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The FBI's Cover Up Of Evidence In The Oklahoma City Bombing & Censuring Of FBI Special Agent Dan Vogel - Why Vogel Should Be Allowed To Testify

Editor's Note: The following article describes how creative the FBI can get when attempting to obstruct justice. It also describes the COINTELPRO operations which the FBI claims to have ended in the early 1970's, yet which continue in the modern day under the Draconion Patriot Act; in fact, far more aggressively than the Bureau's COINTELPRO activities of the 1950's through 1970's, since for all intents and purposes the Patriot Act has legalized COINTELPRO in the United States.

Americans should also not forget that the FBI was on the scene of the Murrah Building bombing almost immediately, placing large pieces of plastic sheeting over the unexploded dynamite charges which were still left on certain structural columns of the Murrah building.

Yet the FBI has never acknowledged that these dynamite charges were found. The FBI has also refused to acknowledge that three of the four black boxes from the aircraft which were flown into the World Trade Center Towers were found, even though a fire fighter and rescue worker at the WTC claimed to have seen the boxes sitting in the back an FBI all terrain vehicle at the site.

Such cover ups by the FBI in cases of terrorism, suggest that Tim McVeigh did not act alone (if McVeigh was anything more than a patsy in the first place) in the bombing of the World Trade Center. It is also a very strange coincidence that the FBI's headquarters in the building was nearly empty on the day of the bombing indicating that the FBI was warned in advance of this bombing and protected its own agents, while allowing 168 other people to die in the blast.

Former FBI agent Dan Vogel should be able to testify to what he knows in regard to the Oklahoma City bombing. And the FBI should stop stonewalling the public in this case as well as those of TWA Flight 800 and the original attack on The World Trade Center in 1993, as well as the attacks on the WTC and Pentagon on 9-11-2001.

It is clear from such deception, that the FBI is protecting the interests of the terrorists in these attacks, while continuing to place the American people in great jeopardy.

Former FBI Agent Dan Vogel Should Testify About the OKC Bombing
CBS 60 Minutes II, Daily Oklahoman, New American Magazine
Posted on Thursday, May 09, 2002 3:19:54 AM by OKCSubmariner
Copyright 2002 by Patrick B. Briley

Dan Vogel’s services at the OKC office of the FBI field office spanned more than two decades. Vogel was a public information spokesman for the FBI under FBI agent Bob Ricks during the time of the WACO siege and the OKC bombing.

When he first entered the FBI, Dan Vogel was sent to the FBI training center in Quantico, Virginia. Vogel first served starting in 1975 in the FBI Los Angeles Division in California where the FBI ran a program called CointellPro. The agent in charge in the California FBI office at the time was Ted Gunderson.

FBI agents were trained in CointellPro techniques at Quantico and in the California offices of the FBI during the 1960s well into the mid 1970s. A federal judge found in the Leonard Peltier case that the FBI continued CointellPro practices into 1978, beyond the 1975 time frame when Congress stepped in to stop CointellPro.

After its investigation which began around 1972, Congress stepped in and limited the powers of the FBI because the CointellPro operations used illegal techniques to smear and discredit the reputations of law abiding American citizens (violated their civil rights) who were politically active and often critical of government policies.
After his retirement, the Daily Oklahoma reported that Dan Vogel was blocked by the DOJ from testifying at a pretrial hearing for Terry Nichols in Oklahoma. It was reported in the Daily Oklahoman that Vogel was to have testified about his receiving evidence in 1999 about Middle Eastern connections to the OKC bombing. The Daily Oklahoman also reported that Dan Vogel passed the Middle Eastern evidence on to others at the OKC FBI office.

Dan Vogel received the evidence of Middle eastern connections to the OKC bombing at a time when the FBI in OKC knew that the FBI in Dallas was investigating Middle Eastern individuals in Dallas, Texas who I believe, based on my own personal and independent research, were also connected to the OKC bombing.

Also at the same time Vogel received the Middle Eastern connection evidence in OKC, former OKC bombing inspector for the FBI, Danny Defenbaugh of the Dallas FBI office was using Dallas police officers to track AlQaeda , Hamas and Abu Nidal terrorists in and out of Dallas and across the world.

This was reported by Valerie Williams of Channel 8 in Dallas in 1998 and 1999. I have the transcript of the Channel 8 broadcast and I spoke to Valerie Williams about the Channel 8 coverage in 1999. I also last week spoke to Byron Harris at Channel 8 who once again confirmed the Defenbaugh coverage by Channel 8. Harris did a story on Channel 8 about the Middle Eastern connections to the OKC bombing in March 2002. Channel 8’s coverage has been excellent and outstanding in my opinion.

Vogel appeared on the CBS program “60 Minutes II” in May 2001 along with several FBI agents from the OKC FBI field office. During the “60 Minutes II” program, Vogel and the other FBI agents raised doubts about the FBI handling of evidence during the investigation of the OKC bombing. And on the program Vogel said that he had observed situations during his career where he believed the civil rights of private citizens may have been violated by the FBI.

It is not known whether or not Vogel was referring to possible civil rights violations that occurred both during the CointellPro operations and allegedly during the Waco and OKC bombing investigations.

CBS News went to court seeking permission from the FBI to allow Vogel to reveal more details to CBS and on the air about what Vogel knew about the FBI handling of evidence in the OKC bombing investigation.

Vogel could have told CBS some information off the record that CBS could not broadcast until Vogel and CBS got legal approval. The Daily Oklahoma reported that CBS did not succeed with its legal action to get permission to use all of Dan Vogel’s information.

Vogel also has spoken to journalist William Jasper from the New American magazine on and off the record about the OKC bombing. I do not know the off the record details of the Jasper interview with Dan Vogel. I know William Jasper and have assisted him for seven years in collecting evidence for his articles on the OKC bombing and the Middle Eastern connection, including surveillance evidence of the Samir Khalil, the employer of the Iraqi suspect Al Hussain described by CIA counter terrorism expert LC Johnson on Fox’s O’Reilly factor on May 7, 2002.

I have also spoken and corresponded with LC Johnson about my evidence of a Middle East connection to the OKC bombing. I also worked closely with the former Pentagon terror advisor Jesse Clear (who knows Johnson) from 1996 to 1999 collecting evidence of a Middle East connection on the OKC bombing.

I have posted several times a long letter to the editor of the FreeRepublic.com in the September 1998 issue of the New American about the Middle Eastern connection for the OKC bombing. The letter describes a briefing Clear and I personally gave to the legal counsel for the Senate Judiciary Committee in 1997. Clear and Jasper worked jointly on the final draft of my letter before it was published and Clear permitted his name to be used in the my published letter.

Based on my conversations with Jasper and Jesse Clear, I believe Dan Vogel knows more than what he has even said on and off the record to William Jasper about the Middle Eastern connection to the OKC bombing. Vogel may be prepared to tell more about what he knows about OKC and Waco if he gets permission from the FBI or more importantly, if he gets to testify before Congressional hearings.

The list of people who are looking into having Dan Vogel testify before Congress and perhaps before courts is significant. The list includes but is not limited to Marc Chretian of Rep. Burton’s House Government Reform Committee and William Jasper of the New American magazine. Marc Chretian discussed Dan Vogel with me on the phone three weeks ago and I have reported this on the FreeRepublic several times in articles and replies. Chretain is one of the investigators collecting information on the Middle East connection to the OKC bombing for possible hearings by Burtons’ Committee.

However, the public and Congress should know some more facts about Dan Vogel (which will be described in the remainder of this article) regardless if Dan Vogel ever testifies in court or before Congress. These facts presented below bear on the motives, credibility and accountability of Dan Vogel and should be weighed carefully.

If and when Dan Vogel does come forward to testify he should be required to testify fully and accurately about the additional facts presented below as well as all he knows about Waco, OKC and other FBI operations relevant to the safety of citizens from terrorist attacks and any FBI civil rights violations. His testimony should not be limited to just his verifying what has already been reported in the Daily Oklahoman and posted in articles on FreeRepublic (article by others besides me), namely, that Dan Vogel received and passed along evidence to the FBI about a Middle Eastern connection to the OKC bombing.

I spoke directly by phone to Dan Vogel at the OKC FBI office around 1 PM on April 21, 1995 two days after the OKC bombing at a time when the public was being asked on TV and radio to call the FBI about any information or leads they may have for the case.

Vogel may have taken my call by coincidence, as I did not ask to speak to him specifically. I explained to Vogel who I was which he acknowledged. My wife had taught his son English in a nearby high school and worked with his wife Dee at a department store for over ten years.

I got to tell Vogel about two sentences about my lead and information before he abruptly hung up the phone on me. I told Vogel that I knew of two witnesses who had seen a helicopter above the Murrah building at the time of the blast. That is as far as I got when Vogel said “You will not be hearing from the FBI on this one” and then he hung up. The call to Vogel by me was fully reported and described in OKC by the Mike McCarville radio program in 1997 and in 1998.

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