Thursday, February 21, 2008

How Long Will Our Blogs Stay Up? All TI's Ask The Same Question When The FEDS Are Using Illegal Operations To Attack Them

While I have visited many Websites in regard to the crimes of mind control and organized stalking, the following is of interest because it barely stays listed long after the TI? creates it.

I find that the FEDS (who are watching every second of what I am typing here) love to play with many of these Websites, while rearranging information or completely deleting it. Oftentimes the poor Website owner comes back to find their site either deleted or having been gone through to change the meaning of many of the posts and links being listed. In other cases, it seems that the FEDS themselves put up Websites with information regarding those they are targeting, because they know that most TI's surf the Web looking to see who may be reading up on their accounts of being used for non consensual human experimentation.

This is ideal for the FEDS because they are able to sucker in the TI, who usually sees a link to their Website being listed only to later find that either their info has been removed or the entire site is gone. Since my Website has been created to document virtually every aspect of how agencies like the FBI run a COINTELPRO STING (especially the more intricate nature of such Nazi operations), I thought that it would be a good idea to include this particular aspect as well.

Why do I list all this info? Quite candidly, I want to see the FBI put out of business in my lifetime (however abbreviated that may be). I hate the FBI and everything about it, because it is a Nazi driven organization that has been completely misrepresented to the public. The FBI is a criminal agency and always has been. It has covertly orchestrated the torture and murder of an enormous number of people. So has the NSA. For that matter, so has the CIA. HELL, everyone of the US Intel agencies is a criminal operation. That's why they have so many of their own agents turning to whistle blowing activities against these fascists organizations, only to find themselves being attacked in the same COINTELPRO fashion as many TI's are.

I will be curious to see how much longer the following Website manages to stay exactly as it is at present, since the past three times I have visited it (or one of its sister sites) they were all radically changed or gone.

Wouldn't it be ironic if the FEDS created it as part of their psyops to be more CONvincing? Or worse still, are manipulating some poor dupe into doing so?

Then again, the owner could be a legitimate TI, who like so many of us, is being viciously attacked on a daily basis. If this is indeed the case, I wish this person well and can certainly empathize with their plight. However, if the site is run by feds, I wish something else -- and these mind raping Nazi's don't need the NSA to remote neural monitor my thoughts to know what that something else is. As it is, the FEDS can find a way to have this Website taken down at anytime. They have already had two others taken down, so having Websites removed isn't that tough for them. It's the blowback from taking down sites that attempt to reveal to the public the crimes these agencies are perpetrating against the American people, that can cause the FEDS a greater loss in credibility.

After all, wouldn't you want to know if an agency like the NSA can track you electronically and read and manipulate your thoughts without your knowledge or consent, while decimating your 4TH Amendment right to privacy as well as your right to due process of law? Especially when this technology can be remotely attached to the EMF field around your body, which allows some NSA cryptologist to tune a picture of yourself into their computer screen, in a similar way to how you tune the image of a person on your TV set in (at least how you used to do so before cable TV came along), while becoming an invisible part of your life. How about a situation where some FBI agent decides to wage his own vendetta against you, and uses his connections with the NSA to do so, while committing myriad federal crimes against you under the color of law.

What will the FEDS do if you catch them perpetrating these crimes? It all depends on if they have already demonized you publicly and made you known. If they haven't you're probably dead. However, if they have, you can expect that they will attempt to cover up what they have done. And if they can't do that prepare to have every millisecond of your life scrutinized and trashed. Any exculpatory info will be completely ignored or manipulated to serve the FEDS' purpose. There will be no objectivity. Nor will there be any rule of law. Just an endless series of torturous years where the FEDS seek to decimate every part of your life, in the hope that they can get you to commit suicide, while feeding their sadistic and seditious hunger.

Like I said, I really do hate the FBI and the NSA (I have a million legitimate reasons to) and await the day when they are just a malignant footnote in American History. Unless of course, the NWO manages to succeed, in which case FBI and NSA agents will be considered a slightly lesser form of royalty in the new AmeriKa. God help the American people if this ever happens, for they'll be even worse off than TI's are in the present day. And they might as well abstain from love making and virtually every other aspect of their private moments (at least the ones you can avoid), since the NSA's satellites can virtually peel the walls and roofs off your homes leaving you with absolutely no privacy. You might as well be out in the middle of a field, while these US Intel peeping degenerates make their own porn videos of unwitting American citizens. It's not like they haven't already done so for years.

And there are millions of you who are being spied on in such ways in the present day, yet will never know it -- that is unless the NSA decides to let you know. If that happens, you'll wake up one morning and by the end of the day, you'll realize that your life has been irrevocably changed for the worse. And when the following day comes along, you'll realize that your concept of worse has just become a whole lot more expansive.

* On a side note, I was just checking the spelling of some words manually, since the NSA took out the spell check feature on this blog about a week ago. A few seconds ago I mentioned how it is inconvenient to write without the spellcheck feature, and low and behold, the spellcheck feature began to operate again. The FEDS are constantly disengaging these Internet features, by neutralizing the buttons so that nothing happens when you click on them. It is just part of the sociopathology that makes them tick. What makes them videotape people within the privacy of their own bedrooms and bathrooms is yet another aspect of this issue -- an even darker one.
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