Sunday, May 03, 2009

The Shadow Of The Swastika - The Demonization Of The Hemp Industry By Oil & Publishing Magnates Andrew Melon & William Randolph Hearst

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At a time when the U.S. Media (the greatest propaganda machine in history since its infiltration by the CIA in 1948) continues to demonize marijuana, the following article describes the political football that marijuana became in the early 20TH Century. And how some powerful interests bought elections in the 1930's in which to gain public office, in order to create laws which would result in the illegalization of marijuana.

The demonization of marijuana was based purely on economics - it was a threat to the fortunes of some wealthy industrialists, and as such, had to be done away with in a plausible manner.

Of course, this collusion is no different than that of the type of modern day government collusion being perpetrated in which to represent the interests of the power elite; all propagated under the guise of protecting the public from some implied threat which in reality does not exist.

Shadow Of The Swastika is the story of how oil magnate Andrew Melon colluded with publishing mogul *William Randolph Hearst, to destroy the hemp industry; fearing that hemp manufactured products were not only legitimate competitors to petro chemical products such as plastics, but also far more ecologically friendly.

A situation not unlike that of the Project For A New American Century's orchestration of the attacks on 9-11, in order to find plausible means in which to wage wars on both Afghanistan and Iraq. This, so that the Zionist run organization could steal with plausible means, the oil and natural gas reserves from Iraq as well as running an oil pipeline from the Caspian Sea across Afghanistan to Asia. And while the demonization of marijuana was propagated more than six decades ago, the corrupt methodology behind the attacks on 9-11 serves as a disturbing reminder of how politics continues to be used by the wealthy elite, in order to propagate their own criminal agendas. It's about deception on the grandest scale imaginable. And at the expense of the proletariat of entire countries.

*Whether accidental or deliberate, Hearst has always been the primary suspect in the shooting death of producer Thomas Ince in 1924, while Ince was aboard Hearst's yacht, the Oneida, in celebration of Ince's 43RD Birthday.

The Shadow Of The Swastika
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