The New World Order's Torture Machine

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The New World Order & DEW Weapons

Since the attack on 9-11, Directed Energy Weapons (DEW for short) are being used to torture a myriad of citizens from around the world. These weapons can be deployed by way of spy satellite networks like the NSA's Echelon, or via portable means.

As a target of this technology for more than a decade, I have seen a dramatic increase in the numbers of victims of this weaponry; those who have been forced to take to the Internet in order to document their own victimization, when requests to their elected representatives and the police were met with total apathy. And to say that this situation is tantamount to a crumbling dam that's about to collapse is not an overstatement. What we are witnessing before our very own eyes is the Illuminati's New World Order announcing itself to us in a very menacing and sinister way. And they are not going away willingly; nor will they allow us to live our lives in peace. This is a watershed event in which the citizens of this planet will either destroy the Illuminati and its New World Order, or be destroyed by the them.


World Wide Notice Regarding Directed Energy Weapons Torture
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