Tuesday, April 28, 2009

White House 747 Fly-Over Of Manhattan -- Publicity Stunt Or A Psychological Operation?

Manhattan Fly-Over Was A Psychological Operation

On the surface yesterday's Pentagon authorized flyover seems like just a poorly timed photo opportunity. However, when one considers the devastation which took place in Manhattan on 9-11-2001, they must also consider that yesterday's aerial spectacle may have been done with far more sinister intentions than the U.S. Media is presently reporting. Especially when one considers that the Illuminati's goal is to keep Americans in a constant state of fear so that they will continue to tolerate the abject violations of their constitutional protections under the Bill of Rights.

In this author's opinion, yesterday's 747/fighter jet fly-over of lower Manhattan was in fact a psychological operation perpetrated in which to maintain the "war on terror atmosphere" which the Bush Administration catalyzed through its White House Iraq Group propaganda machine in 2002. And the fact that this so called exercise was orchestrated by the Pentagon (a definite component in the attacks on 9-11 - despite the Pentagon's also being hit in the only *reinforced section of the building) only further supports this view.

*Taking into consideration the probability that the only side of the five sided Pentagon to be struck by what now appears to have been either a military jet or cruise missile, what are the odds of the side of the Pentagon which was struck, being the only one of the five sides which had shortly before the attack been reinforced? This is a very convenient coincidence. Or was the craft deliberately flown into the reinforced side of the Pentagon knowing that less damage to the building would be done, and that less lives would be lost? That sounds like something that an agency like the CIA (or even the Department Of Defense itself) would have orchestrated in great detail.


White House Terrifies New Yorkers With Fly-Over-Stunt

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Editor's Note: At the moment the NSA is remotely interfering with some of the keys on this author's computer keyboard. Just another aspect of their extensive psychological warfare campaign against my person. This electronic subterfuge takes place on a daily basis and can include DEW attacks on both body and brain, as well as electronic manipulation of everything from the motion sensitive spotlights around this author's home, to the alarm systems on Family automobiles.

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