Sunday, February 24, 2008

The FBI Settles Lawsuit With Brandon Mayfield For Two Million Dollars/What Would A Government Mind Control Victim's Lawsuit Be Worth?

Nearly four and a half million dollars to the estate of the late Judi Bari, three million dollars to Randy Weaver and his family for the wrongful deaths of his wife and young son, and now two million dollars to *Brandon Mayfield for wrongful arrest.

Read about Brandon Mayfield's lawsuit against the FBI here. A situation in which once the FBI clearly knew that it had made a mistake in its arrest of Mayfield, its agents continued to promote an unlawful prosecution against him:

The FBI's vicious and treasonable attacks are like that of the proverbial bull in the China shop, kicking the hell out of everyone and everything around it, and then later being forced to pay damages for having done so. That is when those whose rights have been so blatantly violated have been fortunate enough to seek redress for their grievances in a court of law -- something which happens far too infrequently with the FBI's outrageous abuses. Most of the FBI's victims have not been allowed to seek such justice. The painful reality is that most of the FBI's victims are either dead or incarcerated.

Many of those who remain within society are subjected to the continued illegal spying of their persons within the privacy of their own homes, remote neural monitored by the NSA, and subjected to the rampant crime of organized stalking -- perpetrated by a network of communities stretching across the United States, who are used to intimidate those being targeted for such crimes, into complete submission.

However, there is a recent victim of the FBI who may well receive a sizable damage award for being wrongfully arrested, by FBI agents who coerced him into pleading guilty to a crime which he did not commit, while using the implied threat of violence towards his family as the primary motivation for this confession.

The man's name is Abdallah Higazy. And he has now filed a 20 million dollar lawsuit against the FBI for wrongful arrest; an arrest which despite overwhelming evidence on behalf of Higazy, still allowed for the exoneration of the FBI agents involved.

If ever there was a more transparent case of just how corrupt the FBI is, or that its agents have Carte Blanche in which to violate the rights of American citizens without any concerns for being held accountable for doing so, it is the case involving the FBI's wrongful detainment of Abdallah Higazy.

This story can be accessed at the following Website:

As an individual targeted for a nearly three decade long COINTELPRO Sting by the FBI, and non consensual human experimentation by the NSA, I have often wondered what a lawsuit like mine (or other TI's) would be worth, given the outrageous violations of my rights under the US Color of law.

The truth is that if those targeted for such precedent setting violations of our constitutional rights were ever allowed our day in court, the government settlements involved in our lawsuits against these agencies would make those mentioned above look like pocket change. Which is why we will never be allowed our day in court, nor our right to sue these agencies for the outrageous crimes which they have and continue to perpetrate against us, under the most corrupt federal government in United States History.

Instead, we will continue to witness what are clearly conspiratorial and treasonous attempts to deny us our rights as American citizens, while those who perpetrate these crimes against us look to obfuscate the truth by creating their own smoke screens -- doing everything possible in which to destroy our credibility.

The US Federal Government does not want Americans knowing that their brainwaves can be electronically hooked up to supercomputers through remote satellite means, while being decoded so that the NSA can know what they are thinking at all times. This is a losing hand for this government; one which would no doubt bring about its demise. So it continues to cover up this treasonous offense of the 4TH Amendment (as well as several other aspects of the US Constitution and its Bill Of Rights).

The truth is that the crime of government satellite predation has become a rampant problem within the United States; one in which US Intel agencies like the NSA routinely illegally track and remote neural monitor persons of interest, even when doing so completely violates the rule of Constitutional law. There is little doubt that as this illegal way of tracking American citizens becomes better known, a scandal of epic proportions will be taking place, as those government officials who both endorse and perpetrate these crimes against the US Constitution and American people, find themselves under a similar spotlight, with nowhere left to hide.

I know that as a person who has been illegally targeted in such ways for years, I have no intention of ever letting this government get away with such precedent setting violations of my rights. And I would imagine that all TI's will be defending their rights just as aggressively.

At least I would hope that this is the case, since failure to propagate information regarding such egregious civil and human rights violations by those being subjugated to them, is tantamount to condoning these treasonous crimes, while allowing for such crimes to be perpetrated against an ever increasing number of American citizens. A future revolution is now brewing within this country. The only variables left are how and when it will take place.
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