Friday, May 01, 2009

Is The Mexican Swine Flu Outbreak Man Made? And If So Where Did This Biological Weapon Originate From?

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Will Mexican Swine Flu Go Pandemic?

As the days pass and the Mexican Swine flu outbreak continues to circulate to other countries, questions in regard to the root cause of this outbreak are growing. And the source of the outbreak may likely be that of a biological weapon. This virus appears to be highly contagious and according to scientists, a completely new strain never before seen. All the more reason to suspect that it might be a biological weapon. And if so, in all likelihood those who created this weapon also immunized themselves from it with a vaccine long ago. However, even if a vaccine does exist, it will not offer immunity to the myriad strains of this virus as it continues to mutate.

What we may be witnessing in the near future is the type of flu *pandemic not seen since the early 1918 flu outbreak which killed millions of people around the world. If so, this latest outbreak could be responsible for mass genocide in the future. As such, and while it may seem ridiculous at present, since this flu is an airborne pathogen, it is a wise precaution to wear a surgical mask when out in public, as those in Mexico are now doing. At least for the time being it's the best way of protecting yourselves from what may likely turn out to be a pandemic started with a government created biological weapon. So for the time being, forget your vanity, and protect your well being. Wear a surgical mask when out in public.

*It's not like such man made bio weapon related pandemics have not occurred before; AIDS perhaps being the best illustration of such pandemics.


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Feds target children with live flu vaccine
Formula planned for possibly millions contains virus that can spread on contact

Posted: July 07, 2008
8:03 pm Eastern

By Bob Unruh
© 2009 WorldNetDaily
The federal government plans to give children – possibly millions of them – a live influenza vaccine they could transmit to anyone with whom they come into contact.
The vaccinations could start as early as a few weeks from now, and the infections could be spread for up to three weeks following the vaccinations, officials confirmed.

Each half milliliter portion of the formula, called FluMist, contains particles of "live, attenuated influenza virus," writes Robert Carrillo on his extensive blog posting about the vaccine.

"That means that between 10 million and 100 million viral particles will be forcefully injected into the nostrils administered," he says.

Carillo warns one of the most troubling concerns over the injection is the potential for the viruses to enter directly into the brain.

"At the top of the nasal passages is a paper-thin bone called the cribriform plate," he explains. "The olfactory nerves pass through this bone and line the nasal passages, carrying messenger molecules to the brain that are identified as 'smells' familiar to us. The olfactory tract has long been recognized as a direct pathway to the brain."

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